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Fri Mar 21 17:03:04 2014 UTClccn-n791412850.27Malgudi days /0.390.95R.K. Narayan: a critical study of his works111543455R._K._Narayann 79141285372526Ayyar Narayanaswami Rasipuram Krishnaswami 1906-2001Krishnaswami Narayan, RasipuramKrishnaswami Narayan Rasipuram 1906-2001Krishnaswamy Narayan, RasipuramKrishnaswamy Narayan Rasipuram 1906-2001Naraân, R. K.Naraīan, R. K. 1906-2001Naraĭan, R. K. |q (Razipuram Krishnasvami), 1906-2001Naraĭan, R. K. (Razipuram Krishnasvami), 1906-2001Naraĭan, Razipuram Krishnasvami, 1906-2001Narajan, R.K., 1906-2001Narajans, Razipurams Krišnasvami, 1906-2001Nārāyaṇ, Ār. Kē., 1906-2001Narayan, R.KNarayan, R. K. 1906-2001Narayan, R. K. (Rasipuram Krishnaswami), 1906-2001Narayan, R. K. (Rasipuram Krishnaswamy), 1906-2001Narayan, Rasipuram Krishnaswami.Narayan, Rasipuram Krishnaswami, 1906-2001Narayan, Rasipuram Krishnaswamy, 1906-2001Narayana, R. K.Nārāyaṇa, R. K., 1906-2001Narayana Swami, Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer, 1906-2001Narayanaswami R. K. 1906-2001Narayanaswami, Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyer 1906-2001Narayanaswami, Rasipuram Krishnaswamier 1906-2001Narayansawami, Rasipuram Krishnaswamier, 1906-2001Narayanswami, Rasipuram Krishnaswami, 1906-2001Narayanswami, Rasipuram Krishnaswami IyerNarayanswami, Rasipuram KrishnaswamyNarayanswami Rasipuram Krishnaswamy 1906-2001R. K. NarayanRasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Narayanaswami 1906-2001Rasipuram Krishnaswami NarayanRasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan 1906-2001Rasipuram Krishnaswamy NarayanRasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan 1906-2001Нарайан, Р. К., 1906-2001Нарайан, Разипурам Кришнасвами, 1906-2001נאראיאן, ר.ק., 1906־נראיאן, ר. ק., 1906-2001ナラヤン, R. Kfast-1102729Rāma (Hindu deity)lccn-n80044458Walsh, William1916-1996lccn-n79041626GandhiMahatma1869-1948lccn-n50040712Markandaya, Kamala1924-2004lccn-n50001608Desai, Anita1937-lccn-n80146294Rushdie, Salmanlccn-n92081886Afzal-Khan, Fawzia1958-lccn-nr88009573Thieme, Johnlccn-n93065672Kain, Geoffreylccn-n50038408Laxman, R. K.illNarayan, R. K.1906-2001FictionPsychological fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyReligious fictionHistoryAnecdotesParaphrasesIndiaMalgudi (India : Imaginary place)Narayan, R. K.,Manners and customsCity and town lifeLiteratureHindu mythologyRāma (Hindu deity)Epic literature, TamilBachelorsTigerIdentity (Psychology)Indic fiction (English)Gandhi,--Mahatma,Hindu godsNovelists, IndicStudentsIntellectual lifeCollege graduatesTour guides (Persons)Imperialism in literatureLiterature and societyDesai, Anita,Markandaya, Kamala,Rushdie, SalmanBanks and bankingPrintersEnglish teachersBereavementLife change eventsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Married peopleStatesmenNationalistsEx-convictsEpic literature, SanskritHumorous stories, Indic (English)Impostors and impostureIndian literatureTravelSpiritual life--HinduismBharata natyam dancersMythology, IndicTalesEnglish fictionTaxidermistsFictionUnited StatesMahābhārataIndic literature1906200119351937193819391940194319441945194719481949195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013330165011789823PR9499.3.N3ocn762671569ocn691503578175928ocn000539549book19720.28Narayan, R. KThe Ramayana; a shortened modern prose version of the Indian epic (Suggested by the Tamil version of Kamban)FictionA retelling of the Tamil poem which records Rama's search for his abducted sweetheart, Sita+-+1552365965149869ocn000360172book19520.37Narayan, R. KThe financial expert. [A novelFictionIn the novels of R. K. Narayan (1906-2001), the forefather of modern Indian fiction, human-scale hopes and epiphanies express the promise of a nation as it awakens to its place in the world. In The Financial Expert, a man of many hopes but few resources spends his time under a banyan tree dispensing financial advice to those willing to pay for his knowledge. As charming as it is compassionate, this novel provides an indelible portrait of India in the twentieth century+-+0693101775149175ocn002115747book19580.35Narayan, R. KThe guide; a novelFictionRogue is reluctantly cast in the role of a holy man in this ironic comedy of East Indian life+-+K290365965132042ocn007813056book19430.27Narayan, R. KMalgudi daysFictionPowerful, magical portraits of all kinds of people, and comprising stories written over almost forty years, Malgudi Days presents Narayan's imaginary city in full color, revealing the essence of India and of human experience+-+2890365965128048ocn000376354book19640.28Narayan, R. KGods, demons, and othersIndian myths and legends+-+1073101775324121239ocn001974242book19760.29Narayan, R. KThe painter of signsFictionPsychological fiction+-+1490365965114925ocn011754500book19850.27Narayan, R. KUnder