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Fri Mar 21 17:13:40 2014 UTClccn-n780044130.08Free radical0.600.95The commerce of culture : experience of Indian handicrafts /51703871Vince_Cablen 78004413140996Cable, Vince.Cable, Vince, 1943-Cable, Vincentlccn-n85375293Henderson, David1927-edtlccn-n80008782Royal Institute of International Affairslccn-nr95039644Liberal Democrats (Great Britain)lccn-n82058365Persaud, B.(Bishnodat)lccn-n79129749Weston, Annhnrlccn-n79043403World Banklccn-no2011082402Wilton, Terrynrtlccn-no94018831Recorded Books, Inclccn-no2001082328Clipper Audio (Firm)lccn-n81025539Rebelo, IvoniaCable, VincentHistoryBiographyCase studiesGreat BritainInternational economic relationsInternational economic integrationInternational cooperationGlobal Financial Crisis (2008-2009)Developing countriesCommercial policyFinancial crisesPolitical sciencePoliticiansRegionalismMonetary unionsTrade blocsProtectionismInvestments, ForeignGlobalizationLiberal Democrats (Great Britain)Investments, Foreign--Government policyCommerceIndustriesEurope--European Economic Community countriesEconomicsCreditUnited StatesWork and familySocial institutionsPolitical science--PhilosophyTextile industryImport quotasManufacturing industriesIndiaTariffSouth AsiaKenyaEmigration and immigrationEast IndiansCentral AmericaTariff preferencesHandicraft--Economic aspectsCapitalismFree enterpriseClothing tradeTextile fabricsTelecommunication policyInformation superhighwayElectronic industriesCompetition, InternationalChinaMixed economyEconomic policy1943196919701973197519761977197819791980198119821983198619871988199019921993199419951996199819992002200520092010201120122013302387208338.542HF1533ocn832195975ocn80786695654815ocn297803364book20090.22Cable, VincentThe storm : the world economic crisis and what it meansHistoryVince Cable, one of the most universally respected parliamentarians on the current world economic crisis, explains how we got here and where we're going+-+92052339362947ocn032058232book19940.73Trade blocs? : the future of regional integrationRegional integration is now concerned with much more than trade. Stephen Thomsen looks at evolving corporate structures and investment. Benn Steil illustrates the dilemmas of harmonization in the financial services sector. David Currie and John Whitley discuss the benefits of closer European economic union, in particular, greater policy convergence. Finally, David Henderson puts the whole 'trade blocs' debate into a wider policy perspective2678ocn043033500book19990.76Cable, VincentGlobalization and global governance"This interdisciplinary study dissects the reality from the hype surrounding global integration - focusing on technology, emerging financial markets and multinational corporate behaviour. Outlining problems in international economic integration, Cable examines the weakness of government structures and the lack of a voice in the WTO for China, Russia and others. He concludes by detailing the conflicting pressures on global rule-making and advocates a possible future architecture of global regulation. The book covers the currency crisis in Southeast Asia and its consequences and ramifications."--BOOK JACKET+-+46082100363242135ocn015790855book19870.76Developing with foreign investment1686ocn009917038book19830.86Cable, VincentProtectionism and industrial decline1216ocn009622016book19830.90Cable, VincentEconomics and the politics of protection : some case studies of industriesHistoryCase studies1114ocn466192353file20090.14Cable, VincentThe storm the world economic crisis & what it meansHistoryThe author is chief treasury spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, and former chief economist at Shell. He occupies a curious niche in the political landscape. For the intelligent layman, this book, chronicles complex events as it explains them, pulling in just the right amount of wit, history, anecdote and theory along the way. It provides a much broader tour of the contemporary economic scene than just an account of the credit crunch937ocn005210569book19790.93Cable, VincentWorld textile trade and production863ocn004134988book19770.88Cable, VincentImport controls : the case against867ocn007552577book19800.92Cable, VincentBritain's pattern of specialization in manufactured goods with developing countries and trade protection756ocn006015330book19790.90Cable, VincentSouth Asia's exports to the EEC : obstacles and opportunities694ocn004512276book19690.90Cable, VincentWhither Kenyan emigrants?645ocn003225012book19760.93Cable, VincentForeign investment, economic integration and industrial structure in Central America574ocn007906127book19800.84Weston, AnnThe EEC's generalised system of preferences : evaluation and recommendations for change513ocn015317545book19860.95Cable, VincentThe commerce of culture : experience of Indian handicrafts505ocn007272338book19800.79Cable, VincentBritish interests and third world development425ocn033864291book19950.66Cable, VincentGlobal superhighways : the future of international telecommunications policy393ocn607095485visu20090.53Free-Market Capitalism Is So 20th-Century A Debate"The recession of 2008 has cast serious doubt on whether free-market capitalism, an idea set that functioned reasonably well in the 20th century, is a healthy economic ideology to carry over into the 21st. Has free-market capitalism become an outdated economic model? That is the question in this Oxford Union-style debate as panelists make their case. Speakers for the motion argue that capitalism has been empirically proven wrong due to its failure to warn of impending crisis and that 'state capitalism,' as it is evolving in Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia, is the model for the immediate future; those against identify contributory factors--for example, a lack of adequate competition that enabled core institutions to grow too big to be allowed to fail--as the agents of capitalist catastrophe and point to the systems used in Scandinavia as exemplary models of free-market capitalism. Questions from the floor follow. The final vote? Significantly against. Political satirist Rory Bremner presides."--Container302ocn008688088book19810.70Cable, VincentBritish electronics and competition with newly industrialising countries294ocn034631055book19950.73Cable, VincentChina and India : economic reform and global integration2744ocn429604006book20090.20Cable, VincentFree radical : a memoirHistoryBiographyToday Vince Cable is best known as 'the undisputed heavyweight champion of the credit crunch in Parliament' (Robert Peston), revered for his prescience and authority on the world economic crisis. But his journey to become Britain's most respected politician has been long, circuitous and sometimes very painful. In this memoir he tells that story for the first time+-+3195233936324172ocn706511270rcrd20100.08Cable, VinceFree radicalHistoryBiographyVince Cable is best known as "the undisputed heavyweight champion of the credit crunch in Parliament" (Robert Peston), revered for his prescience and authority on the world economic crisis. But his journey to become Britain's most respected politician has been long, circuitous and sometimes very painful. In this memoir he tells that story for the first time. Free Radical is a candid book, written with wit and great insight+-+4608210036324+-+4608210036324Fri Mar 21 15:53:45 EDT 2014batch16652