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Thu Oct 16 18:02:10 2014 UTClccn-n780955250.20Jesus of Nazareth /0.290.79Anthony Burgess : an annotated bibliography and reference guide /71388189Anthony_Burgessn 78095525230601Berdžess, Èntoni.Bērdžess, Entonijs, 1917-1993Burgers, Anthony 1917-1993Burges Wilson, John, 1917-1993Burgess, A. (Anthony), 1917-1993Burgess, AnthonyBurgess, Anthony, 1917-Burgess Wilson, John.Kell, Joseph.Kell Joseph 1917-1993Wilson, Anthony Burgess, 1917-1993Wilson, J. B., 1917-1993Wilson John 1917-1993Wilson, John Anthony, 1917-1993Wilson , John Anthony BurgessWilson, John Anthony Burgess 1917-1993Wilson, John Burgess.Wilson, John Burgess 1917-1993Бёрджесс, Энтони, 1917-1993أنتوني بيرجس، 1917-1993バージェス, アンソニーバージェス, アントニーバージェス, アントニイバージエスアンソニー, 1917-1993lccn-n79056824Joyce, James1882-1941antlccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616antdtelccn-n78078534Hemingway, Ernest1899-1961dtelccn-n80149195Zeffirelli, Francosceausdrtlccn-n50078540Cyrano de Bergerac1619-1655lccn-n86024971Magee, Patrickprfactlccn-n81080025Carlos, Wendycmplccn-n79018450Lawrence, D. H.(David Herbert)1885-1930lccn-n78088956Marlowe, Christopher1564-1593Burgess, Anthony1917-1993FictionBiographyDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcDomestic fictionSatireFilm adaptationsChristian fictionMusical fictionExperimental fictionBurgess, Anthony,Authors, EnglishTeenage boysEnglandFictionCriminalsShakespeare, William,Older menJesus ChristCriminals--RehabilitationDramatists, English--Early modernCardinalsMiraclesJournalistsJuvenile delinquentsGay menAuthorsGreat BritainDramatistsHemingway, Ernest,Science fictionAuthors, AmericanUnited StatesMarlowe, Christopher,Middle East--PalestineRome (Empire)Cyrano de Bergerac,Lawrence, D. H.--(David Herbert),Freud, Sigmund,WalesTrotsky, Leon,Nineteen eighty-four (Orwell, George)Church history--Primitive and early churchRevolutionariesCommunistsAustriaPsychoanalystsSoviet UnionEnglish fictionJoyce, James,Criminal behaviorDystopiasFathers and daughtersPianistsSex therapistsCrimeSuburban gangsGangsDystopian playsChristian fiction191719931941194719561958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141011817924111823.914PR6052.U638ocn000279741ocn001187273ocn001193498ocn002186394ocn316804896ocn832612299ocn461910639ocn493371238ocn735141870ocn310460885ocn463653609ocn419254163ocn801324026ocn461914851ocn820659844ocn470415092ocn468366070ocn797687869ocn417091565ocn799645114ocn060314006ocn003248121ocn190828089ocn055593438ocn707964622ocn780800293ocn780726458ocn190831101ocn462988223ocn806316708ocn190831101ocn079431536ocn055593438ocn707964622ocn781010428ocn781309144ocn781474958ocn691862462ocn676476458ocn781361731ocn422076658ocn674468295ocn691934896ocn873703991ocn055012188ocn766460769ocn766460780ocn766460791ocn880984788ocn764814190ocn662000851ocn061230495ocn662000861ocn779676309ocn766178933ocn185746888ocn186481536ocn885036873ocn461988265ocn185404983ocn185476485ocn664028401ocn780876853ocn691492148ocn691497654ocn691518012ocn658558204ocn883802207ocn420034502ocn691237545ocn420082357ocn676196927ocn691717341ocn691263331ocn743103290ocn811241046ocn723513894ocn722929399ocn722652153ocn814524981ocn459353447ocn459744666ocn464571530ocn868833257ocn839376735ocn839395873ocn753684868ocn225709096ocn6591660058166331ocn038137454book14170.23Burgess, AnthonyA clockwork orangeCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionDramaSatireTold through a central character, Alex, the disturbing novel creates an alarming futuristic vision of violence, high technology, and authoritarianism. A modern classic of youthful violence and social redemption set in a dismal dystopia whereby a juvenile deliquent undergoes state-sponsored psychological rehabilitation for his aberrant behavior+-+1837688485267171ocn006666644book19800.24Burgess, AnthonyEarthly powersFiction"Burgess's ambitious study of 20th-century history centers on the stormy relationship between an effete, popular novelist and a Faustian priest."