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Fri Mar 21 17:06:40 2014 UTClccn-n791077360.33The A to Z of the Coptic Church0.590.98al-Khūlājī al-muqqadas, quddāsā al-qadīsayn Bāsīiyūs wa-Ighrīghūryūs153154758n 79107736906962933968651508522838096Alexandria. Coptic PatriarchateAlexandria (Egipte : Patriarcat Còptic)Alexandria (Egypt : Coptic Patriarchate)Alexandrie (patriarcat copte orthodoxe)Baṭriyarkīyat al-Aqbāṭ al-UrthūdhuksBatriyarkiyat Al-Aqbat Al-UrthuduksBaṭrīyarkiyyaẗ al-Aqbāṭ al-urṯūḏuksCatholic Church Coptic riteChurch of EgyptCoptic ChurchCoptic Church. Patriarchate of Alexandria (Egypt)Coptic orthodox churchCoptic Orthodox CurchCoptic Orthodox Patriarchate of AlexandriaCoptic Patriarchate of AlexandriaEcclesia CopticaEglise copteÉglise copte (monophysite)Église orthodoxe copteEsglésia Copta OrtodoxaEsglésia Copta. Patriarcat d'Alexandria (Egipte)Església CopteEsglésia Ortodoxa CoptaEsglésia Ortodoxa Copta d'AlexandriaIglesia CoptaKanīsah al-Masīḥīyah bi-MiṣrKanīsah al-QibṭīyahKanīsah al-Qibṭīyah al-UrthūdhuksīyahKoptisch-Orthodoxe KircheKoptische KirchePatriarcat copte orthodoxe d'Alexandrieالكنيسة القبطيةكنيسة الاقباط الأرثوذكسكنيسة القبطيةكنيسة القبطية الارثوذكسيةlccn-n81092037Meinardus, Otto Friedrich Augustlccn-n00088203Davis, Stephen J.lccn-n84239375Gabra, Gawdatlccn-n85155759Goehring, James E.1950-lccn-n82117211Johnson, D. W.(David W.)1938-hnrlccn-n86859585Timbie, Janetlccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n2005088034Swanson, Mark(Mark N.)lccn-n79139707Atiya, Aziz Suryal1898-1988lccn-n86088392Hassan, SanaCoptic ChurchPrayersHistoryBiographyEgyptCoptic ChurchCoptsChristianity and other religions--IslamIslam--Relations--ChristianityPolitical scienceCoptic fathers of the churchCoptic Christian saintsCoptic monasticism and religious ordersChristianityChristologyJesus ChristChristian antiquitiesIslam--Relations--Coptic ChurchCopts--Politics and governmentReligion and stateReligious minoritiesIslam and stateNagidEthnic relationsJewsFatimitesCairo GenizahJews--Politics and governmentCoptic church buildingsChurch buildingsMonasteriesLiturgicsManners and customsTurkeyCoptic languageChurch and stateLord's Supper (Liturgy)Coptic literatureLiturgies, Early ChristianSynaxarionConfirmation (Liturgy)Baptism (Liturgy)PentecostLent--LiturgyTheology, DoctrinalEvangeliariesMartyrologiesRitualCoptic artRites and ceremoniesArabic languageChurch dedication--LiturgyScotlandAntiquities164416461666167516771681169116921700170217161733173617401749176317641789182418281835184518471850185618651867187018721873187418751877187818791882188318841886188718881889189018921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619181920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919411942194319441945194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143043019062828264.017BX137832ocn000811702book19670.81Khs-Burmester, O. H. EThe Egyptian or Coptic Church; a detailed description of her liturgical services and the rites and ceremonies observed in the administration of her sacraments813ocn000666725book19080.66Coptic ChurchThe Coptic morning service for the Lord's day752ocn830947365file18700.86Coptic ChurchThe liturgies of S. Basil, S. Gregory, and S. Cyril translated from a Coptic manuscript of the thirteenth century733ocn013373358book19690.93Coptic ChurchKoptische Hymnologie in deutscher Übersetzung : eine Auswahl aus saidischen und bohairischen Antiphonarien vom 9. