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Fri Mar 21 17:03:11 2014 UTClccn-n780779300.50Algebra0.750.96Chislovye sistemy /108831497n 78077930213289Kostrikin, A.Kostrikin, A. I.Kostrikin, Alekseĭ IvanovichKostrikin, Aleksej I.Kostrikin, Aleksej IvanovičKostrikin, Aleksiej I.Kostrikin, Alexei I.Kostrykin, A. I.lccn-n50002515Шафаревич, И. Р(Игорь Ростиславович)1923-hnrdteedtlccn-n81014424Manin, I︠U︡. I.lccn-n92027398Бокуть, Л. А(Леонид Аркадьевич)1937-edtlccn-n83826105Мальцев, А. И(Анатолий Иванович)1909-1967dtelccn-n82233562Кутателадзе, С. С(Семен Самсонович)lccn-n94047289Pham, Huu Tiep1963-viaf-239133473Paršin, Aleksej N.edtviaf-306327915Gamkrelidze, Revaz V.lccn-no97040768Артамонов, В. А(Вячеслав Александрович)lccn-n81040616Ershov, Yuri L.edtКострикин, А. И(Алексей Иванович)Conference proceedingsAlgebraAlgebras, LinearGeometryAlgebra, HomologicalBurnside problemAlgebraic varietiesNoncommutative ringsLinear algebraic groupsInfinite groupsAssociative algebrasRepresentations of algebrasNonassociative algebrasCombinatorial analysisFinite groupsDivision algebrasRepresentations of groupsLie groupsLattice theoryLie algebrasOrthogonal decompositionsGeometry, AlgebraicCombinatorial group theoryGroup theoryMathematicsNumbers, ComplexTopological groupsK-theoryNumber theory192919631964196619721976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199820002001200420052007200820092010201120124587115356512QA154.2ocn043368374ocn043368387ocn043368398ocn489932136ocn489932016ocn489936920ocn468815761ocn489815486ocn489937190ocn489932389ocn837960814ocn31471453050717ocn018558477book19880.66Shafarevich, I. RAlgebra I : basic notions of algebra44521ocn018681434book19880.63Kostrikin, A. ILinear algebra and geometry+-+983197633737721ocn043368374book11990.76Kostrikin, A. IAlgebra II : noncommutative rings, identitiesVolume 236714ocn020800445book19900.84Kostrikin, A. IAround BurnsideThis is a truly encyclopaedic survey of the various aspects of the "restricted Burnside problem" and its surprising applications. Among many other things, it contains a detailed positive solution of the restricted Burnside problem for prime exponent, via Engel Lie algebras and so-called sandwiches. A new appendix to this translation contains a proof by E.I. Zel'manov of the existence of a recursive upper bound for the nilpotency class of a d-generator finite group of prime exponent p. Informative and illustrative comments grace the end of each chapter, and there is an extensive bibliography32113ocn008387715book19820.63Kostrikin, A. IIntroduction to algebra30715ocn024247045book19910.79Gabriel, PeterAlgebra VIII : representations of finite-dimensional algebras+-+378280590832427812ocn043368398book19940.79Kuz'min, E. NAlgebra VI : combinatorial and asymptotic methods of algebra : non-associative structures+-+044190590825910ocn043368387book19940.76Algebra V : homological algebra+-+882880590832425011ocn034013559book19960.79Kostrikin, A. IAlgebra IX : finite groups of Lie type, finite-dimensional division algebrasThe finite groups of Lie type are of central mathematical importance and the problem of understanding their irreducible representations is of great interest. The representation theory of these groups over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero was developed by P. Deligne and G. Lusztig in 1976 and subsequently in a series of papers by Lusztig culminating in his book in 1984. The purpose of the first part of this book is to give an overview of the subject, without including detailed proofs. The second part is a survey of the structure of finite-dimensional division algebras with many outline proofs, giving the basic theory and methods of construction and then goes on to a deeper analysis of division algebras over valuated fields. An account of the multiplicative structure and reduced K-theory presents recent work on the subject, including that of the authors. Thus it forms a convenient and very readable introduction to a field which in the last two decades has seen much progress+-+021635791832421810ocn025631927book19920.90International Conference on AlgebraProceedings of the International Conference on Algebra dedicated to the memory of A.I. MalcevConference proceedings1872ocn031866865book19950.92International Conference on AlgebraSecond International Conference on Algebra : dedicated to the memory of A.I. Shirshov : proceedings of the second International Conference on Algebra, August 20-25, 1991, Barnaul, RussuaConference proceedings+-+K0475367351769ocn030593853book19940.88Kostrikin, A. IOrthogonal decompositions and integral lattices1761ocn026672390book19930.86Algebra IV : infinite groups, linear groups : with 9 figures+-+47288059081427ocn035158866book19960.73Kostrikin, A. IExercises in algebra : a collection of exercises in algebra, linear algebra, and geometry+-+75854993379513ocn489932136book19930.50Kostrikin, A. IAlgebraGroup theory is one of the most fundamental branches of mathematics. This volume of the Encyclopaedia is devoted to two important subjects within group theory. The first part of the book is concerned with infinite groups. The authors deal with combinatorial group theory, free constructions through group actions on trees, algorithmic problems, periodic groups and the Burnside problem, and the structure theory for Abelian, soluble and nilpotent groups. They have included the very latest developments; however, the material is accessible to readers familiar with the basic concepts of algebra. The second part treats the theory of linear groups. It is a genuinely encyclopaedic survey written for non-specialists. The topics covered includethe classical groups, algebraic groups, topological methods, conjugacy theorems, and finite linear groups. This book will be very useful to allmathematicians, physicists and other scientists including graduate students who use group theory in their work+-+47288059085810ocn300066746book19810.56Kostrikin, A. IIntroduction a l'algebre535ocn033060331book19900.53Algebra252ocn018184622book19860.94Kostrikin, A. IVokrug Bernsaĭda202ocn015113799book19850.96Molin, F. ĖChislovye sistemy182ocn246265930book19980.73Collins, D. JCombinatorial group theory and applications to geometry+-+9952815908+-+9831976337+-+9831976337Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch17273