+-+3443365965324213433ocn004242566book19780.26Burgess, AnthonyErnest Hemingway and his worldBiographyA biography of one of the most widely-read 20th century American writers, with an assessment of the contribution he made to contemporary literature+-+1265175505211357ocn000098822book19070.27Burgess, AnthonyShakespeareBiographyBlend of biography, anecdotes, speculations, critical commentary and personal insights+-+3105811106176535ocn018415629book19890.22Burgess, AnthonyAny old ironMilitary historyFictionDomestic fictionA story of survival in our century and the destinies of two families, one Welsh, and one Jewish, who are bound together by marriage+-+3591734455324175158ocn000674862book19470.33Burgess, AnthonyThe novel now : a guide to contemporary fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc174330ocn032241420book19930.22Burgess, AnthonyA dead man in DeptfordBiographyFictionHistorical fictionA novelization of the life of the 16th Century playwright, Christopher Marlowe, portraying him as a spy for Elizabeth I's government in its war with Catholics. Lots of color on Elizabethan London, the court, the intrigues, the theater, the slums. The author's last book before his death, it comes 30 years after his Nothing Like the Sun, a novel on Shakespeare+-+2746521325169534ocn012051789book19850.23Burgess, AnthonyThe kingdom of the wickedHistoryFictionChristian fictionBeginning with the crucifixion of Jesus and ending, seventy years later, with the destruction of Pompeii, the wminent novelist and critic limns a dazzling, intellectually provocative recreation of the beginnings of Christianity+-+8721554925324164878ocn000367629book19640.31Burgess, AnthonyNothing like the sun, a story of Shakespeare's love-lifeFictionBiographical fiction'Nothing Like The Sun' is a magnificent, bawdy telling of Shakespeare's love life. Starting with the young Will, the novel is a romp that follows Will's maturation into sex and writing+-+7042558485160329ocn000222046book19710.24Burgess, AnthonyCyrano de BergeracDramaRostand's famous play tells of the brilliant wit Cyrano, with a face marred by his huge nose, who composes love letters to help his friend Christian woo the beautiful Roxane, with whom Cyrano is secretly in love+-+2587832006159755ocn004036113book19780.27Burgess, Anthony1985InterviewsDystopiasInspired by and intended as a tribute to George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Burgess' book is in two parts. The first is a series of essays and self-interviews (Burgess is the voice of the interviewer and the interviewee) discussing aspects of Orwell's book. The second is a novella set in 1985, seven years distant at the time of the novel's writing+-+1551612546324157428ocn012214282book19850.29Burgess, AnthonyFlame into being : the life and work of D.H. LawrenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography152337ocn008762838book19820.26Burgess, AnthonyThe end of the world news : an entertainmentFiction+-+5192155965324150455ocn003873056book19660.30Burgess, AnthonyTremor of intentFictionSpy storiesA British agent is confronted by the uglier aspect of his profession when he attempts to persuade an old associate to leave the Soviet Union+-+8169558485147131ocn014069572book19860.23Burgess, AnthonyThe pianoplayersFictionDomestic fictionMusical fictionWhen her mother dies, Ellen Henshaw is put into the doubtful care of her seldom sober, but kind hearted father Billy. She rises from a childhood spent in seedy boarding houses and a Brussels convent education, to become a highly sought-after "companion" with "Schools of Love" from Bangkok to London. However, Billy remains the chief theme of the story as Ellen recalls affectionately their varied and colourful adventures together138525ocn003873146book19650.33Burgess, AnthonyRe JoyceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCommentary on Joyce for the average reader+-+2099558485134037ocn049609451visu19760.20Burgess, AnthonyJesus of NazarethBiographyArtDramaFilm adaptationsA film depicting the life of Christ from birth through resurrection+-+9066559325128934ocn000365557book19640.30Joyce, JamesA shorter Finnegans wakeFictionPsychological fictionExperimental fiction125562ocn000299596book19620.35Burgess, AnthonyThe wanting seedFiction"Set in the near future, The Wanting Seed is a Malthusian comedy about the strange world overpopulation will produce. Tristram Foxe and his wife, Beatrice-Joanna, live in their skyscraper world where official family limitation glorifies homosexuality. Eventually, their world is transformed into a chaos of cannibalistic dining-clubs, fantastic fertility rituals, and wars without anger. It is a novel both extravagantly funny and grimly serious."+-+3350688485125357ocn000367625book19600.26Burgess, AnthonyThe doctor is sickJuvenile worksFictionDoctor of philosophy in linguistics, about to be operated on for a brain tumor, escapes from the hospital to become involved in wild series of events+-+5599855965324172616ocn014587223book19860.26Burgess, AnthonyLittle Wilson and big GodBiographyA portrait of the author's first forty years, from his childhood in Manchester to the moment when he began writing seriously after being told he was dying of a brain tumor+-+3973565965324167416ocn173522026visu19900.24Kubrick, StanleyA clockwork orangeFictionDramaFilm adaptationsMotion picture music"Being the adventures of a young man who couldn't resist pretty girls, or a bit of the old ultra-violence, who went to jail, was re-conditioned, and came out a different young man. Or was he?" So might opine your humble narrator, Alex. Alex and his droogs Georgie, Dim, and Pete are bored. Alex loves Ludwig van, milk bars, and mayhem. One night a botched burglary ends in murder. Apprehended by the police, Alex is tried, sentenced, and sent to prison for fourteen years. Two years into his sentence, he signs up for The Ludovico Treatment, and is released as cured. However, the world is a harsh and violent place, and now Alex is unable to defend himself. O my brothers, what will happen to poor Alex now?