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Fri Mar 21 17:06:19 2014 UTClccn-n791142310.28Gladstone : a biography /0.520.98Land & housing: report and summary of the Liberal land and housing sub-committee140653165n 79114231345988Liberal PartyLiberal Party (Gt. Brit.)containsVIAFID/124922577National Liberal FederationcontainsVIAFID/124451247Social and Liberal Democrats (Great Britain)containsVIAFID/130123299Whig Party (Great Britain)lccn-n79018726Gladstone, W. E.(William Ewart)1809-1898lccn-nr95039644Liberal Democrats (Great Britain)lccn-n50028076Jenkins, Roy1920-2003lccn-n85156205Matthew, H. C. G.(Henry Colin Gray)lccn-n50038474Dangerfield, George1904-1986lccn-n50024788Foot, M. R. D.(Michael Richard Daniell)1919-2012lccn-n79018534Labour Party (Great Britain)lccn-n81086868Douglas, Roy1924-lccn-n79021648Stansky, Peter1932-lccn-n79026793Cook, Chris1945-Liberal Party (Great Britain)HistoryConference proceedingsPolitical platformsPeriodicalsGreat BritainPolitical scienceLiberal Party (Great Britain)Gladstone, W. E.--(William Ewart),Prime ministersLiberalismLiberal Democrats (Great Britain)Municipal governmentPolitical partiesLabour Party (Great Britain)Lloyd George, David,RadicalismUnited StatesRelationsSocial historyEconomic historySocial policySocialismReconstruction (1939-1951)Public worksUnemployedLiberal PartyRegionalismEnvironmental policyPollutionEconomic policyElectionsSDP/Liberal Alliance Programme for GovernmentAgriculture--Economic aspectsManagement--Employee participationProfit-sharingEducationFull employment policiesInflation (Finance)World War (1939-1945)World War (1939-1945)--PeaceIndustrial policyHousingCity planningInternational cooperationGreat Britain.--ParliamentDecentralization in governmentSocial Democratic Party (Great Britain)AgricultureSocial predictionEnglandRegional planning183818401841184218521855185718591860186218631864186518681870187118741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134715515992271324.241013JN1129.L456153ocn048139936com20000.32Liberal Party general election manifestos, 1900-1997HistoryThis set brings together for the first time British Liberal Party General Election Manifestos, dating back to 1900, including the most recent General Election manifestos of 1997+-+19452685751742ocn012510594book19850.84Steel, DavidPartners in one nation : a new vision of Britain 2000732ocn830987909file19050.84Quelch, HShould the working class support the Liberal Party?573ocn002970738book19440.86Liberal Party (Great Britain)Liberal plan for peace422ocn009613017book19290.76Lloyd George, DavidWe can conquer unemployment : Mr. Lloyd George's pledge373ocn000462328book19680.90Liberal Party (Great Britain)Power to the provinces: a Liberal Party report293ocn000458163book19610.79Wade, DonaldOur aim and purpose272ocn000516688book19710.93Liberal Party Conference on the EnvironmentThe pollution of our environment : the papers of the Liberal Party Conference on the Environment, November 6th-8th, 1970Conference proceedings254ocn003320676book18860.70REID, AndrewThe new Liberal programme, contributed by representatives of the Liberal party213ocn000116801book19640.86Liberal Party (Great Britain)The Liberal Party manifesto201ocn015745959book19870.47SDP-Liberal Alliance (Great Britain)Britain united : the time has come : the SDP/Liberal Alliance programme for government162ocn016603535book19830.53SDP-Liberal Alliance (Great Britain)Working together for Britain : programme for governmentPolitical platforms131ocn030257753book19620.84Liberal Party (Great Britain)Education : a report submitted to the Liberal Party by a committee under the chairmanship of Professor Bruce Pattison, June 1962131ocn012330840book19490.96Liberal Party (Great Britain)People in industry; a report on the Liberal co-ownership proposals131ocn005962808book19790.59Liberal Party (Great Britain)A new deal for British farming121ocn043217799book19800.66Cowie, HarryFull employment without inflation113ocn030097983book19430.98Liberal Party (Great Britain)Land & housing: report and summary of the Liberal land and housing sub-committee111ocn011661360book19440.96Jackson, J. HampdenNo more foreign affairs!103ocn011981679serial0.98Liberal Party (Great Britain)Liberal candidates and speakers' handbook.Periodicals101ocn011744904book19440.96McFadyean, AndrewGovernment and industry198529ocn000300327book19350.50Dangerfield, GeorgeThe strange death of Liberal EnglandHistory"This is a classic account, first published in 1935, of the dramatic upheaval and political change that overwhelmed England in the period 1910-1914. In addition to providing an account of the end of the House of Lords' absolute veto over legislation (as a result of the Lords' intransigence on the issue of Irish Home Rule), the book chronicles the sudden rise to power and influence of the women's suffrage movement, the upsurge in working-class militancy, and the bitterly fought Irish