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Fri Mar 21 17:13:06 2014 UTClccn-n791397590.25Faraday as a discoverer0.730.97Proceedings at the farewell banquet to Professor Tyndall given at Delmonico's, New York, February 4, 187346802617John_Tyndalln 79139759371022Tindal', Dž.Tindal', Džon.Tindal', Džon 1820-1893Tyndal, John, 1820-1893Tyndall, Dr. (John), 1820-1893Tyndall, Dżon.Tyndall, Jan.Tyndall, Johann 1820-1893Tyndall, JohnTyndall (John), Dr, 1820-1893Tyndall, Juan, 1820-1893Тиндалль, Джон, 1820-1893チンダル, ジョンテインダル, ジョン田太里lccn-n50009174Faraday, Michael1791-1867hnrlccn-n83827146Burndy Librarylccn-n80113542Youmans, Edward Livingston1821-1887edtlccn-n79112262Helmholtz, Hermann von1821-1894trledtlccn-n80133000Liebig, JustusFreiherr von1803-1873lccn-n84803638Paget, JamesSir1814-1899lccn-n79095478Huxley, Thomas Henry1825-1895lccn-n50019040Whewell, William1794-1866lccn-no89015874Hodgson, W. B.(William Ballantyne)1815-1880lccn-n80038441Spencer, Herbert1820-1903Tyndall, John1820-1893BiographyHistoryTextbooksPopular worksScienceElectricityPhysicistsGlaciersSoundTyndall, John,Faraday, Michael,AlpsTravelHeatBiographyMountaineeringSpontaneous generationLightGreat BritainAir--MicrobiologyScience--Study and teachingEducationReligion and sciencePasteur, Louis,Germ theory of diseaseHeat--Radiation and absorptionCarlyle, Thomas,Bellini, Giovanni,Ruskin, John,Wordsworth, William,Thackeray, William Makepeace,Swift, Jonathan,Shakespeare, William,Eliot, George,Gladstone, W. E.--(William Ewart),Turner, J. M. 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To each succeeding edition I have added an account of the more recent work done by myself and others. As stated elsewhere, the work has appeared in various languages, and, while subjected to justifiable criticism, it has been, on the whole, exceedingly well received. A reviewer of a French translation wrote complainingly of the absence of mathematics from the work. On the other hand, Helmholtz and Wiedemann, who supervised the German translation, wrote approvingly of the manner in which even the more difficult problems of acoustics had been dealt with by a purely experimental method. The learned Germans had seized my object more correctly than the French reviewer. To introduce mathematics into the volume would, from my point of view, have been to ruin it. Like my work on Heat, these lectures on Sound were intended to rouse the public mind to a sense of the interest and importance and, if possible, to the fascinations of physical science. My aim throughout has been to stimulate as much as to instruct"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved)11814ocn044954464file19980.25Tyndall, JohnFaraday as a discoverer1129142ocn000550071book18620.79Tyndall, JohnThe forms of water in clouds & rivers, ice & glaciers110863ocn001156303book18680.59Tyndall, JohnFaraday as a discovererBiography+-+453386769683091ocn000395662book18710.79Tyndall, JohnHours of exercise in the AlpsThe Shelf2Life Mountaineering Collection provides a unique glimpse into the history and evolution of mountaineering through the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From historical maps, first-hand accounts of early summits, descriptions of peaks and wilderness areas to detailed mountaineering proofs, enthusiasts can now experience the thrill of the greatest peaks as they were in the early part of the century. Further, in-depth discussions of traditional equipment, technique and routes are a fascinating study in the evolution of the sport. Given the recent explosion of interest in mountaineering, these books are an excellent opportunity to revisit the roots and origins of the sport: they offer a valuable historical perspective as well as important information about the landscape and geography of the past773117ocn002536919book18520.81Tyndall, JohnHeat a mode of motionEighteen lectures on heat+-+470316759632473742ocn021262479book18920.76Tyndall, JohnNew fragmentsBiography62445ocn001173540book18810.86Tyndall, JohnEssays on the floating-matter of the air, in relation to putrefaction and infectionHistory+-+190526759632450449ocn002288042book18600.79Tyndall, JohnThe glaciers of the Alps. Being a narrative of excursions and ascents, an account of the origin and phenomena of glaciers and an exposition of the physical principles to which they are related43427ocn000177543book18670.86Youmans, Edward LivingstonThe culture demanded by modern life : a series of addresses and arguments on the claims of scientific educationHistory+-+950900079639612ocn000817826book19120.63Faraday, MichaelExperimental researches in electricity38546ocn005787908book18730.81Tyndall, JohnSix lectures on light : delivered in America in 1872-187335333ocn008521882book18630.90Tyndall, JohnHeat considered as a mode of motion being a course of twelve lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in the season of 186234223ocn003702557book18720.88Tyndall, JohnContributions to molecular physics in the domain of radiant heat. A series of memoirs published in the 'Philosophical transactions' and 'Philosophical magazine' with additions32025ocn000322436book18670.86Tyndall, JohnSound. A course of eight lectures delivered at the Royal institution of Great Britain31942ocn001058690book18710.81Tyndall, JohnFragments of science for unscientific people : a series of detached essays, lectures, and reviewsPopular works31027ocn004295978book18700.88Tyndall, JohnResearches on diamagnetism and magne-crystallic action, including the question of diamagnetic polarity30636ocn008522046book18760.90Tyndall, JohnLessons in electricity at the Royal Institution, 1875-6Textbooks+-+682559183829327ocn005870639book18710.84Tyndall, JohnLight and electricity: notes of two courses of lectures before the Royal institution of Great Britain3382ocn000552409book19530.66Conant, James BryantPasteur's and Tyndall's study of spontaneous generation2012ocn001647768book19450.76Eve, A. 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First series406ocn016461048book18740.79Watts, RobertAtomism Dr. Tyndall's atomic theory of the universeHistory374ocn003656856book19160.63Hubbard, ElbertLittle journeys to the homes of good men and great, by Elbert HubbardCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAnecdotesDramaA guide directing the reader to the 14 volumes of Hubbard's "Little journeys to the homes of the great." Each of the 170 lives which make up Little journeys is outlined in one page of the guide-book and grouped into one of the appropriate seven general branches of human knowledge364ocn017492933book18750.81McCosh, JamesIdeas in nature overlooked by Dr. Tyndall303ocn005289020book19350.96Young, HA record of the scientific work of John Tyndall, D.C.L., LL. D., F.R.S. (1850-1888)Bibliography212ocn028838154book19050.93Hubbard, ElbertLittle journeys to the homes of great scientistsBiography161ocn003198663book18730.97Proceedings at the farewell banquet to Professor Tyndall given at Delmonico's, New York, February 4, 1873121ocn033894915book19800.59John Tyndall : "x"emplar of scientific & technological educationBiography102ocn010669032book18750.96Bray, CharlesToleration : with some remarks on Professor Tyndall's address at Belfast104ocn019928391book19880.79Kim, Stephen SFragments of faith : John Tyndall's transcendental materialism and the Victorian conflict between religion and science71ocn015937187book18740.76Church of IrelandA charge delivered to the clergy of the Diocese of Meath, at the ordinary visitation, October, 1874Pastoral letters and charges62ocn562934427file19190.73Smith, Arthur WhitmoreJohn Tyndall (1820-1893)+-+9509000796+-+9509000796Fri Mar 21 15:34:33 EDT 2014batch62801