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Fri Mar 21 17:14:31 2014 UTClccn-n791481420.47The African committee. /0.831.00An art of persuasion : regalia from the Asante kingdom76435012Thomas_Edward_Bowdichn 79148142379198Bowdich, T. 1791-1824Bowdich, T. E. 1791-1824Bowdich, T. EdwardBowdich, T. Edward 1791-1824Bowdich, T. Edward (Thomas Edward), 1791-1824Bowdich, Thomas E. 1791-1824Bowdich, Thomas EdwardBowdich, Thomas Edward, 1791-1824lccn-n50021729Ward, W. E. F.(William Ernest Frank)1900-ededtlccn-n93094856Mollien, Gaspard Théodorecomte de1796-1872viaf-27916154Lee, R.Mrs1791-1856egrctblccn-n85199005Eyriès, J. B. B.(Jean Baptiste Benoît)1767-1846lccn-nr93000061Whittaker, George Byrom1793-1847lccn-nr00018049Henry Colburn and Co. (1820-1824)lccn-nr00032191Shackell, Williamprtviaf-64119606Berthier, Pierre1782-1861lccn-n50050319Park, Mungo1771-1806viaf-4981028Cuvier, Georgesbaron1769-1832anntrlcwtBowdich, T. Edward(Thomas Edward)1791-1824ClassificationHistoryMapsTravelAfrica, WestGhanaAfrica--SenegambiaAngolaGambiaMadeira Islands--MadeiraBotanyZoologyDiscoveries in geographyMozambiqueScientific expeditionsGhana--AshantiMadeira Islands--Porto Santo IslandMammalsMollien, Gaspard Théodore,--comte de,Ashanti (African people)MollusksMollusks, FossilCivilizationAfrica, SouthernPortugalColoniesEthiopiaEgyptBirdsManners and customsReligionAfrica--Ashanti (Kingdom)EthiopiansEgyptiansLunar eclipsesMineralogyGeologySextantPark, Mungo,Bowdich, T. Edward--(Thomas Edward),AfricaDiscovery and exploration, EnglishMadeira IslandsDiscovery and exploration, FrenchPortugueseRelationsPolitical scienceExplorersSlave tradeAdinkra clothGreat BritainAfrica, CentralDiscovery and exploration, Portuguese1791182418191820182118221823182418251826187319471966196719691974197519761977197919802000200220032010201120122013146596302916.67DT507ocn000244526ocn003303021ocn600610832ocn078415074ocn311797679ocn018692647ocn311775431ocn028173304ocn600610864ocn458030344ocn469469082ocn46946910848348ocn000965533book18190.79Bowdich, T. EdwardMission from Cape Coast Castle to AshanteeHistory26213ocn000244526book18200.84Mollien, Gaspard ThéodoreTravels in the interior of Africa to the sources of the Senegal and Gambia performed by command of the French Government in the year 181813024ocn005890892book18240.84Bowdich, T. EdwardAn account of the discoveries of the Portuguese in the interior of Angola and Mozambique : from original manuscripts : to which is added a note by the author on a geographical error of Mungo Park in his last journal into the interior of AfricaHistory10116ocn001857515book18250.93Bowdich, T. EdwardExcursions in Madeira and Porto Santo : during the autumn of 1823, while on his third voyage to Africa557ocn017104617book18210.96Bowdich, T. EdwardAn analysis of the natural classifications of mammalia, for the use of students and travellersClassification3915ocn007706270book18210.93Bowdich, T. EdwardThe British and French expeditions to Teembo : with remarks on civilization in Africa+-+83439090663243611ocn023918817book18190.73Bowdich, T. EdwardVoyage dans le pays d'Aschantie, ou, Relation de l'ambassade envoyée dans ce royaume par les anglais : avec des détails sur les moeurs, les usages, les lois et le gouvernement de ce pays, des notices géographiques sur d'autres contrées situées dans l'intérieure de l'Afrique, et la traduction d'un manuscrit arabe ou se trouve décrite la mort de Mungo Park357ocn008513766book18220.92Bowdich, T. EdwardElements of conchology : including the fossil genera and the animals318ocn012097247book18210.96Bowdich, T. EdwardEssay on the superstitions, customs, and arts common to the Ancient Egyptians, Abyssinians, and Ashantees308ocn010247805book18210.81Bowdich, T. EdwardAn introduction to the ornithology of Cuvier : for the use of students and travellers2814ocn006243572book18210.79Bowdich, T. EdwardAn essay on the geography of North-Western Africa / by T. Edward BowdichMaps2510ocn011544433book18200.79Bowdich, T. EdwardMission der englisch-afrikanischen Compagnie von Cape Coast Castle nach Ashantee, mit statistischen, geographischen und andern Nachrichtenüber das Innere von Afrika211ocn009964162book18230.97Bowdich, T. EdwardSketch of the geognosy of Madeira and Porto Santo211ocn009962875book18230.97Bowdich, T. EdwardOn the measurement of the progress of an eclipse of the moon with a sextant, or reflecting circle175ocn025426838book18260.66Bowdich, T. EdwardExcursions dans les Isles de Madère et de Porto-Santo, faites dans l'automne de 1823, pendant son troisième voyage en Afrique115ocn063951299book18200.47Bowdich, T. EdwardGeschiedenis van het britsche gezantschap, in het jaar 1817 aan den koning van Ashantee, in de binnenlanden van Afrika, in de nabijheid van de Goudkust gezonden : benevens eenige statistieke, aardrijkskundige en andere berigten, wegens dit rijk en andere naburige gedeelten des lands76ocn025325760book18190.47Bowdich, T. EdwardThe African committee.History+-+973715267532463ocn715076597book18260.47Bowdich, T. EdwardExcursions dans les isles de Madère et de Porto-Santo, faites dans l'automne de 182364ocn174423003book18260.47Bowdich, T. EdwardMission der Englisch-Afrikanischen Compagnie von Cape Coast Castle nach Ashantee mit statistischen , geographischen und andern Nachrichten über das Innere von Afrika52ocn018590732book18260.97Bowdich, T. EdwardMission der englisch-afrikanischen Compagnie von Cape Coast Castle nach Ashantee, mit statistischen, geographischen und anderen Nachrichten über das innere von Afrika41ocn670300392book18190.47Bowdich, T. EdwardThe African committee.History21ocn049835305book19771.00McLeod, M. DT.E. Bowdich : an early collector in West Africa21ocn057966552art20021.00McClusky, PamelaAn art of persuasion : regalia from the Asante kingdom21ocn041162561art19801.00Prussin, LabelleTraditional Asante architecture11ocn048631578art19691.00Eedle, JamesBowdich and the first mission to AshantiHistory11ocn614374684art19740.92Britwum, K. AKwadwo Adinkra of Gyaaman : a study of the relations between the Brong Kingdom of Gyaaman and Asante from c. 1800-1818HistoryMilitary history11ocn062764128art20031.00Barley, NigelAfrica : in the shadow of the Enlightenment11ocn614359054art19740.92Henige, David PKomenda Fort in 1778 : commentary on a documentHistory+-+9737152675324+-+9737152675324Fri Mar 21 15:58:13 EDT 2014batch18145