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Thu Oct 16 17:58:32 2014 UTClccn-n770094380.00[Patrick Geary: artist file]0.580.84Franks, Northmen, and Slavs : identities and state formation in early medieval Europe /61566187Patrick_J._Gearyn 77009438126005Geary, P.Geary, Patrick.Geary, Patrick 1948-ギアリ, パトリックlccn-n81077317O'Brien, Patricia1945-lccn-n79011861Kishlansky, Mark A.lccn-n81026648Fried, Johannesedtlccn-n85002005Althoff, Gerdedtlccn-n86032498Garcia, Céline Frémaux1850-1935lccn-n88128968German Historical Institute (Washington, D.C.)nc-american council of learned societiesAmerican Council of Learned Societieslccn-n2002102818Carlier, Jeannietrlviaf-165491915Detienne, Isabelletrllccn-n2008015183Garipzanov, Ildar H.edtGeary, Patrick J.1948-HistorySourcesChurch historyTextbooksPersonal narrativesPersonal narratives‡vConfederateDiariesBiographyCase studiesEuropeWomen--MythologyFranceMiddle AgesSocial history--MedievalMemoryTheft of relicsGermanyCivilization, WesternMerovingiansEthnic relationsNationalismRome (Empire)XenophobiaBoundariesImmigrantsGermanic Invasions of Rome (3rd-6th centuries)Race relationsHistory--MethodologyHistory--PhilosophyLanguage and languages--PhilosophyLanguage and historyLanguage and cultureLouisianaAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesGarcia, Céline Frémaux,Reconstruction (United States :Middle Ages--HistoriographyLouisiana--New OrleansRitualCivilization, MedievalHistoriographyRites and ceremonies, MedievalEurope--Rhône River ValleyFrance--ProvenceNobilityAristocracy (Social class)CarolingiansRelicsSlavsFranksNorthmenState, The--OriginIntellectual lifeMedievalismCivilization, Medieval--Study and teachingMiddle Ages--Study and teachingMiddle Ages--ResearchCivilization19481960197419751976197719781979198319851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201411587148534940.1BL795.W65ocn857711491ocn185346360ocn857881030ocn470319249ocn444515448ocn781234775ocn800510766ocn855549198ocn469660921ocn467955494ocn468109854ocn691336573ocn690445642ocn691336609ocn691336514ocn72332859115308ocn362719571file20060.50Geary, Patrick JWomen at the beginning origin myths from the Amazons to the Virgin MaryFrom the Publisher: In these four artfully crafted essays, Patrick Geary explores the way ancient and medieval authors wrote about women. Geary describes the often marginal role women played in origin legends from antiquity until the twelfth century. Not confining himself to one religious tradition or region, he probes the tensions between women in biblical, classical, and medieval myths (such as Eve, Mary, Amazons, princesses, and countesses), and actual women in ancient and medieval societies. Using these legends as a lens through which to study patriarchal societies, Geary chooses moments and texts that illustrate how ancient authors (all of whom were male) confronted the place of women in their society. Unlike other books on the subject, Women at the Beginning attempts to understand not only the place of women in these legends, but also the ideologies of the men who wrote about them. The book concludes that the authors of these stories were themselves struggling with ambivalence about women in their own worlds and that this struggle manifested itself in their writings+-+9459766415118034ocn003379931book19750.59Geary, Patrick JFurta sacra : thefts of relics in the central Middle AgesTo obtain sacred relics, medieval monks plundered tombs, avaricious merchants raided churches, and relic-mongers scoured the Roman catacombs. In a revised edition of <i>Furta Sacra</i>, Patrick Geary considers the social and cultural context for these acts, asking how the relics were perceived and why the thefts met with the approval of medieval Christians+-+571355641595514ocn015520113book19880.53Geary, Patrick JBefore France and Germany : the creation and transformation of the Merovingian worldHistoryIn this innovative new study, Patrick Geary rejects traditional notions of European history to present the Merovingian period (ca. 400-750) as an integral part of Late Antiquity. Drawing on current scholarship in archaeology, cultural history, historical ethnography, and other fields, the author formulates an original interpretation not only of Merovingian history but of the Romano-barbarian world from which it arose. Mapping the complex interactions of a volatile era, he carefully traces the