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E.Blanton, RichardBlanton, Richard 1943-Blanton, Richard E.Blanton, Richard EdwardBlanton, Richard Edward 1943-lccn-n2008002330Fargher, Lanelccn-n79056565Parsons, Jeffrey R.lccn-no00066821Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLAlccn-n88052665Kowalewski, Stephen, evaFisch, Evaviaf-290425946Finsten, Lauralccn-n81118804Flannery, Kent V.edtlccn-n79055699Sanders, William Tedtlccn-n79063899University of MichiganMuseum of Anthropologylccn-n92008762Peregrine, Peter N.Blanton, Richard E.HistoryMapsAntiquitiesIndians of Mexico--AntiquitiesMexicoMexico--Oaxaca ValleyIndians of MexicoMexico--Monte Albán SiteCentral AmericaIndians of Central America--AntiquitiesIndians of Central AmericaLand settlement patternsSocial archaeologySocial actionPolitical sociology--MethodologyState, The--OriginCollective behaviorZapotec Indians--AntiquitiesExcavations (Archaeology)HouseholdsDwellingsMexico--Valley of MexicoMexico--Texcoco de MoraLand settlement patterns, PrehistoricEconomic anthropologyHuman territorialityArchaeological surveyingDemographic archaeologySubsistence economyLandscape archaeologyMexico--IxtapalapaAztecsToltecsAsia--CiliciaHuman ecologyEconomic historyPottery, RomanPottery, ByzantineArchaeologyPottery, HellenisticSocial historyAnthropologyPolitical scienceBiology--ResearchEthnobotanyZapotec IndiansAntiquities, PrehistoricTurkeyAnthropology--Study and teachingObituariesUniversities and colleges--FacultyIndians of Mexico--Social conditions194319521970197119721974197519761977197819811982198919901993199419961997199920002002200420052007200820102011349147158972.74F1219.1.O11ocn586081831ocn762376751ocn465421794ocn804986285ocn830914207ocn830914211ocn185674905ocn18702772887618ocn007461919book19810.74Blanton, Richard EAncient Mesoamerica : a comparison of change in three regionsHistory+-+115199670543715ocn209984839file20070.77Blanton, Richard ECollective action in the formation of pre-modern statesHistoryAnthropological archaeology and other disciplines concerned with the formation of early complex societies are undergoing a theoretical shift stemming from the realization that the social evolution of complex societies was more varied and complex than imagined. Given the need for new directions in theory, the book proposes that anthropologists look to political science, especially the rational choice theory of collective action. Collective action theorists propose that state formation results from the strategic behavior of rational and self-interested actors who make up the polity, including a+-+71238223854317ocn003223848book19770.74Blanton, Richard EMonte Albán : settlement patterns at the ancient Zapotec capital+-+842304624542211ocn041420906book19990.63Ancient Oaxaca : the Monte Albán StateInvestigates the emergence of social complexity and state formation in ancient Oaxaca, the site of one of the earliest Native American states, located in present-day Mexico+-+K23220670533810ocn028888876book19930.82Blanton, Richard EHouses and households : a comparative studyA growing interest in households is found among many archaeologists and cultural anthropologists, but these disciplines require improved methods, theories, and comparative knowledge to advance the aims of household research. Many questions about ancient and contemporary societies will be left unanswered until there is a more developed understanding of how households influence, and are influenced by, the larger society. Houses and Households expands on and makes more systematic the comparative and cross-cultural approach to the study of households, by investigating the interactions between household behavior and the domestic built environment in a variety of world areas. Focusing on peasant households, this practical volume presents a large comparative data base derived from published ethnographic and architectural reports from China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, India, Nepal, Egypt, and Mesoamerica. Author Richard E. Blanton proposes new methods for comparative analyses of houses and uses these methods, along with the community ethnographic data, to develop new and evaluate current household theories. Houses and Households is a major contribution to the understanding of cross-cultural and intracultural variation in households and house form, including features such as size of the house, spatial complexity, use of space, decoration, symbolic expression, and costliness. These formal properties are then analyzed in light of behavior related to, among others, gender relations, household decision making, and consumer behavior. The theoretical framework presented and evaluated - developed from a nonverbal communication approach - perceives house form as an outcome of the social and economic strategies of households found in varying community, regional, and macroregional settings+-+09999915851895ocn034474058book19960.88Economic analysis beyond the local system+-+97985361251626ocn060776621book20050.93Settlement, subsistence, and social complexity : essays honoring the legacy of Jeffrey R. ParsonsMittelamerika - Südamerika - Asien - Siedlungsstruktur - Siedlungsarchäologie - Stadtarchäologie - Sozialgeschichte - Sozialstruktur - Wirtschaftsgeschichte - Paläoökonomie - Ackerbau - Prospektion - Methode - Theorie+-+K5709268461257ocn045552719book20000.90Blanton, Richard EHellenistic, Roman and Byzantine settlement patterns of the coast lands of the Western Rough Cilicia1077ocn009894781book20020.93Monte Alban's hinterland10312ocn001407420book19700.95Blanton, Richard EPrehispanic settlement patterns of the Ixtapalapa Peninsula region, Mexico1003ocn009919359book19820.92The Prehispanic settlement patterns of the central and southern parts of the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico966ocn000995545book19780.88Flannery, Kent VPrehistory and human ecology of the Valley of Oaxaca244ocn014016325book19820.90Monte Alban's hinterland, part I : the prehispanic settlement patterns of the central and southern parts of the valley of Oaxaca, Mexico134ocn002697961mix19700.92Blanton, Richard EPrehistoric settlement patterns of the Ixtapalapa Peninsula region, Mexico121ocn060191783book19960.70Economic analysis beyond the local system : Monographs in economic anthropology, no. 13+-+9798536125116ocn230711140book19820.47Blanton, Richard EMonte Alban's hinterland54ocn637256431book19710.84Parsons, Jeffrey RPrehistoric settlement patterns in the Texcoco Region, Mexico41ocn830914207book19890.47Monte Albán's hinterland31ocn830914211book19890.47Kowalewski, Stephen AMonte Alban's hinterland31ocn004106422map19750.82Blanton, Richard EMonte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico, archaeological and topographic mapMaps11ocn820566340mix1.00Parsons, Jeffrey RJeffrey R. Parsons papersHistoryThe papers document the archaeologist's research in the basin of Mexico, his work as Museum Curator and Director, and his work with colleagues and institutions around the world. Materials date from 1960 to 2009 while the bulk of it is from 1966 to 1973. The majority is related to his fieldwork in the basin of Mexico and includes paper, photographic material, as well as maps. The collection is arranged in nine series11ocn697608249art20000.10Richard Blanton. 1822Genealogy+-+7123822385+-+7123822385Thu Oct 16 15:27:06 EDT 2014batch15989