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Fri Mar 21 17:16:30 2014 UTClccn-n770166610.00[Editorial meeting for The last best place: A Montana anthology.]0.301.00Edward A. Wilson Papers,93349615William_Kittredgen 77016661133095Kittredge, BillKittredge, Bill 1932-Kittredge, William.キトリッジ, ウィリアムcontainsVIAFID/276269857Rountree, Owenlccn-n85054318Blake, Tupper Ansellccn-n99057210Blake, Madeleine Graham1948-lccn-n88137969Smith, Annick1936-lccn-n80113040Carver, Raymond1938-1988lccn-n78093865Krauzer, Steven M.edtlccn-n88118385Dowie, Marklccn-n50007571Berry, Wendell1934-lccn-nr96029395Hanson, David T.lccn-no92009181Primus, Barry1938-actlccn-n85378884Torn, Rip1931-actKittredge, WilliamFictionBiographyPictorial worksDramaFilm adaptationsHistoryExhibition catalogsLove storiesInterviewsShort storiesManners and customsMontanaKittredge, WilliamUnited States, WestRanch lifeTravelWatershed restorationUnited States--Klamath River WatershedWater useAuthors, AmericanHomesAmerican literatureCowboysNevadaAuthors, American--Homes and hauntsRanchersOregonNatural historyWestern storiesIntellectual lifeUnited StatesAltruismSocial ecologyHuman ecologyConservation of natural resourcesEnvironmental protectionHazardous waste sitesBallistic missile defensesWaste landsMontana--ColstripLandscapesFrontier and pioneer lifeShort storiesCivilizationSingle mothersWidowsWyomingEcologyStorytelling--Social aspectsAuthorshipWomenMan-woman relationshipsWinterFictionSouthwest, NewGreat PlainsHartman, MonteMeridians (Geodesy)American fictionShort stories, American19321946196519661969197119741975197719781979198019831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112013201410750103192BPS3561.I87ocn003667127ocn612230674ocn809608824ocn330069339ocn464879849ocn02498593514958ocn050174726file20000.35Blake, Tupper AnselBalancing water restoring the Klamath BasinThe Klamath Basin is a land of teeming wildlife, expansive marshes, blue-ribbon trout streams, tremendous stretches of forests, and large ranches in southern Oregon and northern California. Known to waterfowl, songbirds, and shorebirds, the Klamath Basin's marshlands are a mecca for birds along the Pacific Flyway+-+496867570513089ocn070878000book20060.18Kittredge, WilliamThe willow fieldFictionLove storiesRossie Benasco, already a veteran cowboy though barely twenty, meets and marries the pregnant daughter of a Scottish rancher in the 1930s who becomes the focus of his life as he runs a farm in Montana, raises a family, joins the Marine Corps during World War II, and becomes involved in politics+-+82459555967058ocn018322146book19880.22The Last best place : a Montana anthologyCollection of 230 stories, poems, reminiscences and reports written by 150 men and women about Montana+-+69241404756095ocn035750507book19970.21Kittredge, WilliamThe Portable western readerA collection of Western stories, poems, essays, and excerpts from more than seventy authors+-+71758759654693ocn011469747book19840.32Kittredge, WilliamWe are not in this together : storiesFictionUniversity of Montana professor William Kittredge, has eight short stories in this volume. Kittredge, the head of the UM creative writing program has been compared to as "something of a cross between James Crumley and Thomas McGuane."+-+99935806454322ocn032469475book19960.27Kittredge, WilliamWho owns the West?Who owns the West? "All of us, of course," says William Kittredge, but this "simple answer... is sort of beside the point when we get down to considering questions of fairness. Stay joyous under the sun and moon, in the rain and out; that's another halfway answer." Kittredge gives us not easy answers but a sustained meditation on what it means to be a Westerner today. The three essays in Who Owns the West? compose both a celebration of the new West and an elegy for an old West that is fading. Noting that "our ideas of paradise originate in childhood," Kittredge describes, in "Heaven on Earth," growing up in the highland desert country of east Oregon, "an ancient horseback world that is mostly gone." Next, in "Lost Cowboys and Other Westerners," he gives us a series of portraits of inhabitants of the region. Finally, in "Departures," Kittredge turns his eye to the West today, the "new heartland nation" that is being born from the pain and the glory of the past and