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Fri Mar 21 17:10:31 2014 UTClccn-n791191240.06Nathanael Greene, independent boy0.420.96[Gen. Greene's report on the "Battle of Eutaw Springs". Boston? Printed and sold opposite the Court-House, 178129549321Nathanael_Greenen 79119124350783lccn-n79045178United StatesContinental Armylccn-n97056888Golway, Terry1955-lccn-n85185559Thayer, Theodore1904-1981lccn-n80097854Greene, George Washington1811-1883lccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-n2007082883Carbone, Gerald M.lccn-n88099206Siry, Steven E.1956-lccn-n79124961Rhode Island Historical Societypbllccn-n79119120Showman, Richard K.pbdedtlccn-n87832734Conrad, Dennis Michael1949-othedtGreene, Nathanael1742-1786HistorySourcesBiographyManuscriptsRegistersMilitary historyGenealogyArchivesRecords and correspondenceBibliography‡vCatalogsGreene, Nathanael,United StatesAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)GeneralsUnited States.--Continental ArmyQuakersManuscripts, AmericanMilitary pensionsSouth CarolinaOfficers' spousesGreene, Catharine LittlefieldSouthern StatesMaine--FalmouthEutaw Springs, Battle of (South Carolina : 1781)North CarolinaGuilford Courthouse, Battle of (North Carolina : 1781)South Carolina--CowpensCowpens, Battle of (South Carolina : 1781)TravelFlorida--Saint AugustineMilitary leadershipWashington, George,VirginiaUnited States.--ArmyGenerals--CorrespondenceLettersHistory--SourcesBiographyArchivesSumter, Thomas,SoldiersMilitary campaigns17421786174217711775177617781779178017811782178317841785178617901791179217941796179818001802181018121813181418191820182218261833184318461848184918501852185418561857185818591860186118621864186618671868186918701871187218731877187818801881188318841885188618891890189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819101912191319141915191919241925192619271928193019321933193619391940194119421943194419521953195419561959196019611962196319641966196719681970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013150786751058973.330924E207.G9Generals35923ocn001116848book18580.27Saffell, W. T. RRecords of the Revolutionary WarHistoryBiographyGenealogyRegistersSourcesContains rosters, with service records, of about 15,000 soldiers and officers from the New England states, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina, arranged by regiment, company, and corps+-+69800426961837ocn001944888book18220.81Johnson, WilliamSketches of the life and correspondence of Nathanael Greene, major general of the armies of the United States, in the war of the revolution.HistoryBiographyPortraits1717ocn062809643com17750.79An Express just arrived from General Washington. Camp at Cambridge, Oct. 24, 1775. Sir, The inclosed information being of the highest importance, I thought it proper to transmit it to you with all dispatch, I am Sir, your obedient servant, George Washington. : On the service of the United Colonies. To the Hon. Nicholas Cooke, Esq ; dep. gov. of Rhode-Island, Providence.History1026ocn062810995file17810.86Greene, NathanaelCornwallis retreating! Philadelphia, April 7, 1781. Extract of a letter from Major-General Greene, dated camp, at Buffelo [sic] Creek, March 23, 1781History1017ocn062819043file17810.88Providence, February 20, 1781. This afternoon an express arrived here from Philadelphia, by whom we have the following important intelligence from South-Carolina, which was received at Philadelphia by an express from the Hon. Major-General GreeneHistoryMilitary history835ocn062807141file17810.88By a gentleman from Philadelphia we are favour'd with the Pennsylvania packet of the 18th instant, which contains the following official account of the late important action, fought between General Greene's army and the British, near Charlestown, the 8th ultimoHistory591ocn000870613book19640.56Greene, NathanaelGeneral Greene's visit to St. Augustine in 1785212ocn011040101book19060.56Greene, NathanaelLetters by and to General Nathanael Greene with some to his wife172ocn838827439file17810.47By a gentleman from Philadelphia we are favour'd with the Pennsylvania packet of the 18th instant, which contains the following official account of the late important action fought between General Greene's Army and the British, near Charlestown, the 