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Fri Mar 21 17:07:30 2014 UTClccn-n500826180.08Our Samoan adventure,0.300.92Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Osbourne /17229834Fanny_Stevensonn 500826181160796406896De Grift Stevenson, Fanny van, 1840-1914Field, Fanny 1840-1914Grift, Fanny van de, 1840-1914Grift Stevenson, Fanny Van de, 1840-1914Mrs Robert Louis Stevenson 1840-1914Osbourne, FannyOsbourne, Fanny 1840-1914Osbourne, Fanny Van de GriftOsbourne, Fanny Van de Grift, 1840-1914Osbourne, Frances 1840-1914Stevenson, Fanny.Stevenson, Fanny 1840-1914Stevenson, Fanny V.Stevenson, Fanny V. 1840-1914Stevenson Fanny Van de Grift 1840-1914Stevenson, Fanny VandeGrift 1840-1914Stevenson, Frances 1840-1914Stevenson, Frances Matilda Van de GriftStevenson, Frances Matilda Van de Grift, 1840-1914Stevenson, Robert Louis, Mrs., 1840-1914Van de Grift, Fanny, 1840-1914Van de Grift, Frances M. 1840-1914Van de Grift Osbourne, FannyVan de Grift Osbourne Fanny 1840-1914Van de Grift Stevenson, Fanny, 1840-1914Van de Grift Stevenson, Frances MatildaVan de Grift Stevenson Frances Matilda 1840-1914VandeGrift, Fanny, 1840-1914VandeGrift, Frances M. 1840-1914VandeGrift Stevenson, Fanny 1840-1914Vandergrift, Fanny, 1840-1914Vandergrift, Frances, 1840-1914Vandergrift Stevenson, Fanny, 1840-1914Стивенсон, Ф., 1840-1914lccn-n78088964Stevenson, Robert Louis1850-1894lccn-n2007024443Horan, Nancylccn-n2003049589Janet Nichol (Ship)lccn-n93021273Jolly, Roslynedtlccn-n50049631Osbourne, Lloyd1868-1947lccn-no99012607Mackay, Margaret Mackprang1907-lccn-n50037313Henley, William Ernest1849-1903lccn-n93089802Lapierre, Alexandralccn-n50031911Colvin, Sidney1845-1927edtlccn-no2001094632Stephenson, PamelaStevenson, Fanny Van de Grift1840-1914FictionHistoryJuvenile worksPsychological fictionDiariesBiographyGraphic novelsComic books, strips, etcHistorical fictionDramaScotlandStevenson, Robert Louis,England--LondonPhysiciansStevenson, Fanny Van de Grift,Multiple personalityTravelSelf-experimentation in medicineMarriageKidnappingTeenage boysAuthors' spousesPrayersAdventure storiesWomen artistsJacobitesDisinheritanceKidnapping victimsSamoan IslandsOceaniaHorror talesAuthorsShort storiesAuthors, ScottishJanet Nichol (Ship)United StatesEuropeAmericansEnglandParanormal fictionShort stories, EnglishSamoan poetryBiographyStrange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Stevenson, Robert Louis)MurderersAdventure and adventurersSocial historyEnglish literatureGood and evilNapoleonic Wars (1800-1815)Stephenson, PamelaOcean travelForster, Margaret,Lee, Jennie,Married women--Family relationshipsMarried womenPrisoners of warPrisonersHistorical fictionFrench fiction18401914188218851886188718881889189018911893189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519271928192919301950195319551956196619671968196919701971197319741976198019821986198919901992199319941995199619971999200020012002200320042005200620072008201020112013201412698129469823.8PR5485ocn461558198ocn463875333105319ocn000523447book19550.08Stevenson, Fanny Van de GriftOur Samoan adventureLe journal de bord des trois dernières années (1892-1894) du couple aventureux, venu chercher refuge dans l'archipel de Samoa de l'Océanie71071ocn070729492book18850.28Stevenson, Robert LouisThe dynamiterFictionThree bored men, down to their last few pennies, vow to go out into London's streets and pursue whichever adventure befalls them. What ensues is a series of remarkable stories in which the protagonists encounter several characters who may or may not be conspirators in a bombing plot on behalf of Irish independence. The characters weave intriguing and troubling tales of their histories. The chapters stand alone as adventures, but the whole is tied together nicely in the end. There is a strong satirical bent throughout the book, but some of the stories carry hidden political punches as well. The relationship of the various characters is mysterious, yet Stevenson does little to perpetuate the mystery. He is more concerned with the storytelling, and that storytelling is terrific. More than that, I dare not write, as details would quickly expose