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Thu Oct 16 18:02:40 2014 UTClccn-n791024580.37Metaphysics0.571.00A critical annotated bibliography of the published works of Josiah Royce /93861710n 79102458334535Oppenheim, Frank M.Oppenheim, Frank Mathias 1925-lccn-n79059752Royce, Josiah1855-1916lccn-n97122715Hocking, Richard1906-edtlccn-n50034616Hocking, William Ernest1873-1966lccn-n79034265Peirce, Charles S.(Charles Sanders)1839-1914lccn-n78095539James, William1842-1910lccn-n79060532Dewey, John1859-1952lccn-n85243428John Courtney Murray Writers' Group (U.S.)lccn-n85377234Swift, Helennp-swift, helenSwift, Helenviaf-120217837Jarvis, Edward A.Oppenheim, Frank M.1925-BibliographyMetaphysicsRoyce, Josiah,Religion--PhilosophyChristianity--PhilosophyChristianity--Essence, genius, natureChristianityReligionEthicsPeirce, Charles S.--(Charles Sanders),PragmatismJames, William,Dewey, John,TheologyGod (Christianity)--History of doctrinesMass mediaSocial justiceChristianity and justiceSalvationPhilosophy and religionPhilosophyGenetic epistemologyGodGod--History of doctrinesResearch19251951196219641967196919751976198019861987199019921993199820012005201136452463110B945.R63ocn462958155ocn468392122ocn494012455ocn46861136817468ocn042856415file19980.37Royce, JosiahMetaphysics+-+K1138964253915ocn015790002book19870.74Oppenheim, Frank MRoyce's mature philosophy of religion2794ocn027728114book19930.84Oppenheim, Frank MRoyce's mature ethics2764ocn005334103book19800.82Oppenheim, Frank MRoyce's voyage down under : a journey of the mind2725ocn056840599book20050.82Oppenheim, Frank MReverence for the relations of life : re-imagining pragmatism via Josiah Royce's interactions with Peirce, James, and Dewey"Josiah Royce emphasized that communities of all sizes - ranging from families to towns - needed "reverence for the relations of life" not only to thrive but to survive. This theme permeates the dialectic of Royce's interactions with Peirce, James, and Dewey. Oppenheim analyzes the agreement and disagreement of these thinkers on the method and content of philosophy, skepticism and intelligibility, and nominalism and intentionality, as he uncovers their varied stances toward transcendent Reality." "Frank M. Oppenheim, who is widely regarded as an expert on Josiah Royce, brings more than 40 years of study to bear on this magnum opus. Reverence for the Relations of Life will be essential reading for those interested in American philosophy and theology."--BOOK JACKET+-+74659531752334ocn013268934book19860.66The Reasoning heart : toward a North American theology1694ocn039085435book19980.77Oppenheim, Frank MBehind the bits : managing the media maze+-+75266361251065ocn045790923book20010.59Royce, JosiahThe problem of Christianity"In what sense can the modern man consistently be, in creed, a Christian?"--Introduction+-+5725678635941ocn013737920book19860.37Swift, HelenThe mustard seed process : twelve practical exercises on social justice for groups and individuals474ocn047727391book20010.86Royce, JosiahJosiah Royce's late writings : a collection of unpublished and scattered works+-+8664150036143ocn462958155book19750.79Jarvis, Edward AThe conception of God in the later Royce+-+786262975432ocn833741959book20010.53Royce, JosiahThe sources of religious insight; lectures delivered before Lake Forest College on the foundation of the late William BrossThis book covers topics of: the religious problem and the human individual, individual experience and social experience as sources of religious insight, The office of the reason, the world and the will, the religion of loyalty, the religious mission of sorrow, and the unity of the spirit and the invisible church+-+482567863531ocn023721503book19641.00Oppenheim, Frank MA critical annotated bibliography of the published works of Josiah RoyceBibliography22ocn635259078book19620.47Oppenheim, Frank MRoyce's mature idea of general metaphysics22ocn018361383book19670.47Oppenheim, Frank MBibliography of the published works of Josiah RoyceBibliography11ocn076972864book19751.00Oppenheim, Frank MJosiah Royce as Teacher11ocn076972865book19761.00Oppenheim, Frank MJosiah Royce's intellectual development: an hypothesis11ocn076972863book19671.00Oppenheim, Frank MRoyce's Appreciative Interest in the More Vital11ocn634429290book20010.47Royce, JosiahLate writings : a collection of unpublished and scattered works11ocn076972861book19901.00Clendenning, JohnNew documents on Josiah Royce+-+K113896425+-+K113896425Thu Oct 16 15:38:51 EDT 2014batch10299