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Fri Mar 21 17:12:05 2014 UTClccn-n791180110.06Masterpiece /0.340.76Albrecht Dürer and the Venetian Renaissance /54146999Albrecht_Dürern 79118011349704A. D. 1471-1528A. D. [a]A. D. <(monograma)>Alber DureAlberduerAlberdureAlbert DuerAlbert DurAlbert, DureAlbert DurerAlbert DuurAlberto di DuraAlberto DuraAlberto DuredoAlberto DureroAlberto DureroeAlberto DuriAlberto DuroAlberto Duro TedescoAlbrecht DuererAlbrecht DürerAlverto DureñoD, A, 1471-1528Direr, AlbrehtDirer, Albreht 1471-1528Dīrers, Albrehts, 1471-1528Di︠u︡rer, AlʹbrekhtDi︠u︡rer, Alʹbrekht, 1471-1528Djurer, A.Djurer, A. 1471-1528Djurer, Albrecht 1471-1528DuererDuerer, AlbertDuerer, AlbrechtDuerer, Albrecht, 1471-1528Dürer.Dürer, 1471-1528Dürer, A.Dürer, Albert.Dürer, Albert, 1471-1528Dürer, Albert Albrecht 1471-1528Dürer, Alberto 1471-1528Durer, Albertus.Durer, Albertus 1471-1528Dürer, AlbrechtDurer, Albrecht, 1471-1528Dûrer, Al'breht.Durero, ... 1471-1528Durero, Albert, 1471-1528Durero, AlbertoDürero, Alberto 1471-1528Durerus, AlbertusDurerus, Albertus, 1471-1528Dürrer, Alb. 1471-1528Dyûrâ, ... 1471-1528Noricus, Albertus DureroThuerer, AlbrechtTuerer, AlbrechtДюрер, Альбрехт, 1471-1528デューラー, アルブレヒトlccn-n2003006835Broach, Eliselccn-n2001043482Murphy, Kelly1977-illlccn-n80017931Strauss, Walter L.orgarredtlccn-n50050209Panofsky, Erwin1892-1968othcrelccn-n50022298Russell, Francis1910-1989lccn-n78095365Time-Life Bookslccn-n85240549Kurth, Willy1881-1963edtcrelccn-n50013734Wölfflin, Heinrich1864-1945auiedtcrelccn-n50023949Anzelewsky, Fedja1919-2010othauihnradpedtlccn-n80079516Strieder, PeteredtctbcreDürer, Albrecht1471-1528Criticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogsBiographyRecords and correspondenceJuvenile worksDiariesPoetryPictorial worksOutlines, syllabi, etcDürer, Albrecht,ArtistsGermanyArt theftsBeetlesNew York (State)--New YorkHuman-animal relationshipsFamiliesPainting, RenaissancePaintersPainting, GermanWood-engraving, GermanHuman figure in artLetteringTravelNetherlandsJerome,--Saint,MeasurementArtLandscapesDodgson, Campbell,Books of hoursIllumination of books and manuscripts, GermanPainting--TechniquePainting, Renaissance--InfluenceItaly--VeniceBirds in 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stories14711528148214881489149014911492149314941495149614971498150015011502150315041505150615071508150915101511151215131514151515161517151815191520152115221523152415251526152715281529153015311532153415351537153815391540154615501551155215541555155715581559156115631564156715701571157615791580158315851586158715891591159215931594159816001601160216031604160516061607160816091610161216131614161716181620162216231625162916401642164416451646164716521660166116651666166716681675167916801685168816931697169817001728173817471750175217691771177717781779178017811783178617911794179617971799180018011802180518081809181018141816181718181819182018211822182318271828182918301831183318361837183818391840184118421844184518461847184818491850185118531854185518561857185818591860186118621864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014127218665312865759.3ND588.D9ocn000988695ocn002571926ocn313743846ocn314639565ocn000015992ocn005637011ocn003519566ocn000314571ocn174990660ocn003435944ocn801117801ocn799597357ocn439262576ocn797877582ocn797769732ocn797362506ocn797585498ocn452916184ocn441847626ocn085550296ocn258104104ocn630798910ocn258021527ocn258292506ocn257972438ocn312297382ocn246476183ocn462397043ocn258150579ocn310746593ocn762710161ocn693099901ocn693099657ocn693099719ocn693099794ocn693099714ocn762998646ocn762920843ocn763001532ocn763005979ocn074479574ocn720474292ocn720618770ocn074163435ocn073329267ocn720202349ocn073277355ocn073632240ocn072326488ocn720202355ocn441824719ocn440626922ocn832646439ocn443429169ocn832241814ocn248430302ocn444670430ocn443424936ocn837718385ocn780989676ocn185220733ocn185341645ocn185881948ocn185872726ocn186365329ocn185397981ocn724898830ocn494193751ocn693099794ocn762997851ocn693100711ocn691827805ocn693465289ocn693100675ocn763001359ocn763032771ocn693099806ocn797293599ocn469666558ocn074194747ocn040085399ocn404949369ocn074206174ocn833155095ocn839837175ocn706862685ocn691827805ocn765019461ocn8372406001982148ocn012222975book19290.28Strieder, PeterDürerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsPictorial worksExhibition catalogs"Drawing on the latest research, this luxurious volume presents an exciting new interpretation of Dürer, both as a man and as an artist. Dürer's prints and drawings inspired centuries of artists both during his life and after his death. Yet his talent as a painter