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Fri Mar 21 17:15:38 2014 UTClccn-n791186040.00Mozart - Coronation Mass in C Major, Dvorak - Mass in D : [concert program], 2003, Wesley Uniting Church (Kent Town), Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus0.670.95Letters of Marmaduke Coghill, 1722-1738 /97893466n 79118604350272Hayton, D. W.Hayton, D.W., 1949-....Hayton, D. W. (David William), 1949-Hayton, David W., 1949-Hayton, David William, 1949-lccn-n79130126Jones, Clyve1944-lccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n50056193Simms, J. G.(John Gerald)1904-1979viaf-259706688O'Brien, Gerardedtlccn-n95081866Ditchfield, G. M.lccn-n79020241Cruickshanks, Evelineedtlccn-n79053974Defoe, Daniel1661?-1731lccn-n81064223Owens, W. R.lccn-n50016790Furbank, Philip Nicholaslccn-n84077197Wear, A.(Andrew)1946-Hayton, David1949-HistoryRegistersSourcesBiographyDiariesRecords and correspondenceBibliographyIrelandPolitical scienceSimms, J. G.--(John Gerald),Great Britain.--ParliamentGreat BritainEuropeBritishCocks, Richard,--Sir,LegislatorsPolitical partiesRepresentative government and representationLegislative bodiesEstates (Social orders)Inheritance and successionTravelNationalismIreland.--ParliamentConflict of laws--Inheritance and successionReal property--Foreign ownershipGreat Britain.--Parliament.--House of CommonsPoliticiansCoghill, Marmaduke,Defoe, Daniel,PerformancesConcert programsFlynn, RichardPratt, JamesSouth AustraliaIsrael in Egypt (Handel, George Frideric)Masses (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)Taylor, MaryTurner, JohnEnglishTheater programs194919751979198019821983198519861987199019911992199519961998199920002001200220032004200520082010201120122014319173147941.506JN501ocn174763632ocn470529020ocn468822393ocn762613949ocn465462238ocn815770187ocn807001717ocn462124689ocn468988272ocn4693238647776ocn317152346file19850.53Simms, J. GWar and politics in Ireland, 1649-1730History+-+74518917353247034ocn317891969file19950.50British parliamentary lists, 1660-1800 a registerHistoryRegistersBritish Parliamentary Lists, 1660-1800 identifies all known lists - division lists, forecasts, management, and propaganda lists - for the House of Commons between 1660 and 1761; for the House of Lords between 1660 and 1800; and for the Scottish Parliament between 1660 and 1707. This new listing entirely supersedes the 1979 Register of Parliamentary Lists, containing many new lists and additions and corrections to those previously listed. It will also be a useful adjunct to Donald E. Ginter's Voting Records of the British House of Commons, 1761-1820+-+26860370362099ocn044868985book20010.81Hayton, DavidThe House of Commons, 1690-1715HistoryBiography+-+96772267051827ocn053950721book20040.84Hayton, DavidRuling Ireland, 1685-1742 : politics, politicians and partiesHistoryIn a series of studies David Hayton offers a comprehensive account of the government of Ireland during the period of transformation from 'New English' colonialism to Anglo-Irish 'patriotism'+-+73058389361805ocn033817817book19960.92Cocks, RichardThe parliamentary diary of Sir Richard Cocks, 1698-1702DiariesSources1467ocn467361371book20100.81The eighteenth-century composite state : representative institutions in Ireland and Europe, 1689-1800HistoryA pioneering exploration of the phenomenon of the composite state in Eighteenth-century Europe. Employing a comparative approach, it combines the findings of new research on Ireland with broader syntheses of major composite states in Europe -- those of France, Austria and Poland-Lithuania. This pioneering exploration of the phenomenon of the composite state in Eighteenth-century Europe employs a comparative approach to sustain the case for the inclusion of Ireland within this interpretative framework. Written by acknowledged experts, the collection uniquely combines the findings of new research on Ireland with broader syntheses of some of the major composite states of Europe. With accounts of the pays d'etat of Burgundy (Julian Swann) and Languedoc (Stephen J. Miller) in France, on the Hungarian diet and Austria (Orsolya Szakaly) and Poland-Lithuania (Richard Butterwick), and of Irish confessional (James Kelly, David Hayton), financial (C.I. McGrath), improving (Andrew Sneddon) and security (Neal Garnham) legislation, as well as a reflective introduction and conclusion setting the essays in their wider historical and interpretative