Romanization of barbarians and the barbarization of Romans that ultimately made these populations indistinguishable. (BARNES & NOBLE)+-+930995046593524ocn047182376book20010.50Geary, Patrick JThe myth of nations : the Medieval origins of EuropeHistoryDismantling nationalist myths about how the nations of Europe were born, this text contrasts them with the actual history of Europe's transformation between the fourth and ninth centuries - the period of grand migrations that nationalists hold dear+-+663966641575440ocn030892916book19910.50Kishlansky, Mark ACivilization in the westHistoryTextbooks+-+617034821575140ocn019514465book19890.70Geary, Patrick JReadings in medieval historySources""Instructors of medieval history are fortunate to have at their disposal a new edition of the best selection of medieval primary sources in English translation available today. Like its predecessors, this fourth edition fulfills the promise expressed in the author's preface: to introduce us and our students to documents representing a great variety of genres, subjects, and places throughout medieval Europe and to present those documents in their entirety or in substantial portions. The documents allow us, the teachers, and more importantly, our students, the freedom to read in depth, select, and analyze--to practice history at its best, right in the classroom."--Piotr Gorecki, University of California, Riverside" ""Geary's careful and wise selection of texts in his reader provides the best balance between range and depth necessary for a successful source book. Students are introduced to the richness of medieval evidence and can engage with the personalities who produced it in a way that encourages further study and reflection on the Middle Ages."--Nicholas Everett, University of Toronto" ""Provides an excellent selection of complete texts or substantial extracts from key primary sources, helpfully grouped thematically and illustrating many current issues in modern historical study ... an invaluable introduction."--Rosamond McKitterick, Newnham College, University of Cambridge" ""The best collection of medieval documents in print."--A.J. Andrea, University of Vermont" "For this new edition, Patrick J. Geary has incorporated more bibliographical information into the introductions to the readings. Five texts have been added to better reflect legal, religious, Polish, and women's history. A glossary is provided to help with unfamiliar terms. For students who want to dig deeper into the primary sources, secondary readings about the primary sources are listed."--Jacket+-+150066600674421ocn030358155book19940.66Geary, Patrick JPhantoms of remembrance : memory and oblivion at the end of the first millenniumIn Phantoms of Remembrance, Patrick Geary makes important new inroads into the widely discussed topic of historical memory, vividly evoking the everyday lives of eleventh-century people and both their written and nonwritten ways of preserving the past. Women praying for their dead, monks creating and re-creating their archives, scribes choosing which royal families of the past to applaud and which to forget: it is from such sources that most of our knowledge of the medieval period comes. Throughout richly detailed descriptions of various acts of remembrance--including the naming of children and the recording of visions--the author unearths a wide range of approaches to preserving the past as it was or formulating the past that an individual or group prefers to imagine. -- Publisher Description+-+777985641568320ocn030473669book19940.66Geary, Patrick JLiving with the dead in the Middle AgesChurch historyAnnotation Whereas modern societies tend to banish the dead from the world of the living, medieval men and women acccorded them a vital role in the community. The saints counted most prominently as potential intercessors before God, but the ordinary dead as well were called upon to aid the living, and even to participate in the negotiation of political disputes. In this book, the distinguished medievalist Patrick J. Geary shows how exploring the complex relations between the living and dead can broaden our understanding of the political, economic, and cultural history of medieval Europe. Geary has brought together for this volume twelve of his most influential essays. They address such topics as the development of saints' cults and of the