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Fri Mar 21 17:16:23 2014 UTClccn-n791004220.25Death and the maidens : Fanny Wollstonecraft and the Shelley circle /0.470.63Aphra Behn studies /98262041Janet_Toddn 79100422332538Todd, Janet.Todd, Janet, 1942-Todd, Janet M.Todd, Janet Margaret, 1942-جانيت تود، 1942-lccn-n78095613Wollstonecraft, Mary1759-1797lccn-n50006616Behn, Aphra1640-1689lccn-n79032879Austen, Jane1775-1817lccn-n79151260Ferguson, Moiralccn-n79061063Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft1797-1851lccn-n80091046Hughes, Derek1944-edtlccn-n95056262Blank, Antje1965-edtlccn-n79054060Shelley, Percy Bysshe1792-1822lccn-n94003718Godwin, Fanny Imlaylccn-n50041885Clairmont, Clara Mary Jane1798-1879Todd, Janet M.1942-Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBiographyDictionariesBiography‡vDictionariesBio-bibliography‡vDictionariesHandbooks, manuals, etcEncyclopediasInterviewsBibliographyWomen and literatureEnglandGreat BritainLiteratureAuthors, EnglishWollstonecraft, Mary,FranceEnglish-speaking countriesBehn, Aphra,Women authors, EnglishAusten, Jane,FeministsEnglish literature--Women authorsEnglish fictionAmerican literature--Women authorsFeminism and literatureWomen authors, AmericanAuthors, English--Early modernAuthors, AmericanWomenFeminismFeminist fiction, EnglishFemale friendshipFrench fictionFriendshipEnglish fiction--Women authorsEnglish fiction--Early modernClairmont, Clara Mary Jane,Shelley, Percy Bysshe,Godwin, Fanny ImlayShelley, Mary Wollstonecraft,Feminism and motion picturesWomen in the motion picture industryMotion pictures and womenMotion picturesNovelists, EnglishLove stories, EnglishLibertyInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Women's rightsWar--CausesWomen--EducationRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Reflections on the revolution in France (Burke, Edmund)Human rightsMenEnglish literatureWomen spiesLiterature--Women authorsStyle, Literary194219591972197319751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201329351188801BPR5841.W8ocn794365726ocn470201996ocn312801068ocn468404155ocn263147667ocn469569895ocn311541762ocn462000606ocn462038135ocn185787603ocn468275498ocn466929364ocn185775547ocn185763573168515ocn009893937book19760.37Ferguson, MoiraMary WollstonecraftHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Mary Wollstonecraft+-+1447932475324155417ocn043701583book20000.29Todd, Janet MMary Wollstonecraft : a revolutionary lifeBiography"Mary Wollstonecraft was the first major feminist in England, author of the pioneering Vindication of the Rights of Woman in 1792. This biography argues that her life and letters are her most lasting legacy." "This biography stresses too her tortured relations with her family, arguing that her resentment of her brother, Ned, and his advantages as an adored boy fuelled her intellectual life. It especially relates her involvement with her two sisters, whom she mothered, dominated, and wounded. Because they shared her volatile, depressive, and self-dramatizing temperament and were caught on the edge of Mary's tumultuous life, their letters declare what she herself might have been without her special energy and zest." "This biography, which makes full use of all her writings, also compares her with other women who came into her orbit: the clever, tragic Fanny Blood, so intensely loved and so betrayed, the pretty young Amelia Alderson, who admired and recoiled from the unconventional, and Mary Hays, caught in the same intellectual and sexual dilemmas but without Wollstonecraft's glamour."--BOOK JACKET+-+4936766875141532ocn010404273book19840.37Todd, Janet MA Dictionary of British and American women writers, 1660-1800Criticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyBiographyBiography DictionariesDictionariesBio-bibliography Dictionaries10509ocn005353696book19790.53Todd, Janet MWomen's friendship in literatureHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcO.a. aandacht voor John Clelands Fanny Hill en Diderots De Non als voorbeelden van erotische relaties tussen vrouwen102714ocn002966271book19770.47Wollstonecraft, MaryA Wollstonecraft anthologyMary Wollstonecraft is widely recognized as a social and political thinker of major significance and as one of the most important and influential of the early feminists. Some of her works, such as "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman," have become central texts of feminist thought. Written in the eighteenth century, her social commentary challenged the other eminent thinkers of the day, including Edmund Burke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and confronted the major events of the period, such as the French Revolution. Wollstonecraft was a persuasive writer and thinker who never felt compelled to separate her female experience from her writing. -- Back cover+-+660725687588612ocn019624113book19890.53Todd, Janet MThe sign of Angellica : women, writing, and fiction, 1660-1800HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+708625687532488517ocn036842393book19960.47Todd, Janet MThe secret life of Aphra BehnHistoryBiographyAphra Behn (1640?-1689) lived and died with the Restoration, with whose licence and liberty she became synonymous. The first woman to earn her living from writing, she composed at least nineteen plays, fiction, poetry and translations, and travelled as a spy to Holland and possibly to Surinam in South America on behalf of Charles II's government. This definitive biography is the first to draw on Behn's complete works and newly discovered documents in Britain and the Netherlands. Behn is a mass of contradictions: a high Tory who disliked traditional power structures; a powerful, autonomous woman who depended on men's approval; a woman who desired men and women and who became involved in intense political activity, yet craved case. This readable, fast-paced book uncovers Behn's assertive, duplicitous, sensual character and illustrates the openly erotic nature of her writings, her explorations of desire, sexual excitement and disappointment, which later made her a byword for lewdness. It reveals historical sources and court cases behind some of her most famous 'fictions'. As well as recounting Behn's story. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn illuminates the political and social background of the period, the court intrigue, the theatre and its protagonists, London life before and after the Restoration, the Popish Plot, and the Monmouth Rebellion. Behn's relationships with Dryden and Rochester, the Stuart kings, Nell Gwyn, the Duchess of Mazarine and many others make her story a fascinating combination of literature, politics, sex and intrigue+-+000970863584120ocn055044488book20040.59Hughes, DerekThe Cambridge companion to Aphra BehnHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etc"Traditionally known as the first professional woman writer in English, Aphra Behn has now emerged as one of the major figures of the Restoration. During the 1670s and 1680s, she provided more plays for the stage than any other author, and greatly influenced the development of the novel. Behn's work straddles the genres of drama, fiction, poetry, and translation. With its full bibliography, detailed chronology, and a description of the known facts of her life, this Companion will be an essential tool for the study of this increasingly important writer and thinker."--Jacket+-+657270670581014ocn060360380book20050.53Jane Austen in contextHistoryBiographyEncyclopediasIncludes information on Bath, Frances Burney, George Gordon Byron, Church of England, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Maria Edgeworth, Emma, Gothic novel, Lady Susan, London, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Ann Radcliffe, Samuel Richardson, Sir Walter Scott, Sense and Sensibility, Sir Charles Grandison, slavery, Adam Smith, Steventon, The Watsons, Mary Wollstonecraft, etc+-+199173670575720ocn076865081book20060.47Todd, Janet MThe Cambridge introduction to Jane AustenCriticism, interpretation, etcJane Austen is unique among British novelists in maintaining her popular appeal while receiving more scholarly attention now than ever before. This innovative introduction by a leading scholar and editor of her work explains what students need to know about her novels, life, context and reception. Each novel is discussed in detail, and all the essential information about her life and literary influences, her novels and letters, and her impact on later literature and culture is covered. While the book considers the key areas of current critical focus its analysis remains thoroughly grounded in readings of the texts themselves. Janet Todd outlines what makes Austen's prose style so innovative and gives useful starting points for the study of the major works, with suggestions for further reading. This book is an essential purchase for all students of Austen, as well as for readers wanting to deepen their appreciation of the novels+-+71530367057507ocn166273760book20070.25Todd, Janet MDeath and the maidens : Fanny Wollstonecraft and the Shelley circleBiographyExamines the life of Fanny Wollstonecraft, the first daughter of notorious feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, by an American lover, discussing her place in the household of her stepfather William Godwin, and looking at her relationship with her famous sister Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, her dashed hopes for romance with Mary's eventual husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, and her suicide at the age of twenty-two+-+44888973067436ocn016981891book19880.56Women and film7308ocn719371239com19990.37Wollstonecraft, MaryA vindication of the rights of men A vindication of the rights of woman ; An historical and moral view of the French RevolutionHistory"This volume brings together the major political writings of Mary Wollstonecraft as they appeared in the revolutionary 1790s." "It traces her passionate and indignant response to the excitement of the early days of the French Revolution and then her uneasiness at its later bloody phase. It reveals her developing understanding of women's involvement in a nation's political and social life and her growing awareness of the relationship between politics and economics, political institutions and the individual." "In personal terms, the works show her struggling with a belief in the perfectibility of human nature through rational education, a doctrine that appeared weaker to her under the onslaught of her own miserable experience and of the revolutionary massacres."--BOOK JACKET+-+37018374657174ocn009350433book19830.53Jane Austen : new perspectivesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc7127ocn007736647book19810.53Men by womenCriticism, interpretation, etc6956ocn006627294book19800.59Gender and literary voiceCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+52015469353246587ocn013358746book19860.59Todd, Janet MSensibility : an introductionCriticism, interpretation, etc6525ocn008345648book19830.56Women writers talkingInterviews62413ocn032544779book19960.63Todd, Janet MAphra Behn studiesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+441629670561736ocn026012857book19920.63Behn, AphraThe works of Aphra BehnRecords and correspondenceThe InteLex Past Masters Women Writers database The Works of Aphra Behn contains seven volumes of Behn's Works as published by Pickering & Chatto 2000-2001+-+0320579635324+-+4936766875+-+4936766875Fri Mar 21 15:21:33 EDT 2014batch30395