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Includes a timeline linking the events in his life with world events+-+3477766805128920ocn000515830book19720.39Picasso, PabloPicasso on art: a selection of views+-+0588531585123114ocn050758958book20020.28Cowling, ElizabethMatisse PicassoCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsAnnotation. Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso have long been seen as the twin giants of modern art, as polar opposites but also as complementary figures. Between them they are the originators of many of the most significant innovations of 20th-century painting and sculpture, but their relationship has rarely been explored in all of its closeness and complexity. In spite of their initial rivalry, the two masters eventually acknowledged one another as equals, becoming, in their old age, increasingly important to one another both artistically and personally. From the time of their initial encounters in 1906 in Gertrude and Leo Stein's Paris studio until 1917, they individually produced some of the greatest art of the 20th century and maintained an openly competitive relationship brimming with intense innovation. Matisse Picasso presents the artists' oeuvres in groupings that reveal the affinities but also the extreme contrasts of their artistic visions. Published to accompany the landmark exhibition (a joint effort of The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Tate Modern, London; the Reunion des musees nationaux/Musee Picasso, and the Musee national d'art moderne/Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris), Matisse Picasso is the first major examination of the fascinating relationships between their art, their careers, and their lives. Thirty-four essays, each by a member of the exhibition's curatorial team, focus on a particular moment in the artists' evolving relationship. These texts are accompanied by an introductory history, commentary on the public perception of important artistic relationships, and an extensive chronology+-+7128289036324105912ocn020406707book19890.37Rubin, WilliamPicasso and Braque : pioneering cubismExhibition catalogsPicasso and Braque, the movement's two principal pioneers, together sought to redefine the nature of visual thinking. The dialogue between them endured through either meetings or letters from 1907 to 191410493ocn049936075book20020.24Martin, RussellPicasso's war : the destruction of Guernica and the masterpiece that changed the worldHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcArtPresents the story of the town in northern Spain that was attacked by Hitler's Luftwaffe in 1937, an event that inspired Picasso's celebrated and controversial masterpiece, "Guernica."+-+753194070510289ocn000309802book19710.32Gallwitz, KlausPicasso at 90; the late work92414ocn034678148book19960.32Picasso, PabloPicasso and portraiture : representation and transformationCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"Portraiture has managed to flourish in modern painting in spite of the popularization of photography, the decline of traditional patronage, and modernism's increasing emphasis on abstraction. However problematic modern styles have been for representational art, painters have continued to discover new possibilities in the imaging of the human face. This book explores the challenge of the modernist portrait through the multiple solutions proposed by its foremost protagonist and, in so doing, becomes the first volume ever published on the subject of Picasso and portraiture. The hundreds of works reproduced here - most of them unfamiliar, some virtually unknown - demonstrate the remarkable range of Picasso's experimentation in all its stylistic and psychological diversity." "The book opens with an authoritative, broad-ranging essay by William Rubin; the nine essays that follow - all by major contemporary scholars and critics - examine different periods and aspects of Picasso's career and clarify personal relationships between the artist and his subjects. It closes with an essay by Mr. Rubin on the late portraits. Numerous photographs, some never before published and many by outstanding photographers, present the portrait subjects as seen through the eye of the camera." "This book, published to accompany a major exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, opening in April 1996, no doubt will long remain the definitive work on its subject."