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Nussbaum, Martha Craven 1947-

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Most widely held works by Martha Craven Nussbaum
Sex & social justice by Martha Craven Nussbaum( )
34 editions published between 1998 and 2013 in 3 languages and held by 3,284 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Growing out of Nussbaum's years of work with an international development agency connected with the United Nations, this collection charts a feminism that is deeply concerned with the urgent needs of women who live in hunger and illiteracy, or under unequal legal systems. Offering an internationalism informed by development economics and empirical detail, many essays take their start from the experiences of women in developing countries. Nussbaum argues for a universal account of human capacity and need, while emphasizing the essential role of knowledge of local circumstance. Further chapters take on the pursuit of social justice in the sexual sphere, exploring the issue of equal rights for lesbians and gay men
The offensive Internet : speech, privacy, and reputation ( Book )
8 editions published between 2010 and 2012 in English and held by 2,470 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"The Internet has been romanticized as a zone of freedom. The alluring combination of sophisticated technology with low barriers to entry and instantaneous outreach to millions of users has mesmerized libertarians and communitarians alike. Lawmakers have joined the celebration, passing the Communications Decency Act, which enables Internet Service Providers to allow unregulated discourse without danger of liability, all in the name of enhancing freedom of speech. But an unregulated Internet is a breeding ground for offensive conduct. At last we have a book that begins to focus on abuses made possible by anonymity, freedom from liability, and lack of oversight. The distinguished scholars assembled in this volume, drawn from law and philosophy, connect the absence of legal oversight with harassment and discrimination. Questioning the simplistic notion that abusive speech and mobocracy are the inevitable outcomes of new technology, they argue that current misuse is the outgrowth of social, technological, and legal choices. Seeing this clearly will help us to be better informed about our options. In a field still dominated by a frontier perspective, this book has the potential to be a real game changer. Armed with example after example of harassment in Internet chat rooms, blogs, and forums, the authors detail some of the vile and hateful speech that the current combination of law and technology has bred. The facts are then treated to analysis and policy prescriptions. Read this book and you will never again see the Internet through rose-colored glasses."--Jacket
Animal rights current debates and new directions by Cass R Sunstein( Book )
24 editions published between 2004 and 2006 in English and held by 2,452 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Contributors to this volume explore the legal and political issues that underlie the campaign for animal rights and the opposition to it. Ethical questions on ownership, protection against suffering and the ability of animals to make their own choices free from human control are thought-provokingly examined
Women and human development : the capabilities approach by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
42 editions published between 2000 and 2012 in 3 languages and held by 2,152 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Proposing a new kind of feminism that is genuinely international, Martha Nussbaum argues for an ethical underpinning to all thought about development planning and public policy, and dramatically moves beyond the abstractions of economists and philosophers to embed thought about justice in the concrete reality of the struggles of poor women. In this book, Nussbaum argues that international political and economic thought must be sensitive to gender difference as a problem of justice, and that feminist thought must begin to focus on the problems of women in the third world. Taking as her point of departure the predicament of poor women in India, she shows how philosophy should undergird basic constitutional principles that should be respected and implemented by all governments, and used as a comparative measure of quality of life across nations. Nussbaum concludes by calling for a new international focus to feminism, and shows through concrete detail how philosophical arguments about justice really do connect with the practical concerns of public policy
Hiding from humanity disgust, shame, and the law by Martha Craven Nussbaum( )
39 editions published between 2004 and 2012 in 4 languages and held by 2,088 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Should laws about sex and pornography be based on social conventions about what is disgusting? Should felons be required to display bumper stickers or wear T-shirts that announce their crimes? This powerful and elegantly written book, by one of America's most influential philosophers, presents a critique of the role that shame and disgust play in our individual and social lives and, in particular, in the law. Martha Nussbaum argues that we should be wary of these emotions because they are associated in troubling ways with a desire to hide from our humanity, embodying an unrealistic and sometime
Sex, preference, and family essays on law and nature by David M Estlund( )
14 editions published between 1996 and 1998 in English and held by 2,059 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Sex, Preference, and Family brings together seventeen eminent philosophers and legal scholars who offer illuminating and often provocative commentary on sexuality (including sexual behavior, sexual orientation, and the role of pornography in shaping sexuality), on the family (including both same-sex and single-parent families), and on the proper role of law in these areas. The essayists are all fiercely independent thinkers and offer intriguing and controversial proposals
The fragility of goodness : luck and ethics in Greek tragedy and philosophy by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
