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Fri Mar 21 17:13:16 2014 UTClccn-n790230290.24Marx's general : the revolutionary life of Friedrich Engels /0.470.76Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels : an analytical bibliography /68928644Friedrich_Engelsn 79023029256794Ăng-Ghen, Ph. 1820-1895Ang-ghên, Phriđrich 1820-1895Ăngghen, PH., 1820-1895Eṃgelsa, Phreḍarika 1820-1895En ge si 1820-1895En-ke-szu, ... 1820-1895En-ko-ssŭ, 1820-1895En-ko-szū, ... 1820-1895Eṅgelacha, Phriḍarikha 1820-1895Engels.Engels, ..., 1820-1895Engels, Bedřich, 1820-1895Èngel's, F.Ėngelʹs, F. 1820-1895Ėngelʹs, F. (Fridrikh), 1820-1895Engels, F. (Friedrich), 1820-1895Engels, Federico.Engels, Federico, 1820-1895Engels, Federiko, 1820-1895Engels, Fr.Ėngelʹs, Fr. (Fridrikh), 1820-1895Engels, Frédéric.Engels, Frédéric, 1820-1895Engels, Frederick.Engels, Frederick, 1820-1895Engels, Frederiko.Engels, Frederiko 1820-1895Engels, Fredrich 1820-1895Engels, Freḑrik 1820-1895Engels, Friderik 1820-1895Ėngelʹs, Fridrich 1820-1895Engels, Fridrih.Engels, Fridrih 1820-1895Ėngelʹs, Fridrikh, 1820-1895Engels, Friederich 1820-1895Engels, FriedrichĖngelʹs, Friedrich 1820-1895Ēngels, Fritrix, 1820-1895Engels, Fryderyk.Engels, Fryderyk 1820-1895Engelsas, F. 1820-1895Engelsi, Pʹ. 1820-1895Engelss, F., 1820-1895Engelss, Fr., 1820-1895Engelss, Frīdrihs, 1820-1895Engerusu, 1820-1895Engesi, 1820-1895Engesi, Friedrich, 1820-1895Engesi, Fulidelixi, 1820-1895Enggels, ... 1820-1895Enggelsŭ, P'ŭridŭrihi 1820-1895Engkels, ... 1820-1895Engkles, Phrintrich 1820-1895Enhel's, F., 1820-1895Eṅkals, Pireṭarik, 1820-1895Eṅkels, 1820-1895Eṅkels, Pireṭerik 1820-1895Eṅkels, Pirīṭric, 1820-1895Ennkels, Ph. 1820-1895Ennkels, Phrintrich 1820-1895F. E. 1820-1895Friedrich EngelsFriedrich Engels, Karl MarxĪngēłs, Frīdrīk 1820-1895Inǧils, Frīdrīk 1820-1895Ingils, Frīdrīš 1820-1895Inǧilz, F., 1820-1895Inǧilz, Fridirīk, 1820-1895Inǧilz, Fridrīk, 1820-1895Oswald, F. 1820-1895 PseudonymOswald, Friedrich 1820-1895 PseudonymЕнгельс, Фридрих, 1820-1895.Энгельс, Ф. (Фридрих), 1820-1895Энгельс, Фридрих.Энгельс, Фридрих, 1820-1895אנגאלס, פ.אנגלס, פרידריךאנגלס, פרידריך, 1820־1895ענגעלס, כ.ענגעלס, פ.ענגעלס, פ. 1895־1820ענגעלס, פרידריךענגעלס, פרידריך, 1820־1895ענגעלס, פרידריך, 1895־1820ענגעלס, פריעדריךענגעלס, פריריךإنجلز، فريدريك، 1820-1895انجلس, فريدريخ, ١٨٢٠-١٨٩٥إنجلس، فريدريش، 1820-1895إنجلس، فريدريك، 1820-1895إنغلز، فريدرخ، 1820-1895انگلس، فردريكفردريش إنجلز، 1820-1895فريدريش إنجلس، 1820-1895エンゲルス, Fエンゲルス, フリードリッヒエンゲルス, フリードリヒ恩格斯, 1820-1895恩格斯, 弗里德里希, 1820-1895lccn-n79006935Marx, Karl1818-1883othctbauircpdteanthnredtcrelccn-n80067085Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich1870-1924othctbauihnredtcrelccn-n85014743Moore, Samueltrlnp-marx, karlMarx, Karlantothhnrctbdtelccn-n50028895Aveling, Edward B.1849-1898trlcrelccn-n80045891Feuerbach, Ludwig1804-1872crelccn-no00022226Internationale Marx-Engels-Stiftungedtlccn-n50026366Institut für Marxismus-Leninismusothedtlccn-no95027680Dutt, C. P.(Clemens Palme)trledtcrelccn-n88028690Heyden, GünterrededtEngels, Friedrich1820-1895HistoryControversial literatureBiographyMilitary historyCaricatures and cartoonsPolitical platformsChartersCommunismSocialismEngels, Friedrich,EconomicsMarx, Karl,CapitalGermanyPrimitive societiesFamiliesPropertyState, TheAncient society (Morgan, Lewis Henry)Social historyCommunistsPeasants' War (1524-1525)Economic historyManifest der Kommunistischen Partei (Marx, Karl)Dialectical materialismReligionDemocracyWorking classEnglandMaterialismFeuerbach, Ludwig,Political scienceGreat BritainPeaceWarEuropePhilosophyDühring, E.