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Thu Oct 16 17:51:05 2014 UTClccn-n790111490.00The Peales /0.251.00Papers, 1920-1988; (bulk 1930-1979)112400300n 79011149245224Jensen, OliverJensen, Oliver 1914-Jensen, Oliver O.Jensen, Oliver Ormerod.Jensen, Oliver Ormerod 1914-Jensen, Oliver Ormerod 1914-2005lccn-n85037579Belsky, Murraylccn-n85037343Kerr, Joan Patersonlccn-n85080255American Heritage Publishing Companylccn-n79122369Green, Shirley L.illlccn-n79055161Library of CongressPrints and Photographs Divisionlccn-n79007071Catton, Bruce1899-1978lccn-n82087975Leuthner, Stuartnc-united states$air forceUnited StatesAir Forcelccn-n80050495Bryant, William Cullen1794-1878edtlccn-no97005351United StatesNavyTask Force 58Jensen, Oliver1914-2005HistoryPictorial worksPersonal narratives‡vAmericanPhotographsMapsBiographyDirectoriesArtUnited StatesManners and customsRailroadsPhotographersPhotographyEighteen ninetiesWorld War (1939-1945)Military operations, Aerial--AmericanAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)WomenSoviet UnionRelationsInternational relationsAeronautics, American militaryUnited States.--Air ForceUniversities and collegesPacific OceanUnited States.--Navy.--Task Force 58Military operations, Naval--AmericanConnecticutCivilizationNew EnglandJensen, Oliver,Military operations, AerialMilitary operations, NavalAmericaDiscovery and exploration, NorseEarly mapsYale College (1887- ).--Class of 1936Peale, Titian Ramsay,Peale, Charles Willson,Taylor, Peter,Frichtel, Mary Lee,Liebling, A. J.--(Abbott Joseph),White, Katharine Sergeant AngellHoneycutt, AnnHightower, RobertCohn, Alfred E.--(Alfred Einstein),Lafore, Laurence DavisFord, Alice,Brinnin, John Malcolm,Welty, Eudora,Gibney, NancyPinkham, Marjorie,Chay, Edward J.--(Edward Joseph)Stafford, John Richard,Clark, Blair,Scott, Evelyn,American literatureLowell, Robert,19142005193619451947195119521953195419551957195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119741975197619771978197919801981198519861987198819891990199219931995200611135119223385.0973E178.5ocn000735799ocn000260612ocn000797789ocn175106982ocn654604735ocn186299946240613ocn001527578book19750.20Jensen, OliverThe American heritage history of railroads in AmericaHistoryRecounts the history of railroads in the United States through their heyday and the deterioration that followed World War II230532ocn000421362book19530.24Jensen, OliverAmerican albumHistoryPhotographsPictorial worksThe purpose of this book is to revisit an utterly vanished earlier America by means of photographs running from 1839, where the first daguerreotypes were taken, until the eve of the First World War, which marks the end of an era, or what we may regard as the beginning of our own time12776ocn000735799book19670.21Jensen, OliverThe Nineties : glimpses of a lost but lively worldHistoryIllustrated articles on American life in the 1890s11558ocn004004836book19780.24Jensen, OliverAmerica's yesterdays : images of our lost past discovered in the photographic archives of the Library of CongressHistoryPictorial works8155ocn005219431book19790.21Catton, BruceBruce Catton's America : selections from his greatest worksHistory69514ocn000734916book19520.39Jensen, OliverThe revolt of American women; a pictorial history of the century of change from bloomers to bikinis-from feminism to FreudPictorial works4964ocn000260612book19620.39Jensen, OliverAmerica and Russia, a century and a half of dramatic encounters4882ocn019127319book19890.22Leuthner, StuartHigh honor : recollections by men and women of World War II aviationPersonal narratives American4222ocn000797789book19740.26Jensen, OliverPicturesque America; illustrations from the original 1874 edition, colored in the style of the period. The mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, waterfalls, shores, canyons, valleys, cities, and other picturesque features of our country by eminent American artistsPictorial