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Thu Oct 16 17:49:29 2014 UTClccn-n770106120.00The wicker man0.190.96The wicker man100327697n 77010612127154Hardy, Robert (director de fotografía)lccn-n79006445Shaffer, Anthony1926-2001sceauslccn-n50039700Lee, Christopher1922-prfactlccn-n95074148Snell, Peter1941-prolccn-n84018361Woodward, Edward1930-2009prfactlccn-n81005948Ekland, Britt1942-prfactlccn-nr96016430British Lion Filmslccn-no96047264Anchor Bay Entertainment, Inclccn-n86105724Cilento, Dianeprfactlccn-n87811077Pitt, Ingridactlccn-no2005059277Studio CanalHardy, RobinDramaFilm adaptationsFictionHorror filmsFilm and video adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)Horror talesPolice filmsPaganismMissing childrenPoliceScotlandHuman sacrificePost-traumatic stress disorderNeopagansRites and ceremoniesEngland--LondonSerial murderersMissing persons--InvestigationMurder--InvestigationGreat BritainShaffer, Anthony,Self-perceptionCriminalsYoung menAlienation (Social psychology)EnglandEngland--ManchesterJuvenile delinquentsYouthYoung men--Conduct of lifeJuvenile delinquents--RehabilitationIdentification (Religion)Disappeared personsPacific Ocean--Puget SoundSacrifice of virginsFilm adaptationsMonstersHorror talesMotion picture musicMurderers--RehabilitationMotion picture music--ExcerptsMale juvenile delinquents--RehabilitationBrant, Detective Sergeant (Fictitious character)Roberts, Chief Inspector (Fictitious character)MenThrillers (Motion pictures)Ex-convictsFilm soundtracksMotion picturesMotion pictures, BritishReligionMale juvenile delinquentsCult filmsWicker man (Motion picture : 1973)Blu-ray discsMotion picture playsTelevision cop shows193919731974197819791980198319841985198719881989199019931994199519961997200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014171520112791.4372PN1997.2ocn071214881ocn047760503ocn047760528ocn786245418ocn781407953ocn762994867ocn753144132ocn553762172ocn742838419ocn74308613863641ocn047760567visu19730.19Hardy, RobinThe wicker manFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsHorror filmsFilm adaptationsWhen a young girl mysteriously disappears, Police Sergeant Howie travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate. But this pastoral community, led by the strange Lord Summerisle, is not what it seems52318ocn003397108book19730.19Hardy, RobinThe wicker man : a novelFictionDramaHorror talesThe inhabitants of Summerisle strike at the heart of civilized society by engaging in erotic rites, blood sacrifice, and orgiastic dance+-+23654858853242479ocn071214881visu19850.20Anthony Schaffer's The wicker manDramaHorror filmsThrillers (Motion pictures)When a young girl mysteriously disappears, Police Sergeant Howie (Woodward) travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate. But this pastoral community, led by the strange Lord Summerisle (Lee), is not what it seems as the devout Christian detective soon uncovers a secret society of wanton lust and pagan blasphemy. Can Howie now stop the cult's ultimate sacrifice before he himself comes face-to-face with the horror of the Wicker Man?1616ocn783317664visu20100.15The wicker treeDramaWhen two young missionaries head to Scotland, they are initially charmed by the locals in the town of Tressock, and agree to become the local Queen of the May and Laddie for the annual town festival. But the couple is not prepared for the frightening consequences of their decision, and the very disturbing secrets they are about to discover about Tressock's seemingly friendly townspeople571ocn029590349book19940.10Hardy, RobinCall of the wendigoFictionThe wendigo, a beast with a heart of ice, razor-sharp teeth, and eyes that roll in blood, is loose, stalking the Keewatin tennis camp+-+83734780054714ocn018996916visu19730.21Hardy, RobinThe Wicker ManDramaThe search for a missing child sends a British police sergeant to an isolated island whose inhabitants are immersed in pagan rites. Modern police techniques are no match for pagan magic when he finally learns the unspeakable secret of the Wicker Man161ocn690468926visu20090.18Crowley, JohnBoy AFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA 24 ans, Jack sort de prison où il a passé toute son adolescence pour un crime qu'il a commis dans son enfance. Assistant social, Terry l'aide à démarrer une nouvelle vie sous une autre identité et Jack finit par trouver des repères dans cet univers inconnu. Jusqu'au jour où, par hasard, son passé le rattrape62ocn021056026visu19890.21Forbidden sunAn ex-Olympian coach travels to the Greek Isle of Crete with a dozen beautiful young gymnasts for a summer of training66ocn864103031visu20110.13Lester, ElliottBlitzFictionDramaPolice filmsFilm adaptationsUn asesino en serie obsesionado en convertirse en una estrella mediática está matando policías para conseguir su objetivo. Brant es un duro y eficaz pero políticamente incorrecto detective de policía que va a aplicarse a fondo para detenerlo33ocn799231263book20030.22The Wicker manDramaSpell-binding occult thriller in which a policeman goes to a remote Scottish island to investigate the murder of a local girl, and finds himself in the hands of devil-worshippers31ocn230751375visu20040.96Hardy, RobinThe wicker man21ocn221029579rcrd1995Hardy, RobinThe wicker man22ocn776751231visu20110.22El hombre de mimbre [Videograbación] = The Wicker ManUna carta que hace sospechar que una joven desaparecida ha sido asesinada lleva al inspector Howie de Scotland Yard hasta Summerisle, una isla en la costa de Inglaterra. Allí el inspector se entera de que hay una especie de culto pagano, y conoce a Lord Summerisle, el líder religioso de la isla11ocn762994867mix2010The wicker man11ocn743086138rcrd20060.24Badalamenti, AngeloThe wicker man original soundtrack11ocn864344740visu2013¿Hay alguien ahí?Mientras sus padres intentan mantener el negocio familiar, una ruinosa residencia de ancianos, Edward, un huraño muchacho de diez años, está muy ocupado grabando el día a día de los residentes para tratar de descubrir qué es lo que ocurre una vez han muerto. Cada vez más obsesionado con los fantasmas y el más allá, la existencia de Edward cambiará por completo cuando se mude a la residencia Clarence, un viejo mago aquejado de demencia y de liberadores ataques de anarquía11ocn776658712visu1983Wicker Man = El hombre de mimbreUna carta que hace sospechar que una joven desaparecida ha sido asesinada lleva al sargento Howie de Scotland Yard hasta Summerisle, una isla en la costa de Inglaterra11ocn822830455rcrd20020.21Giovanni, PaulThe wicker man original soundtrack album11ocn797004609visu20050.47Cast and crewBrings together some of the cast and crew of the cult British horror film The Wicker Man. Actors Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward and Ingrid Pitt join director Robin Hardy to explain why this low-budget film continues to inspire legions of devoted fans and feature in critics' favourite lists01ocn847844271visu20120.22The fantasistDramaA psychopathic killer in pursuit of his next victim crosses paths with a young woman who travels to Dublin for a new life. Patricia Teeling leaves the rural farming community she grew up in and travels to Dublin where she hopes to teach science. As she leaves the farm behind, her only sadness is the disappointment she caused to her Uncle Lar, who had hoped she would inherit the farm when he died. Full of enthusiasm for her new life, Patricia discovers a Dublin full of eccentrics and warm pubs. She settles in with Monica, and soon has two admirers in the form of teacher Robert Foxley and romantic American writer Danny Sullivan. When Danny's wife is murdered by a serial killer, Patricia withholds information from the police, which might lead them to suspect him. Now plunged into a world of fear, her only consolation is the knowledge that she is being protected by the police, and especially by the suave Inspector McMyle. The killer, motivated by fantasies of female innocence, becomes fixated on Patricia, who starts to receive anonymous phone calls full of literary and sexual allusion. After discovering the identity of the killer, Patricia tries in vain to escape. Can she manage to elude death, or will she become the killer's next victim?+-+2365485885324+-+2365485885324Thu Oct 16 15:54:11 EDT 2014batch16662