8th ultimo : Philadelphia, October 18, 1781History113ocn022447932art18990.47Official correspondence between Brigadier- General Thomas Sumter and Major- General Nathanael Greene, from A.D. 1780 to 1783 from original unpublished letters of Genl. Sumter, in the possession of the Misses Brownfield, and certified copies of letters of General Greene, in possession of Gen. Edward McCrady, presidentHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence116ocn311550835book19760.47Greene, NathanaelThe papers of General Nathanael Greene / December 1766 - December 1776HistorySources93ocn185175176book20050.33Greene, NathanaelThe papers of general Nathanael Greene+-+489473253583ocn780151114com18600.88Saffell, W. T. RRecords of the revolutionary war containing the military and financial correspondence of distinguished officers; names of the officers and privates of regiments, companies, and corps, with the dates of their and enlistments; general orders of Washington, Lee, and GreeneHistoryBiographySources84ocn311550762book19800.32Greene, NathanaelThe papers of General Nathanael Greene / 1 January 1777-16 October 177884ocn769737226book19910.33Greene, NathanaelPapers81ocn028759794art19280.96Greene, Nathanael[Gen. Greene's report on the "Battle of Eutaw Springs". Boston? Printed and sold opposite the Court-House, 1781HistorySources84ocn769270135book19860.33Greene, NathanaelPapers84ocn311550739book19830.33Greene, NathanaelPapers84ocn311144653book19890.33Greene, NathanaelPapers83ocn313525518book20000.32Greene, NathanaelThe papers of General Nathanael Greene / 7 April - 30 September 1782+-+960073253510412ocn055220273book20050.23Golway, TerryWashington's general : Nathanael Greene and the triumph of the American RevolutionHistoryBiographyProfiles the Revolutionary War hero as a self-educated military genius who renounced his Quaker upbringing to join the Rhode Island militia in 1774, describing the daring exploits that placed him at the head of the southern campaign, during which he triumphed over Lord Cornwallis+-+91152505359542ocn000426477book19600.37Thayer, TheodoreNathanael Greene : strategist of the American RevolutionBiography8396ocn181601126book20080.25Carbone, Gerald MNathanael Greene : a biography of the American RevolutionHistoryBiographyWhen the Revolutionary War began, Nathanael Greene was a private in the militia, the lowest rank possible, yet he emerged from the war with a reputation as George Washington's most gifted and dependable officer--celebrated as one of three most important generals. Upon taking command of America's Southern Army in 1780, Nathanael Greene was handed troops that consisted of 1,500 starving, nearly naked men. Gerald Carbone explains how within a year, the small worn-out army ran the British troops out of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina and into the final trap at Yorktown. Despite his huge military successes and tactical genius Greene's story has a dark side. Using twenty-five years of original research, Gerald Carbone chronicles Greene's unlikely rise to success and his fall into debt and anonymity.--From publisher description+-+76157158758313ocn755594961com20060.39Siry, Steven EGreene revolutionary generalHistoryBiography"Born into a Quaker family, Nathanael Greene had nothing in his background that pointed to a military career. His total military training before mid-1775, when he abandoned pacifism, consisted of serving as a private in the Rhode Island militia for a few hours each week. Yet, no doubt because of his leadership ability, the Rhode Island Assembly in May 1775 appointed Greene commander of the Rhode Island Army of Observation at the siege of Boston. In June, at age thirty-two, Greene became the youngest general in the Continental Army and the only general who had never held a military commission. When the Revolutionary War ended eight years later, he was the only one of George Washington's generals who had served continuously from its start. Resourceful and courageous, Greene combined common sense, a keen intellect, fine organizational skills, and a remarkable aptitude for using topographical and geographical information. Indeed, he became Washington's most trusted adviser and eventually ranked second in the command structure