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Fri Mar 21 17:07:44 2014 UTClccn-n791109210.25The covenant of the League of Nations0.500.92Handbook of international organisations (associations, bureaux, committees, etc.)245646536n 79110921204097920409882847398204101920409932040999204096820410112040982342775Azgeri LigaFolkenes forbundGenève (Suisse) Société des NationsKansainliitoKoinōnia tōn EthnōnKokusai RenmeiKukche YŏnmaengKuo chi lien ho huiKuo lienLeague NationsLeague of Nations.Lega delle nazioniLiga de las NacionesLiga narodaLiga NarodówLiga Nat︠s︡iĭLigo de NaciojLigue des NationsMilletler CemiyetiNationernas FörbundNazioni, Società delleNemzetek SzövetségeS.d.N.SdNSDN AbkuerzungSDN (Société des Nations)Sociedad de las NacionesSociedad de NacionesSociedad de Naciones (París)Sociedad des NationesSociedade das NaçõesSocietà delle nazioniSocietat de les NacionsSocietatea NațiunilorSociété des nationsSpoločnostʹ národovSvaz NaroduTautų SąjungaVoelkerbundVolkenbondVölkerbundVölkerbund League of NationsЛига Нацийコクサイ レンメイ国際聯盟東京支局国際聯盟事務局東京支局国際連盟lccn-n79046299Wilson, Woodrow1856-1924lccn-n79021345United Nationslccn-n84051817International Institute of Intellectual Co-operationedtnc-permanent court of international justicePermanent Court of International Justicelccn-n86111035League to Enforce Peace (U.S.)lccn-n50079419Geneva Institute of International Relationslccn-n50018070Barros, Jameslccn-no93000427League of NationsSecretariatInformation Sectionlccn-n85128532Henig, Ruth B.(Ruth Beatrice)lccn-n79043229Murray, Gilbert1866-1957League of NationsPeriodicalsBibliographyConference proceedingsHistoryDirectoriesLeague of NationsUnited StatesWorld War (1914-1918)International relationsTreaty of Versailles (1919)World War (1914-1918)--PeaceWilson, Woodrow,Political scienceBusiness cyclesInternational cooperationEconomicsEconomic historyJapanWorld politicsParis Peace Conference (1919-1920)Labor laws and legislation, InternationalEuropeInternational economic relationsEconomic policy--International cooperationEconomistsCommercial policy--International cooperationFinancial institutions, InternationalMonetary policy--International cooperationChristianity and politicsInternationalistsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)HealthInternational Labour OrganisationGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Organization)Bank for International SettlementsUnited NationsUnited States.--Congress.--SenateArbitration (International law)ChinaCommerceChina--ManchuriaJapaneseCommercial policyBalance of tradeSecurity, InternationalWarDisarmamentTreatiesPermanent Court of International JusticeInternational tradeNaviesArmiesMilitary suppliesMilitary weaponsPrices1839185318691875188918921893189419001906190719091910191219141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132368151789926986336.09162HB3711ocn490243938ocn490380660ocn490690635ocn492751914ocn492503222ocn459103269ocn492044469ocn492537723ocn492532670ocn491646672ocn186216132ocn185196845ocn186226568ocn863094710ocn863086797ocn4950928485106ocn000517246book19410.70Haberler, GottfriedProsperity and depression; a theoretical analysis of cyclical movements4469ocn002433763serial0.73Index translationum. Répertoire international des traductions. International bibliography of translationsPeriodicalsBibliographyVölkerbund: Wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit3484ocn002178243book19250.79Miller, David HunterThe Geneva protocol33214ocn001623788serial0.86League of NationsTreaty seriesPeriodicals2892ocn000594053book19200.76Scott, James BrownThe project of a permanent court of international justice and resolutions of the Advisory Committee of Jurists : report and commentary26312ocn006070729serial0.88International Labour ConferenceRecord of proceedingsConference proceedingsContains: Record of Proceedings and Reports of the Conference2639ocn002835669book19420.73League of NationsThe network of world trade : a companion volume to "Europe's trade."26014ocn006640065book19310.70League of NationsThe course and phases of the world economic depression; report presented to the Assembly of the League of NationsThe preparation of the present report was entrusted to Professor B. G. Ohlin by the Financial Organisation of the League of Nations. The International Labor Office and the International Institute of Agriculture collaborated