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Most widely held works by Joe R Feagin
White racism : the basics by Joe R Feagin( )

32 editions published between 1994 and 2001 in English and held by 2,534 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Probes the dynamics of racism in American society, examining a range of racist events and incidents across the United States, including protests over the Confederate battle flag in some southern states, the lynching death of James Byrd, Jr. in Texas, the Rodney King beating, and others
Racist America : roots, current realities, and future reparations by Joe R Feagin( )

31 editions published between 2000 and 2018 in English and held by 2,404 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Racist America is exploration of the ubiquity of racism in contemporary life. From the case of the black New Jersey dentist stopped by police more than 100 times for driving to work in an expensive car to that of the clerk who must defend her promotion against charges of undeserved affirmative action, Feagin lays bare the economic, ideological and political structure of American racism. In so doing, he develops an antiracist theory rooted not only in the latest empirical data but also in the historical realities of American racism."--Jacket
Double burden : Black women and everyday racism by Yanick St. Jean( )

14 editions published between 1997 and 2015 in English and held by 2,041 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Drawing on more than 200 interviews, this book by Yanick St. Jean and veteran researcher Joe R. Feagin examines the complex family, social, and workplace lives of African American women in several regions of the United States."--BOOK JACKET. "Revealed here are not only stories of encounters with obstacles, racist attitudes, and prejudicial actions and opinions, but also methods that many have adopted for overcoming barriers, through the development of an array of survival and countering strategies, which the authors refer to collectively as an oppositional culture, rooted in the family structure and sustained and transmitted via collective memory through the centuries."--BOOK JACKET. "Some will find the book depressing, others will find it uplifting, but all will welcome the candor and passion with which these women (and some men) describe their lives."--BOOK JACKET
Racial and ethnic relations by Joe R Feagin( Book )

47 editions published between 1978 and 2014 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,506 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Major racial and ethnic groups are examined with regard to their incorporation, economic circumstances, political development, and experience with exploitation."
Black in blue : African-American police officers and racism by Kenneth Bolton( )

11 editions published between 2004 and 2007 in English and held by 1,411 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book describes the accounts of 50 African-American police officers in 16 different law enforcement agencies in the Sunbelt. These police officers negotiate difficult organizational pathways designed to exclude or marginalize them. They must constantly prove themselves worthy to the many Whites that view them as unworthy. As they try to make policing fairer for residents of Black communities, their fellow White officers often view them as radicals, while some members of Black communities perceive them to be traitors. As Black officers have become more numerous and vocal in many police agencies across the country, both White researchers and public commentators have generally ignored them and their impact. Black police officers in historically White police agencies are a relatively new reality in United States society. Chapter 1 describes the history of discrimination in policing, a brief history of Black police officers, and the systemic character of everyday racism. Chapter 2 discusses the acquisition of knowledge about everyday racism, civil rights struggles, and lessons about racism from policing in Black communities, religious and educational settings, employment settings, and the mass media. Chapter 2 also discusses the geographical and demographic variations of racism. In chapter 3, cultural stereotyping, White notions of Black criminality, the denigration of Black personality, and the questioning of racism among Whites are all discussed. The racial barriers in police departments are detailed in chapter 4. Among the barriers are White networking in the workplace, recruitment and hiring, training and promotional, and assignments and authority. Deception and isolation, and discrimination in pay and benefits are also discussed. The hostile, racial climate within police agencies is described in chapter 5. The importance of Black officer background and self esteem are emphasized in chapter 6. Chapter 7 discusses the future of Black police officers
The first R : how children learn race and racism by Debra Van Ausdale( Book )

15 editions published between 2001 and 2002 in English and held by 1,322 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Writers since Piaget have questioned when and how children assimilate racist attitudes - or simply become aware of racial differences. This book offers evidence that the answers may be more surprising than we ever imagined."
White men on race : power, privilege, and the shaping of cultural consciousness by Joe R Feagin( Book )