of the Continental Army. After distinguishing himself in the northern campaign and providing invaluable service as quartermaster general, Greene became commander of the Southern Department with orders to rebuild its forces following devastating losses in South Carolina in 1780. With Georgia and South Carolina under British control and North Carolina and Virginia threatened by invasion, the situation seemed hopeless. Greene, however, combined regulars, militia, and guerrillas into a force that used rapid movement and continuous pressure against the British, outmaneuvering and outguessing them. By 1782, British forces were restricted to just two Southern seaports. With his understanding of unconventional warfare, Greene thus played a significant role in undoing Great Britain's power in North America during the War for Independence."--Publisher's website+-+076433920680013ocn002331814book19800.53Greene, NathanaelThe papers of General Nathanael GreeneHistoryBiographyBibliography CatalogsCatalogsArchivesSourcesRecords and correspondenceManuscripts+-+98627325357523ocn000483603book19720.25Thane, ElswythThe fighting Quaker: Nathanael GreeneHistoryBiographyExplores the private life of the eighteenth-century general and examines his integral role in the fashioning of America70727ocn000091912book18930.39Greene, F. VGeneral GreeneHistoryBiographyAfter Washington, Greene is considered the ablest American officer to fight in the Revolution. According to a contemporary New York Times review of this 1893 biography, General Greene's story is told with just appreciation and reasonable fullness. No volume in the Great Commander Series deserves wider reading+-+800779332532466127ocn011547488book18460.66Greene, George WashingtonThe life of Nathanael Greene, major-general in the army of the revolutionHistoryBiography6163ocn000541741book19630.39Treacy, M. FPrelude to Yorktown : the southern campaign of Nathanael Greene, 1780-1781History48131ocn000426478book18490.84Simms, William GilmoreThe life of Nathanael Greene, major-general in the army of the RevolutionBiography3885ocn006744585book19560.06Peckham, Howard HNathanael Greene, independent boyJuvenile worksFiction"The story of the Quaker boyhood in which young Nat learned the principles that guided his career as a solider-patriot in the Revolution." McClurg. Book news3261ocn001145151book19670.06Bailey, Ralph EdgarGuns over the Carolinas : the story of Nathanael GreeneJuvenile worksSecond in command to George Washington, Greene used his keen knowledge of military strategy to win the war against the British32512ocn003450380book18190.81Caldwell, CharlesMemoirs of the life and campaigns of the Hon. Nathaniel Greene, major general in the army of the United States, and commander of the Southern department, in the war of the revolutionHistoryBiography3056ocn011866762book19770.39Stegeman, John FCaty : a biography of Catharine Littlefield GreeneHistoryBiographyCatharine Littlefield "Caty" Greene (17 Feb. 1755-2 Sept. 1814) was the wife of American Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene, a mother of five, and noted for being a supporter of inventor Eli Whitney+-+57425857352481ocn070219899book20070.06Mierka, Gregg ANathanael Greene : the general who saved the RevolutionHistoryJuvenile worksBiography"A biography of the general whose successful campaign in the South, in what seemed an impossible situation, turned the tide of the American Revolution and led to a Patriot victory"--Provided by publisher+-+77651004062242ocn044516558book20000.06Greene, MegNathanael Greene : military leaderHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyPresents the life of the Revolutionary War general+-+92240564252203ocn000447067book19730.63Johnson, WilliamSketches of the life and correspondence of Nathanael Greene21617ocn002212358book18660.90Greene, George WashingtonNathanael Greene. An examination of some statements concerning Major-General Greene, in the ninth volume of Bancroft's History of the United States2122ocn001447447book19560.18Seifert, ShirleyLet my name stand fairFiction2013ocn768417946book20120.84General Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution in the SouthHistoryBiography+-+9600732535+-+9600732535Fri Mar 21 15:41:39 EDT 2014batch40966