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Fri Mar 21 17:03:14 2014 UTClccn-n780324430.35Abraham : sign of hope for Jews, Christians, and Muslims /0.570.84Weil wir uns auf dieser Erde nicht ganz zu Hause fühlen : 12 Schriftsteller über Religion und Literatur /107591427n 78032443168673Kuschel, K.-J. 1948-Kuschel, Karl-JosefKuschel, Karl Josef 1948-Kuschel, Karl-Joseph 1948-Kushe'er, K. J. 1948-クシュル, カール・ヨーゼフlccn-n79022114Küng, Hans1928-hnrcomdteedtcrelccn-n79148901Häring, Hermann1937-auiedtlccn-n79084784Jesus Christnp-abraham$biblical patriarchAbraham(Biblical patriarch)lccn-n50038482Jens, Walter1923-2013auiedtcrefast-794666Abraham (Biblical patriarch) in rabbinical literaturelccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n79063189Moltmann, Jürgenlccn-n85129405Beuken, Wim1931-lccn-n50031379Mieth, DietmarKuschel, Karl-Josef1948-Conference proceedingsBibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryEthicsReligion and ethicsTheologyGlobalization--Moral and ethical aspectsJesus ChristKüng, Hans,LiteratureAbraham--(Biblical patriarch)Abraham (Biblical patriarch) in rabbinical literaturePre-existence--History of doctrinesReligionsAbrahamic religionsTheology, DoctrinalPentecostalismChristian unionLaughter--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchViolence--Religious aspectsViolence--Religious aspects--ChristianityGerman literatureGlobalization--Religious aspectsChristian ethicsChristian ethics--Catholic authorsLiterature, ModernChristian literature, GermanJudaism--Relations--ChristianityIslam--Relations--JudaismIslam--Relations--ChristianityChristianity and other religions--IslamChristianity and other religions--JudaismJudaism--Relations--IslamHuman rightsHuman rights--Religious aspectsPeace--Religious aspectsPeacePopesWorld's Parliament of ReligionsAuthors, German--Religious lifeChristianity and literatureReligion and literatureIslam in literatureLessing, Gotthold Ephraim,Christianity and other religions in literatureNathan der Weise (Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim)Religious tolerancePre-existence--Biblical teachingChristianity and other religionsGod in literatureReligion in literatureCatholic ChurchParliament of the World's Religions19481978197919801981198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148438197615170BJ19ocn613305386ocn244041733ocn707170641ocn668232310ocn174582131ocn724751860ocn496577353ocn844788157ocn722498636ocn462272030ocn812181868ocn496267148ocn723864413ocn723161865ocn723995185ocn723002235ocn723995202ocn722746954ocn721766708ocn774035938ocn075813035ocn075889900ocn797232048ocn320265212ocn768824663103110ocn747264001file19930.47Küng, HansA global ethic the declaration of the Parliament of the World's ReligionsConference proceedingsPresents the text of the 'Declaration' and a commentary on its evolution and significance ... The message of this book is very timely.-The Leading Edge+-+359159173532465330ocn005892481book19780.56Küng, HansHans Küng : his work and his wayBibliography3799ocn032272320book19950.35Kuschel, Karl-JosefAbraham : sign of hope for Jews, Christians, and MuslimsThis book sets out to present a new vision for peace between the Religions. It centres on Abraham, a figure who has an important place in Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition, and thus forms a common point of reference3578ocn026992814book19920.66Kuschel, Karl-JosefBorn before all time? : the dispute over Christ's origin3437ocn028721276book19930.63Küng, HansHans Küng : new horizons for faith and thoughtTo mark the occasion of Hans Kung's sixty-fifth birthday, this volume was prepared by various writers, thinkers, and religious leaders to celebrate Kung's life and his theology. The contributors themselves illustrate the extent of Kung's influence, as they come not only from Switzerland and Germany, but from Britain and Ireland, the United States, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, and Russia; and represent not only Christianity, but Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. Together, these contributors reflect on the many circles of thought that have made up Kung's remarkable intellectual career: ecclesiology, christology, theology, and ecumenicism, first within Christianity and then to the entire world in the form of a global ethic. In spite of Kung's continued expansion into wider horizons of faith and thought, his basic theological insights have remained remarkably constant throughout his long career. He has been less influenced by fashion than many other theologians, demonstrating a constancy of conviction and coherence of theological method. Kung has, however, set the fashion for others, as he has brought and continues to bring attention to highly topical and critical issues of the current day. This volume is a fascinating critical survey of a remarkable theologian's life and thought. It provides a real understanding of Kung's theology, its strengths and weaknesses, its limitations and its riches. Finally, it aims toward rehabilitating Hans Kung as a Catholic theologian. As Heinrich Fries, one of the great figures of Roman Catholic ecumenical theology recently asked: "Is the Catholic church so narrow that it cannot tolerate a man like Kung? Or is it so rich that it can dispense with him?"2862ocn034983210book19960.59Pentecostal movements as an ecumenical challenge+-+13858598853242826ocn030076325book19940.56Kuschel, Karl-JosefLaughter : a theological essay+-+02135598853242694ocn037790711book19970.59Beuken, Willem André MariaReligion as a source of violence24227ocn005334587book19780.79Kuschel, Karl-JosefJesus in der deutschsprachigen GegenwartsliteraturCriticism, interpretation, etc2152ocn048428205book20010.59In search of universal values16714ocn262786435book19960.66Jens, WalterDialogue with Hans KüngHistory+-+396791639332415019ocn031851490book19940.56Kuschel, Karl-JosefStreit um Abraham : was Juden, Christen, und Muslime trennt-- und was sie eint12415ocn013332492book19850.84Kuschel, Karl-JosefWeil wir uns auf dieser Erde nicht ganz zu Hause fühlen : 12 Schriftsteller über Religion und Literatur12120ocn009637277book19830.39Kuschel, Karl-JosefDer andere Jesus : ein Lesebuch moderner literarischer TexteCriticism, interpretation, etc1174ocn040364110book19980.73Kuschel, Karl-JosefVom Streit zum Wettstreit der Religionen : Lessing und die Herausforderung des IslamCriticism, interpretation, etc1167ocn043873201book19990.50Kuschel, Karl-JosefJesus im Spiegel der Weltliteratur : eine Jahrhundertbilanz in Texten und EinführungenCriticism, interpretation, etc1148ocn043895221book19970.59Kuschel, Karl-JosefIm Spiegel der Dichter : Mensch, Gott und Jesus in der Literatur des 20. JahrhundertsCriticism, interpretation, etc1085ocn032077970book19940.53Kuschel, Karl-JosefChristentum und nichtchristliche Religionen : theologische Modelle im 20. Jahrhundert1046ocn008389242book19800.73Kuschel, Karl-JosefStellvertreter Christi? : der Papst in der zeitgenössischen LiteraturCriticism, interpretation, etc1015ocn054512382book20040.79Kuschel, Karl-JosefJud, Christ und Muselmann vereinigt? : Lessings "Nathan der Weise"+-+3591591735324+-+3591591735324Fri Mar 21 15:07:34 EDT 2014batch22481