and colorist, and his enthusiasm for the scientific world have not been widely appreciated. Dürer's influence was both international and intergenerational; indeed Picasso claimed tohave been inspired by the sixteenth-century artist. Reproduced in stunning detail and including illustrations of Dürer's most famous prints and drawings, a catalog raisonne of his paintings, and biographical research, this book presents a Dürer for the twenty-first century. Producing more self-portraits than any other artist of his day; mass marketing his best-selling prints; even inventing his own monogram logo; Albrecht Dürer was commercially astute long before today's generation of slick self-promoters and savvy mega-bucks artists. There are 55 extant Dürer's, of which 17 are in dispute. Using the very latest scientific research, this book puts all arguments to bed resulting in the definitive catalogue raisonne of the paintings. Not since 1971 has such a feat of painstaking research been attempted. After an almost 40-year wait, the truth behind the man and his art can finally be revealed."--Publisher's website+-+41799864281102170ocn000879506book18020.32Dürer, AlbrechtAlbrecht DürerCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsOutlines, syllabi, etcPictorial worksExhibition catalogsA biographical sketch of the German painter and printmaker accompanies fifteen color reproductions and critical interpretations of his works+-+10258864288538ocn317824666book20100.56The essential DürerCriticism, interpretation, etcAlbrecht Durer (1471-1528), perhaps the most famous of all German artists, embodies the modern ideal of the Renaissance man--he was a remarkable painter, printmaker, draftsman, designer, theoretician, and even a poet. More is known about his thoughts and his life than about any other Northern European master of his time, since he wrote extensively about himself, his family's history, his travels, and his friends. His woodcuts and engravings were avidly collected and copied across Europe, and they quickly established his reputation as a master. Praised in life and elegized in death by such thinkers as Martin Luther and Erasmus, he served Emperor Maximilian and other leading church and secular princes in the Holy Roman Empire. Although there is a vast specialized literature on the Nuremberg master,This book fills the need for a foundational work that covers the major aspects of his career. The essays included in this book, written by leading scholars from the United States and Germany, provide an accessible, up-to-date examination of Durer's art and person as well as his posthumous fame. The essays address an array of topics, from separate and detailed studies of his paintings, drawings, printmaking, and sculpture, to broader concerns such as his visits to and interactions with Venice and the Netherlands, his personal relationships, and his relationships with other artists. Collectively these stimulating essays explore the brilliance of Durer's creativity and the impact he had on his world, exposing him as an artist fully engaged with the tumultuous intellectual and religious challenges of his time+-+323697763584922ocn000519840book19170.47Dürer, AlbrechtOf the just shaping of lettersA republication of the 1917 translation of the sixteenth-century German artist's instructional treatise on the geometric construction of Roman capitals, with precise directions for each letter and general directions for Gothic capitals and miniscules+-+915867139579710ocn032769903book19950.32Bailey, MartinDürerCriticism, interpretation, etcIncludes 88 illustrations, 48 in color+-+29888396257148ocn009082273book19820.47Strieder, PeterAlbrecht Dürer, paintings, prints, drawingsBiography7148ocn051756427book20020.47Bartrum, GiuliaAlbrecht Durer and his legacy : the graphic work of a Renaissance artistCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsFollows Albrecht Dürer's career from his first work in the medieval tradition of Martin Schongauer, through his Italian education in the classical tradition, to his sophisticated development of the woodcut and engraving techniques that changed the history of printmaking+-+08496664155977ocn000680826book19580.53Dürer, AlbrechtThe writings of Albrecht DürerRecords and correspondence5428ocn000329863book19710.33White, ChristopherDürer: the artist and his drawings5403ocn000221646book19710.53Jarrell, RandallJerome: the biography of a poemPoetry51915ocn001338918book19740.63Strauss, Walter LThe complete drawings of Albrecht DürerCatalogs5128ocn004725790book19770.66Dürer, AlbrechtThe painter's manual : a manual of