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart7212ocn001158561book19050.81Coptic ChurchSynaxarium Alexandrinum715ocn002142787book19580.76Coptic ChurchLe grand euchologe du Monastère Blanc622ocn003963390book19600.86Coptic ChurchUn témoin archaïque de la liturgie copte de s. Basile5912ocn002234074book19040.81Coptic ChurchLe Synaxaire arabe jacobite (redaction copte)506ocn002195742book19330.88Coptic ChurchLe lectionnaire de la semaine sainte; texte copte édité avec traduction française d'après le manuscrit Add. 5997 du British Museum423ocn012367602book19600.93Coptic ChurchThe rite of consecration of the Patriarch of Alexandria; text according to Ms. 253 Lit., Coptic Museum. Translated and annotated by O.H.E. Khs-Burmester384ocn002815223book19130.70Coptic ChurchLes ménologes des évangeliaires coptes-arabes292ocn001221721book19680.95Coptic ChurchLa liturgie des sacrements du baptême et de la confirmation254ocn016110512book0.97Coptic ChurchKitāb al-Sankasār al-jāmiʻ li-akhbār al-anbiyāʼ wa-al-rusul wa-al-shuhadāʼ wa-al-qiddīsīn al-mustaʻmal fī Kanāʼis al-Karāzah al-Marqasīyah fī ayyām wa-Āḥād al-sanah al-TūtīyahBiographyPrayers242ocn010294220book19640.97Coptic Churchal-Quddās al-Bāsīlī , taḥlīl bi-al-lughah al-Qibṭīyah232ocn023686935book19670.98Coptic Churchal-Khūlājī al-muqqadas, quddāsā al-qadīsayn Bāsīiyūs wa-Ighrīghūryūs202ocn028109181book19230.97Coptic ChurchThe coptic theotokia : text from Vatican Cod. Copt. xxxvii. Bib. Nat. Copte 22, 23, 35, 69 and other MSS : including fragments recently found at the Dêr Abû Makâr in the Wadi Natrun201ocn021264463book19880.66ShanūdahComparative theology181ocn005736496book19630.66Coptic ChurchThe Coptic liturgy : authorized by H.H. Abba Kyrillos VI162ocn249273838book19020.66Coptic ChurchThe service for the consecration of a church and altar according to the Coptic rite163ocn029712217book0.73Coptic ChurchOriginal documents of the Coptic ChurchHistory12278ocn056131520file19990.39Meinardus, Otto F. ATwo thousand years of Coptic ChristianityHistoryChurch history"Dr. Otto Meinardus, a leading authority on the history of the Coptic Church, here revises, updates, and combines his renowned studies Christian Egypt, Ancient and Modern (AUC Press, 1965, 1977) and Christian Egypt, Faith and Life (AUC Press, 1970) into a new, definitive, one-volume history for the Millennium, surveying the twenty centuries of existence of one of the oldest churches in the world."--BOOK JACKET+-+86609792249494ocn815970283file20070.50The world of early Egyptian Christianity language, literature, and social context : essays in honor of David W. JohnsonHistoryChurch history"With increasing interest in early Egyptian (Coptic) Christianity, this volume offers an important collection of essays about Coptic language, literature, and social history by the very finest authors in the field. The essays explore a wide range of topics and offer much to the advancement of Coptic studies. Readers interested in the emergence of Christianity in Egypt and its later development in the Coptic Church will find much of interest in these pages."--BOOK JACKET+-+25396786358165ocn437108938com20030.56Hassan, SanaChristians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt the Century-Long Struggle for Coptic EqualityHistoryChurch historyThe Copts of Egypt are the largest Christian minority in the Middle East. In recent years they have often figured in the news as victims of bloody attacks by Islamic militants. Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt is the first study of Christian identity politics in contemporary Egypt. S.S. Hasan begins by looking at how the Coptic generation of the 1940s and 1950s remembered, recovered, and imagined the ancient history of Christianity in Egypt in order to weld the Copts into a unified nation, resistant to the growing encroachments of Islam. She argues that this interpretation of history+-+13138604656515ocn252686746file20060.53Hamilton, AlastairThe Copts and the West, 1439-1822 the European discovery of the Egyptian churchHistoryChurch historyThis first full study of the subject discusses how 17C Catholic missionaries tried to force the Copts (Egyptian members of the Church of Alexandria) into union with the Church of Rome, and the slow accumulation of knowledge of Coptic beliefs, undertaken by Catholics and Protestants. Includes a survey of the study of the Coptic language in the West. - ;In seventeenth-century Europe