concept of sacred space; the integration of saints' cults into the lives of ordinary people; patterns of relic circulation; and the role of the dead in negotiating the claims and counterclaims of various interest groups. Also included are two case studies of communities that enlisted new patron saints to solve their problems. Throughout, Geary demonstrates that, by reading actions, artifacts, and rituals on an equal footing with texts, we can better grasp the otherness of past societies. Book jacket+-+63453965355406ocn827212276file20130.59Geary, Patrick JLanguage and Power in the Early Middle AgesLanguage and ideology in the scholarship of the late Middle Ages49618ocn043567294book20000.70Medieval concepts of the past : ritual, memory, historiographyHistoryThis book shows how the history of the Middle Ages is being reshaped by leading medieval historians in light of cultural and social-scientific investigations into ritual, language and memory+-+21153267054685ocn015367148book19870.39Garcia, Céline FrémauxCéline remembering Louisiana, 1850-1871HistoryBiographyDiariesPersonal narrativesPersonal narratives Confederate+-+723688573545112ocn013050881book19850.77Geary, Patrick JAristocracy in Provence : the Rhône Basin at the dawn of the Carolingian AgeHistoryCase studies22412ocn020796297book19890.56Geary, Patrick JLe monde mérovingien : naissance de la FranceHistory"Un interprétation originale de ce que l'on peut appeler une "civilisation". Sans rien nier de la dureté de l'époque mérovingienne, l'auteur insiste sur la fécondité, la créativité et la plasticité de cette période1789ocn185032830book20080.84Franks, Northmen, and Slavs : identities and state formation in early medieval EuropeHistory"Eleven specialists examine here the role of ethnic identity in the formation of medieval polities on the periphery of the Frankish world in the eighth through eleventh centuries. In particular, they explore the intertwined issues of ethnic identity and state formation in Scandinavia and in the western and southern Slavic regions, areas in which the new approaches to the history of ethnicity have but little penetrated traditional scholarship. They ask to what extent common identities assisted in the consolidation and creation of early medieval kingdoms and to what extent the formation of these kingdoms created a discourse of common identity as a means to centralization and control. The authors contend that the developments in Scandinavia and in Slavic areas cannot be understood except in dynamic relationship with the process of state formation and group identity within the Frankish kingdoms. This powerful, expansionist society not only interacted and influenced the development of state structures on its northern and eastern borders, but it also provided models of discourse about the relationship between centralizing power and group solidarity. Not that these discourses were simply adopted by the Franks' neighbours, but rather they became part of the range of possible options selectively adapted to local circumstances."--BOOK JACKET+-+706170850717110ocn077098644book20040.53Geary, Patrick JQuand les nations refont l'histoire : l'invention des origines médiévales de l'EuropeHistory1536ocn026855973book19930.39Kishlansky, Mark AThe unfinished legacy : a brief history of Western civilizationHistory+-+872534821511812ocn075671960book19960.29Geary, Patrick JDie Merowinger : Europa vor Karl dem GrossenFrühmittelalter - Siedlung - Bevölkerungsgeschichte - Historischer Überblick1067ocn048073819book20020.39Kishlansky, Mark AA brief history of western civilization : the unfinished legacyHistory+-+45524567851008ocn857711491file20130.79Geary, Patrick JManufacturing Middle Ages entangled history of Medievalism in nineteenth-century EuropeHistoryManufacturing Middle Ages explores the entangled history of European national discourses grounded in medievalist and archaic traditions and developed by the emerging disciplines of humanities across the long nineteenth century947ocn036485692book19960.84Esch, ArnoldStand und Perspektiven der Mittelalterforschung am Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts11ocn039338025book19920.47Sixty years of priesthood : Fr. Pat Geary and Fr. Tommy Gallagher, CarmelitesBiography11ocn809570845bookGeary, Patrick J[Patrick Geary: artist file]+-+5713556415+-+5713556415Thu Oct 16 15:45:04 EDT 2014batch28382