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Skocpol, Theda

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Most widely held works by Theda Skocpol
States and social revolutions : a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China by Theda Skocpol( Book )

91 editions published between 1979 and 2015 in 7 languages and held by 1,556 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Theda Skocpol shows how all three combine to explain the origins and accomplishments of social-revolutionary transformations
Protecting soldiers and mothers : the political origins of social policy in the United States by Theda Skocpol( Book )

32 editions published between 1992 and 1996 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,260 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

It is a commonplace that the United States lagged behind the countries of Western Europe in developing modern social policies. But, as Theda Skocpol shows in this startlingly new historical analysis, the United States actually pioneered generous social spending for many of its elderly, disabled, and dependent citizens. During the late nineteenth century, competitive party politics in American democracy led to the rapid expansion of benefits for Union Civil War veterans and their families. Some Americans hoped to expand veterans' benefits into pensions for all of the needy elderly and social insurance for workingmen and their families. But such hopes went against the logic of political reform in the Progressive Era. Generous social spending faded along with the Civil War generation. Instead, the nation nearly became a unique maternalist welfare state as the federal government and more than forty states enacted social spending, labor regulations, and health education programs to assist American mothers and children. Remarkably, as Skocpol shows, many of these policies were enacted even before American women were granted the right to vote. Banned from electoral politics, they turned their energies to creating huge, nation-spanning federations of local women's clubs, which collaborated with reform-minded professional women to spur legislative action across the country. Blending original historical research with political analysis, Skocpol shows how governmental institutions, electoral rules, political parties, and earlier public policies combined to determine both the opportunities and the limits within which social policies were devised and changed by reformers and politically active social groups over the course of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By examining afresh the institutional, cultural, and organizational forces that have shaped U.S. social policies in the past, Protecting Soldiers and Mothers challenges us to think in new ways about what might be possible in the American future
Health care reform and American politics : what everyone needs to know by Lawrence R Jacobs( Book )

33 editions published between 2010 and 2016 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,159 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In Health Care Reform and American Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know, Lawrence R. Jacobs and Theda Skocpol, two of the nation's leading experts on politics and health care policy, provide a concise and accessible overview. They explain the political battles of 2009 and 2010, highlighting White House strategies, the deals Democrats cut with interest groups, and the impact of agitation by Tea Partiers and progressives. Jacobs and Skocpol spell out what the new law can do for everyday Americans, what it will cost, and who will pay. Above all, they explain what comes next, as critical yet often behind-the-scenes battles rage over implementing reform nationally and in the fifty states. Affordable care might end up being weakened. But, like Social Security and Medicare, it could also gain strength and popularity as the majority of Americans learn what it can do for them
The missing middle : working families and the future of American social policy by Theda Skocpol( Book )

17 editions published between 2000 and 2001 in English and held by 1,002 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Skocpol suggests new ways to think about social policy, targeting not merely those at the extremes of our society but reinvigorating the strength, dignity, and political participation of the working men and women who are the foundation of the American family and the American economy. The resulting intergenerational compact raises exciting new goals for democracy in the coming century."--Jacket
Civic engagement in American democracy( Book )

20 editions published in 1999 in English and Italian and held by 887 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Civic Engagement in American Democracy opens with an eagle's-eye view of the roots of America's special patterns of civic involvement, examining the way social groups and government and electoral politics have influenced each other over the last 200 years. Other chapters explore community politics, the electoral process, religious institutions, and the advantages and disadvantages of contemporary advocacy politics. The book also probes the influence of long-term social and cultural changes on voluntary associations and civic participation."--Jacket
Social policy in the United States : future possibilities in historical perspective by Theda Skocpol( Book )

18 editions published between 1994 and 2011 in 3 languages and held by 883 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Reforming health care, revamping the welfare system, preserving or cutting Social Security, creating employment programs for displaced employees, and revising U.S. social programs to help working parents with children - all of these endeavors and more are part of ongoing national debates about the future of social policy in the United States. In this wide-ranging collection of essays, renowned social scientist Theda Skocpol shows how historical understanding, centered on U.S. governmental institutions and shifting political alliances, can illuminate the limits and possibilities of American social policymaking both past and present
Vision and method in historical sociology by Theda Skocpol( Book )

55 editions published between 1984 and 2009 in 5 languages and held by 824 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Some of the most important questions of the social sciences in the twentieth century have been posed by scholars working at the intersections of social theory and history viewed on a grand scale. The core essays of this book focus on the careers and contributions of nine of these scholars: Marc Bloch, Karl Polanyi, S. N. Eisenstadt, Reinhard Bendix, Perry Anderson, E. P. Thompson, Charles Tilly, Immanuel Wallerstein, and Barrington Moore, Jr. The essays convey a vivid sense of the vision and values each of these major scholars brings (or bought) to his work and analyze and evaluate the research designs and methods each used in his most important works. The introduction and conclusion discuss the long-running tradition of historically grounded research in sociology, while the conclusion also provides a detailed discussion and comparison of three recurrent strategies for bringing historical evidence and theoretical ideas to bear upon one another. informative, thought-provoking, and unusually practical, the book offers fascinating and relevant reading to sociologists, social historians, historically oriented political economists, and anthropologists - and, indeed, to anyone who wants to learn more about the ideas and methods of some of the best-known scholars in the modern social sciences
Bringing the state back in by Social Science Research Council (U.S.)( Book )

