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Fri Mar 21 17:13:40 2014 UTClccn-n780812390.47Four modern philosophers: Carnap, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Sartre0.620.84Carnap and twentieth-century thought : explication as Enlightenment /73895990Rudolf_Carnapn 78081239216537CarnapCarnap, Paul Rudolf 1891-1970Carnap, R.Carnap, RudolfCarnap, Rudolph.Carnap, Rudolph, 1891-1970Carnap-Stegmueller, ... 1891-1970Karnap, RudolʹfRudolf Carnapرودلف كارناب، 1891-1970 م.カルナップ, ルドフカルナップ, ルドルフlccn-n79026812Heidegger, Martin1889-1976lccn-n90649812Creath, Richardothedtlccn-n80061808Quine, W. V.(Willard Van Orman)lccn-n79032058Wittgenstein, Ludwig1889-1951lccn-n82122709Friedman, Michael1947-lccn-n50026554Næss, Arnelccn-n79106134Sartre, Jean-Paul1905-1980lccn-n79099021Schilpp, Paul Arthur1897-1993edtlccn-n87887281Meyer, William H.trlnp-wilkinson, johnWilkinson, JohntrlCarnap, Rudolf1891-1970Records and correspondenceLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalCarnap, Rudolf,Logical positivismSemantics (Philosophy)Analysis (Philosophy)ProbabilitiesLogicScience--PhilosophyKnowledge, Theory ofPhysics--PhilosophyJustification (Theory of knowledge)Quine, W. V.--(Willard Van Orman)Language and languagesConstitution (Philosophy)Language and languages--PhilosophySciencePhilosophy, EuropeanSemanticsSemioticsGrammar, Comparative and general--SyntaxHusserl, Edmund,Mathematics--PhilosophyInduction (Mathematics)PhilosophyHeidegger, Martin,Cassirer, Ernst,Vienna circleEntropyFrege, Gottlob,Bolzano, Bernard,Kant, Immanuel,OntologyWittgenstein, Ludwig,Philosophy, ModernInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Tarski, AlfredLinguistic analysis (Linguistics)Grammar, Comparative and generalReichenbach, Hans,RealityInduction (Logic)Sartre, Jean-Paul,Modality (Logic)Science--LanguageGoodman, NelsonPragmatismScience (Title)Arithmetic--FoundationsNumber theoryPopper, Karl R.--(Karl Raimund),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.59Carnap, RudolfMeaning and necessity : a study in semantics and modal logic+-+1298451775154785ocn002660159book19000.59Carnap, RudolfThe logical syntax of language+-+5970417635128761ocn000372957book19500.63Carnap, RudolfLogical foundations of probability12118ocn047010338com19900.53Quine, W. VDear Carnap, dear Van the Quine-Carnap correspondence and related workRecords and correspondence+-+0293155705116525ocn000386434book19580.53Carnap, RudolfIntroduction to symbolic logic and its applicationsA clear, comprehensive, and rigorous treatment develops the subject from elementary concepts to the construction and analysis of relatively complex logical languages. It then considers the application of symbolic logic to the clarification and axiomatization of theories in mathematics, physics, and biology. Hundreds of problems, examples, and exercises. 1958 edition+-+9809511395324107721ocn000530616book19660.53Carnap, RudolfPhilosophical foundations of physics; an introduction to the philosophy of science103231ocn000282694book19670.56Carnap, RudolfThe logical structure of the world ; Pseudoproblems in philosophy+-+787041763588857ocn001806753book19420.59Carnap, RudolfIntroduction to semantics, and Formalization of logic73563ocn000526269book19390.63Carnap, RudolfFoundations of logic and mathematics62014ocn000220088book19710.63Carnap, RudolfStudies in inductive logic and probabilityA basic system of inductive logic; An axiomatic foundation for the logic of inductive generalization; A survey of inductive systems; On the condition of partial exchangeability; Representation theorems of the de finetti type; De finetti's generalizations of excahngeability; The structure of probabilities defined on first-order languages; A subjectivit's guide to objective chance50935ocn001317558book19540.76Carnap, RudolfEinführung in die symbolische Logik mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Anwendungen50647ocn004838122book19280.79Carnap, RudolfDer logische Aufbau der Welt : Scheinprobleme in der Philosophie46528ocn000950924book19420.66Carnap, RudolfIntroduction to semantics4278ocn003752582book19760.73Carnap, RudolfTwo essays on entropy41628ocn004505742book19350.70Carnap, RudolfPhilosophy and logical syntax38422ocn000186129book19380.56Neurath, OttoFoundations of the unity of science : toward an international encyclopedia of unified science+-+333020177535222ocn003055939book19520.79Carnap, RudolfThe continuum of inductive methods33724ocn031291792book19660.53Carnap, RudolfAn introduction to the philosophy of scienceStimulating, thought-provoking text by one of the 20th century's most creative philosophers makes accessible such topics as probability, measurement and quantitative language, causality and determinism, theoretical laws and concepts, more+-+136837139530720ocn000373375book19340.79Carnap, RudolfLogische Syntax der Sprache30326ocn001498324book19340.73Carnap, RudolfThe unity of scienceAs a leading member of the Vienna Circle, Rudolph Carnap's aim was to bring about a ""unified