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One night she and her fiancé David are brutally attacked. David is killed and Erica is almost beaten to death. Traumatized and unable to cope with the tragic event, Erica becomes someone else. She buys a gun and begins to roam the streets at night looking to take her revenge on the men who were responsible for the attack. Late one night, she is in the back of a convenience store when a robber comes in and kills the store clerk and his wife. The robber comes after her but she protects herself, finding that it is very easy to shoot a gun. Later, Erica finds herself confronted by two would-be rapists on the subway, and again she protects herself. The city becomes fascinated with the exploits of this vigilante killer, but NYPD Detective Mercer is trying to catch this person, before they strike again150984ocn038366042visu19920.23Jordan, NeilMichael CollinsHistoryBiographyDramaPresents the life of an Irish man whose dreams inspired hope, whose words ignited passion, and whose courage forged a nation's destiny128945ocn044562065visu19940.20Jordan, NeilInterview with the vampire the vampire chroniclesFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA vampire with a conscience, Lestat (Cruise), tells an unbelieving journalist the story of how he lured a young aristocrat (Pitt) into the immortality of the damned+-+1817115325324116421ocn055018738book20040.19Jordan, NeilShade : a novelFictionPsychological fictionNina Hardy, murdered by her childhood friend, George, watches and retells the events of her life and afterlife, as her half-brother retraces their childhood together, revealing the crime against Nina in all its full and heartbreaking meaning+-+0739987306105540ocn044052072visu19990.20Jordan, NeilThe End of the affairDramaFilm adaptationsIn England during World War II, an American writer and the bored wife of a British civil servant fall in love. Then she mysteriously ends the affair+-+4397832125324101644ocn032603957visu19940.18Rice, AnneInterview with the vampire the vampire chroniclesFictionDramaHistorical filmsHorror filmsVampire filmsFilm adaptationsThe supremely evil and charismatic vampire Lestat lures a young aristocrat into the immortality of the damned+-+77097254253249949ocn049787852visu20010.35Beckett, SamuelBeckett on filmTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptations"The comprehensive cinematic interpretation of Beckett's plays."--Container93518ocn646070460visu20080.17Jordan, NeilOndineFictionDramaAls de stoere Ierse visser Syracuse, vader van de ziekelijke Anna, op een dag huiswaarts keert met een geheimzinnige jonge vrouw die hij gevonden heeft in zijn netten, gelooft Anna dat ze een zeemeermin is, maar haar vader wordt smoorverliefd op haar89710ocn758994202visu20110.17The Borgias. the original crime familyHistoryDramaRodrigo Borgia becomes Pope Alexander VI, propelling him, his two sons Cesare and Juan, and his daughter, Lucrezia, to become the most powerful and influential family of the Italian Renaissance75467ocn046813185visu19850.25Jordan, NeilMona LisaDramaAn ex-convict, thug and a high-class call girl make for an unlikely and dangerous couple in Academy Award-winner Neil Jordan's tale of frustrated love on the cruel streets of London's underworld+-+136459400632472111ocn825824962visu20120.16The BorgiasHistoryDramaAfter exacting vicious punishment on all those who opposed them, the Borgias are at the apex of their power and influence. With the world around them embroiled in war and turmoil, the original crime family will continue to exploit allies, silence critics, and solidify legacies. But this time, the seemingly unbreakable bonds of blood will be tested like never before, as the house notoriously united against the world becomes divided against itself69144ocn063542747visu20050.21Jordan, NeilBreakfast on PlutoFictionDramaComedy filmsEen jonge Ier voelt zich meer vrouw dan man en trekt naar Londen om er als travestiet in de rosse buurten te werken, tot hij verdacht wordt van een terroristische aanslag door de IRA+-+837434959632463827ocn052480701visu20020.18The good thiefDramaBob is an aging American thief is living in the French city of Nice. Addicted to both heroin and gambling, Bob is in the midst of an extended personal losing streak when he rescues a new girl in town named Anne from her pimp. When the opportunity to steal a fortune in rare paintings from a Monte Carlo casino comes along, Bob hopes for a score big enough to let him retire from his life of crime. His only hindrances are Anne's man troubles and his nemesis, local police chief Roger61712ocn768041937book20110.21Jordan, NeilMistakenFiction"Kevin and Gerald were two boys growing up on opposite sides of the Dublin economic divide. Though they had never met, they shared a growing awareness of each other through episodes of mistaken identity. Yet Kevin was doubly haunted, living next door to the one-time residence of Bram Stoker, and the shadow of both a vampire and Gerald stretch far across his early years. For a time, the boys' doppelganger paths would cross innocently enough--one stealing the other's unwitting girlfriend, or being called out to in the street--until a family tragedy sends them both down a much darker path."