the banyan tree and other storiesFiction+-+9671366965324108540ocn000366523book19670.28Narayan, R. KThe vendor of sweetsFictionPsychological fictionThe apple of his eye is his son Mali, for whom he feels a deep but absurdly embarrassed affection, which appears to go unrequited. When Mali coolly announces that he is abandoning school to go to America to become a writer, Jagan's fatherly feelings are thrown into still greater confusion. And when, a year or two later, Mali returns with a half-Korean, half-American wife and a grandiose scheme for marketing a novel-writing machine, Jagan is utterly at sea. He is confronted by the new world shockingly personified - a world where his cherished notions of marriage and morals seem to count for nothing. The tragicomic clash of the generations deepens with every chapter. Jagan's final escape from the galling chains of paternal love comes as unexpectedly as every other twist in this delicious story+-+3500365965324105763ocn000366545book19610.33Narayan, R. KThe man-eater of MalgudiFictionCongenial days of a South India village printer and his friends are disturbed when a taxidermist moves into the attic with dancing girls and stuffed animals, and threatens to shoot a temple elephant+-+0390365965324104052ocn000360179book19350.47Narayan, R. KSwami and friends, a novel of MalgudiHistoryFictionR. K. Narayan (1906'2001) witnessed nearly a century of change in his native India and captured it in fiction of uncommon warmth and vibrancy. Swami and Friends introduces us to Narayan's beloved fictional town of Malgudi, where ten-year-old Swaminathan's excitement about his country's initial stirrings for independence competes with his ardor for cricket and all other things British. Written during British rule, this novel brings colonial India into intimate focus through the narrative gifts of this master of literary realism+-+368310177598555ocn000360159book19550.37Narayan, R. KWaiting for the MahatmaHistoryFictionIn the novels of R. K. Narayan (1906-2001), the forefather of modern Indian fiction, human-scale hopes and epiphanies express the promise of a nation as it awakens to its place in the world. In Waiting for the Mahatma, a young drifter meets the most beautiful girl he has ever seen'an adherent of Mahatma Gandhi'and commits himself to Gandhi's Quit India campaign, a decision that will test the integrity of his ideals against the strength of his passions. This novel, written after India's independence, is a masterpiece of social comedy, rich in local color and abounding in affectionate humor and generosity of spirit+-+337310177595232ocn009066410book19830.27Narayan, R. KA tiger for MalgudiFictionAn eleven foot tiger's former careers as circus performer, film star, and maneater have not prepared him to become the disciple of the holy man, Master+-+809036596590818ocn003169096book19780.29Narayan, R. KThe Mahabharata : a shortened modern prose version of the Indian epicFictionParaphrasesReligious fictionThe Mahabharata is at least 3500 years old. It is the longest poem in the world. It is a work of profound religious and cultural influence. The Mahabharata encompasses all the riches of Hindu religion and culture, from the noble scripture of The Bhagavad Gita to the scores of mythic tales of men and gods familiar to the lowliest of Indian peasants+-+477310177590528ocn014166421book19830.27Narayan, R. KTalkative man : a novelFiction+-+619036596532482164ocn006305101book19370.47Narayan, R. KThe bachelor of artsFictionA poignant coming-of-age novel about a young man flush with first love, but whose freedom to pursue it is hindered by the fixed ideas of his traditional Hindu family+-+988310177578725ocn020854279book19900.28Narayan, R. KThe world of NagarajFiction+-+070737445532477033ocn006982288book19790.33Narayan, R. KMr. Sampath : the printer of MalgudiFictionThe three novels brought together in this volume are written after India's independence, are masterpieces of social comedy, rich in local colour and abounding in affectionate humour and generosity of spirit+-+848310177572952ocn006305085book19450.39Narayan, R. KThe English teacherFictionThe title character in The English Teacher, Narayan's most autobiographical novel, searches for meaning when the death of his young wife deprives him of his greatest source of happiness+-+508310177570411ocn000053223book19700.28Narayan, R. KA horse and two goats; storiesFiction64843ocn007172688book19000.50Narayan, R. KThe dark roomFictionOffering rare insight into the complexities of Indian middle-class society, R. K. Narayan traces life in the fictional town of Malgudi. The Dark Room is a searching look at a difficult marriage and a woman who eventually rebels against the demands of being a good and obedient wife. In Mr. Sampath, a newspaper man tries to keep