39 editions published between 1985 and 2010 in English and held by 774 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Until recently, dominant theoretical paradigms in the comparative social sciences did not highlight states as organizational structures or as potentially autonomous actors. Indeed, the term 'state' was rarely used. Current work, however, increasingly views the state as an agent which, although influenced by the society that surrounds it, also shapes social and political processes. The contributors to this volume, which includes some of the best recent interdisciplinary scholarship on states in relation to social structures, make use of theoretically engaged comparative and historical investigations to provide improved conceptualizations of states and how they operate. Each of the book's major parts presents a related set of analytical issues about modern states, which are explored in the context of a wide range of times and places, both contemporary and historical, and in developing and advanced-industrial nations. The first part examines state strategies in newly developing countries. The second part analyzes war making and state making in early modern Europe, and discusses states in relation to the post-World War II international economy. The third part pursues new insights into how states influence political cleavages and collective action. In the final chapter, the editors bring together the questions raised by the contributors and suggest tentative conclusions that emerge from an overview of all the articles. As a programmatic work that proposes new directions for the analysis of modern states, the volume will appeal to a wide range of teachers and students of political science, political economy, sociology, history, and anthropology
The Politics of social policy in the United States( Book )

9 editions published in 1988 in English and held by 751 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Inequality and American democracy : what we know and what we need to learn by Project Muse( Book )

10 editions published between 2005 and 2007 in English and Undetermined and held by 719 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Contemporary American politics are riven by elite polarization and rising inequality. The 'state of the art' volume on inequality and American democracy succeeds admirably in linking rigorous scholarship to transcendently important questions about political participation and governmental responsiveness. By synthesizing and evaluating previous studies and outlining an agenda for future research, its superb contributors demonstrate brilliantly how political science, and social science more generally, can once again grapple with fundamental issues of democratic performance." Thomas E. Mann, W. Averell Harriman Chair and senior fellow, The Brookings Institution
Social revolutions in the modern world by Theda Skocpol( Book )

31 editions published between 1994 and 2005 in English and Japanese and held by 717 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Skocpol shows how she and other scholars have used ideas about states and societies to identify the particular types of regimes that are susceptible to the growth of revolutionary movements and vulnerable to actual transfers of state power to revolutionary challengers
Boomerang : Clinton's health security effort and the turn against government in U.S. politics by Theda Skocpol( Book )

7 editions published in 1996 in English and held by 686 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this incisive account, a prize-winning Harvard social scientist draws on contemporary documents, media coverage, and confidential White House strategy memos to offer deep insights into the changing terrain of U.S. politics and public policy. President Clinton and his closest advisers thought they had found an ideal "middle way" between excessive government regulation end the play of free market forces in their plan to extend health care coverage to all Americans, not foreseeing that they were creating an ideal target for their political enemies. By 1994 the conservatives needed a cause to attract middle-class voters and unite widespread groups in opposition to the federal government and an already weakened Democratic party. The Health Security bill, as Theda Skocpol discloses, inadvertently became a perfect foil for antigovernment mobilization. Its enemies found it easy to distort while its supporters failed to marshal their forces at a critical time
Diminished democracy : from membership to management in American civic life by Theda Skocpol( Book )

13 editions published between 2003 and 2013 in English and held by 660 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Pundits and social observers have voiced alarm each year as fewer Americans involve themselves in voluntary groups that meet regularly. Thousands of nonprofit groups have been launched in recent times, but most are run by professionals who lobby Congress or deliver social services to clients. What will happen to U.S. democracy if participatory groups and social movements wither, while civic involvement becomes one more occupation rather than every citizen's right and duty? In Diminished Democracy, Theda Skocpol shows that this decline in public involvement has not always been the case in this country--and how, by understanding the causes of this change, we might reverse it
What a mighty power we can be : African American fraternal groups and the struggle for racial equality by Theda Skocpol( Book )

6 editions published between 2006 and 2008 in English and held by 556 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"From the nineteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, millions of American men and women participated in fraternal associations--self-selecting brotherhoods and sisterhoods that provided aid to members, enacted group rituals, and engaged in community service. Even more than whites did, African Americans embraced this type of association; indeed, fraternal lodges rivaled churches as centers of black community life in cities, towns, and rural areas alike. Using an unprecedented variety of secondary and primary sources--including old documents, pictures, and ribbon-badges found in eBay auctions--this book tells the story of the most visible African American fraternal associations. The authors demonstrate how African American fraternal groups played key roles in the struggle for civil rights and racial integration. Between the 1890s and the 1930s, white legislatures passed laws to outlaw the use of important fraternal names and symbols by blacks. But blacks successfully fought back. Employing lawyers who in some cases went on to work for the NAACP, black fraternalists took their cases all the way to the Supreme Court, which eventually ruled in their favor. At the height of the modern Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, they marched on Washington and supported the lawsuits through lobbying and demonstrations that finally led to legal equality. This unique book reveals a little-known chapter in the story of civic democracy and racial equality in America."--Google Books
The new majority : toward a popular progressive politics by Stanley B Greenberg( Book )

