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Overseen by an editorial board composed of distinguished scholars and experts and edited by one of the leading urban historians in the nation, it is an indispensable resource for residents and visitors alike+-+118005558513582ocn042330347file19980.33Doubleday, AbnerMy life in the old Army the reminiscences of Abner Doubleday : from the collections of the New-York Historical SocietyHistoryBiographyPersonal narrativesOften thought of as the inventor of baseball - the great American pastime - Abner Doubleday was first and foremost a soldier. My Life in the Old Army is comprised of a set of previously unpublished writings (the originals are housed at the New-York Historical Society) with an emphasis on Doubleday's tour of duty during the Mexican War. He was on hand for the first shots of the conflict, for the battles of Monterrey and Buena Vista, and later served in Saltillo after the campaign moved farther south toward Mexico City. Fluent in Spanish, he traveled far and wide in Mexico and describes his experiences in this volume+-+7036010235126520ocn042850736visu19990.27PBS VIDEOdatabaseNew York a documentary filmHistoryBiographyDocumentary television programsThis series chronicles the history of New York City from its beginnings in 1609 as a Dutch trading post, through the depression, onto the turbulent years of change in the following decades after WWII, to its present day status as one of the most important and influencial cities in the world10888ocn000510658book19570.32Groce, George CuthbertThe New-York Historical Society's dictionary of artists in America, 1564-1860Biography DictionariesDictionaries10643ocn750183103file20100.28Ashton, JeanWhen did the Statue of Liberty turn green? and 101 other questions about New York CityMiscellanea"When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green? the staff of the New York Historical Society Library answer more than a hundred of the most popular and compelling queries."--P. [4] of cover+-+7792966875100642ocn001605190serial0.66New-York Historical SocietyCollections of the New York Historical Society for the yearHistoryPeriodicalsSources9266ocn027769476book19930.27Audubon, John JamesThe watercolors for the birds of AmericaBiographyExhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial works+-+740579421585725ocn060720840book18390.76Adams, John QuincyThe jubilee of the Constitution a discourse delivered at the request of the New York Historical Society, in the city of New York on Tuesday, the 30th of April, 1839, being the fiftieth anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States, on Thursday, the 30th of April, 1789Constitution8463ocn826860864book20130.18Holzer, HaroldThe Civil War in 50 objectsHistoryAnecdotesOffers a visual perspective on the Civil War as reflected by artifacts ranging from a soldier's footlocker and the Emancipation Proclamation to leaves from Abraham Lincoln's bier and Grant's handwritten terms of surrender at Appomattox8162ocn028891539book19940.37Cole, ThomasThomas Cole : landscape into historyExhibition catalogs6046ocn000799459book19730.37New-York Historical SocietyOld New York in early photographs, 1853-1901. Mary Black: curator of painting and sculptureHistoryAerial viewsPictorial worksNew York City as it was 1853-1901, through 196 wonderful photographs: great blizzard, Lincoln's funeral procession, great buildings, much more+-+12547713955152ocn009280892book19830.66Burr, AaronPolitical correspondence and public papers of Aaron BurrSourcesRecords and correspondence4313ocn020566710book19910.59Immigration to New YorkConference proceedings+-+29569616454083ocn021152669book19900.56Foshay, Ella MMr. Luman Reed's picture gallery : a pioneer collection of American artCatalogs4053ocn085692059book20070.47Life's pleasures : the Ashcan artists' brush with leisure, 1895-1925"Somber depictions of working-class life in early twentieth-century New York are the images most often associated with the Ashcan school of artists - the circle around Robert Henri, notably those who participated with him in the seminal exhibition "The Eight" in 1908." "These artists' gritty portrayals of urban life are not, however, representative of the entire spectrum of Ashcan art. Featuring some of the circle's most vibrant and outstanding works, Life's Pleasures: The Ashcan Artists' Brush with Leisure, 1895-1925 demonstrates unequivocally the zeal with which these artists embraced the world of play enjoyed by all levels of society. Spirited scenes of diverse leisure activities in cafes, bars, and parks, at the theatre and at sporting events, on the beach, and in the countryside are complemented by lively essays on the world of leisure experienced and depicted by the Ashcan school, providing a fresh exploration of this major American artistic movement."