with him by furnishing information relating to the subjects of their special concern. cf. Pref2268ocn001290696book19410.79League of NationsEurope's trade; a study of the trade of European countries with each other and with the rest of the world2214ocn004129669serial0.79Armaments year-book : general and statistical informationPeriodicals22013ocn002455405book19270.92League of NationsHandbook of international organisations (associations, bureaux, committees, etc.)Directories2028ocn001650960book19330.84League of NationsThe program for the world economic conference; the experts' agenda and other documents, with an introduction1993ocn000498914book19360.86Hostos, Eugenio María de... Essais1795ocn000397859book20030.90Koo, V. K. WellingtonMemoranda presented to the Lytton commission1752ocn002488281book19420.81League of NationsWartime rationing and consumption1733ocn002997685book19370.73Young, C. KuangsonThe Sino-Japanese conflict and the League of nations, 1937; speeches, documents, press commentsHistoryVölkerbund: China ; Japan1665ocn001810892book19390.90Tasca, Henry JWorld trading systems; a study of American and British commercial policies1662ocn000364647book19330.84JapanThe Manchurian question; Japan's case in the Sino-Japanese dispute as presented before the League of Nations1641ocn001881556book19750.84Rosenne, ShabtaiLeague of Nations Conference for the Codification of International Law (1930)Conference proceedings1637ocn002351431serial0.84League of NationsBalances of paymentsPeriodicalsIssues for 1931/32 and 1933 include Analysis of capital movements up to September 1933 and September 1934169421ocn000497114book19500.47Walters, F. PA history of the League of NationsHistory+-+4105078685324164814ocn000395570book19210.50Lansing, RobertThe peace negotiations : a personal narrative159513ocn000476286book19260.39House, Edward MandellThe intimate papers of Colonel House"The intimate papers of Colonel House begin with the entrance of the United States into the World War and end with Colonel House's attempt to secure some compromise on the basis of which the Senate might ratify the Versailles Treaty" pr14066ocn256837047file20070.50Burkman, Thomas WJapan and the League of Nations Empire and world order, 1914-1938Japan joined the League of Nations in 1920 as a charter member and one of four permanent members of the League Council. Until conflict arose between Japan and the organization over the 1931 Manchurian Incident, the League was a centerpiece of Japan's policy to maintain accommodation with the Western powers. The picture of Japan as a positive contributor to international comity, however, is not the conventional view of the country in the early and mid-twentieth century. Rather, this period is usually depicted in Japan and abroad as a history of incremental imperialism and intensifying militarism, culminating in war in China and the Pacific. Even the empire's interface with the League of Nations is typically addressed only at nodes of confrontation: the 1919 debates over racial equality as the Covenant was drafted and the 1931-1933 League challenge to Japan's seizure of northeast China. This volume fills in the space before, between, and after these nodes and gives the League relationship the legitimate place it deserves in Japanese international history of the 1920s and 1930s+-+973473973513907ocn559235842file19840.39Henig, Ruth BVersailles and after, 1919-1933HistoryRuth Henig's fully revised and extended edition includes a new chapter on recent historiography of the subject and provides students with concise coverage of such major topics as the Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations+-+156276069512776ocn559553842com20020.53Endres, A. MInternational organizations and the analysis of economic policy, 1919-1950HistoryTopics covered include: the relationship between economics and policy analysis in international organizations; business cycle research; the role and conduct of monetary policy; public investment; trade policy; social and labor economics; international finance; the coordination problem in international macroeconomic policy; full employment economics, and the rich country-poor country debate. The work makes explicit the normative agendas underlying international political economy, and lessons are distilled for today's debates on international economic