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Fri Mar 21 17:09:41 2014 UTClccn-n790213850.06The mustang professor the story of J. Frank Dobie /0.310.79Concerning Mr. Dobie and the University of Texas /25494909J._Frank_Dobien 79021385255183Dobie, Frank.Dobie, Frank, 1888-1964Dobie, J. F. 1888-1964Dobie, J. Frank.Dobie, J. Frank, 1888-1964Dobie, James Frank.Dobie, James Frank, 1888-1964Dobie, Pancho.Dobie, Pancho, 1888-1964lccn-n50008614Boatright, Mody Coggin1896-1970edtlccn-n79145137Texas Folklore Societylccn-n80113072Ransom, Harry Huntt1908-1976edtlccn-n50042555Lea, Tom1907-2001illlccn-n50015874Texas Rangerslccn-n84034874Young, John Duncan1856-lccn-n50011856Tinkle, Lonnp-wilson, charles banksWilson, Charles Banksilllccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n80010487Webb, Walter Prescott1888-1963Dobie, J. Frank(James Frank)1888-1964FolkloreHistoryBiographyBibliographyMusicMiscellaneaDramaLegendsFictionAnecdotesSouthwest, NewTexasLegendsFolkloreDobie, J. Frank--(James Frank),United States, WestCowboysAuthors, AmericanUnited StatesRanch lifeAfrican AmericansTreasure trovesTalesFolkloristsMines and mineral resourcesSuperstitionCattleBallads, EnglishFrontier and pioneer lifeMexicoRangelandsMustangCoyoteTexas--San Antonio--AlamoHorsesAnimalsFolk songs, EnglishTexas longhorn cattleManners and customsWild horsesGold mines and miningFolk songsFolk musicIndians of North AmericaRattlesnakesPicture-writing, IndianJesus ChristTexas RangersTravelGreat BritainNational characteristics, EnglishLonghorn cattleYoung, John Duncan,AnecdotesGamesMaximsCattle tradeUnited States--Chisholm TrailUnited States--Southwestern StatesFriendship1888196419001914191919201922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020125636711202228398.09764GR1ocn000604362ocn000327043ocn006132806ocn001706176ocn001451543ocn000327399ocn001451465ocn002619113ocn000326847ocn001904196ocn001451624ocn002932792ocn001024126ocn000212458ocn002271945ocn620016237ocn023857803ocn619919530ocn652422893ocn680139124ocn459779981ocn438775205ocn387723849ocn387836014ocn227535093ocn793506881262461ocn000424583book19300.28Dobie, J. FrankCoronado's children; tales of lost mines and buried treasures of the SouthwestHistoryMiscellaneaRecounts the tales and legends of those hardy souls who searched for buried treasure in the Southwest+-+1705627475254648ocn044958888book19430.29Dobie, J. FrankGuide to life and literature of the southwestBibliographyFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+4185925235219354ocn000561214book19410.25Dobie, J. FrankThe longhornsHistoryThe twilight of the longhorn has fallen. The noble breed is nearer extinction than the buffalo ever was. Yet in this rousing chronicle the great days of the longhorn live again, a brave and surging part of our national heritage+-+K271927475167229ocn000560162book19340.27Dobie, J. FrankThe mustangsHistoryLegendsThe story of the wild horses of America, the Indians who rode them and the whites who were famous as their captors+-+6635027475160630ocn000556420book19470.27Dobie, J. FrankThe voice of the coyoteHistory of the coyote, with legends+-+4505078535158740ocn045729704book19240.32Dobie, J. FrankLegends of TexasFolkloreMusicPublications of the Texas Folklore Society Number III. Original copyright 1924+-+6831170305324153116ocn000711186book19640.23Dobie, J. FrankCow peopleHistoryBiographyJ. Frank Dobie is hailed as a master storyteller of the Southwest. In his latest book Dobie records the fading memories of a bygone Texas, the reminiscences of the cow people themselves+-+2515627475149949ocn009049964book19280.25Dobie, J. FrankApache gold and Yaqui silverHistoryTrue stories of buried treasure and lost mines of the Southwest, lost because their Indian guardians do not want them worked+-+8638527475143515ocn045729703book19390.37Dobie, J. FrankIn the shadow of historyFolkloreLegendsWhat society is richer in its folk-lore than our own? This book is a good and true reach down, way down deep into the people's soul, truth and beauty being there140714ocn044956229book19400.32Dobie, J. FrankMustangs and cow horsesFolkloreLegendsShort stories about the mustangs and cow horses in Texas+-+8818070305324137113ocn045729485file19280.37Dobie, J. FrankFollow de drinkin' gou'dFolkloreMusic136315ocn045729853file19380.33Dobie, J. FrankCoyote wisdomFolkloreAnnotation+-+5975370305324130525ocn044956349file19350.32Dobie, J. FrankPuro mexicanoA collection of Mexican folk tales+-+3066070305324130448ocn001377067book19290.31Dobie, J. FrankA vaquero of the brush countryHistoryBiographyJohn Young was an old-time vaquero who acted as trail driver, hog chaser, sheriff, ranger, horse thief killer, fire fighter, ranch manager, and more+-+4952327475121621ocn000604362book19280.24Dobie, J. FrankTales of old-time TexasHistoryFictionAnecdotesShort stories+-+4415327475113517ocn045729907file19300.37Dobie, J. FrankMan, bird and beastTexas Folkfore: How to get rid of a bunion--tie salt port on the bunion. For a birthmark-rub the birthmark with a piece of raw meat and bury the meat--anymore good ideas?111815ocn045729982file19320.37Dobie, J. FrankTone