context, this collection both amplifies understanding of the nature of the European composite state and of the deliberations of the Irish parliament. This book will be of particular interest to scholars and students of eighteenth-century European and Irish history+-+94068758751374ocn006667507book19790.76Penal era and golden age : essays in Irish history, 1690-1800+-+61833185461316ocn005614414book19790.93Hayton, David WilliamA Register of parliamentary lists, 1660-1761HistoryBibliographyRegisters1246ocn797980988book20120.88Hayton, DavidThe Anglo-Irish experience, 1680-1730 : religion, identity and patriotismHistory"The wars and revolutions of seventeenth-century Ireland established in power a ruling class of Protestant landowners whose culture and connexions were traditionally English, but whose interests and political loyalties were increasingly Irish. At first unsure of their self-image and ambivalent in their loyalties, they gradually became more confident and developed a distinctive notion of 'Irishness'. The Anglo-Irish Experience explores the religious, intellectual and political culture of this new elite during a period of change and adjustment. D.W. Hayton traces both the shifting sense of national identity characteristic of the period and the changing stereotype of the Irish in English popular literature - which did much to push the 'Anglo-Irish' to embrace their Irish heritage. He also argues for the emergence of a pragmatic, constructive form of political 'patriotism', linked closely to the prevailing ideology of economic 'improvement' and underpinned by the influence of evangelical Protestantism. A key feature of the book is the use made of case studies of individuals and families: the decay of the Ormond Butlers, undermined by debt and eventually driven into political exile; the rise and fall of the Brodricks, gentlemen lawyers with a strong provincial power-base; the political journey of the politician and political writer Henry Maxwell, from 'commonwealth whig' ideologue to ministerial hack; and the relationship between Sir John Rawdon, a pious and intellectual squire, and his estate agent Thomas Prior, pamphleteer and apostle of 'improvement'. These and other narratives illustrate the variety and complexity of the 'Anglo-Irish' experience in a period that witnessed the foundation of what would in due course come to be known as the 'Protestant nation'. Early modern British and Irish historians will find this book invaluable."--Publisher's website+-+73058389361235ocn046951726book20020.81Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery, and historyHistory+-+93621460361097ocn046674066book20010.88The Irish parliament in the eighteenth century : the long apprenticeshipHistory+-+2660613925324372ocn060312811book20050.95Coghill, MarmadukeLetters of Marmaduke Coghill, 1722-1738HistoryRecords and correspondence251ocn024603921book19870.92Debates in the House of Commons, 1697-1699HistorySources171ocn163465945book20020.32Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery and history+-+5872146036161ocn163465919book20010.32Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery and history+-+5872146036161ocn163465910book20010.32Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery and history+-+5872146036161ocn163465932book20020.32Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery and history+-+5872146036161ocn163465890book20010.32Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery and history+-+5872146036151ocn643571278book20020.32Defoe, DanielWritings on travel, discovery and history+-+5872146036129ocn477195591book19910.81Hayton, David JEuropean succession laws+-+516335803511ocn862063994bookTrial by jury [and] H.M.S. Pinafore : [theatre program], [2000]Program includes photographs and brief biographical notes of the directors and main cast11ocn861919198bookAfrican sanctus [by] David Fanshawe [and] Israel in Egypt [by] Handel : [concert program], 2006, Grainger Studio [and] Adelaide Festival TheatreProgram includes double sided promotional flyer11ocn861939236bookMozart - Coronation Mass in C Major, Dvorak - Mass in D : [concert program], 2003, Wesley Uniting Church (Kent Town), Adelaide Philharmonia ChorusConductor: Timothy Sexton, organ: Peter Kelsall, soloists: Kristen Hardy (soprano), Mary-Anne Ashmore (alto), Adam Goodburn (tenor) and David Hayton (baritone)+-+7451891735324+-+7451891735324Fri Mar 21 15:58:13 EDT 2014batch17510