the interconnected aspects of the stories. Suffice to say that in a book about British wanderers, Stevenson manages to tell tales of murderous Mormons, crazed Voodoo practitioners, and wayward Bohemian princes, among others+-+819527893658233ocn000528220book18970.59Stevenson, Robert LouisThe novels and tales of Robert Louis StevensonBiographyFictionPortraitsRecords and correspondence+-+057946096632433111ocn002565753book19240.53Stevenson, Robert LouisThe works of Robert Louis StevensonHistoryFictionRecords and correspondenceWorks of Robert Louis Stevenson23618ocn000615757book18850.70Stevenson, Robert LouisThe dynamiter : more new Arabian nights22525ocn828932690book18850.35Stevenson, Robert LouisMore new Arabian nights : The dynamiter and The story of a lieWith "The Dynamiter," a series of linked stories written in collaboration with his wife, Fanny Vandergrift, Stevenson returns to the character of Prince Florizel, first introduced in New Arabian Nights . Florizel (now going by the name Theophilus Godall) and his associates are led on a wild adventure in search of the evil terrorist Zero and his henchmen--including the exotic dynamiter Clara Luxmore. In "The Story of a Lie," a young man lies to his beloved so that she may maintain her illusions about her father. Then, the young man, in his turn, must deal with the consequences of his own father's lies1893ocn070750055com20010.08Stevenson, Robert LouisKidnappedHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionTextbooksStudy guidesAdventure storiesGraphic novelsHistorical fictionUpside-down booksYoung adult worksAfter being kidnapped by his villainous uncle, sixteen-year old David Balfour escapes and becomes involved in the struggle of the Scottish highlanders against English rule+-+62952789361493ocn000363359book19050.39Stevenson, Robert LouisSt. Ives : being the adventures of a French prisoner in EnglandHistoryJuvenile worksFictionThis novel, left unfinished at the author's death, was completed by his friend, the writer Arthur Quiller-Couch, and published in 1897. The novel recounts the adventures of Capitaine Jacques St. Ives, a Napoleonic soldier, after his capture by the British—and his romance with the lovely Flora Gilchrist1276ocn002098175book19240.50Stevenson, Robert LouisPlaysDeacon Brodie, or The double life - Beau Austin - Admiral Guinea - Robert Macaire - The hanging judge___1254ocn005543188book19050.33Stevenson, Robert LouisThe merry men and other tales and fables : Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeJuvenile worksFictionPsychological fictionShort stories, EnglishThis 1887 collection contains the story The Merry Men, which is not about Robin Hood but is rather a supernatural tale set in Scotland, as well as Will O' the Mill, Markheim, Thrawn Janet, Olalla, and The Treasure of Franchard12413ocn010648378book18950.29Stevenson, Robert LouisMore new Arabian nights : the dynamiter. The story of a lieBibliography1202ocn005517505book19050.31Stevenson, Robert LouisTravels with a donkey in the Cevennas8811ocn042248857book19050.28Stevenson, Robert LouisPrayers written at VailimaPoetryIllustrationsPrayers7914ocn008526946book19140.33Stevenson, Fanny Van de GriftThe cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands a diary by Mrs Robert Louis StevensonDiaries+-+2528340475324671ocn003429655book19680.19Stevenson, Robert LouisThe strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksFictionDramaManuscriptsPsychological fictionAllegoriesDetective and mystery storiesDomestic fictionHorror comic books, strips, etcHorror talesShort storiesYoung adult worksDr. Jekyll invented a drug that would change him into Mr. Hyde, a foul-tempered, uncouth degenerate. His evil nature, however, became the stronger part of him and to his horror, he no longer needed the formula to transform his appearance502ocn007757173book0.73Stevenson, Robert LouisThe biographical edition of the works of Robert Louis StevensonBiography501ocn004067368book19050.32Stevenson, Robert LouisPoems and balladsA collection of poems evoking the world and feelings of childhood443ocn005979804book19230.33Stevenson, Robert LouisPoems and