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Fri Mar 21 17:04:34 2014 UTClccn-n780957990.06Bibles and bestiaries : a guide to illuminated manuscripts /0.490.84The book of kings : art, war, and the Morgan Library's medieval picture bible /140782799n 7809579952825945242893278001521384756211592308645647201Biblioteka Morgana.Biblioteka Morgana New York, NYMorgan Library.Morgan Library & Museum.Morgan Library & Museum (Nowy Jork).Morgan Library and Museum.Morgan library and museum (New York, N.Y.)Morgan library and museum New York, NYMorgan library New YorkMorgan library (New York, N.Y.)Morgan Library (New York, New York)Morgan Library New York, NYMorgan Library (Nova York, Nova York)Morgan Library (Nueva York)Morgan Library (Ņujorka, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis)Morgan (Pierpont). LibraryNew York (N.Y.). Morgan LibraryNew York (N.Y.) Morgan library & museumNew York (N.Y.). Pierpont Morgan LibraryNew York. Pierpont Morgan LibraryNova York (Nova York). Pierpont Morgan LibraryŅujorka (Amerikas Savienotās Valstis). Pierpont Morgan LibraryPierpoint Morgan Library.Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.Pierpont Morgan library (New York, N.Y.)Pierpont Morgan library New York, NYPierpont Morgan Library (Nova York, Nova York)The Morgan Library & Museumlccn-n78088963Stampfle, Feliceedtlccn-n50020156Plummer, John1919-comlccn-n83160324Wieck, Roger S.lccn-n79129629Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n79054426National Gallery of Art (U.S.)lccn-n50009591Blumenthal, Joseph1897-1990othctblccn-n80160260Denison, Cara D.othedtcrelccn-n90717238Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-nr97033759Greene, Belle da Costalccn-n79007728Hawthorne, Nathaniel1804-1864Pierpont Morgan LibraryExhibition catalogsBiographyCatalogsHistoryIllustrationsCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksRecords and correspondenceBibliographyBibliography‡vCatalogsGogh, Vincent van,NetherlandsPaintersNew York (State)--New YorkPierpont Morgan LibraryIllumination of books and manuscripts, MedievalIllumination of books and manuscripts, RenaissanceEnglandDrawingImpressionism (Art)Book designBooksUnited StatesBooks of hoursTravelFrancePrintingIllumination of books and manuscriptsIllustrated children's booksChildren's literatureChildren--Books and readingDrawing, ItalianDrawing, DutchDrawing, FlemishItalyArtistsIllumination of books and manuscripts, GothicPainting, DutchBible.--Old TestamentIntellectual lifeDrawing, EnglishMellon, Paul,--MrsMellon, PaulWashington, George,Political scienceAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)PresidentsGeneralsBiographyUnited States.--Continental ArmyIllustratorsIllustration of booksWatercolor painting, EnglishManuscripts--Collectors and collectingAfrican American librariansPassing (Identity)Greene, Belle da CostaFriendshipWomen library administratorsBerenson, Bernard,1894190719131919192319241925192719281929193019321933193419351937193919401941194319441945194619471948194919501952195319541955195619571958195919601962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013439144741103759.9492ND653.G7ocn185302526ocn185302457ocn186765672ocn185706967ocn186681641ocn185875605ocn185825502ocn185503794ocn185302413ocn185875686ocn464361840ocn185562018ocn185935116ocn461222263ocn461222258ocn462675064ocn459347779ocn829891792ocn829891832ocn860456748124011ocn001905569book19750.33Pierpont Morgan LibraryEarly children's books and their illustrationHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyIllustrations11258ocn000274671book19410.59Hawthorne, NathanielThe English notebooksHistoryDiariesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc8323ocn040147096book19980.31Rhodehamel, John HThe great experiment : George Washington and the American RepublicHistoryExhibition catalogsTo most Americans, George Washington is a remote figured encased in myth, more a monument than a man. This book brings him vividly to life once again--a man who was born a loyal subject of the British Crown and became the leader of a radical revolution, a victorious military leader who relinquished the trappings of power to return to farming, a reluctant statesman who forged the institutions of a popular government that have endured for two centuries. The text is enhanced by illustrations that reproduce an array of original documents, contemporary portraits, artifacts, and personal memorabilia of Washington and her family.--From publisher description+-+69612555853248034ocn035723526book19970.37Wieck, Roger SPainted prayers : the book of hours in medieval and Renaissance artIllustrations"In Painted Prayers, the two key elements of Books of Hours are explored: the glorious illuminations and the texts. 107 color plates reproduce stellar pages from Books of Hours that range from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries and come from all the major manuscript-producing countries of Europe: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Italy, and Spain. Mr. Wieck's text offers explanations and translations of key passages from the various "Hours," psalms, Gospel lessons, hymns, litanies, and private prayers found in a typical Book of Hours. The Book of Hours is explored from illuminated manuscripts to the early printed editions of the same texts, leading us from the piety of the Gothic era into the culture of the Renaissance."