+-+2405834696126318ocn022664526book19900.26Burgess, AnthonyYou've had your time : the second part of the confessionsBiographyThe writer exposes his inner life, creative energy, and travel+-+715289445532410713ocn000480670book19720.33De Vitis, A. AAnthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etc10521ocn001111393book19750.39Kennard, Jean ENumber and nightmare, forms of fantasy in contemporary fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc9111ocn007737302book19810.30Coale, SamuelAnthony BurgessBiography8296ocn009556379book19820.31Burgess, AnthonyThis man and music+-+K4398320067744ocn022308375book19910.50Stinson, John JAnthony Burgess revisitedCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Anthony Burgess7668ocn053038114book20020.31Lewis, RogerAnthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"He was the last great modernist. Novelist, poet, composer, librettist, essayist, semanticist, translator, critic, Anthony Burgess's versatility and erudition found expression in more than fifty books and dozens of musical compositions, from operas, choral works, and song cycles to symphonies and concertos." "Here now is a kaleidoscope of a book - the culmination of twenty years of writing and research - about a man who remains best known for A Clockwork Orange, the source of Stanley Kubrick's groundbreaking, mind-bending, and prescient film." "Tracking Burgess from Manchester to Malaya to Malta to Monte Carlo, the author assesses Burgess's struggles and uncovers the web of truth and illusion about the writer's famous antic disposition. Burgess, the author argues, was just as much a literary confidence man and prankster as a consummate wordsmith."--BOOK JACKET+-+36077876856813ocn004211113book19790.53Aggeler, GeoffreyAnthony Burgess : the artist as novelistCriticism, interpretation, etc6663ocn000221231book19710.56Morris, Robert KThe consolations of ambiguity; an essay on the novels of Anthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etcMorris investigates the existential crises that heroes face in the novels of Anthony Burgess. When forced to confront an unsympathetic reality, these heroes use introspection as a means of internal metamorphosis, not only to confront their external struggle, but also to test of their character6382ocn014271888book19870.29Anthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etcContains a representative selection of critical essays upon the novels of Anthony Burgess+-+71219022356081ocn012971208book19860.37Critical essays on Anthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etc6075ocn000401259book19710.56Dix, CarolAnthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etc4704ocn004135562book19780.53Mathews, RichardThe clockwork universe of Anthony BurgessCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+92775284353244494ocn062123732book20050.28Biswell, AndrewThe real life of Anthony BurgessBiographyAnthony Burgess was a writer whose works attracted success and notoriety in roughly equal measures. This biography charts his solitary childhood, his haphazard education, his anti-heroic army career, his gloomy post-war existence, and his late but triumphant emergence as a prolific writer and composer+-+85263958853372ocn005946588book19800.70Brewer, JeutonneAnthony Burgess : a bibliographyBibliography2932ocn011133857book19850.79Boytinck, Paul WAnthony Burgess : an annotated bibliography and reference guideBibliography2291ocn192045722book20080.79Burgess, AnthonyConversations with Anthony BurgessInterviewsAnthony Burgess (1917-1993) was a British novelist, critic and composer. He was also a librettist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, essayist, travel writer, and educationalist. This title brings together a collection of interviews from between 1971 and 1989, that capture Burgess' famed energy, inventiveness, and linguistic talent+-+K1458295162101ocn015107167book19860.70Burgess, AnthonyHomage to QWERT YUIOP : essaysBiography+-+1837688485+-+1837688485Thu Oct 16 15:23:55 EDT 2014batch83927