--Jacket+-+89728755053249193ocn045307482book20000.27Léal, BrigitteThe ultimate PicassoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Brigitte Leal covers Picasso's formative years from 1881 through 1916, a period that includes his invention of Cubism with Georges Braque. Christine Piot explores the astonishingly fertile period from 1917 through 1952. Marie-Laure Bernadac discusses the unabashed vigor of Picasso's later years, from 1953 until his death in 1973. Nearly 1,235 magnificent reproductions, 798 in full color, illustrate Picasso's breathtaking range of artistic expression, including paintings, drawings, lithographs, ceramics, and sculpture." "Picasso himself once boasted that a book would have to be written on him every day to keep up with his bursts of creativity. Perhaps. But for art lovers and students seeking just one book, The Ultimate Picasso is unsurpassed."--BOOK JACKET+-+65948456359051ocn732967837book20120.06Winter, JonahJust behave, Pablo Picasso!Juvenile works"Pablo Picasso may have been a world-famous artist, but that doesn't mean no one ever called his artwork "ugly." Any kid who's been told what to draw, or heard mean things about something they made, will relate to this story about how Pablo faced down his critics and made something truly original."--Jacket flap+-+16478609058853ocn050478434book20030.39Karmel, PepePicasso and the invention of CubismSources"This book transforms our understanding of Cubism, showing in unprecedented detail how it emerged in Picasso's work of the year 1906-13, and tracing its roots in nineteenth-century philosophy and linguistics." "Linking well-known paintings and sculptures to the hitherto-ignored drawings that accompanied them, Pepe Karmel demonstrates how Picasso's quest to depict the human body with greater solidity led, paradoxically, to its fragmentation; and how Picasso used the archaic model of stage space to free himself from conventional perspective, replacing the open window of Renaissance painting with a new projective space. Rejecting the usual distinction between "analytic" and "synthetic" Cubism, Karmel shows how Picasso's changing artistic goals were realized in the crystalline Cubism of 1907-09, the gridded Cubism of 1910-11, and the planar Cubism of 1912-13." "In other chapters, Karmel discusses the empiricist philosophy championed by Hippolyte Taine, which encouraged the breakdown of painting into its abstract elements, and laid the groundwork for an art of mental association rather than naturalistic figuration. Similarly, contemporary philology provided the model for a visual language employing both metaphoric and metonymic (but not arbitrary) signs." "Combining intellectual history with close visual reading, Picasso and the Invention of Cubism opens new perspectives on the most influential movement in twentieth-century art."--BOOK JACKET+-+618945558585411ocn777664720com20030.28Picasso, PabloPablo Picasso, 1881-1914Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+01008659368199ocn000620758book19720.32Leymarie, JeanPicasso : the artist of the century8198ocn010046621book19830.33Schiff, GertPicasso, the last years, 1963-1973Biography6886ocn055885303book20040.27Van Hensbergen, GijsGuernica : the biography of a twentieth-century iconHistoryArtA study of Pablo Picasso's seminal painting Guernica describes how a work of art was transformed into an important cultural and political icon, tracing the painting's history from its origins amid the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War, its use as a propaganda weapon against fascism, its odyssey to MOMA in New York, and its return to Spain after Franco's death+-+497698730668014ocn031485321book19880.56Rubin, WilliamLes Demoiselles d'AvignonCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+27165252353246686ocn013423152book19860.33Bernadac, Marie-LaureThe Picasso Museum, ParisCatalogs6508ocn007464281book19810.47Tinterow, GaryMaster drawings by PicassoExhibition catalogs13287358ocn000377116book19060.25Picasso, PabloPicassoHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsMusical settingsIllustrationsPictorial worksExhibition catalogsReproduces in color more than sixty of Picasso's masterpieces as well as lesser-known works, demonstrating the diversity and scope of his extraordinary artistic output+-+2996575505383480ocn000448233book19240.19Jaffé, Hans Ludwig CPablo PicassoCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsA simplified discussion of the art of Pablo Picasso with examples showing the various techniques used in his works+-+9796345635320325ocn021561667book19910.25Richardson, JohnA life of PicassoBiographyA three-volume study of the life and work of Pablo Picasso captures the artist from his early life in Málaga and Barcelona, through his revolutionary Cubist period, to the height of his talent in prewar Europe+-+1011172585283028ocn001231946book19640.27Gilot, FrançoiseLife with PicassoBiographyExtensive portrait of the artist written by a woman who lived with him for 11 years and was the mother of two of his children+-+613617038527886ocn000518642book19670.22Wertenbaker, Lael