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Fri Mar 21 17:13:42 2014 UTClccn-n791105460.00Nine Dayak Nights. [A reduced photographic reprint of the edition of 1957.]0.721.00The Land Dayaks of Borneo the village of Mentu Tapua in Sarawak /59172818n 79110546342407Geddes, W.R.Geddes, William R. (William Robert)Geddes, William Robertlccn-n50053318Skinner, H. D.(Henry Devenish)1886-1978othhnrviaf-73941556Freeman, J. D.othedtlccn-n79110547Colonial Social Science Research Council (Great Britain)lccn-n85103083Association of Asian Social Science Research Councilslccn-n84038909Walker, Anthony, jimDale, Jimproviaf-138907463Mediacast Pty. Ltdlccn-n80050314Contemporary Films/McGraw-Hillviaf-91834819MacGregor, Rondafmenp-hesse, manfredHesse, ManfredGeddes, W. R.(William Robert)Conference proceedingsDayak (Indonesian people)EthnologyThailandHmong (Asian people)PeasantsChinaBorneoSkinner, H. D.--(Henry Devenish),OceaniaManners and customsFijiAsiaSocial sciencesSocial sciences--ResearchVillagesDayak (Indonesian people)--Social life and customsThailand, NorthernCivilizationKinshipMalaysia--SarawakFolkloreIndiaHmong (Asian people)--Social life and customsHmong (Asian people)--AgricultureOpium poppy growersCorn--HarvestingCows--Religious aspects--HinduismHmong (Asian people)--Rites and ceremoniesAnthropology--MethodologyIndonesiaEconomic historyCowsCattle--Religious aspects--HinduismAgricultureReligionMalaysiaHinduismRice--Religious aspectsAnimals--Religious aspectsSocial historyRites and ceremoniesAnimal worshipWeddingsHill familyTravelDrug controlOpium poppyIndigenous peoplesMarriage customs and rites190619451946194819541957195919611962196319641965196819691970197119721973197519761979198019841985198719901992200020062008248028144301.29593DS646.3ocn010181525ocn220158945ocn225762529ocn079920703ocn055525522ocn580200675ocn468619342ocn839001999ocn216981218ocn18640510076436ocn000716433book19570.63Geddes, W. RNine Dayak nightsDiscusses the way of life, customs, and folklore of the Land Dayaks of Borneo+-+56717304653244866ocn002094754book19760.66Geddes, W. RMigrants of the mountains : the cultural ecology of the Blue Miao (Hmong Njua) of Thailand45514ocn000370557book19630.73Geddes, W. RPeasant life in Communist China2159ocn002322440book19590.79Freeman, J. DAnthropology in the South Seas; essays presented to H.D. Skinner20122ocn003942784book19540.84Geddes, W. RThe Land Dayaks of Sarawak; a report on a social economic survey of the Land Dayaks of Sarawak presented to the Colonial Social Science Research Council12714ocn004361929book19450.88Geddes, W. RDeuba : a study of a Fijian village1094ocn015527170book19850.93Asian perspectives in social scienceConference proceedings523ocn027688775book19920.88The Highland heritage : collected essays on upland North ThailandFestschrift in honor of William Robert Geddes, anthropological field worker214ocn006741259book19750.70Kichapi der Tüchtige : eine mythische Erzählung der Dayak von Borneo126ocn010181525visu19680.95Miao yearAn ethnographic study covering the life of a Miao village in northern Thailand throughout the annual growing cycle. Shows such activities as planting and harvesting maize and opium poppies, marriage customs, a funeral ceremony, healing practices of the shaman and making thread from the hemp plant for weaving into clothes and blankets72ocn225762529visu19870.47The Sacred cow of IndiaThis program traces the origin of the sacred cow concept and shows how it is upheld in India, not just by religion but by the practical value of cattle and their products. Covers bull wrestling in the South, the colourful rural Vishnoi people of Rajasthan, the giant cattle fair at Pushkar, the work of oxen and the value of their dung, the ceremonies of Brahmin priests and the Hari Krishna Cult, and the elevation of cows to divine status42ocn079920703visu19651.00The Land Dayaks of Borneo the village of Mentu Tapua in SarawakAn ethnographic study of village life among the Dayak inhabitants of Mentu Tapuh, a border region between Indonesia and Malaysia. Shows scenes of family life, religious ceremonies, recreational pursuits, and economic preoccupations--fishing, harvesting, and canoe-making32ocn220372880visu19840.47Brides of the godsCeremonies of the Bidayuh people in Indonesia relating to the practice of "marrying" women to the gods to obtain good fortune for the women and their families32ocn221857273visu19800.47The Soul of the riceA shortened version of "The Ritual of the Field". Provides a record for the future of the traditional religion, now rapidly changing, of the Bidayuh people in relation to rice cultivation32ocn811586519book1961Geddes, W. RNine Dayak Nights. [A reduced photographic reprint of the edition of 1957.]22ocn663651977book19481.00Geddes, W. RAn analysis of cultural change in Fiji22ocn023850933visu1.00Island of the red prawnsDocuments the culture of one of the Fiji Islands by recording the traditional wedding of the children of two important chieftans. Interspersed with scenes of the wedding preparations and the ceremony are sequences showing local customs, including the making of a huge ceremonial curtain; planting, growing, and harvesting food; fishing methods; and ecstatic dancing on burning coals21ocn220860955visu19900.47Sacred giftExplores the Indian reverence for the animal kingdom and shows how it enriches the lives of all Indians both in a practical and spiritual way21ocn028647324visu0.92The Land Dyaks of BorneoStudy of the life of the Land Dyaks of Borneo22ocn008616484visu19630.47The land Dayaks of Borneo the village of Mentu Tapuh in SarawakLife in a typical Dayak community, showing work, recreations and social life, and a religious festival11ocn152249848art19060.10Hills, William SanfordJulia B. Hills, daughter of James M. Hills; born 1880 at Litchfield, Connecticut+-+5671730465324+-+5671730465324Fri Mar 21 15:56:42 EDT 2014batch13830