9 editions published between 1997 and 1999 in English and Undetermined and held by 498 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In an era of widespread and unsettling change in families, businesses, and communities, most Americans yearn for a government that will take their side. The contributors to this bold and visionary book argue that America is ready for a progressive politics with substance and bite. They contend that by embarking on a popular progressive course, the Democratic Party can become the moral voice and practical partner of American families striving for a better life. This provocative book is a dialogue among Stanley B. Greenberg, Theda Skocpol, and other well-known thinkers. They reject conservative answers to America's most pressing problems - fraying social ties, hard-pressed families, sluggish economic growth, and widening gaps between the circumstances of the most privileged and those of everyone else. They urge a renewal of the nation's social contract, explain how to revitalize American democracy
Obama and America's political future by Theda Skocpol( Book )

12 editions published in 2012 in English and German and held by 475 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Obama administration's response to the recession produced bold initiatives that promise security and opportunity. But these reforms are complex and will take years to implement. Skocpol dissects the popular and elite components of the Tea Party reaction that has boosted the Republican Party while pushing it far to the right at a critical juncture for U.S. politics and governance. Her analysis is accompanied by commentaries from two fellow scholars and a former congressman
States, social knowledge, and the origins of modern social policies by Dietrich Rueschemeyer( Book )

9 editions published between 1996 and 2017 in English and held by 475 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The essays are introduced by the editors and divided into three sections: Part I on the emergence of modern social knowledge by Ira Katznelson, Anson Rabinbach, and Bjorn Wittrock and Peter Wagner; Part II on reformist social scientists and public policymaking by Dietrich Rueschemeyer and Ronan Van Rossem, Libby Schweber, and John R. Sutton; and Part III on state managers and the uses of social knowledge by Stein Kuhnle and Sheldon Garon. A conclusion by Rueschemeyer and Skocpol follows
The transformation of American politics : activist government and the rise of conservatism by Paul Pierson( Book )

13 editions published between 2007 and 2011 in English and held by 473 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The contemporary American political landscape has been marked by two paradoxical transformations: the emergence after 1960 of an increasingly activist state, and the rise of an assertive and politically powerful conservatism that strongly opposes activist government. Leading young scholars take up these issues in "The Transformation of American Politics". Arguing that even conservative administrations have become more deeply involved in managing our economy and social choices, they examine why our political system nevertheless has grown divided as never before over the extent to which government should involve itself in our lives. The contributors show how these two closely linked trends have influenced the reform and running of political institutions, patterns of civic engagement, and capacities for partisan mobilization - and fueled ever-heightening conflicts over the contours and reach of public policy. These transformations not only redefined who participates in American politics and how they do so, but altered the substance of political conflicts and the capacities of rival interests to succeed. Representing both an important analysis of American politics and an innovative contribution to the study of long-term political change, this pioneering volume reveals how partisan discourse and the relationship between citizens and their government have been redrawn and complicated by increased government programs. The contributors are Andrea Louise Campbell, Jacob S. Hacker, Nolan McCarty, Suzanne Mettler, Paul Pierson, Theda Skocpol, Mark A. Smith, Steven M. Teles, and Julian E. Zelizer
Reaching for a new deal : ambitious governance, economic meltdown, and polarized politics in Obama's first two years by Theda Skocpol( Book )

11 editions published between 2001 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 445 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Reaching for a New Deal analyzes both the ambitious domestic policy of Obama's first two years and the consequent political backlash--up to and including the 2010 midterm elections. --from publisher description
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States and social revolutions : a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China
Alternative Names
Skocpol, T.

Skocpol, T. 1947-

Skocpol, T. (Theda)

Skocpol, Theda

Skocpol, Theda R. 1947-

Theda Skocpol Amerikaans historica

Theda Skocpol socióloga estadounidense

Theda Skocpol sociologue américaine

Theda Skocpol US-amerikanische Soziologin und Politologin

Скокпол Теда

Теда Скочпол американский социолог и политолог

스카치폴, 테다

스코치폴, 테다

테다 스카치폴


スコチポル, T

スコッチポル, シ-ダ

スコッチポル, シーダ

西達·斯科克波 美國社會學家

Protecting soldiers and mothers : the political origins of social policy in the United StatesHealth care reform and American politics : what everyone needs to knowThe missing middle : working families and the future of American social policyCivic engagement in American democracySocial policy in the United States : future possibilities in historical perspectiveVision and method in historical sociologyBringing the state back inThe Politics of social policy in the United States