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Fri Mar 21 17:02:50 2014 UTClccn-n791355020.35Situation und Botschaft die soteriologische Vermittlung von Anthropologie und Christologie in den offenen Denkformen von Paul Tillich und Walter Kasper /0.510.96Cristologie storiche a confronto : Wolfhart Pannenberg e Walter Kasper /103197552Walter_Kaspern 79135502366854Kāsbar, Fāltir 1933-Kasper-Moltmann, ... 1933-Kasper, Valʹter 1933-Kasper, W. 1933-Kasper, WalterKasper, Waltherولتر كاسبر، الكاردينال، 1933-カスパー, Wカスパー, ヴァルターlccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n79022114Küng, Hans1928-edtlccn-n79003281Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von1775-1854lccn-n79049297Tillich, Paul1886-1965lccn-n2012024950Galles, Paullccn-no94013985Buchberger, Michael1874-1961antedtlccn-n79043792Balthasar, Hans Urs von1905-1988edtlccn-n82223727Lehmann, Karl1936-auiarrdteedtlccn-n50035914O'Collins, GeraldKasper, Walter1933-HistoryCatechismsConference proceedingsInterviewsTheology, DoctrinalChristian unionEcumenical movementCatholic ChurchChristologyChristianityKasper, Walter,TrinityTheologyFaithJesus ChristPastoral theologyChurchGod (Christianity)Religious pluralism--ChristianityChurch historyPhilosophical theologySalvation--ChristianityIdealism, GermanJudaism--Relations--ChristianityChristianity and other religions--JudaismJudaismSchelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von,Tillich, Paul,Marriage--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchLiberty--Religious aspects--ChristianityLibertyCivilization, ModernPastoral theology--Catholic ChurchEschatology--History of doctrinesClergyChristian educationGodOrthodox Eastern ChurchCatholic Church-Orthodox Eastern Church relationsLord's Supper--Catholic ChurchPapacy and Christian unionChristianity and atheismApologeticsTheological anthropology--Christianity--History of doctrinesBenedict--XVI,--Pope,Church--History of doctrinesTradition (Theology)--History of doctrinesTradition (Theology)GermanyCardinalsKüng, Hans,Hermeneutics--Religious aspects--Christianity--History of doctrinesChurch polityRahner, Karl,193319601961196219641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013147504791158262.0011BT202ocn000376048ocn263399731ocn229448667ocn263222564ocn181567875ocn489885099ocn772682398ocn462403712ocn264253068ocn034139307ocn839991874ocn314473269ocn313213185ocn073655730ocn222259257ocn075196200ocn075617588ocn723332520ocn501313334ocn720191950ocn075324079ocn470762330ocn311524005ocn439949301ocn858874604ocn446546154ocn840108101ocn721544975ocn80093326199815ocn002658913book19760.50Kasper, WalterJesus the ChristHere at last is a reissue of Kasper's major work with a brilliant new introduction surveying recent developments in Christology. Kasper assesses the Christological enterprise in the Church from the earliest down to the most recent times which can be recommended without hesitation to teacher and serious student. The book also provides a solid theological basis for preaching+-+K6357645359708ocn276300439file20040.39Kasper, WalterThat they may all be one the call to unityCardinal Kasper is a distinguished theologian who was a colleague of Cardinal Ratzinger, Karl Rahner, and Hans Kung at The Universities of Münster and Tübingen.Kasper now heads the Vatican's Council for Promoting Christian Unity, with the specific task of fostering relations between the Catholic Church and other Christian Churches and Ecclesial communities. Here he outlines his vision for the unity of Christian Churches. A man with an open mind, Kasper covers one of the major responsibilities of the contemporary Catholic Church. His perspective of the uniqueness of The Catholic Church and its+-+542876513592811ocn676697033file20070.39Kasper, WalterHarvesting the fruits aspects of Christian faith in ecumenical dialogueThe Second Vatican Council declared the restoration of unity among Christians to be one of its principal concerns. Division among the Churches scandalises the world and damages that most holy cause, the preaching of The Gospel to every creature. A key figure to have worked tirelessly at these aims is Cardinal Walter Kasper, one of the most experienced, authoritative, and respected members of the Vatican hierarchy. Here Cardinal Kasper summarises the results of the Catholic Church's official dialogues with Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican and Methodist Churches over forty years, sets out a blueprint for 'consensus and convergence', and sets out a map for the way forward for ecumenism. From such a source, this document is therefore of crucial importance. The book focuses on the major issues in ecumenical dialogue - Jesus Christ, The Holy Trinity, Justification, The Church and The Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist. Cardinal Kasper explains the key issues at stake and offers signposts for the way forward so that the wish of Jesus may be fulfilled: That They May All Be One+-+572716699666622ocn011030790book19840.56Kasper, WalterThe God of Jesus ChristKasper is a master synthesiser, and his display of erudition alone makes this book a worthy read and an invaluable resource for questions of God and Trinity. Using admittedly polemical language, he calls for a 'theological theology' which makes the explanation of the confession of the triune God its first priority, not only for speculative but also for pastoral reasons. This is the reissue of a theological work of considerable importance for which Cardinal Kasper has written an entirely new introduction taking modern developments in theology fully into account+-+34757598855312ocn000376048book19720.56The Plurality of ministries50311ocn005751271book19800.50Kasper, WalterTheology of Christian marriage4802ocn000833111book19730.56Polarization in the church4774ocn002340209book19750.56Christians and