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Fri Mar 21 17:12:32 2014 UTClccn-n780032090.27Rembrandt to Renoir : European masterpieces from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco /0.500.88Dallas collects American paintings : colonial to early modern : an exhibition of paintings from private collections in Dallas : Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, September 26-November 14, 1982 /51840316n 78003209139819Nash, Steven.Nash, Steven 1944-Nash, Steven A.Nash, Stiven A.Nash, Sṭiven A., 1944-נאש, סטיבן א.lccn-n80051191Fine Arts Museums of San Franciscoothedtlccn-n84018765Dallas Museum of Artothpbledtlccn-n80051193California Palace of the Legion of Honorlccn-n79054426National Gallery of Art (U.S.)edtlccn-n50010125Thiebaud, Wayneilllccn-n79146475Gopnik, Adamnp-nasher, patsyNasher, Patsylccn-n86033218Nasher, Raymondlccn-n78086005Picasso, Pablo1881-1973illlccn-n50015433Gabo, Naum1890-1977illartNash, Steven A.1944-Exhibition catalogsCatalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThiebaud, WayneUnited StatesTexas--DallasRealism in artSculpture, ModernNasher, RaymondNasher, PatsySculpture--Private collectionsPicasso, Pablo,Gabo, Naum,California--San FranciscoConstructivism (Art)Soviet UnionMatisse, Henri,War in artPaintingFine Arts Museums of San FranciscoCalifornia--OaklandPrints, AmericanCrown Point Press (Oakland, Calif.)PrintsNicholson, Ben,SculptureNew York (State)--BuffaloPainting, EuropeanCalifornia--San Francisco Bay AreaLandscape painting, AmericanArtLandscapes in artGéricault, Théodore,Arneson, Robert,California Palace of the Legion of HonorPrints--Private collectionsFrancePicasso, MarinaPainting, AmericanSmith, David,Painting--Private collectionsShapiro, JoelPop artArt, AbstractPainting, ModernNasher Sculpture CenterAlbright-Knox Art GalleryDallas Museum of Fine ArtsSculptors194419731978197919821983198419851986198719881989199219931995199619971998199920002002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220138864151270759.13ND237.T5515ocn310715403ocn312174832ocn313128479ocn757687781ocn310942821ocn174667605ocn185423280ocn757217328ocn468399549ocn807822338ocn186462278ocn185249193ocn4694772249891ocn044573130book20000.32Nash, Steven AWayne Thiebaud : a paintings retrospectiveExhibition catalogs"Published on the occasion of the artist's eightieth birthday and accompanying a major retrospective exhibition, this book brings together 120 of Thiebaud's most important paintings, watercolors, and pastels. Essays by Steven A. Nash and Adam Gopnik trace the course of his career from the 1950s, when he first began to emerge as a significant national artist. They assess Thiebaud's role in the history of American modernism and his place in the tradition of realism, and examine the surprisingly wide variety of art historical sources to which his paintings refer, including Chardin, Sargent, Hopper, Mondrian, Morandi, and Diebenkorn."--BOOK JACKET+-+874745550594215ocn016352460book19850.56Gabo, NaumNaum Gabo : sixty years of constructivismCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogs7666ocn071173729book20060.35Kosinski, Dorothy MMatisse : painter as sculptorExhibition catalogsContains photographs of sculptures created by Henri Matisse+-+869066558532473410ocn040168766book19980.37Picasso, PabloPicasso and the war years, 1937-1945Exhibition catalogs"This book draws upon new research and works that, in some cases, were held out of public view in Picasso's own collection to explore the critically important - but still under-studiedperiod of his life from the time of the Spanish Civil War through World War II and the Nazi occupation of France. This span of years is marked by some of the most intensely personal and expressive work of his long and diverse career." "This book is published in conjunction with a major exhibition organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. It traces Picasso's responses to the cataclysm of war as manifested in a lengthy series of figure paintings, still lifes, portraits, and cityscapes, amplified by prints, drawings, and photographs, drawn from collections all around the world."