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Fri Mar 21 17:13:53 2014 UTClccn-n780940560.00A Contribution toward a Bibliography of Marcus Whitman. (Reprinted from the Washington Historical Quarterly, vol. 3. no. 1.)0.391.00History vs. the Whitman saved Oregon story: three essays towards a true history of the acquisition of the old Oregon Territory, etc67644827Marcus_Whitmann 78094056229150lccn-n81147664Whitman, Narcissa Prentiss1808-1847lccn-nr95034612Nixon, Oliver W.(Oliver Woodson)1825-1905lccn-n79148959Drury, Clifford Merrill1897-1984lccn-n50042141Bourne, Edward Gaylord1860-1908lccn-n50023007Allen, T. 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D., pioneer and martyrHistory22ocn771194479book19090.53Eells, MyronMarcus Whitman, pathfinder and patriot21ocn752744762book19041.00Marshall, William IHistory vs. the Whitman saved Oregon story: three essays towards a true history of the acquisition of the old Oregon Territory, etcHistory21ocn020253580book0.47Whitman, Narcissa PrentissA journey across the plains in 1836History21ocn017834522book1936Waite, F. CWhitman, the surgeon21ocn029555895book19110.92Gardner, Mary TracyConquerors of the Continent for Christ and His ChurchHistoryChurch history22ocn504670719book1909SMITH, Charles WesleyA Contribution toward a Bibliography of Marcus Whitman. (Reprinted from the Washington Historical Quarterly, vol. 3. no. 1.)11ocn029852282mix1.00Whitman, MarcusPapers of Marcus and Narcissa WhitmanHistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, journals, church records, clippings, photographs and other papers related to the Whitmans. Includes the papers of Jonathan Pratt, 1823-1830; the papers (1898-1909) and collection (1832-1905) of S.W. Pratt; a letter to Maria Pambrun (1842), a tin-type of Perrin Whitman and Chief Timothy; and typewritten transcripts and photographs from scattered sources. Most of this material was secured by Dr. C.M. Drury for his biographies of the Pacific Northwest Missionaries12ocn562583080book19110.70Marshall, William IAcquisition of Oregon : and the long suppressed evidence about Marcus WhitmanHistory11ocn021654489mix1.00[Marcus Whitman, biographical materials]11ocn562696848book1901Mowry, William AMarcus Whitman and the early days of Oregon ... Illustrated11ocn050035805book1.00[Medical dissertations]Contains a collection of eighty manuscript (holograph) dissertations submitted to the faculty and trustees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of New York State for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Dissertations cover a wide variety of topics, from hernias, and neuralgia, to "The influence of the mind over body" and to "The obstacles to medical improvement." While many dissertaions deal with the workaday techniques of curing specific ailments, a number deal with medical topics in almost philosophical terms, which might seem simplistic except for the fact that in this period, well before the theory of germ disease, they represent a legitimate avenue of research and contemplation. Separately bound is the dissertation of Marcus Whitman, "Of temperature and its affects on the human system," later noted for his exploration and settlement of Oregon under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and as the subject of a massacre. Also separately bound is dissertation of Robert Treat Paine "On hepatitis."70012ocn001384102book19010.59Bourne, Edward GaylordEssays in historical criticismHistory6776ocn009983275book19510.07Allen, T. DDoctor in buckskinFictionA fictional account of the lives of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman as missionary doctor and teacher for the Indians of the Oregon Territory63315ocn001527113book18950.53Nixon, Oliver WHow Marcus Whitman saved Oregon : a true romance of patriotic heroism, Christian devotion, and final martyrdom : with sketches of life on the plains and mountains in pioneer daysHistory5923ocn000825707book19410.20Eaton, JeanetteNarcissa Whitman, pioneer of OregonJuvenile worksFocuses on events from youth of a missionary who was the first white woman to cross the Rocky Mountains5193ocn001386878book19640.56Thompson, Erwin NWhitman Mission National Historic Site5022ocn000807482book19590.28Jones, NardThe great command : the story of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and the Oregon country pioneersHistory4922ocn001345823book19530.19Daugherty, JamesMarcus and Narcissa Whitman, pioneers of OregonFictionStory of a young doctor and his bride who left New York State in 1836, crossed over the Oregon trail and settled in Oregon Territory. Grades 6-84215ocn000714039book19730.47Drury, Clifford MerrillMarcus and Narcissa Whitman, and the opening of old OregonHistory3375ocn002409650book19370.39Drury, Clifford MerrillMarcus Whitman, M. D., pioneer and martyrHistory31611ocn002142259book19010.63Mowry, William AMarcus Whitman and the early days of OregonHistory2891ocn030363505book19940.06Jackson, DaveAttack in the rye grassJuvenile worksFictionIn 1843, twelve-year-old Perrin joins his aunt and uncle, well-known missionaries Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, in the Oregon Territory where they live with the Nez Perce and Cayuse Indians+-+28276110062851ocn000065423book19700.06Lampman, Evelyn SibleyCayuse courageJuvenile worksFictionAshamed to return to his people after his arm is amputated, a young Cayuse Indian remains among white settlers in Oregon2772ocn000916116book19670.06Place, Marian TMarcus and Narcissa Whitman : Oregon pioneersJuvenile worksBiographyA short biography of the couple who were Presbyterian missionaries, doctor, and teacher to the Indians of Oregon2535ocn001631922book19090.53Eells, MyronMarcus Whitman, pathfinder and patriot2482ocn029438789book19590.31Allen, Opal SweazeaNarcissa Whitman : an historical biographyBiography2427ocn001679907book19050.59Nixon, Oliver WWhitman's ride through savage lands, with sketches of Indian lifeHistory23520ocn001590951book18950.66Craighead, J. GThe story of Marcus Whitman; early Protestant missions in the NorthwestHistory"The incentive to this volume was the wish to vindicate the characters and the work of the early Protestant missionaries in Oregon from aspersions which have been cast upon them; to show the importance of their labors in the development and settlement of the country; and to prove that it was through their public-spirited and patriotic services that a large part of the Northwest territory was secured to the United States."--Preface+-+610596390522912ocn002495680book19050.70Marshall, William IAcquisition of Oregon : and the long suppressed evidence about Marcus WhitmanHistory1754ocn003463986book19360.66Hulbert, Archer Butler... Marcus Whitman, crusaderHistory16316ocn008716362book19200.59Sager, MatildaA survivor's recollections of the Whitman massacreHistoryBiography+-+2827611006Fri Mar 21 15:59:45 EDT 2014batch29292