question." -- Page 4 of cover+-+658472953515519ocn035928601book19950.28Jenkins, RoyGladstone : a biographyBiographyWilliam Gladstone was, with Tennyson, Newman, Dickens, Carlyle, and Darwin, one of the stars of nineteenth-century British life. He spent 63 of his 89 years in the House of Commons and was prime minister four times, a unique accomplishment. From his critical role in the formation of the Liberal Party to his preoccupation with the cause of Irish Home Rule, he was a commanding politician and statesman nonpareil. But Gladstone the man was much more: a classical scholar, a wide-ranging author, a vociferous participant in all the great theological debates of the day, a voracious reader, and an avid walker who chopped down trees for recreation. He was also a man obsessed with the idea of his own sinfulness. This full and deep portrait of a complicated man offers a sweeping picture of a tumultuous century in British history.--From publisher description+-+299609421510235ocn179100981file19890.47Winstanley, Michael JGladstone and the Liberal partyHistoryExamines the enviroment in which Gladstone operated, concentrating in particular on the political and social nature of the Liberal party, which he led+-+59208506959765ocn614555088file20060.50Moore, James RThe transformation of urban liberalism party politics and urban governance in late nineteenth-century EnglandHistoryThe Transformation of Urban Liberalism re-evaluates the dramatic and turbulent political decade following the 'Third Reform Act', and questions whether the Liberal Party's political heartlands - the urban boroughs - really were in decline. Using parallel case studies, James Moore illustrates how the party gradually began to transform into a social democratic organisation through a re-evaluation of its role and policy direction. This process was heavily influenced by 'grass roots politics', suggesting that late Victorian politics was more democratic and open than sometimes thought+-+155501902595416ocn000710203book19520.53Hammond, J. LGladstone and liberalismHistory9369ocn009971485book19840.50Shannon, RichardGladstoneBiography+-+06406325353249029ocn000401585book19660.56Wilson, TrevorThe downfall of the Liberal Party, 1914-1935History8772ocn004638620book19790.37Stansky, PeterGladstone, a progress in politicsBiography+-+02855584853248304ocn319693875file20050.50Douglas, RoyLiberals a history of the Liberal and Liberal Democratic partiesHistoryA history of one of the three great British political parties, the party of Gladstone, Asquith and Lloyd George, from its foundations in Victorian times to the present+-+58080370368144ocn244768704file20010.53Jenkins, RoyThe British liberal tradition from Gladstone to young Churchill, Asquith and Lloyd George--is Blair their heir?History"In this wide ranging lecture, Lord Roy Jenkins tells the story of the rise and fall of the British Liberal Party under prime ministers Gladstone, Churchill, Asquith, and Lloyd George, and explores the place of current British prime minister Tony Blair in this tradition. Beginning his address with the Liberal Party's birth in London in 1859, Lord Jenkins discusses the relative success of these prime ministers in dealing with social issues, such as religion and suffrage, and aspects of government legislation including education, foreign policy, and the military. He punctuates this analysis with his views on the personalities of these men, recognizing that the character of leaders naturally shapes their leadership. Of William Ewart Gladstone, for example, Lord Jenkins notes that, while he was 'not necessarily the greatest prime minister,' Gladstone was 'certainly the most remarkable specimen of humanity ever to inhabit 10 Downing Street.'"--BOOK JACKET+-+59093575358034ocn000501810book19560.59Pelling, HenryAmerica and the British Left : from Bright to Bevan7855ocn013526228book19860.53Matthew, H. C. GGladstone, 1809-1874Biography+-+47767374657662ocn000011263book0.56Gladstone, W. EThe Gladstone diariesHistoryBiographyDiariesSourcesThe InteLex Past Masters English Letters database The Diaries of William Gladstone contains the definitive Oxford University Press edition of these diaries, edited by M.R.D. Foot and H.C.G. Matthew, in 14 volumes7383ocn001742608book19750.53Feuchtwanger, E. JGladstoneBiography6826ocn000271770book19710.53Morgan, Kenneth OThe age of Lloyd GeorgeHistorySources6746ocn000212324book19710.59Douglas, RoyThe history of the Liberal Party, 1895-1970History64310ocn002192163book19660.66Vincent, JohnThe formation of the Liberal Party, 1857-1868History6234ocn001333251book19750.63Barker, MichaelGladstone and radicalism : the reconstruction of liberal policy in Britain, 1885-94History6075ocn000919556book19630.63Cross, ColinThe Liberals in power, 1905-19145782ocn002372595book19770.63Bentley, MichaelThe liberal mind, 1914-1929History+-+1945268575+-+1945268575Fri Mar 21 15:38:33 EDT 2014batch54336