--(Eugen),IdealismUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Public opinionInternational relationsLaw and socialismAustriaScience--PhilosophySozialdemokratische Partei DeutschlandsCommunist ethicsEthicsMarxist anthropologyAnthropologyInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)English languageGerman languageLanguage and languagesSociological jurisprudenceDialectic182018951841184218441845184718481850185318591860186118651866186718691870187118721873187418751876187718781880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142004261276730648335.422HX276ocn000300154ocn000300117ocn000871045ocn004093085ocn000363277ocn005050393ocn002092734ocn001207973ocn004105434ocn004924058ocn722541719ocn720077320ocn073336029ocn720077200ocn720232051ocn073890053ocn720113950ocn073604861ocn073575891ocn072248194ocn461968058ocn463107262ocn457368208ocn462826971ocn462826983ocn468482339ocn800991010ocn852436149ocn450883279ocn312132760ocn461533455ocn721529798ocn721369947ocn461876764ocn074624405ocn721536657ocn074506204ocn075168896ocn074549246ocn074792027ocn258139996ocn247603108ocn310571873ocn256929928ocn831151601ocn315281630ocn249425559ocn249132068ocn299598459ocn256392483ocn721525599ocn074169295ocn721201281ocn721628777ocn074303896ocn074311341ocn074127866ocn718938589ocn721355961ocn719283867ocn439105611ocn439215783ocn441754125ocn441056324ocn444522218ocn444571093ocn441101823ocn858883434ocn007211841ocn462804652ocn709442837ocn795443259ocn782005153ocn797794593ocn781084608ocn454929528ocn441863410ocn742531994ocn075353092ocn799099881ocn441754724ocn442457582ocn458296535ocn075645354ocn466366061ocn799097938Communists10196254ocn038879308book18480.28Marx, KarlThe Communist manifesto new interpretationsHistoryThe political tract in which Marx presented the core of his philosophy and revolutionary program, with an introduction analyzing its significance to the realities of today and to Marx's own times+-+9897690226324376999ocn000702293book19060.35Marx, KarlCapital; a critique of political economy+-+22555705163535190ocn000337047book18910.53Engels, FriedrichThe origin of the family, private property, and the state, in the light of the researches of Lewis H. MorganHistoryThe German socialist's controversial work on the structure of primitive society and early civilization, which posited the subjugation of women as the first step in an historical process that led to the rise of social classes and the creation of the state+-+2408532625253571ocn003805953book19060.25Marx, KarlCapitalCharters+-+16804770352384250ocn000166214book18810.37Marx, KarlManifesto of the communist partyHistoryPolitical platformsThe Communist Manifesto was first published on February 21, and it is one of the world's most influential political tracts. Commissioned by the Communist League and written by communist theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, it laid out the League's purposes and program. The Manifesto suggested a course of action for a proletarian (working class) revolution to overthrow the ruling class of bourgeoisie and to eventually bring about a classless society+-+3697532625201260ocn000268653book19580.50Engels, FriedrichThe condition of the working class in EnglandHistoryWritten when Engels was only 24, and inspired by his time living among the poor in Manchester, this forceful polemic explores the staggering human cost of the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England+-+11399959652009163ocn006125220book10820.66Engels, FriedrichSocialism, utopian and scientific+-+6420398235324184936ocn000252864book19590.37Marx, KarlBasic writings on politics and philosophy156147ocn000254928book19550.53Marx, KarlOn religionControversial literatureIn this single volume is the best collection of writings on Religion by the two founding fathers of Communism. In it