his paper afloat in the face of social and economic changes sweeping India. Narayan writes of youth and young adulthood in the semiautobiographical Swami and Friends and The Bachelor of Arts. Although the ordinary tensions of maturing are heightened by the particular circumstances of pre-partition India, Narayan provides a universal vision of childhood, early love and grief+-+2283101775101212ocn000529681book19710.63Walsh, WilliamR. K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+686723177532481416ocn000932653book19740.35Narayan, R. KMy daysBiographyAutobiography of an Indo-English novelist+-+10716553354743ocn026541388book19930.66Afzal-Khan, FawziaCultural imperialism and the Indo-English novel : genre and ideology in R.K. Narayan, Anita Desai, Kamala Markandaya, and Salman RushdieHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+28656562753244054ocn153556493book20070.73Thieme, JohnR.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etcThis wide-ranging guide to Narayan's novels presents a study of his fiction and offers detailed readings of all his novels+-+21740546253874ocn028547534book19930.70R.K. Narayan : contemporary critical perspectivesCriticism, interpretation, etcThis collection of eighteen essays is the first major work to evaluate the contributions of India's foremost literary figure writing in English, R. K. Narayan. His fourteen novels and nine volumes of short stories are centered almost exclusively in the fictional south-Indian town, Malgudi. Narayan, who began to acquire an international reputation in the second half of this century, reveals the India of his experience by focusing on the details of the lives of the characters who live in this complex community. Representative of the general field of Narayan criticism, Contemporary Critical Essays provides a balanced assessment, but also contains new interpretations of Narayan's work that are drawn from the latest developments in literary theory, feminist and cultural studies, as well as investigations into the implications of colonization and decolonization. As a result, these essays offer fresh insights, explore new directions, and reveal the nuances of an established literary criticism+-+15888652352133ocn031606376book19950.73Pousse, MichelR.K. Narayan : a painter of modern IndiaCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+83127957351777ocn001086989book19730.88Sundaram, P. SR.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc1527ocn020132905book19600.70Narayan, R. KMy dateless diary : an American journeyBiography1313ocn010625411book19830.90Sales-Pontes, A. HildaR.K. NarayanBibliographyStudy of R.K. Narayan, b. 1906, Indic writer in English1267ocn000902675book19730.81Holmstrom, LakshmiThe novels of R.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc1183ocn002463778book19740.79Narayan, R. KReluctant guruAnecdotes944ocn008033901book19810.92Perspectives on R.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc863ocn716830263book20110.92Grene, NicholasR.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etcThis comprehensive study of R.K. Narayan, the outstanding Indian novelist of his generation, provides an incisive analysis of the major issues of his fiction. Virtually all of his novels are set in the imaginary South Indian town of Malgudi, a solid, realistic setting for his tragi-comedies of human aberration and attainment. A key element of his fiction, including his best known novel The Guide, is the way Hindu fables and myths lie submerged beneath the surface of secular social comedy. Perhaps his greatest skill is as a storyteller who developed special styles to tell his elliptical, subtle and understated tales. His deceptively simple English and ironic outlook make him particularly accessible to Western readers and this lively and perceptive study allows a full appreciation of the depth and significance of a great Indian writer. --Book Jacket+-+1904581925833ocn015589335book19860.88Philip, David ScottPerceiving India : through the works of Nirad C. Chaudhuri, R.K. Narayan, and Ved Mehta782ocn000056351book19690.95Raizada, HarishR.K. Narayan: a critical study of his worksCriticism, interpretation, etc784ocn004734860book19770.90Narayan, R. KThe emerald routeHistory752ocn028257537book19930.81Beatina, MaryNarayan : a study in transcendenceCriticism, interpretation, etc602ocn029360975book19930.95Sharan, Nagendra NathA critical study of the novels of R.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc552ocn010403916book19830.93Naik, M. KThe ironic vision : a study of the fiction of R.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc552ocn029595495book19930.95Ramana, P. SMessage in design : a study of R.K. Narayan's fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+1552365965+-+1552365965Fri Mar 21 15:11:15 EDT 2014batch52093