--BOOK JACKET+-+63696125357998ocn000370371book19720.50Baskett, JohnEnglish drawings and watercolors, 1550-1850, in the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul MellonExhibition catalogs7663ocn065978662book20060.29Smith, JoelSaul Steinberg : illuminationsExhibition catalogs"Best known for his barbed and brilliant art for The New Yorker, Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) did much more. He executed public murals, designed fabrics and stage sets, was an inventive collagist and printmaker, and turned his magic touch to the fields of painting, sculpture, advertising, and even wartime propaganda. This is the first comprehensive look at Steinberg's contribution to twentieth-century art, which was that of a modern-day illuminator, putting word and image in play to create art that spoke to the eyes, and minds, or readers." "An introduction by poet Charles Simic tracks the origins of Steinberg's darkly comic sensibility in the "Balkan bazaar" of the artist's native Romania. Joel Smith shows how architectural training and an early rise to fame as a cartoonist in fascist-era Milan honed Steinberg's gift for subtle graphic invention, and explores why one of the most visible, prolific, potent, and cosmopolitan careers in postwar American art has so thoroughly evaded serious study. Tracing the evolving motives that underlie Steinberg's multi-layered activity, this volume also raises fundamental questions about the historiography of modernism and the vexed status of "the middlebrow avant-garde" in an age of museum-bound art." "Previously unseen sketches, documents, and printed matter from the artist's papers illustrate the essay, career chronology, and entries for the works featured in this important book."--BOOK JACKET+-+01306655856975ocn002455685book19760.50Ray, Gordon NortonThe illustrator and the book in England from 1790 to 1914HistoryCatalogs+-+30041713956961ocn030029079book19940.06Wilson, Elizabeth BBibles and bestiaries : a guide to illuminated manuscriptsJuvenile worksIllustrationsThe early history of printing and books, illustrated with examples from the world-renowned collection of the Pierpont Morgan Library+-+50315892856754ocn000544221book19650.53Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)The Italian RenaissanceExhibition catalogs6522ocn000099503book19700.53Wroth, Lawrence CThe voyages of Giovanni da Verrazzano, 1524-15286504ocn009762413book19830.53British LibraryRenaissance painting in manuscripts : treasures from the British LibraryExhibition catalogs61516ocn005101961book19790.56Pierpont Morgan LibraryRubens and Rembrandt in their century : Flemish & Dutch drawings of the 17th century from the Pierpont Morgan LibraryExhibition catalogs5747ocn031804536book19940.50Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)The Painted page : Italian Renaissance book illumination, 1450-1550Exhibition catalogs137 manuscripts, printed books with hand-painted illustrations and single pages are illustrated in full color, ranging from small prayer books to large choir books, and from Greek, Roman, and Italian literature to collections of fables and historical treatises. Many of these volumes were commissioned by powerful wealthy, and discriminating patrons who included members of the ruling Italian families as well as cardinals and popes and many of whom were also prominent bibliophiles. Among other fascinating issues, the mechanics of patronage, patterns of production, and formation of libraries are discussed in three essays and in the catalogue entries - the latter divided into eight thematic sections - written by noted specialists in the history of Renaissance manuscripts and books. And, of course, we are introduced to the artists themselves - their working habits, characteristic styles, and interrelationships+-+10386864283245688ocn000158813book19400.63Panofsky, ErwinThe Codex Huygens and Leonardo da Vinci's art theory; the Pierpont Morgan Library, Codex M.A. 1139Considered to be the work of Leonardo when it was acquired by Constantine Huygens in 1690, this illustrated manuscript does not in fact contain a single orignal drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. Its authorship still in question, this mid sixteenth-century work has been attributed to, among others, Aurelio Luini, Girolamo Figino, and Carlo Urbino5654ocn014001143book19860.63Hand, John OliverThe Age of Bruegel : Netherlandish drawings in the sixteenth centuryExhibition catalogs+-+214698670532454710ocn021123440book19890.53Defoer, H. L. MThe Golden age of Dutch manuscript paintingCatalogsExhibition catalogsOverzicht van de Noordnederlandse handschriftverluchting uit de 15e eeuw5333ocn002563580book19760.56Needham, PaulWilliam Morris and the art of the book : with essays on William Morris, as book collector by Paul Needham, as calligrapher by Joseph Dunlap, and as typographer by John DreyfusHistoryExhibition catalogs5281ocn029290568book19930.59Wilton-Ely, JohnPiranesi as architect and designer+-+67380555853245225ocn000128070book19710.56Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)The eighteenth century in ItalyExhibition catalogs4803ocn163618907book20070.28Gogh, Vincent vanVincent van Gogh : the drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsBibliographyInteractive multimediaSelf-portraitsRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogsPresents a collection of the drawings of Vincent Van Gogh, providing images of his works in charcoal, chalk, ink, graphite, and watercolor, and including essays the place each drawing in its historical context, explaining its significance+-+1844732935128112ocn000799857book19730.37Pierpont Morgan LibraryArt of the printed book, 1455-1955 : masterpieces of typography through five centuries from the collections of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New YorkHistoryExhibition catalogs9422ocn000030362book19690.37Cockerell, Sydney CarlyleOld Testament miniatures: a medieval picture book with 283 paintings from