--Jacket+-+69389430363929ocn060713402com18790.84De Peyster, FredericThe life and administration of Richard, earl of Bellomont, governor of the provinces of New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, from 1697 to 1701 an address delivered before the New York Historical Society, at the celebration of its seventy-fifth anniversary, Tuesday, November 18th, 1879HistoryBiography3733ocn043227473book20000.63Gilbert, CassInventing the skyline : the architecture of Cass GilbertExhibition catalogs"The essays by major Gilbert scholars and the individual histories of twelve major commissions featured in an exhibit by the New-York Historical Society document the variety and brilliance of Gilbert's architecture, as well as the process of each project: from commission through design to construction and completion. Each discussion illuminates different aspects of Gilbert's work, including the administrative structure of his office and his relationship with engineers, contractors, and clients; his designs for skyscrapers; his work as an urban planner; and his office's use of architectural drawings."--Jacket+-+78236668753617ocn060713964com18760.90De Peyster, FredericA biographical sketch of Robert R. Livingston read before the N.Y. Historical Society, October 3, 18763523ocn016277869book19880.70Clark, Henry Nichols BlakeFrancis W. Edmonds, American master in the Dutch traditionCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs34510ocn060722212file18520.86Webster, DanielAn address delivered before the New York Historical Society February 23, 1852History5291ocn001104433book19740.53New-York Historical SocietyCatalogue of American portraits in the New York Historical SocietyBiographyCatalogsPortraitsExhibition catalogs5292ocn003003890book19760.32Black, MaryAmerican advertising posters of the nineteenth century : from the Bella C. Landauer Collection of the New-York Historical Society+-+61088713954312ocn299708699book20090.35New-York Historical SocietyThe Hudson River School : nature and the American visionArt+-+89178329353305ocn002449059serial0.70New-York Historical SocietyNew York Historical Society quarterlyHistoryPeriodicals3106ocn032859131book19960.73Guthrie, Kevin MThe New-York Historical Society : lessons from one nonprofit's long struggle for survivalCase studies+-+82365423252793ocn001217371book19740.25New-York Historical SocietyGlass paperweights of the New-York Historical SocietyCatalogs2552ocn002198185book19540.63Vail, R. W. GKnickerbocker birthday : a sesqui-centennial history of the New-York Historical Society, 1804-19541992ocn009943900book19820.81New-York Historical SocietyAmerican landscape and genre paintings in the New-York Historical Society : a catalog of the collection, including historical, narrative, and marine artCatalogs1868ocn004449257serial0.90New-York Historical SocietyAnnual report for the year ...HistoryPeriodicals1466ocn001726303book19050.73Kelby, Robert HendreThe New York Historical Society, 1804-1904Bibliography+-+4482363696973ocn085792798file18540.90New-York Historical SocietyFiftieth anniversary of the founding of the New York Historical Society Monday, November 20, 1854951ocn820330075file0.88New-York Historical SocietyAn anniversary discourse delivered before the New-York Historical SocietyHistoryPeriodicals901ocn317692086com18650.90New-York Historical SocietyProceedings of the New York Historical Society on the announcement of the death of Luther Bradish, president of the Society October 1863Biography801ocn476805781book20090.81The Hudson River to Niagara Falls : 19th-century American landscape paintings from the New-York Historical SocietyExhibition catalogs+-+9983070615772ocn005192331book19390.81New-York Historical SocietyThe story of the New York historical societyHistory645ocn085792804file18050.94New-York Historical SocietyThe constitution and bye-laws of the New-York Historical Society instituted in the city of New-York the 10th day of December, 1804HistoryBy-lawsConstitutionRegisters6211ocn000928959book18460.95New-York Historical SocietyThe charter and by-laws of the New York Historical SocietyChartersBy-laws542ocn007620246book19490.90Wall, Lillian Bertha (Hashagen)Entre nous, an intimate portrait of Alexander J. Wall546ocn123465572file18200.88Hosack, DavidAn inaugural address, delivered before the New-York historical society, on the second Tuesday of February, 1820471ocn003498456book19430.92New-York Historical SocietyList of 500 portraits of men made in New York City, 1900-1942, by Pirie MacDonald, photographer-of-men : in the collections of the New-York Historical SocietyCatalogs+-+1180055585+-+1180055585Fri Mar 21 15:31:26 EDT 2014batch63200