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Fri Mar 21 17:09:46 2014 UTClccn-n791340300.00Packard, Alpheus Spring, Jr0.851.00Proceedings... Dec. 23, 1882 [on occasion of the 84th birthday of Prof. Alpheus S. Packard]29594509Alpheus_Spring_Packardn 79134030365405Packard, A. S. der Ju╠łngere 1839-1905Packard, A.S., Jr., 1839-1905Packard, A. S., Jr. (Alpheus Spring), 1839-1905Packard, Alpheus S. 1839-1905Packard, Alpheus Spring, 1839-1905Packard, Asa S., 1839-1905Packard, Asa S., Jr., 1839-1905Spring Packard, Alpheus 1839-1905lccn-n79066729Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de1744-1829lccn-no91028526United States Entomological Commissionlccn-n91097955Riley, Charles V.(Charles Valentine)1843-1895lccn-n88619263Cockerell, Theodore D. A.(Theodore Dru Alison)1866-1948lccn-n80109870Thomas, Cyrus1825-1910lccn-n79056514National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)lccn-n87863113Putnam, F. W.(Frederic Ward)1839-1915nc-smithsonian institutionSmithsonian Institutionlccn-n87150684Macalister, Alex(Alexander)lccn-n80036673XenophonPackard, A. S.(Alpheus Spring)1839-1905BibliographyBiographyPopular worksTextbooksHistoryRecords and correspondenceHandbooks, manuals, etcInsectsInsect pestsBeneficial insectsZoologyEvolution (Biology)Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de,North AmericaMothsNewfoundland and Labrador--LabradorCave animalsNatural historyEskimosCavesUnited StatesGeometridaeInsects--AnatomyInsects--DevelopmentBombycidaeKentucky--Mammoth CaveInsects--Collection and preservationEmbryologyNaturalistsPackard, A. S.--(Alpheus Spring),FranceTrees--Diseases and pestsPackard, Alpheus S.--(Alpheus Spring),Limulus polyphemusBrainInsect societiesEdible insectsAnimal-plant relationshipsInsects--MetamorphosisTravelForest insectsNewfoundland and LabradorGeologyEntomologyVertebratesInvertebratesStudentsInuitMeans familyAppleton, Jesse,Appleton familyPackard familyOrthopteraPutnam, F. W.--(Frederic Ward),EducatorsHyatt, Alpheus,Morse, Edward Sylvester,1839190518391841184318511853186118631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051909191419201926192819301950195819701975197619771979198019811983199319951999200020012007200820102012201354086091149595.7QL463ocn001124719ocn013899408ocn017295855ocn006568459ocn700317428ocn719429014ocn034878298ocn003737483ocn866880880ocn085784358ocn857742513ocn857792819ocn857757106ocn857777621ocn03848745376973ocn256749660book18690.86Packard, A. SGuide to the study of insects and a treatise on those injurious and beneficial to crops: for the use of colleges, farm-schools, and agriculturistsHandbooks, manuals, etc32024ocn014789483book19010.70Packard, A. SLamarck, the founder of evolution; his life and work, with translations of his writings on organic evolutionBiography+-+535436390524326ocn005433782book18800.88Packard, A. SZoology for high schools and colleges23421ocn002406782book18980.84Packard, A. SA text-book of entomology, including the anatomy, physiology, embryology and metamorphoses of insects, for use in agricultural and technical schools and colleges as well as by the working entomologistTextbooks17420ocn005758861book18880.92Packard, A. SEntomology for beginners; for the use of young folks, fruitgrowers, farmers, and gardeners15726ocn008597505book18790.86Packard, A. SZoologyTextbooks1546ocn001990342book18910.73Packard, A. SThe Labrador coast. A journal of two summer cruises to that regionBibliography1359ocn005279590book18860.86Packard, A. SThe cave fauna of North America, with remarks on the anatomy of the brain and origin of the blind species1306ocn003831709book18760.92Packard, A. SA monograph of the geometrid moths or Phalænidæ of the United States1239ocn003792282book18950.88Packard, A. SMonograph of the bombycine moths of North America, including their transformations and origin of the larval markings and armature956ocn004456195book18730.90Packard, A. SDirections for collecting and preserving insects9313ocn004356215book18720.93Packard, A. SThe Mammoth Cave and its inhabitants, or Descriptions of the fishes, insects and crustaceans found in the cave917ocn005433745book18760.92Packard, A. SLife histories of animals, including man, or, Outlines of comparative embryology+-+2426700796908ocn003716599book18730.88Packard, A. SHalf hours with