the reader will find the entire arsenal of ideas with which Marx and Engels hoped to explode the religious foundations of all previous societies. Yet also, in these writings - as Reinhold Niebuhr shows in his introduction- "are clues to that remarkable development of which many students have been made aware, of an irreligion transmuted into a new political religion, canonized precisely in the writings of Marx (and the later Lenin) as sacred scripture, and the principles for a revolutionary reformation of the social order according to an immutable dogma+-+3440586435121064ocn000704570book19380.56Marx, KarlThe German ideologyHistoryPart 1 with selections from parts 2 and 3 together with Marx's "Introduction to a critique of political economy"+-+8758532625117445ocn000401082book19260.63Engels, FriedrichThe peasant war in GermanyHistoryMilitary historyRussisk udgivet engelsk version af Friedrich Engels (1820-95) værk "Der deutsche Bauernkrieg" fra 1850 (haves på tysk) - oversættelsen after 3. tyske udgave 1875 - med appendix af Engels skrifter "The Mark", "On the History af the Prussian Peasantry" , korrespondance med K. Marx, F. Lassalle, Mehring, Kautsky - og fra Engels manuskripter114661ocn001666480book18940.66Engels, FriedrichHerr Eugen Dühring's revolution in science (Anti-Dühring)History+-+42562789361115334ocn006045764book18480.59Marx, KarlManifest der Kommunistischen ParteiHistoryVorlage dieses Reprints ist das Originalexemplar der UB+-+9426897748324103432ocn000444477book19370.59Marx, KarlThe Civil War in the United StatesHistory102251ocn000272642book19330.66Marx, KarlCritique of the Gotha programme+-+18562789369988ocn003484560book19670.50Engels, FriedrichThe German revolutions: The Peasant War in Germany, and Germany: revolution and counter-revolutionHistory96445ocn000612117book18880.63Engels, FriedrichLudwig Feuerbach and the outcome of classical German philosophy894106ocn001207973book18860.70Marx, KarlCapital; a critical analysis of capitalist production88934ocn000544969book19400.59Engels, FriedrichDialectics of nature848228ocn039883086book18950.63Marx, KarlManifeste du parti communisteCaricatures and cartoonsCe texte constitue le programme donné à la classe ouvrière par Marx et Engels en 1848. Avec un dossier où l'on trouve les préfaces des différentes éditions et des extraits de la correspondance des auteurs15906ocn173152102file19870.50Schmitt, RichardIntroduction to Marx and Engels a critical reconstructionPresents the thought of Marx and Engels as sources of critical self-understanding of ourselves and our institutions, as well as sources of ideals for making ours a better world+-+983788863514983ocn047008180com20000.33Nimtz, August HMarx and Engels their contribution to the democratic breakthrough"According to Nimtz, no two people contributed more to the struggle for democracy in the nineteenth century than Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Presenting the first major study of the two thinkers in the past twenty years and the first since the collapse of the Soviet Union, this book challenges many widely held views about their democratic credentials and their attitudes and policies on the peasantry, the importance of national self-determination, the struggle for women's equality, their so-called Eurocentric bias, political and party organizing and the possibility for socialist revolution in an overwhelmingly peasant and underdeveloped country like late-nineteenth-century Russia."