measurement of lines, areas, and solids by means of compass and ruler assembled by Albrecht Dürer for the use of all lovers of art with appropriate illustrations arranged to be printed in the year MDXXV5062ocn000841415book19730.35Koschatzky, WalterAlbrecht Dürer: the landscape water-colours4718ocn000653803book19260.53Dürer, AlbrechtAlbrecht Dürer; engravings and etchingsCriticism, interpretation, etc4146ocn000988695book19740.63MaximilianThe book of hours of the Emperor Maximilian the First3816ocn783160227book20120.53Eser, ThomasThe early DürerCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"This book is devoted to Albrecht Dürer's early art and the circumstances of the young painter's life that enabled his unique work. Literature about Dürer fills library shelves. Does this mean everything has already been said about the artist? Far from it, according to the scholars at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and their international partners in the Early Dürer Project. Their essays deal with the core phenomena of Dürer's early work, ranging from the artist's biography and surroundings to the question of Dürer's role as the archetype of the modern artist. New sociological approaches allow us to interpret Dürer's 'ideal neighborhood' as a source of inspiration for the artist's work, resituating Dürer in the artistic context of his time, at an exciting crossroad between the imitation of traditional painting and the self-conscious renewal of his profession."--book jacket3628ocn037201231book19980.76Luber, Katherine CrawfordAlbrecht Dürer and the Venetian RenaissanceCriticism, interpretation, etc"Albrecht Durer and the Venetian Renaissance examines twenty-five paintings by the German artist in an effort to reevaluate his relationship to contemporary Italian art and his status as a painter. Providing a technical analysis of these works, Katherine Crawford Luber explains how Durer appropriated Venetian techniques and suggests that the artist was engaged in the exploration of an atmospheric, coloristic perspective. Luber also demonstrates how the Venetian alternative to "scientific" perspective was integrated not only in Durer's late paintings but also in his later graphic oeuvre, which necessitates a reassessment of the critical partition of his painted and graphic work. Emphasizing Durer's careful working methods, Luber argues that technique is an interpretable and critically important aspects of artworks that should be integrated into mainstream art historical studies."--BOOK JACKET+-+53371067053351ocn016084219book19880.06Raboff, Ernest LloydAlbrecht DürerCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyA brief biography of the German painter and printmaker accompanies fifteen color reproductions and critical interpretations of his works3264ocn051839578book20030.50Salley, VictoriaNature's artist : plants and animals by Albrecht DürerCriticism, interpretation, etc"Durer's drawings and watercolours show the artist at his most accessible, revealing his techniques and the masterly use of his media. No woodcut engravers, printers or apprentices come between Durer and the viewer. This contributes to the particular fascination of such sheets as The Large Piece of Turf or Hare. The introductory essay, portraying Durer as a passionate observer of his surroundings and an exceptionally gifted artist, is followed by thirty-five, high-quality reproductions of his most popular drawings and watercolours. Book jacket."--BOOK JACKET+-+521378642831171ocn001702594book15270.76Dürer, AlbrechtEtliche Underricht zu Befestigung der Stett, Schloss und Flecken47556ocn191005590book20080.06Broach, EliseMasterpieceJuvenile worksFictionAfter Marvin, a beetle, makes a miniature drawing as an eleventh birthday gift for James, a human with whom he shares a house, the two new friends work together to help recover a Durer drawing stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art+-+5527350535313413ocn000255020book19670.23Russell, FrancisThe world of Dürer : 1471-1528BiographySurveys the life, career, works and times of German painter Albrecht Durer, with background information on other painters of the time274221ocn000519193book19270.31Dürer, AlbrechtThe complete woodcuts of Albrecht DürerCatalogsFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+4245671395268366ocn001140498book14600.28Strieder, PeterDürerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsPictorial worksExhibition catalogsSurveys the life of the artist and his works - Analyses the masterpieces - Explains the social and historical context of his paintings and