the struggles and anger of the present+-+63254271063713ocn037934405book19970.56Hanson, David TWaste land : meditations on a ravaged landscapePictorial works+-+51726384353194ocn051678649book20030.27Kittredge, WilliamThe best short stories of William KittredgeFiction+-+69382400063002ocn045946657visu19900.22HeartlandFictionDrama"In 1910 Elinore Randall, a widow, and her seven-year-old daughter travel by train to face two great unknowns-- a strange land and life with a man they have never met. Elinore has contracted by mail to keep house for Clyde Stewart, a rancher living in the remote frontier near Burntfork, Wyoming. Captivated by the vast landscape, Elinore acts quickly on her secret passion: to homestead a piece of land of her own. But fulfilling her year's contract with Clyde may be as challenging as the oncoming winter-- a winter of devastating blizzards, famine and isolation."--Container2924ocn003542770book19780.59Kittredge, WilliamThe van Gogh field and other storiesFictionShort stories2846ocn004834187book19790.53Kittredge, WilliamStories into filmFilm adaptations1962ocn018464119book19880.23Montana spaces : essays and photographs in celebration of MontanaPictorial works+-+25706730063241692ocn060796139book20050.28Hartman, MonteAmerica's 100th meridian : a plains journeyPictorial works"Large-format photo study and narratives record journeys along the 100th Meridian from the Canadian to the Mexican borders. Explores life and communities along the vertical line that denotes the nation's geographic center and the shift in annual rainfall to less than twenty inches per year"--Provided by publisher+-+36107214351652ocn056482403book20040.17The best of Montana's short fictionFiction+-+04173774061624ocn004667342book19780.20The Great American detectiveContains fifteen stories starring America's most famous private eyes including: Sam Spade, Ellery Queen, Philip Manlowe, Perry Mason, Lew Archer and Nero Wolfe1342ocn032049801book19940.79Helm, RobertRobert Helm, 1981-1993Exhibition catalogs782ocn036125349visu19960.29Westwords six western writersInterviewsSix contemporary authors, who realistically portray the lives of the region's people, talk about the elements that influence their writings, and also read pasages from their novels. Ivan Doig, Tony Hillerman, Maxine Hong Kingston, William Kittredge, Terry Tempest Williams, and Rudolfo Anaya are featured361ocn003667127book19770.25Great action stories292ocn018401152book19850.35Oregon East, 1950-1985201ocn045791722book20000.66Kittredge, WilliamCette histoire n'est pas la votre : nouvellesRassemble seize nouvelles écrites de 1971 à 1996. On y retrouve les thèmes essentiels de cette figure de la littérature américaine qu'est William Kittredge : les relations humaines, les liens parents-enfants, le couple, la quête d'un idéal, les désillusions de l'existence7185ocn025932263book19920.23Kittredge, WilliamHole in the sky : a memoirBiographyAn account of Kittredge's family who came to the West as pioneers, established a massive ranch, and the end of a way of life+-+11559242156204ocn016116110book19870.27Kittredge, WilliamOwning it all : essaysBiography14 autobiographical essays on the "myths of land, manhood, and manifest destiny on which ... American culture was founded."+-+21435806455816ocn045544939book20000.25Kittredge, WilliamThe nature of generosityBiographyA travel book, of sorts, from New York to Venice to Garcia Lorca--it is driven by the quest to reconcile childhood simplicities with the complex, urgent, adult questions about who to be, how and why+-+07028942153453ocn153578871book20070.24Kittredge, WilliamThe next rodeo : new and selected essaysWilliam Kittredge's relationship to the spare, often unforgiving Western landscape is fraught with contradictions. Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Oregon, he has an intimate connection to the vast landscape that was once vital to his family's trade. He has also witnessed, over many decades, the depletion of the West's natural resources due to overuse. These essays move effortlessly from the personal to the political. With grace and integrity, Kittredge directly confronts the myths that lie at the heart of the Western experience: male freedom and female domesticity, the wild and the tame, self-interest and the love of the land.