the Creation to the story of DavidIllustrationsAmong the great treasures of the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York is an illuminated book more than 700 years old, depicting nearly 300 scenes from the Old Testament from the Creation to the story of David. The miniatures, richly colored in shades of red, green, blue, pink, brown, and gold, are reproduced here in color in their entirety for the first time"--Cover flap7852ocn084837891book20070.24Ardizzone, HeidiAn illuminated life : Belle da Costa Greene's journey from prejudice to privilegeHistoryBiographyCase studiesThe secret life of the sensational woman behind the Morgan masterpieces, who lit up New York society. What would you give up to achieve your dream? When J.P. Morgan hired Belle da Costa Greene in 1905 to organize his rare book and manuscript collection, she had only her personality and a few years of experience to recommend her. Ten years later, she had shaped the famous Pierpont Morgan Library collection and was a celebrity in New York and the art world, renowned for her self-made expertise, her acerbic wit, and her flirtatious relationships. Born to a family of people of color, Greene changed her name and invented a Portuguese grandmother to enter white society. In her new world, she dined at the tables of the highest society and with bohemian artists and activists, and engaged in a decades-long affair with art critic Bernard Berenson.--From publisher description+-+39560584856883ocn044963461com19900.37Morgan Library ghost storiesFictionParodies, imitations, etc5512ocn009557487book19760.50Clovio, GiulioThe Farnese hours : the Pierpont Morgan Library, New YorkIllustrations5443ocn007171209book19810.59Pierpont Morgan LibraryEuropean drawings, 1375-1825 : catalogueCatalogs4073ocn000670263book19570.66Pierpont Morgan LibraryTreasures from the Pierpont Morgan Library : fiftieth anniversary exhibition, 1957HistoryCatalogsExhibition catalogs3663ocn007553847book19800.66Pierpont Morgan LibraryThe Stavelot Triptych : Mosan art and the Legend of the True CrossExhibition catalogs3593ocn024795785book19920.53Pierpont Morgan LibraryIn august company : the collections of the Pierpont Morgan LibraryThis book, written for the general reader and scholar alike, reproduces and discusses over 175 of the finest objects from the Library's richly diverse collections. An introductory section provides an account of the origins of the Library, when Pierpont Morgan - avowing that "no price is too high for an object of unquestioned beauty and known authenticity" - set out to form a collection of books, manuscripts, and drawings to rival those of the great aristocratic libraries of Europe. The elegant marble library he built in New York to house these collections, regarded as one of architect Charles F. McKim's finest achievements, is illustrated and discussed in detail as well3596ocn022862555book19910.76Anderson, Jeffrey CThe New York Cruciform LectionaryIllustrations+-+98925562753243543ocn021034912book19900.47Auchincloss, LouisJ.P. Morgan : the financier as collector+-+55618456353272ocn043894507book20000.66Wieck, Roger SThe hours of Henry VIII : a Renaissance masterpiece by Jean PoyetIllustrations"A product for the royal court of France, the "Hours of Henry VIII," created around 1500 by Jean Poyet, is one of the most splendid Books of Hours to come down to us from this period. This illustrated lay book of daily devotions and prayers contains fifty-five hand-painted images that accompany the calendar, prayers to the Virgin Mary and the saints, extracts from the Bible, and prayers for the dead. They are all reproduced here in color for the first time."--BOOK JACKET+-+22296125353231ocn054376371book20030.79Smith, Kathryn AArt, identity, and devotion in fourteenth-century England : three women and their books of hoursExamines the De Lisle hours of Margaret de Beauchamp, the De Bois hours (Dubois hours) of Hawisia de Bois, and the Neville of Hornby hours of Isabel de Byron+-+55748575352771ocn007985828book19810.66MichelinoThe Prayer book of Michelino da BesozzoCriticism, interpretation, etc2763ocn000979079book19740.73Pierpont Morgan LibraryMediaeval & Renaissance manuscriptsCatalogs2572ocn059817964book20050.81Between the picture and the word : manuscript studies from the Index of Christian ArtConference proceedingsIn this volume from the Index of Christian Art, a group of scholars makes skilled use of the methodology of iconography to examine a number of significant medieval manuscripts, including the Morgan Picture Bible+-+35757312453242474ocn000980101book19740.76Pierpont Morgan LibraryDrawings; major acquisitions of the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1924-1974Catalogs2392ocn001014276book19740.76Pierpont Morgan LibraryEarly printed books : major acquisitions of the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1924-1974Bibliography CatalogsCatalogs2224ocn001014279book19740.79Pierpont Morgan LibraryAutograph letters & manuscripts : major acquisitions of the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1924-1974Catalogs2201ocn051197989book20020.84The book of kings : art, war, and the Morgan Library's medieval picture bibleHistoryCatalogsExhibition catalogs"The Morgan Picture Bible was designed to bring selected Old Testament stories into the 13th-century, the time of its original audience. The creators' original intention was to make these stories not only powerful and meaningful, but as appealing and entertaining as possible by placing biblical heroes in contemporary castles, cathedrals, and other daily settings."--Amazon+-+5167948546+-+6961255585324+-+6961255585324Fri Mar 21 15:21:02 EDT 2014batch45886