--BOOK JACKET+-+09274555056766ocn015083890book19870.35A Century of modern sculpture : the Patsy and Raymond Nasher collectionCatalogs5433ocn037292415book19970.53Breuer, KarinThirty-five years at Crown Point Press : making prints, doing artExhibition catalogsCrown Point Press, under the direction of Kathan Brown, is renowned for its use of the oldest, most traditional printmaking processes, etching and woodcut, in radically nontraditional ways. With painters, sculptors, and performance and conceptual artists - many of whom had never before made prints - the Press has produced works as varied as Tom Marioni's tracing of the sun's reflection on a copper plate and figurative images carved on woodblocks by traditional printmaking masters in Japan and China. During the past thirty-five years, Crown Point Press printed and published important Minimalist and Conceptual graphics as well as the significant prints of Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in 1991 brought the Archive of this great fine art publisher into its collection. Over 200 of these prints are illustrated in color in this book, which offers insight into the creative processes of the artists and candidly describes the development of the Press and the ways it helped transform the printmaking landscape of the twentieth century+-+66156757054433ocn004193142book19780.63Nicholson, BenBen Nicholson : fifty years of his artExhibition catalogs4156ocn003669982book19780.56Albright-Knox Art GalleryPainting and sculpture from antiquity to 1942Catalogs35010ocn035867266book19960.59Nash, Steven AA century of sculpture : the Nasher collectionCatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+63431456353243275ocn032204083book19950.56Nash, Steven AFacing Eden : 100 years of landscape art in the Bay areaExhibition catalogs+-+97185757053242814ocn019609874book19890.70Eitner, LorenzGericault, 1791-1824Exhibition catalogs2686ocn042701084book19990.47Nash, Steven AMasterworks of European painting in the California Palace of the Legion of HonorCatalogs+-+67360400062662ocn028508608book19930.59Nash, Steven AArneson and politics : a commemorative exhibition : The Fine Arts Museums of San FranciscoExhibition catalogs+-+22256593353242633ocn010390325book19830.70Baer, BrigittePicasso the printmaker : graphics from the Marina Picasso collectionExhibition catalogs2262ocn060128466book20050.76Nash, Steven ADavid Smith, drawing + sculptingExhibition catalogs+-+58677692451262ocn010430100book19820.88Nash, Steven ADallas collects American paintings : colonial to early modern : an exhibition of paintings from private collections in Dallas : Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, September 26-November 14, 1982Exhibition catalogs1122ocn058480979book20050.59Shapiro, JoelJoel Shapiro : work in wood, plaster, and bronze, 2001-2005Exhibition catalogs1099ocn045307514book20000.50Thiebaud, WayneWayne ThiebaudCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"Famous for his lush early '60s paintings of cakes and other sweets, this retrospective of Wayne Thiebaud is the definitive book on the seminal American artist. Published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same title, Wayne Thiebaud: A Retrospective is the first major survey in twelve years of the work of one of the most original and accomplished American artists. This large-format book is a retrospective of his work from the 1960s to today, with numerous works coming from the artist's collection. Like many artists, Thiebaud has held on to some of the best examples of his work from every period. The book also includes his most recent work up to 2012--at 91, Thiebaud is still working from his studio in Sacramento. With more than ninety color illustrations, this book and the exhibition it documents--put together by noted art historian John Wilmerding--reveal the painter to be preoccupied with a larger slice of American life."--Publisher's website+-+8747455505891ocn029150324book19920.27Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, TheRembrandt to Renoir : European masterpieces from the Fine Arts Museums of San FranciscoExhibition catalogs782ocn312105856book20090.84Nash, Steven AWayne Thiebaud : 70 years of paintingExhibition catalogs+-+8747455505+-+8747455505Fri Mar 21 15:23:35 EDT 2014batch19417