82 editions published between 1986 and 2011 in 5 languages and held by 1,922 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This book is a study of ancient views about "moral luck." It examines the fundamental ethical problem that many of the valued constituents of a well-lived life are vulnerable to factors outside a person's control and asks how this affects our appraisal of persons and their lives. The Greeks made a profound contribution to these questions, yet neither the problems nor the Greek views of them have received the attention they deserve. This book thus recovers a central dimension of Greek thought and addresses major issues in contemporary ethical theory. One of its most original aspects is its interrelated treatment of both literary and philosophical texts. The Fragility of Goodness has proven to be important reading for philosophers and classicists, and its non-technical style makes it accessible to any educated person interested in the difficult problems it tackles
Sexual orientation & human rights in American religious discourse ( )
5 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 1,852 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Upheavals of thought : the intelligence of emotions by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
46 editions published between 2001 and 2012 in 5 languages and held by 1,842 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Martha C. Nussbaum presents a powerful argument for treating emotions not as alien forces but as highly discriminating responses to what is of value and importance. Beginning from an intensely personal experience of her own, the grief felt at the death of her mother, she explores and illuminates the structure of a wide range of emotions, in particular, compassion and love. She shows that there can be no adequate ethical theory without an adequate theory of the emotions, and that this involves understanding their cultural sources, their history in infancy and childhood, and their sometimes unpredictable and disorderly operations in our daily lives
Creating capabilities the human development approach by Martha Craven Nussbaum( )
18 editions published between 2011 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,813 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This is a primer on the "Capabilities Approach," Nussbaum's innovative model for assessing human progress. She argues that much humanitarian policy today violates basic human values; instead, she offers a unique means of redirecting government and development policy toward helping each of us lead a full and creative life
Frontiers of justice : disability, nationality, species membership by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
18 editions published between 2006 and 2007 in English and held by 1,780 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
The idea of the social contract is one of the most powerful approaches to social justice in the Western tradition. Exploring the limitations of the social contract, Nussbaum devises an alternative theory based on the idea of capabilities as an approach to social co-operation
Love's knowledge : essays on philosophy and literature by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
22 editions published between 1990 and 2009 in English and held by 1,756 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This volume brings together Nussbaum's published papers on the relationship between literature and philosophy, especially moral philosophy. The papers, many of them previously inaccessible to non-specialist readers, deal with such fundamental issues as the relationship between style and content in the exploration of ethical issues; the nature of ethical attention and ethical knowledge and their relationship to written forms and styles; and the role of the emotions in deliberation and self-knowledge. Nussbaum investigates and defends a conception of ethical understanding which involves emotiona
Liberty of conscience : in defense of America's tradition of religious equality by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
22 editions published between 2008 and 2010 in English and Spanish and held by 1,704 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
The founders of the United States overcame religious intolerance in favor of a constitutional order dedicated to fair treatment for people's deeply held conscientious beliefs. This respect for religious difference, scholar Nussbaum writes, formed our democracy. Yet today there are signs that this legacy is misunderstood. The prominence of a particular type of Christianity in our public life suggests the unequal worth of citizens who hold different religious beliefs, or no beliefs. Others, meanwhile, seek to curtail the influence of religion in public life in a way that is itself unbalanced and unfair. Such partisan efforts, Nussbaum argues, violate the spirit of our Constitution. This is a historical and conceptual study of the American tradition of religious freedom. Weaving together political history, philosophical ideas, and key constitutional cases, it is a chronicle of an ideal of equality that has always been central to our history but is now in danger.--From publisher description
On nineteen eighty-four Orwell and our future by Abbott Gleason( )
7 editions published in 2005 in English and held by 1,657 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
George Orwell's nineteen Eighty-Fours among the most widely read books in the world. For more than 50 years, it has been regarded as a morality tale for the possible future of modern society, a future involving nothing less than extinction of humanity itself. Does nineteeFour remainourremain relevant in our new century? The editors of this book assembled a distinguished group of philosophers, literary specialists, political commentators, historians, and lawyers and asked them to take a wide-ranging and uninhibited look at that question. The editors deliberately avoided Orwell scholars in an effort to call forth a fresh and diverse range of responses to the major work of one of the most durable literary figures among twentieth-century EAs nineteenters. AsNineteen Eighty-Fourprotagonist Winston Smith has admirers on the right, in the center, and on the left, the contributors similarly represent a wide range of political, literary, and moral viewpoints. The Cold War that has so often been linked to Orwell's novel ended with more of a whimper than a bang, but most of the issues of concern to him remain alive in some form today: censorship, scientific surveillance, power worship, the autonomy of art, the meaning of democracy, relations between men and women, and many others. The contributors bring a variety of insightful and contemporary perspectives to bear on these questions
