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Fri Mar 21 17:04:32 2014 UTClccn-n791062000.00Correspondence, 1947-19790.391.00American Literature records,109299049n 79106200338199Spiller, R.Spiller, Robert E.Spiller, Robert E. 1896-1988Spiller, Robert E. (Robert Ernest), 1896-1988Spiller, Robert Ernest, 1896-スピラー, ロバート・Elccn-n79059786Cooper, James Fenimore1789-1851lccn-n78085476Emerson, Ralph Waldo1803-1882lccn-n50051945Canby, Henry Seidel1878-1961edtlccn-n80026717Thorp, Willard1899-1990edtlccn-n50039238Johnson, Thomas Herbertedtlccn-n79046644Dreiser, Theodore1871-1945lccn-n79043402Franklin, Benjamin1706-1790lccn-n85062964Ludwig, Richard M.1920-clbedtlccn-n78095600Thoreau, Henry David1817-1862lccn-n79006936Melville, Herman1819-1891Spiller, Robert Ernest1896-1988Criticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyFictionRecords and correspondenceHistoryBiographyAmerican literatureCooper, James Fenimore,United StatesCycles (Literature)Historical fiction, AmericanFrontier and pioneer life in literatureEmerson, Ralph Waldo,Melville, Herman,Whitman, Walt,Franklin, Benjamin,O'Neill, Eugene,Hemingway, Ernest,Norris, Frank,Thoreau, Henry David,Poe, Edgar Allan,Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Dickinson, Emily,Hawthorne, Nathaniel,Bryant, William Cullen,Jefferson, Thomas,Twain, Mark,Robinson, Edwin Arlington,James, Henry,Dreiser, Theodore,Frost, Robert,Irving, Washington,Faulkner, William,EnglandTravelPolitical and social viewsIntellectual lifeAmerican essaysAuthors, AmericanBiographyNational characteristics, EnglishConduct of lifeAmerican literature--Colonial periodAmerican literature--Revolutionary period (United States)National characteristics, AmericanEconomic policyAntirent War (New York : 1839-1846)New York (State)CriticsMumford, Lewis,Brooks, Van Wyck,American prose literature--Revolutionary period (United States)American prose literatureStudy skillsCriticismSocial control189619881903191719261927192819291930193119321933193419361937193819391941194219451946194719481949195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119861987199019911992199319941995199719992008280712461045810.9PS88ocn000269181ocn001037571ocn001175444ocn000923698ocn000424238ocn000082550ocn000269464ocn000275023ocn000792609ocn000334926ocn186581003ocn186578205ocn186577888ocn186577967ocn186578006ocn186578017ocn186578002ocn186577959ocn186577564ocn185526580ocn440686974ocn440021249ocn462057195ocn813645321ocn462524441ocn468614437ocn458898813ocn439223426ocn248483479ocn464226274ocn462524441ocn0528797416698251ocn000269181book19460.28Spiller, Robert ErnestLiterary history of the United StatesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography245384ocn000176292book19550.33Spiller, Robert ErnestThe cycle of American literature; an essay in historical criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography163933ocn000233355book19360.31Spiller, Robert ErnestJames Fenimore CooperCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography131918ocn001175444book19620.32Spiller, Robert ErnestA time of harvest, American literature, 1910-1960Criticism, interpretation, etc131215ocn002648539book19670.33Spiller, Robert ErnestThe American literary revolution, 1783-1837129319ocn000232791book19310.50Spiller, Robert ErnestFenimore Cooper, critic of his timesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography11939ocn000418519book19590.47Emerson, Ralph WaldoEarly lectures106015ocn000269443book19650.39Spiller, Robert ErnestThe third dimension : studies in literary historyCriticism, interpretation, etc99318ocn000275023book19330.47Spiller, Robert ErnestThe roots of national culture; American literature to 18309847ocn000246581book19710.47Emerson, Ralph WaldoThe collected works of Ralph Waldo Emerson+-+75466592159547ocn000424238book19610.53American Studies AssociationAmerican perspectives; the national self-image in the twentieth century8584ocn000082550book19700.47Brooks, Van WyckThe Van Wyck Brooks-Lewis Mumford letters: the record of a literary friendship, 1921-1963Records and correspondence8467ocn000441642book19680.33Spiller, Robert ErnestThe oblique light; studies in literary history and biographyCriticism, interpretation, etc6086ocn006042739book19800.59Spiller, Robert ErnestLate harvest : essays and addresses in American literature and cultureCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+98757786853245778ocn002644290book19770.53Spiller, Robert