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G.(Walter Garrison)1934-edtlccn-n82047711Wall, Richard1944-othedtlccn-n79018226Fishkin, James S.edtlccn-n79148895Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structurelccn-n79148896Smith, Richard Michael1946-edtlccn-n79052018Kertzer, David I.1948-othedtlccn-n79149305Oosterveen, Karla1905-edtlccn-n81055367Skinner, Quentinedtlccn-n86851496Harrison, John R.edtLaslett, PeterHistoryCatalogsControversial literaturePortraitsPolitical scienceLibertyGreat BritainTolerationFamiliesSocial historyCivilizationPopulationIllegitimate childrenEnglandTwo treatises of government (Locke, John)Epistola de tolerantia (Locke, John)JusticeHouseholdsOlder peopleOld age--Social aspectsUnited StatesSlaveryFamily sizeOrphansDemocracyDemography--Data processingEuropeMind and bodyEconomic historyMarriageSocial structureRepresentative government and representationDeliberative democracyLocke, John,Intergenerational relationsDistributive justiceLibrariesIndustriesPrivate librariesOld ageSocial contractIllegitimacySelf-actualization (Psychology) in old ageOlder people--Social conditionsPolitical science--PhilosophyDivine right of kingsAuthorityState, TheFilmer, Robert,Social sciencesPhilosophySociologyConsensus (Social sciences)Discussion19152001194819491950195119521953195419561957196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201019633186969320.1JC153ocn000936376ocn000661458ocn003822429ocn000978578ocn004027661ocn007850156ocn001304423ocn001425575ocn001904383ocn467961812ocn461809005ocn310776713ocn797293406ocn705937981ocn246837343ocn467973097ocn460623527ocn450313413ocn441669024ocn800227806ocn780922113ocn441845271ocn440032191ocn781205877ocn441276877ocn001083717ocn185286446ocn185709770ocn185293802ocn185828224ocn8312583713302168ocn017233765book19600.47Locke, JohnSecond treatise of governmentHistoryPortraitsControversial literatureFrom the Publisher: This is a new revised version of Dr. Laslett's standard edition of Two Treatises. First published in 1960, and based on an analysis of the whole body of Locke's publications, writings, and papers. The Introduction and text have been revised to incorporate references to recent scholarship since the second edition and the bibliography has been updated+-+13990867053243062116ocn000398360book19650.53Laslett, PeterThe world we have lostHistoryThe structure of English society before the Industrial revolution compared with its structure in the 20th century+-+1883770695109345ocn000515967book19720.56Laslett, PeterHousehold and family in past time; comparative studies in the size and structure of the domestic group over the last three centuries in England, France, Serbia, Japan and colonial North America, with further materials from Western EuropeHistoryComparative studies in the size and structure of the domestic group over the last three centuries in England, France, Serbia, Japan and colonial North America, with further materials from Western Europe+-+8654456705104621ocn002524411book19770.56Laslett, PeterFamily life and illicit love in earlier generations : essays in historical sociologyHistoryThis text about the history of family life approaches the topic on several levels. The author's main thesis considers the European family in relation to the differences between European economic and social development and that of the rest of the world+-+935967670598716ocn044956491file19950.53Aging in the past demography, society, and old ageHistoryHistorical demography has been preoccupied for the most part with fertility and mortality. Lacking so far is a conjunction of the history of age and the old, that is to say, how we have become old, with its historical demography, why we have become old. This is addressed in this volume, with the addition of some elements of comparative analysis. The significant contrast is between the condition of developed societies when they were younger and the condition of the developing nations of today94878ocn000936376book19560.63Laslett, PeterPhilosophy, politics and society; a collectionHistory+-+928875558532477012ocn005894398book19800.63Bastardy and its comparative history : studies in the history of illegitimacy and marital nonconformism in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, North America, Jamaica, and JapanHistory73511ocn006014269book19790.63Laslett, PeterPhilosophy, politics, and society, fifth series : a collection+-+928875558532470716ocn000843825book19720.59Laslett, PeterPhilosophy, politics and society, fourth series; a collection59822ocn000942559book19670.63Laslett, PeterPhilosophy, politics and society, third series : a collectionHistory5719ocn004036399book19780.66Wachter, Kenneth WStatistical studies of historical social structureHistory53812ocn008388216book19820.66Wall, RichardFamily forms in historic EuropeHistoryThe family forms of historic Europe have been fascinating in their variety. Their importance for the historical development of our continent would be difficult to exaggerate; for our relationship with the people of other continents. This book is an attempt to recover the different familial systems and compare them with one another+-+158645670544826ocn001087516book19500.70Laslett, PeterThe physical basis of mind; a series of broadcast talks44419ocn059772721book19890.70Laslett, PeterA fresh map of life : the emergence of the third ageHistory+-+527878921539430ocn003822429book19620.59Laslett, PeterPhilosophy, politics and society : (second series) ; a collectionS. 48-70: MacIntyre, Alasdair: A mistake about causality in social Science36518ocn049875309book20020.73Fishkin, James SDebating deliberative democracy"This is the latest volume in the distinguished Philosophy, Politics and Society series, known for engaging debates that cut across political science, philosophy, the law, and other disciplines."--Cover+-+08955605963634ocn013594986book19560.70Laslett, PeterPhilosophy, politics and society (second series); a collection35421ocn000211643book19650.76Locke, JohnThe library of John LockeCatalogs3461ocn012724172book19860.76The World we have gained : histories of population and social structureHistory3153ocn024848186book19920.79Philosophy, politics, and society, sixth series : justice between age groups and generations+-+382505558532451ocn076907490book20060.73Bernard Quaritch (Firm)Filmer, Locke and political thought : from the library of Peter Laslett (1915-2001)Catalogs11ocn222588871visu19900.47Laslett, PeterPeter Laslett interviewed by Keith WrightsonInterviews11ocn779838884book2001Peter Laslett+-+9359676705+-+9359676705Fri Mar 21 15:29:10 EDT 2014batch28433