integration+-+564575660512516ocn025317305book19920.33Knock, Thomas JTo end all wars : Woodrow Wilson and the quest for a new world orderHistory+-+965025046532412217ocn001103036book19750.31Bendiner, ElmerA time for angels : the tragicomic history of the League of NationsHistoryChronicles the origins, proceedings, short-lived tenure, and accomplishments and failures of the ill-fated League of Nations profiling and assessing the roles of the various villainour, idealistic, and heroic people involved117822ocn006260625book19470.53Carr, Edward HallettInternational relations between the two world wars, 1919-1939HistoryFirst published as International relations since the peace treaties in 193711708ocn000847658book19730.33Scott, GeorgeThe rise and fall of the League of Nations11491ocn049295403file0.25League of NationsThe covenant of the League of Nations11246ocn614491328file20070.53Ruotsila, MarkkuThe origins of Christian anti-internationalism conservative evangelicals and the League of NationsChurch historyThe roots of conservative Christian skepticism of international politics run deep. In this original work Markku Ruotsila artfully unearths the historical and theological origins of evangelical Christian thought on modern-day international organizations and U.S. foreign policy, particularly in the fierce debates over the first truly international bodythe League of Nations. After describing the rise of the Social Gospel movement that played a vital, foundational role in the movement toward a League of Nations, The Origins of Christian Anti-Internationalism examines the arguments and tactics that+-+754665430610892ocn045728300file19970.35Kuehl, Warren FKeeping the covenant American internationalists and the League of Nations, 1920-1939HistoryFollowing the Senate rejection of U.S. membership in the League of Nations, diverse groups of American internationalists, led by an elite of scholars, philanthropists, publicists, and jurists, launched a campaign to reverse this defeat of their ideals. Keeping the Covenant traces the efforts of these dedicated internationalists during the interwar period. The individual and organizational efforts of League of Nations and World Court supporters, as well as those who supported the creation of friendship societies, religious ecumenism, international languages, and world citizenship, are covered in rich detail. Analysis of their disagreements and divisions, which prohibited a single, unified response in support of League of Nations membership, provides the central theme+-+2110388235105418ocn001599593book19230.56Wilson, WoodrowWoodrow Wilson's case for the League of Nations10112ocn046504817book20010.35Cooper, John MiltonBreaking the heart of the world : Woodrow Wilson and the fight for the League of NationsHistory"The fight over the League of Nations at the end of World War I was one of the great political debates of the American twentieth century. President Woodrow Wilson, himself a key architect of the League, was uncompromising in his belief that the United States would rise to a position of leadership in the peaceful union of states that he had envisaged. A masterful politician and distinguished theorist, Wilson was unprepared for the persuasiveness of his opponents and the potency of their argument. Though he struggled tirelessly in the summer of 1919 to drum popular and political support for the League, his body could not keep pace: He suffered a disabling stroke in July. The United States Senate ultimately rejected membership in the League, and the League failed to realize its diplomatic potential. In this engaging narrative, John Cooper relates the story of Wilson's battle for the League with sympathy, accuracy, and a deep understanding of the times."--Jacket+-+213253670510047ocn000491691book19320.56Fleming, Denna FrankThe United States and the League of Nations, 1918-19209924ocn001334186book19460.39Daniels, JosephusThe Wilson era; years of war and after, 1917-1923History9615ocn000097313book19610.56Stone, Ralph AThe irreconcilables; the fight against the League of Nations9604ocn001017215book19670.37Dexter, ByronThe years of opportunity; the League of Nations, 1920-19269313ocn015017036book19870.53Ambrosius, Lloyd EWoodrow Wilson and the American diplomatic tradition : the treaty fight in perspective+-+2030386705+-+1562760695Fri Mar 21 15:23:57 EDT 2014batch378407