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Fri Mar 21 17:07:40 2014 UTClccn-n791412330.56The traitor0.750.96James Shirley, drammaturgo di corte22157363James_Shirleyn 79141233372475B., T.B., T., 1596-1666I. S., 1596-1666J. S.J. S., 1596-1666J. S. (James Shirley), 1596-1666J. Sh.J. Sh. (James Shirley), 1596-1666S., J. 1596-1666Shirley, ... 1596-1666Shirley, JamesShirley, John.Shirley, John, 1596-1666Shirly, Iames.Shirly, Iames, 1596-1666.Shirly James 1596-1666T. B.T. B., 1596-1666シャーリー, ジェームズlccn-n80045877Gosse, Edmund1849-1928othedtlccn-n50032014Nason, Arthur Huntington1877-1944lccn-n85089739Philipps, J. T.(Jenkin Thomas)-1755edtlccn-n93076609Forsythe, Robert S.(Robert Stanley)1886-1941lccn-n50028776Dyce, Alexander1798-1869coledtlccn-no97024207Carter, John Stewart1911-1965othedtlccn-n85145422Gifford, William1756-1826auiedtlccn-n50082868Massinger, Philip1583-1640lccn-n80016996Fletcher, John1579-1625lccn-n79003294Chapman, George1559?-1634Shirley, James1596-1666Criticism, interpretation, etcDramaHistoryBiographyBibliographyShirley, James,English dramaEnglish drama--Early modern and ElizabethanMurderItaly--FlorenceMassinger, Philip,Ford, John,Brome, Richard,Dramatists, English--Early modernEnglandAuthors and patronsTheaterIntellectual lifeAuthors, English--Early modernAuthorshipPatrick,--Saint,English drama (Comedy)Chabot, Philippe,Jonson, Ben,Carter, John Stewart,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Manners and customs in literatureComedies of manners, EnglishEnglish drama--RestorationDramaEuropean drama--RenaissanceEnglish drama (Tragicomedy)English literature--Early modernComedyOperas--Scores1596166616271629163016311632163316341635163616371638163916401646164716481649165116521653165416551656165716581659166016611662166716681669167716791680169216961706171217181721172617281731173517361741174417501751175417571758176517671774177517771778178017851791179217931794179717981800181018171819182018221824182518271833183518361837183918531858186118651870187418751877188318841887188818901891189319001901190319041905190619101911191319141915192019211923192419251926192919301931193219331934193519371938193919401941194219451946194819491951195219531954195519561957195919601962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198519861987198819891990199119921994199519961997199819992000200120022005200620102011274738282652822.4PR3144ocn019506144ocn843552948ocn843552950ocn858054885ocn149833427ocn047167988ocn457093884ocn45884025779313ocn000371464book19640.70Shirley, JamesThe Cardinal74050ocn013271148book16370.79Shirley, JamesThe lady of pleasure69416ocn000356750book19650.56Shirley, JamesThe traitorHistoryDramaA gentleman tries to save his sister's honor and that of his family from the dishonorable intentions of a duke54631ocn002484268book18000.63Shirley, JamesJames Shirley52231ocn010001974book16580.88Shirley, JamesHonoria and Mammon36633ocn012438870book16550.92Shirley, JamesThe gentleman of Venice a tragi-comedie, presented at the private house in Salisbury Court by Her Majesties servants31131ocn003145026book16390.86Chapman, GeorgeThe tragedie of Chabot, admirall of FranceDrama30716ocn000353309book18330.70Shirley, JamesDramatic works and poemsCriticism, interpretation, etc26121ocn010042027book16400.86Shirley, JamesThe opportunitie a comedy, as it was presented by Her Majesties servants, at the private house in Drury Lane25512ocn000466979score19510.66Locke, MatthewCupid and Death25412ocn013026072book16600.90Shirley, JamesThe grateful servant a comedy : as it was presented with good applause in the private house in Drury-Lane by Her Majesties servants25326ocn010042602book16320.86Shirley, JamesChanges, or, Love in a maze a comedie, as it was presented at the private house in Salisbury Court, by the Company of His Majesties Revels25013ocn012590883book16610.88Shirley, JamesLove will finde out the way an excellent comedy as it was acted with great applause, by Her Majesties servants, at the Phoenix in Drury Lane24537ocn010042591book16330.88Shirley, JamesThe bird in a cage a comedie, as it hath beene presented at the Phoenix in Drury-Lane24329ocn010042539book16300.81Shirley, JamesThe gratefull servant a comedie ; as it was lately presented with good applause at the private house in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesties servants23222ocn010042563book16370.84Shirley, JamesHide Parke a comedie22414ocn019411073book16670.90Shirley, JamesLove tricks, or, The school of complements22122ocn010041991book16400.81Shirley, JamesSt. Patrick for IrelandDrama21815ocn010042085book16400.84Shirley, JamesLoves