--P. [4] of cover+-+78891284065784ocn849357187visu20130.15The BorgiasHistoryDramaJeremy Irons stars in The Borgias, the saga of history's most infamous crime family. Conspiring with his ruthless sons and poisonously seductive daughter, the charismatic Rodrigo Borgia will let nothing and no one stand in the way of his relentless quest for wealth and power. Mercilessly cruel and defiantly decadent, intimidation and murder are his weapons of choice in his scandalous ascension to the papacy in Renaissance-era Italy57624ocn075969997visu19970.25The butcher boyDramaFilm adaptationsFrancie lives with a violent, alcoholic father and a manic depressive, suicidal mother. The pressure on Francie to grow up are immense. When his mother commits suicide and his friend, Joe, goes off to boarding school, Francie sinks ever deeper into paranoia thanks mainly to his nasty neighbour Mrs. Nugent. He begins to have a fantasy where he has visions of the Virgin Mary. After his father dies, Francie's becomes more despondent, culminating in the extremely bloody murder of Mrs. Nugent whom he holds responsible for all the wrongs visited upon him. After being arrested, Francie is committed to an asylum in an attempt to cure him50719ocn007034846book19800.27Jordan, NeilThe pastHistoryFictionDomestic fiction"On June 1st, 1914, Una O'Shaughnessy sends a postcard home from a Cornish seaside town. Back in two weeks, she promises. But seven months later, she still has not returned to Ireland, and she sends another postcard, this one signed by herself, a man, and her new child. The Past is the story of Rene, this unexpected child, as told by her own child as he searches for the truth about his parents' mysterious and romantic history. Through the reminiscences of his mother's friend, the pieces of the past begin to fit together into a delicate mosaic of the truth. What really happened in that seaside town? Why does the past seem to hold so many secrets? Set over twenty-five years, travelling from Cornwall to Dublin and the Irish Provinces, The Past is a beautiful novel of love and longing, created by one of the preeminent artists of our time"--Page 4 of cover+-+264610462532440412ocn861014142visu20120.16ByzantiumDramaFilm adaptationsTwo female vampires wreak havoc on an unsuspecting English seaside community. Introverted Eleanor and the outgoing Clara both carry secrets from deep in their shared past-all 200 years of it. Shacked up in the seedy Byzantium Hotel, they scheme to keep their secrets from unsuspecting new victims in this seductive, stylish new take on the vampire genre40340ocn052113810visu19840.29Jordan, NeilThe company of wolvesDramaFilm adaptations"Once upon a time," Granny begins, as she weaves vivid tales, full of folklore and fantasy, wherein fantastic beasts lurk within men and young girls who stray from the path despite all warnings may encounter a hairy demon with glowing eyes. Rosaleen believes her, but she still puts on her red hood and walks through the woods to grandmother's house, and is surprised by what big teeth Granny has. The forest is always misty, the trees are proudly sinister, and the rural cottages all sit cozy and gingerbread style, but this is a stylishly twisted fairytale2483ocn141855558book20070.84Pramaggiore, MariaNeil JordanCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+10788570752232ocn823473913file20130.73Zucker, CaroleNeil Jordan : interviewsInterviews"Neil Jordan began as a fiction writer, winning the distinguished Guardian Fiction Prize for his very first book of short stories, Night in Tunisia, in 1976. His film debut was made during the peak of the Troubles in Ireland, and he addresses the sectarian violence head-on in his first outing, Angel. This film also marked Jordan's long-time association with the actor Stephen Rea, who has appeared in nine of the director's films and is often seen as Jordan's doppelganger. Angel was awarded the London Evening Standard Most Promising Newcomer Award, the first of many accolades. These include the London Critics Circle Award for Best Film and Best Director for The Company of Wolves, Best Film at the BAFTAs, as well as an Academy Award for Best Screenwriter for The Crying Game, Best Film at the Venice Film Festival for Michael Collins, Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival for The Butcher Boy, and a BAFTA for Best Screenplay for The End of the Affair. The director continued to publish works of fiction as