ballads: A child's garden of verses, Underwoods--Ballads342ocn611357135file0.25Stevenson, Robert LouisNew arabian nightsFiction294ocn011627590book0.73Smollett, TWorksHistoryFiction172210ocn053943894com19140.33Stevenson, Fanny Van de GriftThe cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands a diary by Mrs Robert Louis StevensonDiaries+-+2528340475324143610ocn840464255book20130.14Horan, NancyUnder the wide and starry sky : a novelFictionAt the age of thirty-five, Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne has left her philandering husband in San Francisco to set sail for Belgium -- with her three children and nanny in tow -- to study art. It is a chance for this adventurous woman to start over, to make a better life for all of them, and to pursue her own desires. Not long after her arrival, however, tragedy strikes, and Fanny and her children repair to a quiet artists' colony in France where she can recuperate. Emerging from a deep sorrow, she meets a lively Scot, Robert Louis Stevenson, ten years her junior, who falls instantly in love with the earthy, independent, and opinionated "belle Americaine." Fanny does not immediately take to the slender young lawyer who longs to devote his life to writing -- and who would eventually pen such classics as Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In time, though, she succumbs to Stevenson's charms, and the two begin a fierce love affair -- marked by intense joy and harrowing darkness -- that spans the decades and the globe8704ocn000711114book19680.27Mackay, Margaret MackprangThe violent friend; the story of Mrs. Robert Louis StevensonBiography7401ocn030738441book19950.21Lapierre, AlexandraFanny Stevenson : a romance of destinyHistoryBiographyFirst published in France where it caused a literary sensation and became an instant bestseller, this is Alexandra Lapierre's celebrated, award-winning biography of Robert Louis Stevenson's wife. One hundred years after his death, Robert Louis Stevenson, author of such classic novels as Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, remains an ever fascinating figure. This is the remarkable story of his wife Fanny, the American woman eleven years his senior who influenced every facet of his life and work, and who remains in her own right one of the most truly independent and free-spirited women of her generation. Stevenson was to devote his life to this woman: he crossed continents in search of her; scandalized his family to marry her; built a life in the Pacific with her; survived tuberculosis because of her; and was encouraged and inspired in his writing by her. He was an unknown twenty-five year old Scotsman when he came across Fanny for the first time in the artists' colony of Barbizon near Paris. A mother of three, Fanny had left her unfaithful husband to come to Europe with her three children to learn how to paint. No greater abyss could have separated the young Stevenson from this eccentric American; and yet, it was love at first sight. Fanny's influence on the novelist has long been recognized but is often reduced to stereotype: either she is written off as an overpowering woman who controlled Stevenson or caricatured as a kind of angel who saved him. For the first time, in this acclaimed biography readers are given a clear, accurate portrait of the woman behind the genius who led a fascinating existence both before and after her marriage to Stevenson. ("She was the only woman worth dying for" is how Fanny's last lover described her in 1914; she was seventy-four at the time, he was twenty-eight.) Alexandra Lapierre spent five years tracing Fanny's life, from her early tumultuous years in America to her days after Stevenson's death. The author's relentless and thorough research drove her to discover Fanny's wardrobe and jewels, to climb the mount where she is buried alongside Stevenson, to study her paintings in Scotland, and to unearth her love letters. This captivating story illuminates the life of a woman whose headstrong ambition and boundless courage set her apart from her generation. She was, as Stevenson wrote of her, "heart whole, soul