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Thu Oct 16 17:55:33 2014 UTClccn-n780954630.06Elizabeth Bowen /0.390.77Elizabeth Bowen and the dissolution of the novel : still lives /19674925Elizabeth_Bowenn 780954632305405486700Bitha 1899-1973Bowen, Bitha.Bowen, Bitha 1899-1973Bowen, Elisabeth 1899-1973Bowen, ElizabethBowen, Elizabeth D. C. 1899-1973Bowen, Elizabeth Dorothea ColeBowen, Elizabeth Dorothea Cole 1899-1973Cameron, Elizabeth Bowen.Cameron, Elizabeth Bowen 1899-1973Cole, Dorothea 1899-1973באואן, אליזבתボウエン, エリザベスlccn-n2004036383Hepburn, Allanedtlccn-n80149248Glendinning, Victoriaedtlccn-n81117226Lee, Hermioneauicomedtlccn-n88022208Austin, Allan E.lccn-n79021903Greene, Graham1904-1991lccn-sh85016148Bowen familylccn-n86820919Lassner, Phyllislccn-n80098579Brooke, Jocelynlccn-n78089077Trollope, Anthony1815-1882viaf-306167982Kenney, Edwin J.Bowen, Elizabeth1899-1973FictionCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryPsychological fictionBiographyDomestic fictionInterviewsRecords and correspondenceLove storiesDramaBowen, Elizabeth,IrelandLiteratureWomen and literatureEngland--LondonYoung womenEnglandWorld War (1939-1945)WomenGirlsGuardian and wardManners and customsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)TreasonBombardment of London (England :OrphansNovelists, IrishEngland--WorcestershireMissing personsFrance--ParisAdolescenceBritishFemale friendshipMiddle-aged womenReunionsEnglish literatureSeparation (Psychology)Italy--RomeFiction--TechniqueTravelShort stories, EnglishAuthors, EnglishWar and literatureEnglish essaysMothers and daughtersLove-lettersCountry homesIreland--Cork (County)Conflict of generationsBowen familyItalyItaly--RivieraGreat BritainLoss (Psychology)AuthorsEnglish fictionSpiel, HildeSocial aspectsPsychological aspectsMacaulay, Rose,189919731900192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142015565774932381823.912PR6003.O6757ocn000367499ocn470489495ocn419683413ocn440135513ocn416100571ocn410436792ocn460278790ocn459897688ocn369628752ocn000367499ocn004917716ocn311327688ocn440135513ocn073235572ocn8661449133390150ocn005422977book19380.27Bowen, ElizabethThe death of the heartHistoryFictionStory about the havoc wrought by inharmonious relationships in a middle-class English family+-+82657203852842118ocn000335933book19450.27Bowen, ElizabethThe heat of the dayHistoryFictionPsychological fictionStory of espionage and betrayal set in World War II England+-+0376720385242064ocn006863158book19800.26Bowen, ElizabethThe collected stories of Elizabeth BowenFictionContains 79 stories by the author+-+61014555962207118ocn000334704book19260.31Bowen, ElizabethThe house in ParisFictionAs a young boy waits in Paris for the mother he has never met, the circumstances surrounding his birth are revealed in the story of a brief and passionate love affair between a rich English girl and a Jewish banker+-+5076720385189048ocn000180650book19630.27Bowen, ElizabethEva Trout; or, Changing scenesFictionPsychological fictionAfter an unhappy and fanciful childhood, Eva travels throughout Europe and America in seach of love and serenity+-+0347365965181596ocn000362486book19290.31Bowen, ElizabethThe last SeptemberFictionDomestic fictionLove stories"A novel of Ireland in the Nineteen-Twenties"--Cover+-+4965720385170155ocn000362635book19630.27Bowen, ElizabethThe little girlsFictionDramaPsychological fictionThree aging English ladies attempt, literally and figuratively, to dig up the secret of their childhood, but find only their own damaged selves+-+6058365965154674ocn000933510book19540.31Bowen, ElizabethA world of loveFictionDomestic fictionA packet of letters, found in an attic, leads a young girl into the world of love. The attic is in Montefort, which harbours a group of people held together by odd ties of kinship or habit, and haunted by the memory of its former owner+-+7056855596142480ocn001249754book19270.47Bowen, ElizabethThe hotelFictionFollowing a group of British tourists vacationing on the Italian Riviera during the 1920s, The Hotel explores the social and emotional relationships that develop among the well-heeled residents of the eponymous establishment. When the young Miss Sydney falls under the sway of an older woman, Mrs. Kerr, a sapphic affair simmers right below the surface of Bowen's writing, creating a rich story that often relies as much on what is left unsaid as what is written on the page. Bowen depicts an intense interpersonal drama with wit and suspense, while playing with and pushing the English language to its boundaries+-+2758365965116479ocn000334708book19320.39Bowen, ElizabethTo the NorthFictionAn unlikely, but irresistible, love affair provides the framework for this absorbing novel of passion and solitude. Quiet, aloof and consciously solitary, Emmeline is unprepared for the violence of her attraction to Markie; but once she has succumbed to it, she far surpasses him in the depth and generosity of her surrender. The affairs of Cecilia, Emmeline's vivacious and gregarious sister-in-law, provide a sparkling counterpoint to Miss Bowen's main theme. There is also the girls' worrisome aunt, Lady Waters, a character Evelyn Waugh would be proud to claim, who "enlarged her own life into ripples of apprehension on everybody's behalf." Cool, clear, and wonderfully witty, To the North nonetheless combines passion and perception in the unique manner familiar to admirers of The Death of the Heart and The Heat of the Day+-+8001455596110712ocn320317267file20080.50Bowen, ElizabethPeople, places, things essaysHistoryFictionThroughout her career, Elizabeth Bowen, the Anglo-Irish novelist and short story writer, also wrote literary