well as writing the scripts for most of his feature films, and in 2011 he produced a highly regarded novel, Mistaken, set in Jordan's home turf of Dublin and featuring characters who are duplicates of one another as well as mysterious arrivals and departures at the home of the Irish author Bram Stoker. The filmmaker has most recently produced, written, and directed the television series The Borgias and completed his fourteenth feature film, Byzantium, the story of a mother and daughter vampire duo, recalling his earlier work on Interview with a Vampire"--2001ocn154711372book20080.81Zucker, CaroleThe cinema of Neil Jordan : dark carnivalCriticism, interpretation, etc'The Cinema of Neil Jordan' discusses his entire output as part of the first comprehensive study of Jordan's career, looking beyond ideological and national concerns to view his films through the prism of Celtic folklore+-+96992105461582ocn052693864book20030.90Rockett, EmerNeil Jordan : exploring boundariesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+73639695461532ocn037721407book19980.88Rogers, LoriFeminine nation : performance, gender, and resistance in the works of John McGahern and Neil JordanHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6604536125451ocn053903634book20040.76Murphy, NeilIrish fiction and postmodern doubt : an analysis of the epistemological crisis in modern fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4360198225364ocn401164395book20090.93Pernot-Deschamps, MargueriteThe fictional imagination of Neil Jordan, Irish novelist and film maker : a study of literary styleCriticism, interpretation, etcThis work examines Neil Jordan's use of images taken from Irish history, Catholicism, the Irish land and the world of art and the senses, in his films and, heretofore unexamined novels. Neil Jordan, who is famous worldwide as a film maker, started his career as a writer of short stories, through which he seemed to follow a very Irish literary tradition. As he became more and more attracted to the world of cinema, he gave up writing short stories, and has released over fifteen films since his first feature film, Angel, came out. He has, however, never relinquished writing, and four novels have been published to date: The Past (1980), The Dream of a Beast (1983), Sunrise with Sea Monster (1994) and Shade (2004). All of his five works seem very different at first sight, and yet they are united by both the particular use Jordan makes of images, mostly related to his native country, and his constant attempt at finding the right narrative voice to convey the complexity of individuals and their relationships with others. Moreover, Jordan has never settled for one particular form of narrative and has, therefore, been free to experiment with quite different narrative courses, thus approaching the multifaceted reality of human nature from different angles every time and holding a multiplicity of mirrors to its inherent complexity+-+K612998225201ocn475663203book20090.81Neil JordanHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4175164138324132ocn429184298book20090.97Pollone, MatteoNeil JordanCriticism, interpretation, etc61ocn038056023book19960.97Neil JordanCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn060162436book19980.23Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+088571232531ocn475954268book20070.66Malone, PeterThrough a Catholic lens : religious perspectives of nineteen film directors from around the worldMovie texts are often examined for subtexts and for the way that they dramatize social and psychological issues as well as current movements. Through a Catholic Lens looks at the Catholic subtext through a collection of studies of 19 film directors from around the world whose Catholic backgrounds can be found in their writing and directing+-+158700792531ocn632253346file20091.00Neil Jordan a bibliography of materials in the UC Berkeley LibraryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography21ocn050525660book2002Rockett, KevinNeil Jordan : searching for originsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+736396954611ocn214285727book20070.47Warner, Kyle JosephPolitics and ethics : the Catholic Church and the I.R.A. in Bernard MacLaverty's Cal and Neil Jordan's The crying game : a thesis11ocn316260998serial0.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fieldsBio-bibliography11ocn038892122visu19950.33Irish cinema, ourselves alone?HistoryReviews the Irish film industry11ocn047141355art1993Jordan, Neil11ocn423546093visu20031.00The directorsBiographyIncludes interviews with Antonio Banderas, Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Stephan Rae, Forest Whitaker11ocn065190185com20050.47Jack, Jeffrey KIrish representations in the films of Jim Sheridan and Neil Jordan+-+1817115325324+-+1817115325324Fri Mar 21 15:16:49 EDT 2014batch50095