free," and as this extraordinary biography reveals, the essence of a modern woman ahead of her time5204ocn060965152book20050.15Stephenson, PamelaTreasure islands : sailing the South Seas in the wake of Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson"This is the story of two resourceful women. The one, Pamela Stephenson--biographer, mother, wife of Billy Connolly, psychologist and ex-comedienne--the other Fanny Stevenson--'the Wild Woman of the West', as her husband Robert Louis called her. Both married to maverick Scottish men, both in search of adventure and a kind of epiphany, both drawn for a myriad of reasons to the coral islands, lagoons, natives and customs of the South Seas"--P. [4] of cover+-+10376800254716ocn858616748rcrd20130.12Horan, NancyUnder the wide and starry sky a novelFiction"In her new novel, Nancy Horan has recreated a love story that is as unique, passionate, and overwhelmingly powerful as the one between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Cheney depicted so memorably in Loving Frank. Under the Wide and Starry Sky chronicles the unconventional love affair of Scottish literary giant Robert Louis Stevenson, author of classics including Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and American divorcee Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne. They meet in rural France in 1875, when Fanny, having run away from her philandering husband back in California, takes refuge there with her children. Stevenson too is escaping from his life, running from family pressure to become a lawyer. And so begins a turbulent love affair that will last two decades and span the world."--46411ocn000398036book19200.56Sanchez, Nellie Van de GriftThe life of Mrs. Robert Louis StevensonHistoryBiography+-+22670303364132ocn000652407book19500.37Hinkley, Laura LThe Stevensons: Louis and FannyBiography38010ocn048487252book20010.19Forster, MargaretGood wives? : Mary, Fanny, Jennie & me, 1845-2001HistoryBiographyPersonal experiences of Margaret Forster and of her mother and grandmother, the stories of three wives who have fascinated her+-+02283744553242513ocn008553387book19820.28Nickerson, RoyRobert Louis Stevenson in California : a remarkable courtshipBiography1617ocn000054898book19680.47Mackay, Margaret MackprangThe violent friend: the story of Mrs Robert Louis Stevenson, 1840-1914HistoryBiography1432ocn034092012book19950.31Lapierre, AlexandraFanny Stevenson : muse, adventuress and romantic enigmaBiography773ocn004060060book19660.76Strouse, Norman HThe Silverado episodeBiography685ocn047270194book20010.63Forster, MargaretGood wives : Mary, Fanny, Jennie and me, 1848-2001Biography633ocn028664652book19930.39Lapierre, AlexandraFanny Stevenson : entre passion et libertéHistoryBiographyFictionUne véritable réhabilitation. Cette femme, que la légende avait peu à peu transformée en castratrice du génie de son jeune époux, apparaît sous son vrai visage en cette vivante biographie. Une grande histoire d'amour au-delà des interdits, de la maladie et de la mort, une vie mouvementée dont Fanny rythme la destinée en participant à fond aux oeuvres de Stevenson. [SDM]512ocn001273868book19740.70Knight, AlannaThe passionate kindness : the love story of Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny OsbourneFiction483ocn002630946book19060.63Hubbard, ElbertLittle journeys to the homes of good men and great, by Elbert HubbardCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAnecdotesDramaA guide directing the reader to the 14 volumes of Hubbard's "Little journeys to the homes of the great." Each of the 170 lives which make up Little journeys is outlined in one page of the guide-book and grouped into one of the appropriate seven general branches of human knowledge251ocn048858581book20010.28Banfield, M. AThe health biographies of Alexander Leeper, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Fanny StevensonBiography172ocn008906230book19060.92Hubbard, ElbertRobert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Osbourne153ocn028615418book19060.92Stevenson, M. ILetters from Samoa+-+6295278936+-+6295278936Fri Mar 21 15:51:16 EDT 2014batch36394