6 editions published between 2003 and 2004 in English and held by 1,287 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Based on the revealing and provocative testimony of about one hundred powerful, upper-income white men, White Men on Race shows how these men see racial "others," how they see white America, how they view racial conflicts, and what they expect for the country's future. Covering a range of topics, from how they first encountered black Americans to views on blacks today, interracial dating, affirmative action, current immigration, crime, and intervening in discriminatory situations, their views enlighten us on the racial perspectives of the country's twenty-first century white male elites." "These men, mostly baby boomers ranging in age from their thirties to their sixties, reside in a variety of U.S. cities and states. Some are at or near the top of powerful economic and government organizations and are members of the national governing class, while most are a tier or two below that top level and are influential in their regions or local communities. Most are executives in corporations, influential officials and administrators, academics, physicians, attorneys, and businesspeople." "The authors closely analyze the racial attitudes and experiences of this powerful group and argue that certain key ideas and views expressed by the majority are not isolated but are part of a larger, often troubling set of perspectives on race in America. These perspectives continue to shape white lives and actions and, ultimately, the course of the nation." "In their interviews the authors find that these men provide complex and nuanced perspectives on race in U.S. society, with traditional racial interpretations often with more progressive, even actively antiracist, assessment of contemporary racial realities. Those men who are consistently and strongly antiracist in their perspectives and actions, the authors argue, provide hope for more effective leadership on racial matters in the present and future of the United States."--Jacket
Living with racism : the Black middle-class experience by Joe R Feagin( Book )

11 editions published between 1994 and 1995 in English and held by 1,220 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"One step from suicide" was the first response to Joe Feagin and Mel Sikes' question about how it feels to be middle-class and African-American. Despite the prevalent white view that racism is diminishing, this groundbreaking study exposes the depth and relentlessness of the racism that middle-class Black Americans face everyday. From the supermarket to the office, the authors show, African Americans are routinely subjected to subtle humiliations and overt hostility across white America. Based on the sometimes harrowing testimony of more than 200 Black respondents, Living with Racism shows how discrimination targets middle-class African Americans, impeding their economic and social progress, and wearying their spirit. A man is refused service in a restaurant. A woman is harassed while shopping. A little girl is taunted in a public pool by white children. These are everyday incidents encountered by millions of African Americans. But beyond presenting a litany of abuse, the authors argue that racism is deeply imbedded in American institutions and that the cumulative effect of these episodes is profoundly damaging. They argue that discrimination is experienced by their interviewees not as separate incidents, but as a process demanding their constant vigilance and shaping their personal, professional, and psychological lives. With powerful insight into the daily workings of discrimination, this important study can help all Americans confront the racism of our institutions and our culture
The bubbling cauldron : race, ethnicity, and the urban crisis by Michael P Smith( )

15 editions published between 1992 and 1999 in English and held by 1,120 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The essays in this collection provide a background for discussions about multiculturalism, cultural politics, and urban crises by illustrating the ways in which race is still a central source of meaning, identity, and power and why it is intensifying as a category, rather than diminishing. Selections include: (1) "Putting 'Race' in Its Place" (Michael Peter Smith and Joe R. Feagin); (2) "Dictatorship, Democracy, and Difference: The Historical Construction of Racial Identity" (Howard Winant); (3) "Who Are the 'Good Guys'? The Social Construction of the Vietnamese 'Other'" (Michael Peter Smith and Bernadette Tarallo); (4) "The Rising Significance of Status in U.S. Race Relations" (Martin Sanchez Jankowski); (5) "African American Entrepreneurship and Racial Discrimination: a Southern Metropolitan Case" (Michael Hodge and Joe R. Feagin); (6) "Black Ghettoization and Social Mobility" (Norman Fainstein); (7) "Historical Footprints: The Legacy of the School Desegregation Pioneers" (Leslie Baham Inniss); (8) "Retreat from Equal Opportunity? The Case of Affirmative Action" (Cedric Herring and Sharon M. Collins); (9) "Demobilization in the New Black Political Regime: Ideological Capitulation and Radical Failure in the Postsegregation Era" (Adolph Reed Jr.); (10) "The Real 'New World Order': The Globalization of Racial and Ethnic Relations in the Late Twentieth Century" (Nestor P. Rodriguez); (11) "The Effects of Transnational Culture, Economy, and Migration on Mixed Identity in Oaxacalifornia" (Michael Kearney); (12) "Models of Immigrant Integration in France and the United States: Signs of Convergence?" (Sophie Body-Gendrot); (13) "When the Melting Pot Boils Over: The Irish, Jews, Blacks, and Koreans of New York" (Roger Waldinger); (14) "Beyond 'Politics by Other Means'? Empowerment Strategies for Los Angeles' Asian Pacific Community" (Harold Brackman and Steven P. Erie); (15) "Political Capital and the Social Reproduction of Inequality in a Mexican Origin Community in Arizona" (Edward Murguia); and (16) "The Continuing Legacy of Discrimination in Southern Communities" (James W. Button). (Sld)
Discrimination American style : institutional racism and sexism by Joe R Feagin( Book )