ErnestMilestones in American literary historyCriticism, interpretation, etcDiscusses the literary importance of 32 books by writers such as Lewis Mumford, D.H. Lawrence, Vernon Louis Parrington, Emile Legouis and Louis Cazamian, Bernard Fay, Norman Foerster, Howard Mumford Jones, Constance Rourke, Percy H. Boynton, Henry Seidel Canby, Myron F. Brightfield, Granville Hicks, Malcolm Cowley, Van Wyck Brooks, Josephine K. Piercy, Ralph H. Gabriel, F.O. Matthiessen, Augusto Santino, Donald Stauffer, Frank Luther Mott, Alfred Cazin, J. Donald Adams, Charles Cestre, Alexander Cowie, Lars Aahnebrink, Van Wyck Brooks, Frederick J. Hoffman, Harold C. Gardiner, Louise Bogan, Maxwell Geismar, Randall Stewart, and Willard Thorp+-+085946283532450415ocn000022023book19340.66Spiller, Robert ErnestA descriptive bibliography of the writings of James Fenimore CooperBibliography44811ocn000263412book19600.70Spiller, Robert ErnestSocial control in a free society4133ocn000792609book19360.59Cooper, James FenimoreRepresentative selections38518ocn000873325book19260.73Spiller, Robert ErnestThe American in England during the first half century of independenceHistory3624ocn001250120book19370.50Cooper, James FenimoreSatanstoeFictionFirst of a trilogy dealing with frontier life and customs in colonial New York11ocn031069837mix1.00Rubin, Louis DLouis Decimus Rubin papersSeries 1.1.1. Selected author correspondence (names beginning with O-T): This series contains correspondence with writers and critics of major import, as selected by Rubin. Note that writers and critics of special importance in Rubin's papers are listed in the general abstract for this collection11ocn031421821mix1.00Anderson, Carl LPapersPapers include 2 folders of Arlin Turner Festschrift files containing correspondence and miscellany and the Robert E. Spiller file containing letters about Spiller written by former graduate students. Includes correspondence with Professors Louis J. Budd and Arlin Turner. Includes a copy of the introduction to the Turner Festschrift; Dr. Turner's vita; bibliography of his works; list of contributors to the Festschrift; and index of persons appearing in the Festschrift11ocn232113333mix1.00Spiller, Robert ErnestImpressions of Duke University: July 1927HistorySpiller taught English during summer school at Duke University in 1927. In this piece, he comments about the school's architecture and academic plans and development11ocn019105625mix1.00American Literature recordsPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceConsists of correspondence, editorial commentary, and other material, which relates to editorial policy, Duke Press, reviewers, the Norman Foerster Award, publicity, and the American Literature Group/Section of the Modern Language Association. In addition to documenting the journal's history in great depth, this collection sheds light on the initial organization of the field of American literary studies and illustrates changing approaches to literary criticism. Papers generated by many scholars are contained in the collection. All of the Editorial Chairs' papers as individuals are also housed in the Hubbell Center: Jay B. Hubbell, Clarence Gohdes, Arlin Turner, Edwin Cady, Louis Budd, and Cathy Davidson. The function of the Editorial Board members is to read and write commentary on submitted articles. Four members whose individual papers are housed in the Hubbell Center are: Ralph Rusk, Henry Pochmann, Gay Wilson Allen, and Sacvan Bercovitch. Some of the scholars who have served on the Editorial Board, generating editorial commentary contained in the American Literature collection are: Norman Foerster, Robert Spiller, Harry Hayden Clark, Willard Thorp, Henry Nash Smith, William Charvat, Roy Harvey Pearce, Annette Kolodny, Nina Baym, Martha Banta, Marcus Klein, and Werner Sollors. The collection also includes a significant amount of correspondence from Louise Pound. Accession (2009-0177) (7.5 lin. ft.; 5625 items; dated 1993-2000s) includes correspondence and editorial comments, organized alphabetically by last name. Only A-L are represented in this accession. This accession is restricted: permission is required by editors11ocn151371652mixLiterary Fellowship of PhiladelphiaCriticism, interpretation, etcThe correspondence is to and from W. Otto Sypherd and Robert E. Spiller and their successors as organizers+-+7546659215+-+7546659215Fri Mar 21 15:21:33 EDT 2014batch31783