works3654ocn000940774book19740.28Jensen, OliverA college albumHistoryPictorial works34011ocn000593354book18450.56Jensen, OliverCarrier WarThe story of Task force 58 of the U.S. Pacific fleet1023ocn014412204book19860.33Turner, Gregg MConnecticut railroads : an illustrated history : one hundred fifty years of railroad historyHistory902ocn026987483book19920.20Grant, Ellsworth SThe miracle of ConnecticutHistory461ocn013490149book19860.18Turner, Gregg MConnecticut railroads ; -- an illustrated history153ocn069655229book19750.14Jensen, OliverRailroads in AmericaHistory61ocn019485722art19650.92Skelton, R. AVinland the good emerges from the mistsMaps51ocn015791931book19860.47Yale College (1887- )Yale University, Class of 1936, fifty years outBiographyDirectories52ocn026250599art1955Jensen, OliverThe PealesHistoryArt"The ingenious Captain Peale" sired a dynasty of painters and started America's first great museum41ocn052629093book19750.10Jensen, OliverAmerican Heritage, the magazine of history32ocn186299946book19760.47USA:s första tvåhundra år : essäerHistory21ocn028408864mix1.00Stafford, JeanRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, mss. of writings (including published novels and short stories as well as unpublished material), book reviews, clippings, school notebooks, photos, audio tapes and cassettes, memorabilia, and other papers. Correspondents include Stafford's father, John Stafford, her sisters, Mary Lee Frichtel and Marjorie Pinkham, and husbands, Robert Lowell, Oliver Jensen, and A.J. Liebling ; and friends: John Malcolm Brinnin, Edward J. "Joe" Chay, Blair Clark, Alfred E. Cohn, Alice Ford, Nancy Gibney, Robert Hightower, Ann Honeycutt, Laurence Lafore, Evelyn Scott, Peter Taylor, Eudora Welty, one of the editors, Katharine White, and others11ocn056402167mix1.00Dos Passos, JohnLetters to "Dear Monroe"Dos Passos thanks Monroe for three books and comments on the reproductions in one; decides to cut text from an unnamed book; and discusses the reprinting of a selection from "Prospects of a golden age" in the "American Heritage Magazine" and the use of plates from the magazine, mentioning Oliver Jensen and Joe Thorndike11ocn309739742book19591.00Jensen, OliverReminiscences of Oliver Ormerod Jensen :InterviewsCareer as a picture book publisher; editor, LIFE magazine; founding AMERICAN HERITAGE; impressions of Joseph J. Thorndike and James Parton11ocn647914301mix1.00Malone, DumasPapers of Dumas MaloneThe papers consist of the typesetting draft and some papers regarding the publication of The sage of Monticello. The correspondences is chiefly with Basil Rauch, co-author with Mr. Malone on the 1960 college text Empire for liberty, and with their publisher, Appleton-Century-Crofts11ocn059880323art19360.10Oliver Ormerod JensenBiography11ocn122332772mix0.47Daves, DelmerDelmer Daves papersCorrespondence, play and film scripts, treatments of novels, adaptations, drafts, lists, photographs, diagrams, and working papers covering Daves' career in the motion picture industry in Hollywood (1930-1965). Correspondents include leading figures in the industry11ocn181160330mix1.00Stafford, JeanJean Stafford papersCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesRecords and correspondenceThe papers include holographic and typewritten notes and drafts, typescripts, early versions, revised versions, deleted versions, and final manuscripts of most of Jean Stafford's output. There are galleys, page-proofs, and tear-sheets as well as grammar school essays, diaries, journals, nearly 200 photographs, hundreds of letters, and her first Royal portable typewriter. The collection also includes a rapidly growing body of work by authors who have written about Jean Stafford01ocn122419677mix1959Jensen, OliverReminiscences of Oliver Ormerod Jensen :Career as a picture book publisher; editor, LIFE magazine; founding AMERICAN HERITAGE; impressions of Joseph J. Thorndike and James PartonThu Oct 16 15:54:11 EDT 2014batch18965