13 editions published between 1978 and 1986 in English and held by 940 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Why and how are some people--women, blacks, and other minorities--discriminated against? The answers to these questions are important because an understanding of the causes and operation of discrimination is essential to finding effective ways to counteract and eradicate discrimination from our society. While the popular view holds that prejudice and bigotry lie behind racist and sexist discrimination, this book goes beyond that view to expose other roots of the problem that are subtler and more difficult to combat. (Back cover)
Modern sexism : blatant, subtle, and covert discrimination by Nijole V Benokraitis( Book )

13 editions published between 1986 and 1995 in English and held by 895 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Liberation sociology by Joe R Feagin( Book )

24 editions published between 1998 and 2016 in English and held by 862 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The United States is on a path of increasing social conflict, accentuated class, and racial inequalities. Based on a belief that change can be brought about by citizen action, this volume argues that such action can be assisted by what the authors call "liberation sociology"--A tool for the increase of democratic participation in the production and implementation of knowledge
School desegregation : past, present, and future by Walter G Stephan( Book )

8 editions published in 1980 in English and Undetermined and held by 861 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ghetto revolts; the politics of violence in American cities by Joe R Feagin( Book )

13 editions published in 1973 in English and held by 762 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The many costs of racism by Joe R Feagin( Book )

9 editions published between 2002 and 2005 in English and held by 748 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"What is it like to be a black person in America today? The voices of middle-class African Americans captured in this book will surprise those who think the era of racial discrimination is past. The Many Costs of Racism is a vivid account of the medical, mental, and economic effects of everyday racism for black Americans-and of racism's high costs for all Americans." "Drawing on their own interviews and on other research studies, the authors document the substantial damage done to black individuals, families, and communities by the stress of everyday discrimination. The strong voices of African Americans here also tell how active resistance and coping strategies become a way of life. Beyond the toll on individuals and families, the authors assess the costs that society as a whole pays for the age-old structures of racial inequality that persist in workplaces, communities, and other major institutions. That cost is much too high-and the book explains how all Americans can work to reduce it."--BOOK JACKET
Subordinating the poor : welfare and American beliefs by Joe R Feagin( Book )

11 editions published between 1971 and 1975 in English and held by 730 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Jim Crow's legacy : the lasting impact of segregation by Ruth Thompson-Miller( Book )

7 editions published between 2014 and 2015 in English and held by 685 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Jim Crow's Legacy shows the lasting impact of segregation on the lives of African Americans who lived through it, as well as its impact on future generations. The book draws on interviews with elderly African American southerners whose stories poignantly show the devastation of racism not only in the past but also in the present."--Back cover
The agony of education : Black students at white colleges and universities by Joe R Feagin( Book )

11 editions published between 1996 and 2014 in English and held by 607 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Agony of Education probes the choices and trade-off facing African-American students attending an historically white university: psychologically (un)supportive classroom and campus settings, administrative barriers, recruitment and retention, white faculty and white students. Documenting the continuing legacy of racism in one of its most insidious forms, The Agony of Education defends the need for a more vigorous form of multicultural education on college campuses."--Jacket
The white racial frame : centuries of racial framing and counter-framing by Joe R Feagin( Book )

18 editions published between 2008 and 2013 in English and held by 585 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this book Joe R. Feagin extends the systemic racism framework in previous Routledge books by developing an innovative new concept, the white racial frame. Now four centuries-old, this white racial frame encompasses not only the stereotyping, bigotry, and racist ideology accented in other theories of "race," but also the visual images, array of emotions, sounds of language, interlinking interpretations, and inclinations to discriminate that are still central to the frame's everyday operation. Deeply imbedded in American minds and institutions, this white racial frame has for centur
The myth of the model minority : Asian Americans facing racism by Rosalind S Chou( Book )

17 editions published between 2008 and 2017 in English and held by 555 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The second edition of this popular book adds important new research on how racial stereotyping is gendered and sexualized. New interviews show that Asian American men feel emasculated in America's male hierarchy. Women recount their experiences of being exoticized, subtly and otherwise, as sexual objects. The new data reveal how race, gender, and sexuality intersect in the lives of Asian Americans. The text retains all the features of the renowned first edition, which offered the first in-depth exploration of how Asian Americans experience and cope with everyday racism. The book depicts the 'double consciousness' of many Asian Americans--experiencing racism but feeling the pressures to conform to popular images of their group as America's highly achieving 'model minority.'" --Publisher's Web site
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Double burden : Black women and everyday racism
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Racist America : roots, current realities, and future reparationsDouble burden : Black women and everyday racismRacial and ethnic relationsBlack in blue : African-American police officers and racismThe first R : how children learn race and racismWhite men on race : power, privilege, and the shaping of cultural consciousnessLiving with racism : the Black middle-class experienceThe bubbling cauldron : race, ethnicity, and the urban crisis