the bell easyFolklore108720ocn045729780file19230.35Dobie, J. FrankCoffee in the gourdMusicA facsimile edition of the 1923 publication of the Texas Folklore Society, featuring twelve articles that discuss ballads, cowboy dance, customs and superstitions, and other topics108616ocn001321257book19260.23Dobie, J. FrankRattlesnakesFolkloreA collection of true stories and folk tales+-+0875227475106312ocn044956310com19410.39Dobie, J. FrankTexian stomping groundsFolkloreDramaContains sketches of post-war life in East Texas, descriptions of early recreations and games, and account of the hill people near Austihn, a reminiscence of ranching life in the West, stories long current among the people, African American tales, and a first-hand report of an African American folk play of the life of Christ+-+510787030532410637ocn004036686book19780.28Tinkle, LonAn American original : the life of J. Frank DobieBiographyThe first major biography of one of the best-loved storytellers of the American Southwest9734ocn045732147file19910.06Mitchell, MarkThe mustang professor the story of J. Frank DobieJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of J. Frank Dobie, educator, writer, professor at the University of Texas, and collector of folklore of the Southwest8966ocn001171250book19560.25Dobie, J. FrankSome part of myselfBiographyA relaxed, satisfying memoir by a master storyteller. It reveals the admirable human spirit of a man who has become as much a legend as those about whom he wrote7164ocn451598662file20090.39Davis, Steven LJ. Frank Dobie a liberated mindBiographyThe first Texas-based writer to gain national attention J.Frank Dobie proved that authentic writing springs easily from the native soil of Texas and the Southwest. This lively biography takes a fresh look at J. Frank Dobie, whose "liberated mind" set him on an intellectual journey that culminated in Dobie becoming a political liberal who fought for labor, free speech, and civil rights, well before these causes became acceptable to most Anglo Texans+-+09667274754786ocn000951698book19670.37Dugger, RonnieThree men in Texas: Bedichek, Webb, and DobieThis book is a tribute to three men, "an incomparable triumvirate." This is not a collection of learned papers or theses such as are found in Festschrift, but simply a collection of heartfelt writings by some of the many friends of Roy Bedichek, Walter Prescott Webb, and J. Frank Dobie+-+69653274754523ocn000442968book19680.56McVicker, Mary LouiseThe writings of J. Frank Dobie; a bibliographyBibliography4216ocn000024379book19670.50Owens, William AThree friends: Roy Bedichek, J. Frank Dobie, Walter Prescott WebbBedichek, Dobie and Webb - a naturalist, a folklorist and an historian - all taught at the University of Texas, lived only a few blocks apart, and saw each other almost every day. The true cement of their friendship, however, was the flourishing correspondence which makes up much of this book. They wrote not to exchange information, but to communicate ideas, to nail down the generalities of conversation, and, above all, to challenge, encourage, and stimulate one another+-+07653274754044ocn000284418book19670.63Yarborough, Ralph WebsterFrank Dobie : man and friend34512ocn010085469book19560.37Bode, WinstonA portrait of Pancho : the life of a great Texan, J. Frank Dobie3212ocn001171243book19670.50Abernethy, Francis EdwardJ. Frank Dobie2267ocn008381984book19550.25Dobie, J. FrankOut of the old rock; [character sketches]BiographyThe people that J. Frank Dobie liked to write about during his lifetime were the men and women who came "out of the Rock" - genuine, independent, unpretentious people, specialists of one kind or another, whether that specialty was teaching or horseshoeing- people who were, above all, interesting2123ocn000442760book19650.25Bode, WinstonJ. Frank Dobie: a portrait of PanchoPROSE AND PHOTOGRAPHS MAKE UP THE COLORFUL LIFE IN REVIEW OF J. FRANK DOBIE, THE IMMORTAL PATRIARCH OF TEXAS LETTERS. HE IS PICTURED IN A VARIETY OF ADJECTIVES SUCH AS SCHOOLBOY, TEACHER, SUITOR, SOLDIER, RANCHER, WRITER, STORYHUNTER, HUMORIST, ICONOCLAST, AND PHILOSOPHER1563ocn006950543book19800.35Dobie, J. FrankA Texan in EnglandOn his term as professor of American history at Cambridge University during the war1182ocn000309007book19710.63Dykes, JeffMy Dobie collectionBibliography1182ocn005068429book19680.56Cook, SpruillJ. Frank Dobie, bibliographyBibliography1091ocn005046399book19680.50Tinkle, LonJ. Frank Dobie : the makings of an ample mind613ocn000959687book19630.56Price Daniel, Jr. (Firm)Texas and the West, catalogue no. 24, featuring the writings of J. Frank DobieBibliography574ocn000626293book19640.66Jenkins CompanyA catalogue of the writings of J. Frank Dobie (1888-1964); comprising the largest selection ever offered for sale, and further contributing to a bibliographyBibliography562ocn001136079book19320.73McCutcheon, J. ForrestJ. Frank Dobie--Texan : an appreciation531ocn001928145book19640.79Webb, Walter PrescottConcerning Mr. Dobie and the University of Texas+-+5975370305324+-+5975370305324Fri Mar 21 15:57:48 EDT 2014batch54002