insectsPopular works8020ocn011453315book18820.93Packard, A. SFirst lessons in geologyTextbooks7710ocn003831459book18810.94Packard, A. SInsects injurious to forest and shade trees6320ocn013398608book18910.79Packard, A. SThe Labrador coast a journal of two summer cruises to that region, with notes on its early discovery, on the Eskimo, on its physical geography, geology and natural historyHistoryBibliography579ocn011331026book18870.93Packard, A. SFurther studies on the brain of Limulus polyphemus : with notes on its embryologyBibliography575ocn009597788book18730.94Packard, A. SOur common insects : a popular account of the insects of our fields, forests, gardens, and houses : illustrated with 4 plates and 268 woodcuts5310ocn326085312file18730.76Packard, A. SOur common insects A popular account of the insects of our fields, forests, gardens and housesPopular works+-+1307328066324292ocn008960087book18870.96Henshaw, SamuelThe entomological writings of Dr. Alpheus Spring PackardBibliographyRecords and correspondence211ocn011820109book19200.96Cockerell, Theodore D. ABiographical memoir of Alpheus Spring Packard, 1839-190591ocn022917210book0.95Smyth, NewmanAn address commemorative of Prof. Alpheus Spring Packard, D.D., read before the Bowdoin Alumni Assn. of New York ... January 21, 188581ocn016964659art18901.00Maine Historical SocietyProceedings... Dec. 23, 1882 [on occasion of the 84th birthday of Prof. Alpheus S. Packard]71ocn643760187file18850.84Smyth, Egbert CoffinAlpheus Spring Packard : a commemorative address before the Alumni Association of Bowdoin College, June 24, 188531ocn317879307book19300.10Sinnett, Charles NHon. Robert Means and descendants with index to the names21ocn083911439book18801.00Scudder, Samuel HubbardList of orthoptera collected by A.S. Packard, in the western United States in the summer of 187722ocn166229997art19500.10Bowdoin CollegeAlpheus Spring Packard21ocn032883534book18821.00Elwell, Edward HSong: adapted from Auld Lang SynePoetry11ocn166412096art18930.10Packard, Alpheus Spring : pupil of Louis AgassizBiography11ocn081269926art18901.00Benjamin, MarcusAlpheus Spring Packard12ocn702205640mix1.00Marsh, Othniel CharlesOthniel Charles Marsh papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, school notes and other papers of O.C. Marsh, scientist and first professor of paleontology at Yale and in the United States. Of special interest is the rather extensive correspondence Marsh carried on with many prominent scientists of his time; included are letters from Charles Darwin, Leonard and Thomas Huxley, Simon Newcomb, and Benjamin Silliman Sr. and Jr. Also included are materials relating to Marsh's education at Andover, Yale and in Germany, family papers, and papers reflecting his involvement with the Cardiff Giant Hoax and the Red Cloud Controversy11ocn163574612art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamPackard, Alpheus Spring11ocn057532091art1999Packard, Alpheus Spring, JrBiography11ocn050793898book18820.10Baxter, James PhinneyProf. Packard's 84th birthday and poem11ocn464727129com18860.81Little, George ThomasMemorial. Alpheus Spring Packard, 1798-188411ocn061857410book19700.47Graustein, Jeannette ECollegians in Labrador and Greenland, 186011ocn063937372mix1.00Hartt, Charles FrederickCharles Frederick Hartt papersPictorial worksLetters about a proposed Brazilian expedition, geology, zoology, and related subjects from Joel Asaph Allen, James Dwight Dana, Arnold Henry Guyot, James Hall, Thomas Sterry Hunt, Alpheus Hyatt, Alpheus Spring Packard, Samuel Hubbard Scudder, Addison Emery Verrill, Jeffries Wyman, and other scientists; also notification of Hartt's membership in the Boston Society of Natural History, his US citizenship papers, and other documents11ocn228511216book1.00Agassiz Zoological Club (Harvard University)Records of the Agassiz Zoological ClubThe records document the history and activities of the Club, as well as the interests of individual members in the natural sciences and zoology. Later records reflect the efforts of Eben Putnam, son of member F.W. Putnam, to assemble the records of the Club11ocn027259848book19761.00Dexter, Ralph WContributions of the Salem group of Agassiz zoologists to natural science education+-+5354363905+-+5354363905Fri Mar 21 15:38:03 EDT 2014batch34504