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Fri Mar 21 17:08:36 2014 UTClccn-n780939710.25Mondriaan : destructie als kunst /0.490.90Conceptual art in the Netherlands and Belgium 1965-1975 : artists, collectors, galleries, documents, exhibitions, events ; [on the occasion of the exhibition "Conceptual art 1965-1975 from Dutch and Belgian collections" in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 20 April-23 June 2002] /268802673n 78093971229066Blotkamp, C. (Carel)Blotkamp, Carel Hendrik 1945-Carel Blotkamplccn-n79004217Haags Gemeentemuseumothlccn-n50011747Tuchman, Mauriceothedtlccn-n86145922Freeman, Judiothlccn-n78097041Los Angeles County Museum of Artothlccn-n80061224Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, Ill.)othlccn-n79135254Mondrian, Piet1872-1944illartdtelccn-n84158517Bionda, Richardedtlccn-nr91022722Bergsma, Rietalccn-n90617061Burrell Collectionlccn-n79079575Öffentliche Kunstsammlung BaselBlotkamp, CarelExhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsNetherlandsPainting, ModernPainting, AbstractArt, DutchMondrian, Piet,NeoplasticismPhilosophyDe Stijl (Art movement)ArtistsPainting, DutchGogh, Vincent van,Landscape painting, DutchStruycken, P.,Conceptual artBelgiumArt, ModernArts, DutchSymbolism (Art movement)Golden, Daan van,Realism in artArtRealismComputer drawingEuropeArt, EuropeanVisser, Carel,Magic realism (Art)PaintingNetherlands--ArnhemDoesburg, Theo van,Landscapes in artArt museumsKoch, Pyke,Blotkamp, CarelKandinsky, Wassily,Spirituality in artComputer artÖffentliche Kunstsammlung BaselLandscape painting, FrenchSymbolism in art194519691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199920002001200220042005200620072008200920102011201220135841194400759.0652074ND192.A25ocn797815053ocn615435083ocn463595183ocn082858150ocn467562581ocn185591233ocn185660895ocn801579251ocn798523483ocn801577680ocn586327245ocn076195190ocn723667786ocn438403995ocn440655851ocn469263526ocn756492488ocn449856266ocn31576386313917ocn013793368book19860.33Tuchman, MauriceThe Spiritual in art : abstract painting 1890-1985Exhibition catalogsTraces the use of geometric signs by the Nabis and other French artists and relates this to the development of abstraction. The author describes some of the sources of ideas about the symbolism of geometric signs, in particular the writings of Helena P. Blavatsky, and traces the impact of these on the Nabis, possibly through the stimulus of Gauguin whose paintings from his Brittany period encouraged a mystical conception of art in which sacred geometry figured as one component. He goes on to discuss in detail the paintings of Paul Serusier, Paul Ranson, Maurice Denis, Charles Filiger, Jean Delville, Frantisek Kupka and Mondrian+-+710557432574215ocn030475818book19940.39Blotkamp, CarelMondrian : the art of destructionCriticism, interpretation, etcThis volume analyzes the interrelation between Dutch artist Piet Mondrian's (1872-1944) paintings and his theories on art and life as expressed in public writings and (largely unpublished) letters. Mondrian was an important contributor to the De Stijl art movement and group, which was founded by Theo van Doesburg. He evolved a non-representational form which he termed Neo-Plasticism. This consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. The author concentrates on his paintings, the artist's major achievement, examining the influences that shaped his art: Fauvism and Cubism, the work of Bart van der Leck, De Stijl and the Parisian art world during the 1920s. The author concludes that Mondrian appears not as an isolated figure, but as an artist who took a keen interest in the world around him, a veritable avant-garde painter who saw his role as a creator of a new, modern culture+-+619184563559215ocn013396885book19820.63Blotkamp, CarelDe Stijl, the formative years, 1917-1922Biography2735ocn023740079book19900.70Glasgow Museum & Art GalleriesThe Age of Van Gogh : Dutch painting, 1880-1895Exhibition catalogsOverzicht van de Nederlandse schilderkunst in de periode 1880-1895, een periode waarin de schilders nieuwe stijlvormen en fleuriger coloriet gaan gebruiken om hun sensitiviteit en spiritualiteit tot uitdrukking te brengen+-+837658115432425711ocn421360828book20090.63Gogh, Vincent vanVincent van Gogh : between earth and heaven : the landscapesExhibition catalogsProvides a comprehensive survey of van Gogh's work as a landscape painter, identifying the stylistic transitions that were specific to this aspect of his work. Includes essays by Boehm, Carel Blotkamp, Walker Feilchenfeldt, and Bernhard Mendes Burgi+-+K8587202281585ocn050254608book20020.90Conceptual art in the Netherlands and Belgium 1965-1975 : artists, collectors, galleries, documents, exhibitions, events ; [on the occasion of the exhibition "Conceptual art 1965-1975 from Dutch and Belgian collections" in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 20 April-23 June 2002]+-+62977110541227ocn182564086book19740.79Struycken, PP. StruyckenExhibition catalogs+-+K1517110541187ocn004805357book19780.70Haags GemeentemuseumKunstenaren der idee : symbolistische tendenzen in Nederland, ca. 1880-1930 : Carel Blotkamp ... [et al.]Exhibition catalogs10210ocn045804234book20000.70Doesburg, Theo vanTheo van Doesburg, Maler-ArchitektExhibition catalogs9810ocn009441659book19820.53Blotkamp, CarelDe Beginjaren van De Stijl, 1917-1922Biography953ocn042461223book19990.66Golden, Daan vanDaan van Golden : the pencil of natureExhibition catalogs+-+12567110548817ocn003137741book19720.35Blotkamp, CarelPyke KochExhibition catalogs883ocn045384395book19990.31Magie en zakelijkheid : realistische schilderkunst in Nederland 1925-1945Exhibition catalogs856ocn782247311book19960.33Blotkamp, CarelDe vervolgjaren van De Stijl 1922-1932732ocn005799498book19780.59Kunst en kunstbedrijf : Nederland 1914-1940717ocn021044599book19880.59Blotkamp, CarelCarel VisserCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6859201547703ocn032236033book19940.25Blotkamp, CarelMondriaan : destructie als kunstCriticism, interpretation, etc707ocn007306447book19770.63Museum in ?motion? : the modern art museum at issue = Museum in ?beweging? : het museum voor moderne kunst ter diskussie654ocn018624453book19870.53Blotkamp, CarelMondriaan in detail : Mondriaan en de architectuur, de triptieken, de eerste ruitvormige schilderijen, Mondriaan en Rudolf SteinerCriticism, interpretation, etc621ocn026937422book19920.53Gemeentemuseum ArnhemMagisch realisten en tijdgenoten : in de verzameling van het Gemeentemuseum ArnhemCatalogs281ocn021543724book19820.35Blotkamp, CarelPyke KochExhibition catalogs21ocn200517953book20000.32Blotkamp, CarelFor the one & for the many : Carel BlotkampExhibition catalogs+-+7105574325+-+7105574325Fri Mar 21 15:15:52 EDT 2014batch19909