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Dent & Sons records,88949048Geoffrey_Grigsonn 79018491252340Grigson, G.Grigson, GeoffreyGrigson, Geoffrey Edward HarveyGrigson, Geoffrey Edward Harvey 1905-1985グリグスン, ジェフリーlccn-n50028207Gibbs-Smith, Charles Harvard1909-1981edtlccn-n80032727Hopkins, Gerard Manley1844-1889lccn-n79058744Lewis, Wyndham1882-1957lccn-n50051100Smart, Christopher1722-1771lccn-n50013394Smith, Edwin1912-1971illlccn-n79093401Landor, Walter Savage1775-1864lccn-n79107735British Museumlccn-n80032238Grigson, Janelccn-n79018152Moore, Henry1898-1986illfast-811339Aphrodite (Greek deity)Grigson, Geoffrey1905-1985Criticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyDictionariesBiographyCatalogsPoetryEnglish poetryEnglish literatureLiterature, ModernVerse satire, EnglishVerse satire, AmericanGreat BritainGrigson, Geoffrey,Nonsense versesAmerican poetryHopkins, Gerard Manley,Smart, Christopher,American literatureBallads, EnglishEnglish literature--Early modernArtBritish MuseumEngland--LondonEpigrams, EnglishEpitaphsAphrodite (Greek deity)RomanticismAuthors, EnglishFriendshipLove poetry, EnglishMoore, Henry,EnglandLove poetryLittle magazinesUnited StatesLiteratureConnolly, Cyril,Rahv, Philip,Monroe, Harriet,Periodical editorsAnderson, Margaret CEliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Poets, EnglishJesuitsCatholics--Intellectual lifeChristian poetry, EnglishDialect poetry, EnglishEngland--DorsetPoetryTravelCountry lifeHomesIntellectual lifePopular literatureEnlightenmentVenus (Roman deity)1905198519271930193219331934193519361937193819391941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911995199619972001200220072008200920102012321223721225821.0708PR1175ocn000331422ocn000367911ocn000350804ocn000358756ocn003044404ocn001611824ocn001358425ocn000182735ocn002986020ocn000145698ocn081773858ocn797106423ocn760534644ocn317259343ocn320325413ocn270623522ocn440681422ocn440663839ocn458376346ocn014645226ocn832581046151619ocn000331422book19630.30Grigson, GeoffreyThe Concise encyclopedia of modern world literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyDictionaries146422ocn006278369book19800.27Grigson, GeoffreyThe Oxford book of satirical verse10376ocn005086277book19790.24The Faber book of nonsense verse : with a sprinkling of nonsense proseCollects notable nonsense in the English language, most of it in poetry99348ocn001262424book19000.50Grigson, GeoffreyGerard Manley HopkinsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography87217ocn000367911book19590.24Grigson, GeoffreyThe cherry tree : a collection of poems chosen by Geoffrey GrigsonAn anthology of English poetry, with over 500 poems by more than 300 authors78319ocn000175086book19610.53Grigson, GeoffreyChristopher Smart7374ocn000315470book19710.24Grigson, GeoffreyThe Gambit book of popular verse6428ocn000793453book19740.53Grigson, GeoffreyThe contrary view; glimpses of fudge and goldCriticism, interpretation, etc63813ocn002440106book19750.30Grigson, GeoffreyThe Penguin book of ballads62312ocn000350804book19620.33Grigson, GeoffreyPoets in their prideCriticism, interpretation, etc6238ocn000358756book19640.63Landor, Walter SavagePoems61920ocn001367781book19460.50Grigson, GeoffreyBefore the romantics, an anthology of the Enlightenment53518ocn012455966book19730.24Grigson, GeoffreyThe Faber book of love poems : love expected, love begun, the plagues of loving ...+-+736686620551015ocn000510635book19570.50Grigson, GeoffreyArt treasures of the British MuseumCatalogs50610ocn003557331book19770.33The Faber book of epigrams & epitaphs+-+783797620532450313ocn000019460book19690.53Grigson, GeoffreyPoems and poetsCriticism, interpretation, etc4647ocn002089593book19760.39Grigson, GeoffreyThe goddess of love : the birth, triumph, death and return of Aphrodite43622ocn001611824book19420.53Grigson, GeoffreyThe romantics, an anthology39917ocn001086857book19430.70Grigson, GeoffreyHenry Moore3849ocn000257226book19710.33Grigson, GeoffreyThe Faber book of popular verse3082ocn012667093book19840.56Grigson, GeoffreyRecollections, mainly of writers & artistsBiography2411ocn001228921book19490.79Clare, JohnPoems of John Clare's madness2321ocn002577886book19760.77Hamilton, IanThe little magazines : a study of six editorsBiographyThere have been large magazines with tiny circulations and there have been diminutive sheets which have reached thousands of readers. But all "little magazines" have been small in one or another of these ways, and usually in both ... And yet most of them have had arrestingly large-scale ambitions ... ' From Ian Hamilton (1938-2001), himself the founder of the