essays that display a shrewd, generous intelligence. Always sensitive to underlying tensions, she evokes the particular climate of countries and places in "Hungary," "Prague and the Crisis," and "Bowen's Court." In "Britain in Autumn," she records the strained atmosphere of the blitz as no other writer does. Immediately after the war, she reported on the International Peace Conference in Paris in a series of essays that are startling in their evoc+-+3310813925107821ocn000362633book19590.33Bowen, ElizabethA time in RomeBiographyGuidebooks+-+10493744553249728ocn270110481file20080.47Bowen, ElizabethThe bazaar and other storiesFictionA prolific writer of short stories, Elizabeth Bowen claimed towards the end of her life that "a story deals in the not-yet-thought-of but always possible." Covering a range of situations - broken engagements, encounters with ghosts, brushes with crime - these stories demonstrate the virtuosity of technique that characterizes all of Bowen's writing. With this collection, Bowen, gifted with keen social observation, justifies her place in the company of D.H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, and James Joyce+-+172081392593131ocn000569639book19420.50Bowen, ElizabethBowen's CourtBiographyGenealogyRichard Bowen (ca.1585/1590-1674) immigrated from England to Swansea, Massachusetts in 1638, and settled at Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Des- cendants and relatives lived in New England, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, California and elsewhere+-+242237445532490916ocn001182894book19500.50Bowen, ElizabethCollected impressionsCriticism, interpretation, etcReviews87761ocn002021911book19310.50Bowen, ElizabethFriends and relationsFiction"During a soft English summer in the 1920s, the Studdart sisters marry and set up house, one in London and one in a country estate. However, things are not as they seem. Using careful, elliptical prose interspersed with quips and populated by memorable characters, Elizabeth Bowen reveals how these seemingly placid lives are anchored in lies"--Page 4 of cover+-+402237445532483212ocn009727988book19830.28Bowen, ElizabethThe Heritage of British literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcIntroducing or re_introducing us to the pleasures of the most memorable works and writers through the centuries. Lord David Cecil as a poet, Graham Greene as a dramatist, Elizabeth Bowen as a novelist, Kate O'Brien for diaries and journals and Anthony Burgess defines the place of British literature in the contemporary world75342ocn000408272book19000.56Bowen, ElizabethEnglish novelistsCriticism, interpretation, etc74428ocn002136045book19410.53Bowen, ElizabethLook at all those roses, short storiesJuvenile works60433ocn000698341book19450.63Bowen, ElizabethThe demon lover, and other storiesFiction14848ocn000281094book19710.47Austin, Allan EElizabeth BowenHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThis book presents information on Elizabeth Bowen's life and critical interpretation and discussion of her writings+-+7724120535324143912ocn003204464book19770.30Glendinning, VictoriaElizabeth BowenBiography+-+7592272585108210ocn001372408book19420.50Bowen, ElizabethSeven winters; memories of a Dublin childhood & afterthoughts, pieces on writingCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondenceA fragment of autobiography written twenty years ago, and a collection of essays on books and writers9824ocn659565650file20100.50Bowen, ElizabethListening in broadcasts, speeches, and interviews by Elizabeth BowenInterviewsThe first collection of Elizabeth Bowen's spoken work; Astute and lively comments on culture, literature, language, authors, filmmaking, cinema and politics. From the 1940s to the 1960s, Elizabeth Bowen took an active role in spoken media and radio in particular by writing essays for broadcast, improvising interviews on the air and giving public lectures. During her lifetime, she published few of her broadcasts. Listening In brings together a substantial number of her ungathered and unknown works for the first time. Bowen was known as a public intellectual capable of talking on numerous subjec+-+87959139253249819ocn023972042book19890.63Lassner, PhyllisElizabeth Bowen : a study of the short fictionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcIn this first comprehensive study of Bowen's short stories, Phyllis Lassner lucidly and concisely examines Bowen's major themes and concerns. Characterized by their immediacy and what they suggest rather than state, the stories in Encounters and The Collected Stories, among others, reveal Bowen's lifelong attention to women's roles. Although closely related to the novels, the stories are distinct in their artistic achievement. In her discussions of such masterworks as "The Disinherited Summer Night" and "The Happy Autumn Fields," Lassner reveals that Bowen's most effective stories are those in which she has subtly inserted wry critiques of the role of traditional social codes in the formation of gender. This much-needed study of the short fiction includes excerpts from Bowen's own statements on writing as well as an excellent sampling of critical approaches to her work+-+23235743858577ocn000963063book19520.50Brooke, JocelynElizabeth BowenCriticism, interpretation, etc7763ocn000983973book19740.31Bowen, ElizabethPictures and conversationsBiographyDramaThis collection, which represents Elizabeth Bowen's last book, includes an unfinished autobiography, the beginnings of a novel, an essay, a nativity play, and 'Notes on writing a novel'7634ocn000984464book19740.53Kenney, Edwin JElizabeth BowenHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc7487ocn014818499book19860.30Bowen, ElizabethThe mulberry tree : writings of Elizabeth BowenBiography+-+49622744553246934ocn008133809book19810.50Lee, HermioneElizabeth Bowen, an estimationHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+10622744553246755ocn001379673book19610.53Heath, William WebsterElizabeth Bowen: an introd. to her novelsCriticism, interpretation, etc6356ocn810948631book20130.19Feigel, LaraThe love-charm of bombs : restless lives in the Second World WarBiographyAs poetic as it is enlightening this detailed biography of five literary figures is achingly beautiful in its depiction of the disturbing everyday realities of war5543ocn820123391file20120.47Darwood, NicolaA world of lost innocence the fiction of Elizabeth BowenCriticism, interpretation, etcElizabeth Bowen was a prolific writer; her publishing career spanned five decades and during this time she wrote ten novels, over one hundred short stories and countless reviews and journal articles. While earlier novels are now acknowledged as Modernist texts, her later novels can be read through the lens of postmodernism; they can be considered variously as romantic fiction, marriage novels, war time spy thrillers and psychological drama but, throughout her novels, she consistently question5312ocn014719433book19870.06Elizabeth BowenHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCritical essays on the writings of Elizabeth Bowen4817ocn056649298book20040.66Corcoran, NeilElizabeth Bowen : the enforced returnHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"Neil Corcoran presents here a study of Elizabeth Bowen's novels, short stories, family history, and essays, and shows that her work both inherits from the Modernist movement and transforms its experimental traditions." "Elizabeth Bowen: The Enforced Return explores how she adapts Irish Protestant Gothic as a means of interpreting Irish experience during the Troubles of the 1920s and the Second World War, and also as a way of defining the defencelessness of those enduring the Blitz in wartime London. She employs versions of the Jamesian child as a way of offering a critique of the treatment of children in the European novel of adultery, and indeed, implicitly, of the Jamesian child itself. Corcoran relates the various kinds of return and reflex in her work - notably the presence of the supernatural, but also the sense of being haunted by reading - to both the Freudian concept of the 'return of the repressed' and T.S. Eliot's conception of the auditory imagination as a 'return to the origin'."--Jacket+-+35413634654656ocn032701164book19950.31Halperin, JohnEminent Georgians : the lives of King George V, Elizabeth Bowen, St. John Philby & Nancy AstorBiographyKing George V, a monarch often deemed stodgy and reactionary; Elizabeth Bowen, a brilliant Anglo-Irish writer, exposed as a World War II English spy monitoring her native Ireland; St. John Philby, father of the notorious spy Kim Philby; and Nancy Astor, an American divorcee who became the first female member of Parliament, make up the quartet of personalities through which John Halperin explores a world of intrigue existing just below the glittering surface of Britain in the 1920s and 1930s. Describing the age as simultaneously conventional and progressive, Victorian and modern, Halperin considers the impact that these leading figures had on their era, as well as the extent to which they themselves were shaped by the age in which they lived+-+66117676854334ocn025245531book19920.70Jordan, Heather BryantHow will the heart endure? : Elizabeth Bowen and the landscape of warHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJordan's study combines historical and literary analysis and incorporates new archival research on Bowen's correspondence and on her war reports to the Ministry of Information. How Will the Heart Endure offers not only a new reading of Bowen's work, but an insightful look into the wartime publishing climate in which Bowen and her circle--which included Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, John and Rosalind Lehmann, Cyril Connolly, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, and Stephen Spender--operated. It will be of interest to specialists in modern British fiction, women's studies, Irish studies, and Anglo-Irish literature3937ocn029024535book19940.77Bennett, AndrewElizabeth Bowen and the dissolution of the novel : still livesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcElizabeth Bowen and the Dissolution of the Novel argues that the Anglo- Irish writer Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) is one of the most important, though undervalued, practitioner of the twentieth-century novel in English. This is an innovative study with significant implications for contemporary critical and theoretical writing. The authors contend that Bowen's work calls for a radically new conception of criticism and theory - and of the novel itself+-+75125188853243852ocn002018759book19750.66Blodgett, HarrietPatterns of reality : Elizabeth Bowen's novelsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc3844ocn492081997book20030.74Ellmann, MaudElizabeth Bowen : the shadow across the pageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyMaud Ellmann teases out Bowen's strangeness through close readings informed by historical, psychoanalytic, and deconstructive methods of interpretation. She contextualises Bowen's work in the Irish and modernist traditions to investigate connections between her life and writing+-+1852613925324+-+3310813925+-+3310813925Thu Oct 16 15:24:34 EDT 2014batch63794