his response to the challenges of the Italian Renaissance+-+8286994325197611ocn007184939book19550.39Panofsky, ErwinThe Life and art of Albrecht DürerThis classic text presents the life, times, and works of Albrecht Durer. Through the skill and immense knowledge of Erwin Panofsky, the reader is dazzled not only by Durer the artist but also Durer in a wide array of other roles, including mathematician and scientific thinker. Originally published in 1943 in two volumes, The Life and Art of Albrecht Durer met with such wide popular and scholarly acclaim that it led to three editions and then, in 1955, to the first one-volume edition. Without sacrifice of text or illustrations, the book was reduced to this single volume by the omission of the Handlist and Concordance. The new introduction by Jeffrey Chipps Smith reflects upon Panofsky the man, the tumultuous circumstances surrounding the creation of his masterful monograph, its innovative contents, and its early critical reception. Erwin Panofsky was one of the most important art historians of the twentieth century. Panofsky taught for many years at Hamburg University but was forced by the Nazis to leave Germany. He joined the faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study in 1935, where he spent the remainder of his career and wrote The Life and Art of Albrecht Durer. He developed an iconographic approach to art and interpreted works through an analysis of symbolism, history, and social factors+-+8858556415188154ocn000420806book19160.32Dürer, AlbrechtAlbrecht DürerCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsOutlines, syllabi, etcPictorial worksExhibition catalogsText and illustrated monographs present the life and works of the artist and engraver considered to be the greatest of the Renaissance period in northern Europe+-+102588642818197ocn020595383book19900.35Hutchison, Jane CampbellAlbrecht Dürer : a biographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyDrawing on recently discovered archival material and treating Durer's own writing in terms of its sources and prototypes, the author reveals the reasons for Durer's extraordinarily rapid rise to fame and his profound concern for the education of future generations of German artists+-+72475564153249529ocn000571798book19720.33Dürer, AlbrechtThe complete engravings, etchings, and drypoints of Albrecht DürerAll of Dü̈rer's works in three mediums are reproduced in this edition. Among them are his most famous works, Knight, Death and Devil; Melencolia I; and St. Jerome in His Study. Also included are portraits of his contemporaries, including Erasmus of Rotterdam and Frederick the Wise, as well as six engravings formerly attributed to Dü̈rer+-+26037713959363ocn758334586com20110.29Charles, VictoriaDürerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAlbrecht Dürer's (1471-1528) work stands out as one of the most innovative of the Northern Renaissance, revolutionising landscape and portraiture techniques in both religious and secular painting. This book offers a wide selection of Dürer's works, and its compact format makes it the ideal gift for every art lover86913ocn001485580book19640.39Dürer, AlbrechtComplete engravings, etchings, and woodcutsCatalogs8174ocn000537404book19720.37Dürer, AlbrechtThe human figure; the complete "Dresden sketchbook."+-+67956713958014ocn000103963book19700.33Dürer, AlbrechtDrawings of Albrecht DürerCatalogs+-+57087713953247486ocn000214859book19710.39Wölfflin, HeinrichThe art of Albrecht Dürer68811ocn000152529book19680.29Dürer, AlbrechtThe complete paintings of Dürer:Catalogs6846ocn000156491book19710.35Dürer, AlbrechtDürer in America, his graphic workExhibition catalogsCatalog of an exhibition held at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., April 25 to June 6, 19716787ocn000279148book19710.50Dürer, AlbrechtAlbrecht Dürer: master printmakerExhibition catalogs67413ocn000688714book19500.50Waetzoldt, WilhelmDürer and his times67316ocn000990155book19280.66Panofsky, ErwinAlbrecht DürerBiography6721ocn659756771com20100.33Dürer, AlbrechtMemoirs of journeys to Venice and the Low CountriesDiariesRecords and correspondenceThis early travelogue gives readers a fascinating glimpse into European life and customs in the Renaissance and early modern periods. The book recounts author Albrecht Durer's travels in and observations of Italy and the Netherlands on the cusp of the sixteenth century+-+236269022632465137ocn002587492book18950.63Knackfuss, HDürerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+9158671395+-+9158671395Fri Mar 21 16:12:36 EDT 2014batch213121