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Life magazine called him "a living symbol of small-town simplicity and kindliness and common sense." During his career White had managed to expand his circle of influence far beyond Emporia Kansas to include most of the nation. By the end of his life he had become a nationally acclaimed journalist and author of biographies, novels, and short stories. He was also widely known for his shrewd commentary on contemporary events in the national media. An influential Republican political leader, he helped found the Progressive party and was a longtime advocate of social reform and individual rights. But what endeared him most to his contemporaries was that, in spite of national fame, he remained first and foremost a small-town newspaperman. First published posthumously in 1946, White's Autobiography was immediately hailed as a classic portrait, not simply of White himself, but of the men and women who transformed America from an agrarian society to a powerful industrial nation in the years before World War I+-+062951552512495ocn018106141book19880.39Griffith, Sally ForemanHome town news : William Allen White and the Emporia gazetteBiographyThis biography of William Allen White, one of the best known newspaper editors of early 20th century America, is concerned not only with White's career, but also with small-town values and achievements in turn-of-the-century America, when the nation was changing dramatically+-+14300504659383ocn000334954book19470.47White, William AllenSelected letters of William Allen White, 1899-1943BiographyRecords and correspondence9214ocn000377736book19470.39Johnson, WalterWilliam Allen White's AmericaBiography8613ocn000248275book19450.37Hinshaw, DavidA man from Kansas; the story of William Allen White5793ocn009393216book19830.53Jernigan, E. 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Investigating White's life and his extensive writings, Edward Gale Agran explores the dynamic thought of one of America's best-read and most-respected social commentators. Agran shows clearly how White honed his style and transformed the myth of conquering the western frontier into what became the twentieth-century ideal of community building+-+45703720062151ocn001083309book19670.06Forsee, AylesaHeadliners : famous American journalistsJuvenile worksBiography1712ocn000103902book19690.84Kansas State Teachers College of EmporiaA bibliography of William Allen WhiteBibliography1502ocn001514638book19480.63White, William AllenLetters of William Allen White and a young man1351ocn028516971book19930.73Quantic, Diane DufvaWilliam Allen WhiteCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+53565893353241311ocn001445703book19260.56White, William AllenBoys--then and now1233ocn016912195book19870.81Elkins, William RMoral and social dimensions of William Allen White's fiction : two studiesCriticism, interpretation, etc421ocn171297184book20070.15Buller, Beverley OlsonFrom Emporia : the story of William Allen WhiteBiography353ocn664587116book20100.13Buller, Beverley OlsonA Prairie Peter Pan : the story of Mary White322ocn018388513book19460.25White, William AllenAutobiographyLife story of the Kansas editor and author301ocn051167700book20020.24White, William AllenPoetry of William Allen WhitePoetryCollection of White's poetry largely published in the Kansas City Star and Emporia Gazette in the late 19th century and early 20th century+-+4496240306+-+4786906846+-+4786906846Fri Mar 21 15:15:52 EDT 2014batch33534