TuckerThe world of Picasso (1881- )Explores the life of Pablo Picasso, the significant influences of his work, and the lasting contributions he has made in many art forms22358ocn017805316book19880.23Huffington, Arianna StassinopoulosPicasso : creator and destroyerBiographyA biography of the twentieth-century painter discussing his many relationships with women, his children, his philosophies and his work+-+929472538522214ocn006627890book19800.27Picasso, PabloPablo Picasso, a retrospectiveExhibition catalogsContains over one thousand captioned photographs of works by the artist216639ocn000875914book19390.39Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)Picasso, fifty years of his artCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogs181018ocn008127387book19580.37Penrose, RolandPicasso, his life and workBiography+-+225795570515297ocn032013530book19950.23Mailer, NormanPortrait of Picasso as a young man : an interpretive biographyBiographyAn interpretive biography of Picasso's life and work as a young man, discussing the influence of his first great love, Fernande Olivier+-+735186623515293ocn000900480book19670.32Penrose, RolandThe sculpture of PicassoAn exhibition of Picasso's sculptures149214ocn001959587book19760.27O'Brian, PatrickPicasso : Pablo Ruiz Picasso : a biographyBiographyPresents a biography of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, discussing his childhood in Malaga and La Coruna, and his adolescence in Barcelona, and looking at how his early background and experiences contributed to his adult life and development as an artist+-+9256688485147619ocn000517748book19650.39Berger, JohnThe success and failure of PicassoCriticism, interpretation, etcA critical re-assessment of the artist covering every period of his life and work+-+6072824215142710ocn001075367book19610.29Picasso, PabloPicasso's PicassosCatalogsBiography Pictorial worksPictorial worksIt presents more than 500 of the paintings, collages, sketches, and sculptures in Picasso's massive private collection, dispersed throughout three discrete locations13088ocn022911392book19910.27Daix, PierrePicasso : life and artBiographyWritten by an art critic who knew him well for over twenty-five years, this is the most up-to-date and comprehensive one-volume study of Picasso's life and art available. Published in France in 1987, it has been continuously updated and revised by the author since then. Daix's intimate knowledge of Picasso as a man and as an artist has enabled him to consider Picasso's achievements in relation to the events and personalities in his life. Picasso is arguably the greatest artist of the twentieth century, certainly the most prolific, and this examination of the man and his work is more thorough than any other single volume, covering his whole life and providing a detailed, balanced assessment of his important works. Daix has written two fundamental catalogues of Picasso's art and he recently worked with William Rubin on the Museum of Modern Art's exhibition on Picasso, Braque and Cubism. For anyone interested in modern art and the life and art of one of its greatest practitioners, this book is essential reading+-+4124589155324123013ocn140673236visu20060.25Schama, SimonSimon Schama's Power of artHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyTelevision programsHost Simon Schama discusses eight works of art, the lives of their creators, and the impact they have made on the world+-+8036034696120412ocn051046887book20030.28Flam, Jack DMatisse and Picasso : the story of their rivalry and friendshipBiographyChronicles the competition and mutual respect shared by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, with details of their divergent but equally passionate and influential lives+-+K19548863511871ocn075966904book20060.25Schama, SimonThe power of artHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"The Power of Art propels us on an eye-opening, breathtaking odyssey, zooming in on eight extraordinary masterpieces, from Caravaggio's David and Goliath to Picasso's Guernica. Jolting us far from the comfort zone of the hushed art gallery, Schama closes in on intense make-or-break turning points in the lives of eight great artists who, under extreme stress, created something unprecedented, altering the course of art forever."--BOOK JACKET+-+9561266155324116610ocn001267728book19560.50Penrose, RolandPortrait of PicassoBiography11645ocn013947407book19860.31Picasso, PabloJe suis le cahier : the sketchbooks of PicassoNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcExhibition catalogsCatalog of an exhibition held at the Pace Gallery, New York, May 2-Aug. 1, 1986. Bibliography: p. 347+-+0627791605+-+0627791605Fri Mar 21 15:09:18 EDT 2014batch342965