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Fri Mar 21 17:08:41 2014 UTClccn-n500577080.08Dinosaur! tale of an egg /0.191.00Granada and political broadcasting264265782n 5005770892318Granada TV.containsVIAFID/127203314Granada Television Network, ltd.lccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-n88145254Brett, Jeremy1933-1995prfactlccn-nr96021942Acorn Media (Firm)lccn-no95018262MPI Home Video (Firm)lccn-n87927316Mirren, Helenprfactlccn-no2013039964Holmes, Sherlocklccn-no95029668A & E Home Video (Firm)dstfast-1147698Tennison, Jane (Fictitious character)lccn-no91013561HBO Video (Firm)dstlccn-n79082292Doyle, Arthur Conan1859-1930Granada TelevisionDramaHistoryFilm adaptationsCase studiesLongitudinal studiesTelevision programsTelevision adaptationsDetective and mystery television programsTelevision mini-seriesHistorical television programsEnglandGreat BritainTennison, Jane (Fictitious character)Women detectivesEngland--LondonPoliceSerial murderersMan-woman relationshipsMaturation (Psychology)Life cycle, HumanChild developmentDevelopmental psychologyUpper classCatholicsManners and customsWomenUpper class familiesMale friendshipCountry homesEngland--BathIndiaChildrenCulture conflictDecolonizationOrphansSistersTelevision adaptationsForsyte family (Fictitious characters)AdulthoodBritish Occupation of India (1765-1947)IrelandCriminalsInterviewing in sociologySocial historySociology--ResearchWaugh, Evelyn,FamiliesSoviet UnionMiddle classNorthern Ireland--DerryNorthern IrelandDemonstrationsPolitical violenceDinosaursGalsworthy, John,MarriageBloody Sunday (Derry, Northern Ireland : 1972)Mullan, Don,Murder--InvestigationKeane, John B.,1957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220136846022333261791.4572PN1992.77ocn085847174ocn079431117ocn712795044ocn079431102ocn259235410ocn081243491ocn187511065ocn082128513ocn688484577ocn056385402ocn063241581131818ocn046592756visu19840.19The jewel in the crownHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsHistorical television programsTelevision mini-seriesTells the epic story of men and women caught up in a struggle of race and class during the last five years of British rule in India+-+002665010632412628ocn191065653visu20070.19Jones, JonNorthanger AbbeyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsSatire"In Jane Austen's gentle parody of gothic fiction, romance novel addict Catherine Morland is invited to a medieval country house that appeals to her most lurid fantasies. She forms a close friendship with the younger son on the estate, Henry Tilney, but their budding romance is mysteriously cut short"--Container125311ocn056627389visu20040.24The up seriesCase studiesLongitudinal studiesIn 1964 Michael Apted interviewed a group of seven year old children from diverse backgrounds from all over England, asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. Every seven years, Apted has been back to talk to the same subjects124515ocn076065655visu19880.20Waugh, EvelynBrideshead revisitedFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevision programsTelevision playsTells the story of the difficult loves of insular Englishman Charles Ryder and his peculiarly intense relationship with the wealthy but dysfunctional family that inhabited Brideshead. While at Oxford, Charles Ryder meets boyish, flamboyant Sebastian Flyte, who introduces Charles to a charmed and glamorous way of life that continues until Sebastian's health deteriorates+-+963338410610722ocn232303638visu20070.13Goldbacher, SandraBallet shoesJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAdopted as babies by the extraordinary Great Uncle Matthew, Pauline, Petrova, and Posy Fossil lead a sheltered life with their guardian, Sylvia, who struggling to make ends meet, is forced to take in lodgers. When the girls are accepted to Ballet school, life becomes a whirl of classes and rehearsals until yet another financial crisis threatens their future+-+4915872696100717ocn053231650visu19930.18La Plante, LyndaPrime suspectFictionDramaDetective and mystery television programsDetective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison is assigned the case of a prostitute murdered by a serial killer. She finds that she must no only match wits with the killer, but must fight for respect and credibility in the police department itself91012ocn050756897visu20010.17Moore, David DThe Forsyte sagaFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIt is late in the Victorian era, and two branches of an upper-crust family--the "good" Forsytes, headed by well-meaning Old Jolyon, and the "bad" Forsytes, headed by crusty barrister James--are at odds, eternally squabbling. The 'saga' focuses on the younger generations - Young Jolyon, Soames, Winifred, June - and their struggles with emotional repression, the rejection of Victorian mores, and the sea changes taking place as a less repressive society emerged. Every family may indeed have its vicissitudes, but few have as many as John Galsworthy's Forsytes8969ocn071304596visu20050.23Apted, Michael49 upCase studiesLongitudinal studiesInspired by the Jesuit saying, "Give me a child until he is 7 years old, and I will give you the man," in 1964 Granada Television commissioned a short documentary wherein producers profiled 14 7-year-old children, and loosely speculated on what sort of lives they might lead. It was meant and received as an indictment of the British class system, which seemed most inflexible in 1964. Almost as an afterthought, director Michael Apted--a researcher on the original documentary--returned to profile these same 14 subjects at seven-year intervals. Over the decades, Britain has changed unutterably, the class system has partly melted, and the films themselves have become something else entirely. The "7 up" series has been called the grandfather of reality television, and as a whole reminds viewers what we all know: that every so-called ordinary life is a zone of great drama and tremendous risk87712ocn054915057visu19950.16Prime suspectFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsDetective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison is promoted to Detective Superintendent. Includes three 2-hour episodes: The Lost Child, Inner Circles, and The Scent Of Darkness+-+K4137683258479ocn036163889visu19960.20Defoe, DanielThe fortunes and misfortunes of Moll FlandersFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsA sexually charged adaptation of the Daniel Defoe classic. Moll is a woman struggling to make her way in a rough, randy era. Her story involves five husbands, numerous lovers, shocking family secrets and travels to bustling London and Virginia. Moll's dangerous misdeeds stretch from sexual adventures to criminal acts, leaving her with a price on her head+-+66117991063248159ocn053130163visu20020.17Pasternak, Boris LeonidovichDoctor ZhivagoHistoryFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsDoctor Zhivago is a poet and surgeon. His life unfolds amidst the Russian Revolution, his guilt over his unfaithfulness to his loyal wife and his obsession with Lara, his muse, who, in turn, is victim to the wants of a powerful official+-+K6013841067333ocn056550568visu20040.16Painted ladyDramaDetective and mystery television programsAfter a failed suicide attempt, rock singer Maggie Sheridan has lived with Sir Charles Stafford for ten years. But after he is murdered and a valuable painting is stolen, she sets out to track down the painting and the murderer7278ocn050297457visu19910.23Sheridan, JimThe fieldDramaFilm adaptationsThe field is a plot of land in rural Ireland, rented and tended by an old man. When the owner sells the land to an American developer, the old man decides to fight the change, regardless of the cost7258ocn051980822visu20020.24Greengrass, PaulBloody SundayHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsRecreation of the events of "Bloody Sunday", Jan. 30, 1972, when British troops fired on unarmed protesters in Derry, Northern Ireland. By the end of the day, 13 civilians were dead and 14 more wounded in the tumult and tragedy of Northern Ireland's darkest day6968ocn025478477visu19910.08Dinosaur! tale of an eggJuvenile worksEnter the fascinating world of the baby dinosaur. Dinosaur eggs allow a privileged insight into the family life of dinosaurs, but tantalizing questions still remain6381ocn054450169visu20030.16Prime suspectDramaThis case involves a death in the Afro-Caribbean community that puts Detective Chief Inspector Tennison and the rest of the police force in the middle of racial controversy63310ocn051540180visu19880.16The hound of the BaskervillesHistoryFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsDetective and mystery television programsFilm adaptationsWhen Sir Charles Baskerville arrives at his family's estate from America, he finds a death threat awaiting him and a curse hanging over the family. He calls in Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to solve the mystery+-+46195133256294ocn054915058visu19960.16Prime suspectFictionDramaTelevision programsHaving been demoted and transferred to the north, D.C.I. Tennison finds herself under-used until she gets a case where a 12-year-old boy confesses to murder. She becomes involved with trying to convict the local crime boss who has proved impossible to touch+-+85237683255814ocn055637419visu20030.21Rebels & red coats how Britain lost AmericaHistoryAn exploration into America's Independence War. Using interviews with scholars, first-person narratives and historic documents, the series travels back to the passionate, violent and sometimes tragically funny events of the 1770s5691ocn054902412visu20040.16Prime suspect the last witnessDramaRipe for retirement in the eyes of some, Tennison is still up for a fight, and she'll need all the energy she can muster when she takes on the darker forces of British government in search of a sadistic killer with a guilty past+-+27337683251351ocn051965565book20030.90Granada Television : the first generationHistoryAnecdotes+-+6060154625341ocn041156769book19970.17Forman, DenisPersona Granada : some memories of Sidney Bernstein and the early years of independent televisionBiography+-+2234348875324332ocn038301065book19970.96Forman, DenisPersona Granada : some memories of Sidney Bernstein and the early days of independent televisionHistoryBiography+-+2234348875324282ocn010597521book19810.76Granada, the first 25 yearsHistory71ocn156800867book20050.23Askew, MauriceNo caviar for a kingfisherBiographyPersonal narratives British31ocn016585769book19770.47Granada TelevisionGranada Television programme index : year twenty-one : 3 May 1956 to 2 May 197721ocn016585754book19810.47Granada TelevisionThe Granada years 1956-1981Chronology11ocn176174330book19741.00Granada and political broadcasting11ocn022099249book19851.00Jenkins, AlanGranada Television goes to China : the choice of locations and characters11ocn744529408book19840.10Green, BennyTelevision : deduction sceneDramaFilm adaptations11ocn645775605book19140.10Coleman, AlixTuesday : the adventures of Sherlock Holmes : Watson unravels the lonely truth about HolmesDramaFilm adaptations11ocn315982923book19730.47Granada TelevisionProgramme index11ocn728087989rcrd20070.10Cox, MichaelFrom the archives of the Sherlock Holmes review "A study in celluloid"Criticism, interpretation, etcDramaFilm adaptations"Travel back to the heyday of Granada Television's Sherlock Holmes series, as creator and producer Michael Cox delivers his first address to an American audience. Recorded at the inaugural Sherlock Holmes Review Symposium..."--disc cover11ocn660670545book19850.10Ski magazineDramaFilm adaptations11ocn317396788visu19740.63Olga: a film portraitPresents a biographical study of the Russian gymnast Olga Korbut. Exemplifies the special athletic training received by Russian athletes, the personal determination needed to reach perfection, and the effort needed to remain the best11ocn660670537book19850.10Green, BennyTelevision : Holmes sweet HolmesDramaFilm adaptations+-+4915872696+-+4915872696Fri Mar 21 15:52:17 EDT 2014batch66875