Not for profit : why democracy needs the humanities by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
31 editions published between 2010 and 2012 in 4 languages and held by 1,633 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"Philosopher Martha Nussbaum makes a passionate case for the importance of the liberal arts at all levels of education. Nussbaum argues that we must resist efforts to reduce education to a tool of the gross national product. Rather, we must work to reconnect education to the humanities in order to give students the capacity to be true democratic citizens of their countries and the world"--Jacket
The new religious intolerance : overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
12 editions published between 2012 and 2013 in English and held by 1,622 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"What impulse prompted some newspapers to attribute the murder of 77 Norwegians to Islamic extremists, until it became evident that a right-wing Norwegian terrorist was the perpetrator? Why did Switzerland, a country of four minarets, vote to ban those structures? How did a proposed Muslim cultural center in lower Manhattan ignite a fevered political debate across the United States? In The New Religious Intolerance, Martha C. Nussbaum surveys such developments and identifies the fear behind these reactions. Drawing inspiration from philosophy, history, and literature, she suggests a route past this limiting response and toward a more equitable, imaginative, and free society."--Jacket
Clones and clones : facts and fantasies about human cloning ( Book )
8 editions published between 1998 and 1999 in English and held by 1,615 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"Ranging from psychoanalyst Adam Phillips's case study of a child whose confusion of "cloning" and "clothing" expresses our mixed desire and terror of sameness, to Cass Sunstein's projections of utterly plausible Supreme Court decisions both for and against human cloning; from William Miller's analysis of the queasiness and nervous laughter the subject elicits in many of us to Richard Epstein's libertarian argument against a research ban; from Andrea Dworkin's denunciation of another masculine effort to control reproduction to Martha Nussbaum's witty and elegiac fantasy of the cloning of a lost lover - this collection limns our beliefs and concerns about what it means to be human."--Jacket
The Quality of life by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
63 editions published between 1992 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 1,613 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"The idea of the quality of life is central to economic and social assessment and also to public policy, social legislation, and community programmes. However, the commonly used indicators of economic success such as per capita income are at best crude measures of the quality of life. There is a strong need for a systematic exploration of the content, reach, and relevance of the concept of the quality of life, and ways of making it concrete and usable. In this collection of essays, some leading economists and philosophers rise to that challenge and provide a wide-ranging investigation." "The essays include examination of recent attempts to replace incomes and utilities by the concept of capability and also exploration of the classic Aristotelian accounts of human flourishing, which provide insights into capability-based assessment of the quality of life. Some underlying methodological problems are also examined, including cultural relativism and utility as a measure of advantage. Possibilities of application are discussed in the context of important practical problems, such as correcting gender-based inequalities, determining medical priorities, and promoting living standards. The overall result is a major contribution to the understanding and use of the idea of the quality of life."--Jacket
The clash within democracy, religious violence, and India's future by Martha Craven Nussbaum( )
22 editions published between 2007 and 2009 in 3 languages and held by 1,554 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"While America is focused on religious militancy and terrorism in the Middle East, democracy has been under siege from religious extremism in another critical part of the world. As Martha Nussbaum reveals in this look at India today, the forces of the Hindu right pose a disturbing threat to its democratic traditions and secular state."--BOOK JACKET
Women, culture, and development : a study of human capabilities by Martha Craven Nussbaum( Book )
23 editions published between 1994 and 2013 in English and held by 1,400 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Women, a majority of the world's population, receive only a small proportion of its opportunities and benefits. According to the 1993 UN Human Development Report, there is no country in the world in which women's quality of life is equal to that of men
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Craven, Martha C.
Craven, Martha Nussbaum
Craven Nussbaum, Martha
Craven Nussbaum, Martha 1947-
Nûsbaum, Marta Q. 1947-
Nusbaʼum, Martah Ḳ. 1947-
Nussbaum , Martha
Nussbaum, Martha 1947-
Nussbaum , Martha C.
Nussbaum, Martha C. 1947-
Nussbaum, Martha C. (Martha Craven), 1947-
Nussbaum, Martha Craven
Nussbaum, Martha Craven 1947-
Nussbaum, Martha Louise Craven 1947-
נוסבאום, מרתה ק.
נוסבאום, מרתה ק 1947-
‏נוסבואם, מרתה ק.
مارتا سي. نسبوم، 1947-
ナスバウム, マーサ・C
ヌスバウム, マーサ
ヌスバウム, マーサ・C
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