Jews44916ocn007413391book19720.53Kasper, WalterAn introduction to Christian faith3062ocn017962971book19880.66Kasper, WalterThe Christian understanding of freedom and the history of freedom in the Modern Era : the meeting and confrontation between Christianity and the Modern Era in a postmodern situationHistory+-+689071923532430142ocn001239006book19740.50Kasper, WalterJesus der Christus2924ocn019975736book19890.59Kasper, WalterTheology and church2403ocn008629045book19820.59Kasper, WalterFaith and the future+-+79505097352254ocn029218853book19940.56Brown, Raymond EdwardFaith and the future : studies in Christian eschatology+-+60098645352083ocn049383703book20030.53Kasper, WalterLeadership in the church : how traditional roles can serve the Christian community today+-+42246097351981ocn018746290book19870.39The church's confession of faith : a Catholic catechism for adultsCatechisms1907ocn020576087book19870.63Kasper, WalterTranscending all understanding : the meaning of Christian faith today+-+41075234353241625ocn056755747book20040.59Kasper, WalterSacrament of unity : the Eucharist and the church+-+39687097351603ocn057579314book20050.66The Petrine ministry : Catholics and Orthodox in dialogue : academic symposium held at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian UnityConference proceedings+-+398896453515416ocn001158275book19740.53Schilson, ArnoChristologie im Präsens : kritische Sichtung neuer Entwürfe4773ocn817953685file20120.35Galles, PaulSituation und Botschaft die soteriologische Vermittlung von Anthropologie und Christologie in den offenen Denkformen von Paul Tillich und Walter KasperMain description: Salvation is a dramatic event. What form of thought is appropriate for the relationship between God and Man: analogy, dialectics, or paradox?Paul Tillich and Walter Kasper may be regarded as the 20th century heirs to Schelling's version of German Idealism. In response to the conundrums that emerge from the anthropological transition to postmodernism and from modern man's position of alienation from God, Tillich and Kasper boldly attempted to conceptualize theology in terms of soteriology. Is there still a Christian message that speaks to the predicament of modern man and can 0embrace0 people today?793ocn044818314book20010.73McMichael, Ralph NWalter Kasper's response to modern atheism : confessing the Trinity"The development and pervasiveness of modern atheism as well as secularization poses an acute challenge to Christian theology. Theologians have either ignored this challenge or have sought to meet it in a variety of ways. Throughout his theological career, Walter Kasper (1933-) has maintained that theology has the mutual tasks of exposition of the Christian faith and of responding to contemporary challenges to this faith. In his seminal work The God of Jesus Christ (1982), he argues that the proper Christian response to modern atheism is the confession of the Trinity. In making this response, Kasper begins to chart a course for all future Christian apologetics, for all efforts to give an account of Christian hope (1 Peter 3:15)."--BOOK JACKET+-+0285095735482ocn026389772book19920.66Joha, ZdenkoChristologie und Anthropologie : eine Verhältnisbestimmung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des theologischen Denkens Walter Kaspers371ocn857413259book20130.76Kalonji Nkokesha, CarlosPenser la tradition avec Walter Kasper : pertinence d'une catholicité historiquement et culturellement ouverte361ocn050961012book20010.66Podhorecki, NorbertOffenbarung-Schrift-Tradition : Walter Kaspers Beitrag zum Problem der DogmenhermeneutikHistory352ocn302369653book20080.59Kasper, WalterWo das Herz des Glaubens schlägt : die Erfahrung eines LebensInterviews291ocn036304518book19960.73Morawa, JózefDie Communio-Kirche als Sakrament des Heils in und für die Welt : zum erneuerten Verständnis der Sendung der Kirche in der Gegenwart im Werk Walter KaspersHistory254ocn068447643com20040.47Kirch, Jeffrey SThe universal church and the local church Joseph Ratzinger and Walter Kasper in dialogue251ocn025701350book19900.66Madonia, NicolòErmeneutica e cristologia in Walter Kasper231ocn006153679book19780.56Wikmark, ÖrjanOfelbarhet och evangelium : en studie i Karl Rahners, Hans Küngs och Walter Kaspers uppfattning av kyrkans och läroämbetets infallibilitet201ocn052030136book20000.70Kreiml, JosefChristlicher Glaube in der Moderne : zu einigen Grundthesen bei Hansjürgen Verweyen, Walter Kasper, Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger und Rudolf Bultmann141ocn050448218book20000.96Tarantini, FrancescoCristologie storiche a confronto : Wolfhart Pannenberg e Walter Kasper131ocn164113485book20070.76Varsalona, AgneseIl dialogo e i suoi fondamenti : aspetti di antropologia filosofica e teologica secondo Jörg Splett e Walter Kasper121ocn037994656book19970.92Paulidu, HelenēCristologia e pneumatologia : tra Occidente cattolico e Oriente ortodosso neo-greco : per una lettura integrata di W. Kasper e J. Zizioulas in prospettiva ecumenicaHistory91ocn762190672book20110.50Kasper, WalterKatholische Kirche : Wesen - Wirklichkeit - Sendung51ocn024260068book19880.47Vidal Taléns, JoséEl mediador y la mediación : la cristología de Walter Kasper en su génesis y estructura42ocn042841323book19990.47McMichael, Ralph NTrinitarian apologetics : Walter Kasper's theology of God in response to modern atheism31ocn025716879book19850.59Ramisch, Joseph GThe "Historical Jesus" and method in Christology : an examination of three recent Roman Catholic theologians32ocn022280507book19870.76McCready, DouglasThe christology of the Catholic Tubingen School : from Drey to Kasper22ocn056546095book20030.92Kritzinger, Johan AndriesTriniteit en vryheid : 'n hermeneuties-dogmatiese analise en evaluasie van die Godsleer van Walter Kasper+-+3475759885+-+3475759885Fri Mar 21 15:08:16 EDT 2014batch37918