Review and New Review, comes this matchless survey (first published in 1976) of the literary magazine from 1912-1950: concentrating on those periodicals that enjoyed dominant editorial personalities (the likes of Pound, Eliot, Cyril1601ocn004359512book19500.77Barnes, WilliamSelected poemsPoetry1132ocn002132551book19500.77Grigson, GeoffreyThe crest on the silver; an autobiography852ocn013394927book19840.56Grigson, GeoffreyCountry writingsBiography741ocn004819877book19540.77Grigson, GeoffreyFreedom of the parish712ocn049867582book20020.93"My rebellious and imperfect eye" : observing Geoffrey Grigson381ocn012764958book19850.92Grigson at eighty : tributes from friends and admirersCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn225402491score20070.47Allen, GRemembered love : four songs to poems of Geoffrey GrigsonMusical settings11ocn603388672com0.18Geoffrey (Edward Harvey) Grigson : (1905-1985)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn467177734mix1.00Auden, W. HW.H. Auden papersLetters, manuscripts, galley proofs, page proofs, art works, and printed materials of Auden, including three postcards to Geoffrey Grigson, one of which relates to galley proofs for Auden's poems included in THE YEAR'S POETRY, 1937. There are manuscripts, galley proofs, and page proofs of COLLECTED SHORTER POEMS 1927-1957 (Faber and Faber, 1966) all of which contain his corrections in ink. The manuscript of the book is comprised of typewritten and printed pages, which taken together are a mock-up of the entire book. Also, a pencil sketch of Auden by Terry Durham, a silkscreen portrait by Meyer F. Lieberman, and a portrait head cast by Olaf de Wett. There is also the manuscript and proofs of MARKINGS by Dag Hammarskjöld, translated from the Swedish by Leif Sjöberg and W.H. Auden; the libretto and score of PAUL BUNYAN by Auden and Britten; five letters from Auden to Norman Loftis criticizing Loftis' poetry; two letters from Auden to Patrick Anthony Lawlor; and four letters from Auden to Olive Mangeot11ocn031966184mix1.00J.M. Dent & SonsJ.M. Dent & Sons recordsAuthor files Gl-K: Author files include correspondence with editorial department staff and with the directors of J.M. Dent & Sons that discusses manuscript proposals and submissions, book acceptance and rejection, editorial recommendations, contracts, copyright agreements, sales figures, royalty payments, legal problems, reprints, and successive editions. Author files also include correspondence regarding illustrations used in Dent publications, correspondence with illustrators, rough drafts of manuscripts, synopses of manuscripts, and photographs of selected authors and illustrators. Note that files are incomplete, since many items of significant commercial value were sold piecemeal in the 1980s and some files from later years are held by Weidenfeld and Nicholson, which took over the Dent firm in 198611ocn191047534mix1.00Sitwell, EdithMiscellaneous manuscriptsCriticism, interpretation, etcConsists of two folders11ocn227013818book0.47Auden, W. HLetter Downs School, Colwall, W. Malvern, to Geoffrey GrigsonPoetryAutograph letter, signed, from W. H. Auden to Grigson concerning corrections to the poem "The earth turns over" which was published in New Verse in February 1934. Grigson was editor of the New Verse11ocn063664441mix19761.00Grigson, GeoffreyGeoffrey Grigson letter to Geoffrey ElbornCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceGrigson writes to Dear Sir [Geoffrey Elborn], 20 May 1976, giving his extremely unfavorable opinion of Edith Sitwell, finding "her poems pretentious, her pronouncements childish, her prose books ... a mixture of plagiarism and pretence," and telling Elborn where he can find evidence of "Dame Sitwell's powers of plagiarism." Elborn would later publish a biography about Sitwell in 1981. The letter is typescript on the letterhead for Broad Town Farmhouse11ocn467178937mix1.00Vanguard PressThe collection consists of the editorial and production archives of Vanguard Press: correspondence, manuscripts, contracts, memoranda, galley proofs, photographs, clippings, and printed materials11ocn166332002art19880.10Geoffrey Grigson11ocn489563109art19700.47A conversation with Geoffrey GrigsonInterviews11ocn702171444bks1.00Osborne, E. AllenEric Allen Osborne papers concerning In letters of redSeries I, Correspondence, contains letters from 15 of the 20 contributors to Osborne. Letters mention manuscripts, revisions, copyright and book royalties. All letters are accompanied by a typescript summary of the letter contents+-+7366866205+-+7366866205Thu Oct 16 15:58:31 EDT 2014batch36468