the Copts, or the Egyptian members of the Church of Alexandria, were widely believed to hold the key to an ancient wisdom and an ancient theology. Their language was thought to lead to the deciphering of the hierogly+-+62233744655958ocn000716569book19630.50Wakin, EdwardA lonely minority; the modern story of Egypt's CoptsHistory+-+89643504055285ocn234291848com20080.50Davis, Stephen JCoptic christology in practice incarnation and divine participation in late antique and medieval EgyptHistoryChurch historyCoptic Christology in Practice forges a new path in the study of ancient and medieval Christology. Employing a range of interdisciplinary methods derived from the fields of social history, discourse theory, ritual studies, and the visual arts, Stephen J. Davis demonstrates how Christian identity in Egypt was shaped by a set of replicable 'christological practices'. He thus enables readers to trace the fascinating lines of the Coptic church's theological and culturaltransition from late antiquity to Dar al-Islam+-+271307446544317ocn000067024book18840.70Butler, Alfred JoshuaThe ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt+-+02351675963244394ocn022808960book19910.56The Coptic encyclopediaDictionaries+-+20752437553244306ocn494283763book20100.70Scott, Rachel MThe challenge of political Islam : non-Muslims and the Egyptian stateNon-Muslims in classical Islam -- Discontinuity, continuity, and the rise of Islamism -- Non-Muslims and the Egyptian state -- The dhimma -- Toward citizenship -- Citizenship in an Islamic state -- Coptic responses+-+31541295353244048ocn680621231book20040.63Davis, Stephen JThe early Coptic papacy the Egyptian church and its leadership in late antiquityHistoryIn analysing the development of the Egyptian papacy from its origins to the rise of Islam, Davis examines evidence, as well as art, artifacts, and archaeological remains - to discover what the patriarchs did as leaders, how their leadership was represented in public discourses, and how those representations shaped the Egyptian Christian identity in late antiquity+-+45839792243743ocn671821752file20090.33Gabra, GawdatThe A to Z of the Coptic ChurchChurch historyDictionaries+-+194313563536822ocn002643972book18950.66Abū S̄alihThe Churches & monasteries of Egypt and some neighbouring countries attributed to Abû Ṣâlih, the ArmenianHistoryChurch history+-+82134062453561ocn006378355book19800.79Cohen, Mark RJewish self-government in medieval Egypt : the origins of the office of head of the Jews, ca. 1065-1126History+-+82580564153243372ocn016898441book19870.63Kamil, JillCoptic Egypt : history and guideHistoryChurch history+-+97979792243096ocn049853383book20020.70Kamil, JillChristianity in the land of the pharaohs : the Coptic Orthodox ChurchHistoryChurch historyThe Copts - the indigenous Christians of Egypt - declared their independence from Byzantine Christianity when they appointed their own patriarchs in the sixth century. Jill Kamil has written an angaging and accessible survey of the history of Christianity on Egypt, through its development under Rome, Byzantium and Islam, to modern times. Drawing on personal travel to all the Christian sites of Egypt, and conversations with scholars, monks, museum directors, and scores of lay Egyptians both Copt and Muslim, the author tells us about the fundamental importance of Coptic religion and culture i+-+88079706953027ocn049853339book20020.66Capuani, MassimoChristian Egypt : coptic art and monuments through two millenniaHistory"The Coptic Church owes its existence to the evangelization of Egypt by St. Mark and thus claims to be one of the churches most faithful to the biblical message of the beginnings. The Copts regard themselves as the true descendents of the ancient people of pharaonic Egypt." "The history of their name is a reminder that this part of the world was at the center of an unusually extensive intermixing of populations and regions. The term "Copt" is an alteration of the Greek Aigyptios (Egyptian), which became qibt in Arabic, and gradually came to designate exclusively the community that remained faithful to Christianity in spite of the expansion of Islam." "This book is the result of Massimo Capuani's comprehensive examination of the archaeological studies and historical literature of Coptic Christian monasteries and churches, supported by photographs, planimeters, and architectural drawings, as well as many color plates. Gawdat Gabra's thorough knowledge of current archaeological activity and the most recent consensus regarding the dates and other questions concerning churches and monasteries enhance the store of information. The important contributions of Otto Meinardus and Marie-Helene Rutschowscaya provide comprehensive surveys of the two-thousand year history of the Coptic Church and of the artistic expression of the Coptic world. Together they bring back to life the history of this culture, which today enjoys a remarkable renewal."--BOOK JACKET+-+01597196352654ocn680621267file20100.66Swanson, MarkThe Coptic papacy in Islamic Egypt (641-1517)HistoryChurch historyThe author shows that the medieval Coptic popes (641-1517 CE) were regularly portrayed as standing in continuity with their saintly predecessors; however, at the same time they were active in creating something new, the Coptic Orthodox Church, a community that struggled to preserve a distinctive life and witness within the new Islamic world order+-+78451692242535ocn000413254book19180.76Leeder, S. HModern sons of the Pharaohs2495ocn611553075book20110.76Armanios, FebeCoptic Christianity in Ottoman EgyptHistoryChurch historyThere are approximately 7 million Coptic Christians in Egypt, making them the largest non-Muslim minority in the Middle East. Yet Copts, one of the world's oldest Christian communities, remain understudied relative to other ethnic and religious minorities in the region. They have been marginalized in existing scholarship, their experience subsumed by that of the majority Muslim population within Egypt. This is particularly true in studies of the Ottoman era (1517-1798), a pivotal period in the shaping of modern Egypt. This book is the first monograph to examine the religious beliefs and traditions of Christians in Ottoman Egypt and to reconstruct the daily lives of this community in the context of the surrounding culture. More broadly, this study reveals Ottoman society's diversity by examining the intimate interaction between Muslim and Christian practice, and between the Muslim majority and ethno-religious minorities generally. This book will not only enrich our understanding of the Ottoman period but also elucidate the complex relations between majority and minority populations in the Middle East today+-+K9399244652484ocn680621223file20100.73Werthmuller, Kurt JCoptic identity and Ayyubid politics in Egypt, 1218-1250History"Using the life and writings of Cyril III Ibn Laqlaq, 75th patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, along with a variety of Christian and Muslim chroniclers, this study explores the identity and context of the Christian community of Egypt and its relations with the leadership of the Ayyubid dynasty in the early thirteenth century. Kurt Werthmuller introduces new scholarship that illuminates the varied relationships between medieval Christians of Egypt and their Muslim neighbors. Demonstrating that the Coptic community was neither passive nor static, the author discusses the active role played by the Copts in the formation and evolution of their own identity within the wider political and societal context of this period. In particular, he examines the boundaries between Copts and the wider Egyptian society in the Ayyubid period in three 'in-between spaces': patriarchal authority, religious conversion, and monasticism."--Jacket+-+6098169224+-+2713074465Fri Mar 21 15:29:10 EDT 2014batch68474