--From publisher description+-+64292400062893ocn041326671book19990.37Kittredge, WilliamTaking care : thoughts on storytelling and belief+-+06876862062693ocn049247166book20020.22Kittredge, WilliamSouthwestern homelandsHistoryA collection of essays on the desert landscape between Santa Fe, Yuma, the Grand Canyon, and Nogales considers such topics as the Native American competition for space with cotton plantation farmers, new-age hippie garden and craft enclaves, and Hopi village life+-+89801774251012ocn049350918book20020.73McFarland, Ronald EWilliam KittredgeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9706589335502ocn002906420book19460.90Lakeside Press (Chicago, Ill.)William A. Kittredge, his work at the Lakeside press181ocn035126395visu19960.53Voices from the west a western writers collectionInterviewsTape 1 focuses on contemporary authors lauded for their realistic portrayals of the lives and concerns of the region's inhabitants. They are Ivan Doig, Tony Hillerman, Maxine Hong Kingston, William Kittredge, Terry Tempest Williams and Rudolfo Anaya. Tape 2 is a portrait of the short story writer and poet Raymond Carver. Tape 3 profiles the Native American Pulitzer prize-winning author, painter, poet and teacher N. Scott Momaday. Tape 4 profiles Charles Johnson, a short fiction writer and screenwriter who won the 1990 National Book Award for his novel Middle Passage141ocn463322026book20090.18Nicol, Donovan "Jack"Bill Kitt : from trail driver to Cowboy Hall of FameBiography51ocn035143236visu19950.29Westwords six western writersInterviewsWriters Terry Tempest Williams, William Kittredge, Rudolfo Anaya, Tony Hillerman, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Ivan Doig discuss their lives and works31ocn042549144rcrd19870.81Kittredge, WilliamWm. Kittredge new letters on the airInterviewsKittredge describes his early years and his beginning interest in writing. Reads portions of two essays from his book Owning it all21ocn162135919mix0.92Bruya, SaraSara Bruya "We are Missoula" publication papersInterviewsThis collection contains the materials utilized and produced during the creation of the "We Are Missoula: Thoughts on Change in a Growing Environment" book. The collection is divided into two series. The first series contains general material, such as designs for original quarterly publication and letters requesting interviews for book, all pertaining to the creation of "We Are Missoula." The second series contains audiotapes from various interviewees for the book. These interviewees include University of Montana president George Dennison, artist Monte Dolack, writer William Kittredge, and Planned Parenthood director Deborah Frandsen21ocn179867679book18870.47Dickinson, C.AAddress at the funeral of William KittredgeHistory21ocn044418493book19990.47Woods, Gioia ElisaMaking place in western American autobiography : Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, William Kittredge, Lorena Hays, and Maxine Hong KingstonCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn849528226mix1.00Wilson, Edward AEdward A. Wilson PapersSpanning 1915 to 1963, the Edward A. Wilson Papers comprises biographical material, correspondence, artwork, writings, and memorabilia of the Scottish-born illustrator, lithographer, and painter (1886-1970). The collection illuminates Wilson's artistic career, which ranged from book and magazine illustration to the design of advertisements, bookplates, magazine covers, postage stamps, and war posters11ocn122384420mix0.47Stegner, WallaceCreative Writing Program :Primarily incoming correspondence and some outgoing. Includes literary manuscripts by Pauline Bates Alden, Frank Bergon, Neilma Gantner, Mary Jane Moffat, Jack Nisbet, and Nancy Packer11ocn034767087rcrd1996Kittredge, WilliamOwning it all essaysBiography11ocn457814045visu1986[Editorial meeting for The last best place: A Montana anthology.]Group portrait of The Last Best Place: A Montana Anthology editorial board meeting in Chico, Montana (1986). Includes Bill Lang, Richard Roeder, Bill Kittredge, and Annick Smith11ocn319546497mixCommunity Access Television (Bismarck, N.D.)Community Access Television Cable 12 videotapesConsists of videotape recordings of events that occurred in the Bismarck area+-+8245955596+-+8245955596Fri Mar 21 15:45:59 EDT 2014batch26302