science"" by applying a method of logical analysis to the empirical data of all the sciences. This work, first published in English in 1934, endeavors to work out a way in which the observation statements required for verification are not private to the observer. The work shows the strong influence of Wittgenstein, Russell, and Frege+-+864815003612054ocn000252616book19680.47Næss, ArneFour modern philosophers: Carnap, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, SartreEach philosopher is preceded by an account of his life, academic career, and known extra-scholarly influences10822ocn000372025book19630.53Schilpp, Paul ArthurThe philosophy of Rudolf Carnap8862ocn732958577file20000.53Friedman, MichaelA parting of the ways Carnap, Cassirer, and Heidegger"In this study of the common origins of analytic and continental philosophy, Friedman looks at how social and political events intertwined and influenced philosophy during the early twentieth century, ultimately giving rise to the two very different schools of thought." "He shows how these two approaches, now practiced largely in isolation from one another, were once opposing tendencies within a common discussion. Already polarized by their philosophical disagreements, these approaches were further split apart by the rise of Naziism and the resulting emigration of all influential German-speaking philosophers except for Heidegger. Although the book gives a general overview of the philosophical issues of the period, the author pays special attention to the relationships among three key twentieth-century philosophers: Rudolf Carnap, Ernst Cassirer, and Martin Heidegger."--BOOK JACKET+-+99794176357762ocn774289118com19850.47Kalinowski, GeorgesSémiotique et philosophie à partir et à l'encontre de Husserl et de Carnap5203ocn000372035book19620.63Huppé, Bernard FelixLogic and language4063ocn000162665book19700.73Butrick, RichardCarnap on meaning and analyticity3951ocn020535142book19890.73Proust, JoëlleQuestions of form : logic and the analytic proposition from Kant to CarnapHistory3948ocn123798027book20070.73The Cambridge companion to CarnapRudolf Carnap is increasingly regarded as one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century and a leading figure in logical empiricism. In this volume, a team of contributors explore the major themes of Carnap's philosophy and discuss his relationship with the Vienna circle+-+50949067053543ocn000226287book19710.76Michalos, Alex CThe Popper-Carnap controversy+-+82760297543243416ocn000007615book19670.76Hausman, AlanCarnap and Goodman; two formalists3065ocn001363979book19750.76Carnap, RudolfRudolf Carnap, logical empiricist : materials and perspectives3042ocn779340973file20120.66Rudolf Carnap and the legacy of logical empiricismThis Institute's Yearbook for the most part, documents its recent activities and provides a forum for the discussion of exact philosophy, logical and empirical investigations, and analysis of language. This volume holds a collection of papers on various aspects of the work of Rudolf Carnap by an international group of distinguished scholars.ai2639ocn005208601book19570.81Stegmüller, WolfgangDas Wahrheirsproblem und die Idee der Semantik2527ocn154706387book20070.84Carus, A. WCarnap and twentieth-century thought : explication as Enlightenment"Rudolf Carnap (1891-1970) is widely regarded as one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century. Born in Germany and later a US citizen, he was a founder of the philosophical movement known as Logical Empiricism. He was strongly influenced by a number of different philosophical traditions (including the legacies of both Kant and Husserl), and also by the German Youth Movement, the First World War (in which he was wounded and decorated) and radical socialism. This book places his central ideas in a broad cultural, political and intellectual context, showing how he synthesised many different currents of thought to achieve a philosophical perspective that remains strikingly relevant today. Its rich account of a philosopher's response to his times will appeal to all who are interested in the development of philosophy in the twentieth century."--BOOK JACKET+-+72771367052386ocn016771177book19700.84Krauth, LotharDie Philosophie Carnaps2302ocn003721420book19770.84Norton, Bryan GLinguistic frameworks and ontology : a re-examination of Carnap's metaphilosophy2182ocn034029767book19960.76Decline and obsolescence of logical empiricism : Carnap vs. Quine and the critics+-+01177806353242183ocn000342443book19710.84Bouveresse, JacquesLa parole malheureuse : de l'alchimie linguistique à la grammaire philosophique2174ocn029548091book19930.84Salmon, Wesley CLogic, language, and the structure of scientific theories : proceedings of the Carnap-Reichenbach centennial, University of Konstanz, 21-24 May 1991HistoryConference proceedings+-+65928477353241784ocn049930421book20020.81Mayhall, C. WayneOn Carnap+-+9629519805+-+0293155705+-+0293155705Fri Mar 21 15:43:37 EDT 2014batch48062