crueltie a tragedy, as it was presented by Her Majesties servants, at the private house in Drury Lane21012ocn013788878book16920.92Shirley, JamesThe traytor a tragedy : with alterations, amendments and additions8027ocn000353303book19150.59Nason, Arthur HuntingtonJames Shirley, dramatist; a biographical and critical studyBiography71012ocn000353592book19140.63Forsythe, Robert SThe relations of Shirley's plays to the Elizabethan dramaCriticism, interpretation, etc5652ocn007197815book19810.56Lucow, BenJames ShirleyCriticism, interpretation, etc3663ocn025025115book19920.76Clark, IraProfessional playwrights : Massinger, Ford, Shirley & BromeCriticism, interpretation, etcThe most neglected of the English Renaissance playwrights are the major Carolines--Philip Massinger, John Ford, James Shirley, and Richard Brome. Writing in the 1620s and 1630s, always in the shadow of their great precursors, Shakespeare and Jonson, they have often been dubbed mere purveyors of slick, escapist sensationalism who avoided the great issues of their day and turned away from the impending breakdown of English society. Ira Clark's revisionist book shows us these dramatists and their time whole, particularly through analysis of their treatment of sociopolitical issues--issues that find echoes in twentieth-century concerns. For each of these playwrights, Clark sketches his known social circle, describes characteristic social and political stances and dramatic techniques, and provides a detailed reading of an exemplary play. In considering their artistry, he notes their variations on traditional dramatic characters, situations, and styles. Where their predecessors had offered deep psychological portrayals, the Carolines, he finds, present characters whose roles grow out of their social relations. The issues they engage range from the sovereignty of King or Parliament and the criteria for social mobility to parental dominion and the rights of women and children. Their presentations range from conservatism--Ford's distilled and Shirley's playful--through Massinger's accommodation, to Brome's extemporaneous experimentation. The Carolines' theatrical world, Clark argues, is accessible to modern readers through the social theories of our time, which depend on their "world as a stage" trope for such concepts as symbolic interactionism and the ritual inculcation of social cohesion. This important book sheds new light on both the artistic and the political climate of seventeenth-century England2631ocn005941552book19800.79Zimmer, Ruth KJames Shirley : a reference guideBibliography2592ocn004082808book18880.63Shirley, JamesJames Shirley2354ocn003244913book18330.70Shirley, JamesDramatic works and poemsCriticism, interpretation, etc1851ocn006278433book19800.88Shirley, JamesA critical edition of The politician by James ShirleyCriticism, interpretation, etc1821ocn005800206book19800.90Shirley, JamesJames Shirley's Love's cruelty : a critical editionCriticism, interpretation, etc1802ocn041017827book19990.81Sanders, JulieCaroline drama : the plays of Massinger, Ford, Shirley, and BromeCriticism, interpretation, etc"This study of Caroline Drama concentrates on the public theatre playwriting of Philip Massinger, John Ford, James Shirley and Richard Brome between 1625 and 1642. Setting their plays within a social and political context, Julie Sanders reveals their concern with issues of community and hierarchy in the decades leading up to the English Civil Wars."--BOOK JACKET+-+42235819251734ocn018412084book19880.84Burner, Sandra AJames Shirley : a study of literary coteries and patronage in seventeenth-century EnglandHistoryBiography1155ocn004586802book19590.84Roeloffs, KarlJames Shirleys Beitrag zur Entwicklung der "Comedy of manners"Criticism, interpretation, etc1072ocn001346923book19460.93Tannenbaum, Samuel AJames Shirley (a concise bibliography)Bibliography1055ocn004518208book19110.93Schipper, JJames Shirley, sein Leben und seine Werke : nebst einer Ubersetzung seines Dramas The royal master10410ocn003804772book19140.90Parlin, Hanson TA study in Shirley's comedies of London life1032ocn004332034book19520.93Gerber, RichardJames Shirley, Dramatiker der Dekadenz924ocn007611217book19290.92Radtke, Steph. JJames Shirley: his Catholic philosophy of life322ocn002515826book19510.88Scherrer, Gebhard JosefJames Shirleys Nachruhm303ocn009370720book19680.96Crinò, Anna MariaJames Shirley, drammaturgo di corte251ocn001856989book19730.66Bas, GeorgesJames Shirley (1596-1666) : dramaturge caroléen+-+4223581925Fri Mar 21 15:55:03 EDT 2014batch57910