--BOOK JACKET+-+4183080305324123319ocn000000756book19200.63Mayer, GustavFriedrich Engels; a biographyBiography+-+340650289311814ocn003002077book19780.47Gallie, W. BPhilosophers of peace and war : Kant, Clausewitz, Marx, Engels, and TolstoyIntellectual eminence apart, what did Kant, Clausewitz, Marx and Engels, and Tolstoy have in common? Professor Gallic argues that they made contributions to 'international theory'--to the understanding of the character and causes of war and of the possibility of peace between nations--which were of unrivalled originality in their own times and remain of undiminished importance in ours. But these contributions have been either ignored or much misunderstood ; chiefly because, as with all intellectual efforts in unexplored fields, they were often imperfectly expressed, and were also overshadowed by their author's more striking achievements. Professor Gallic has sorted out, compared and contrasted, criticised and re-phrased the teachings of his chosen authors on peace and war.--Publisher description+-+K601476705112113ocn007552834book19810.39Carver, TerrellEngelsHistoryBiographyFrom the Publisher: It is by no means absurd to say that Engels invented Marxism. His work did more than Marx's to attract and make converts to the most influential political movement of modern times. He was not only the father of dialectical and historical materialism-the official philosophies of history and science in many communist countries-but was also the first Marxist historian, anthropologist, philosopher, and commentator on early Marx. In his later years Engels developed his materialist interpretation of history, his chief intellectual legacy, which has had revolutionary effects on the arts and social sciences. Terrell Carver traces its source and its effect on the development of Marxist theory and practice, assesses its utility, and discusses the difficulties which Marxists have encountered in defending it+-+41195374658242ocn000002727book19690.47Hammen, Oscar JThe Red '48ers; Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels7828ocn011497949book19850.56Lukes, StevenMarxism and moralityHistory...An honourable, instructive and impressively able book.' The Times Higher Education Supplement7577ocn263983621book20090.24Hunt, TristramMarx's general : the revolutionary life of Friedrich EngelsHistoryBiographyA remarkable new biography from one of Britain's leading young historians that recovers the co-founder of communism from the shadows of history, portraying how one of the great "bon viveurs" of Victorian Britain reconciled his exuberant personal life with his radical political philosophy+-+70753505356727ocn010073142book19830.59Bloch, MauriceMarxism and anthropology : the history of a relationshipThis book examines the uses made of anthropology by Marx and Engels, and the uses made of Marxism by anthropologists. Looking at the writings of Marx and Engels on primitive societies, the book evaluates their views in the light of present knowledge and draws attention to inconsistencies in their analysis of pre-capitalist societies. These inconsistencies can be traced to the influence of contemporary anthropologists who regarded primitive societies as classless. As Marxist theory was built around the idea of class, without this concept the conventional Marxist analysis foundered. First pu+-+561588069564341ocn004088295book19310.66Lenin, Vladimir IlʹichMarx, Engels, Marxism"Esta recopilación de artículos ... está redactada de acuerdo con la última edición rusa, a excepción de los fragmentos de "Que hacer?" y "Un paso adelante dos pasos atrás", que corresponden a la edición de 1908, con las abreviaciones hechas por el propio autor. Al final del libro insertamos las notas informativas de la Redacción, un índice de los periódicos rusos mencionados, un índice de las obras de C. Marx y F. Engels, citadas por Lenin y el índice temático."6334ocn009853972book19830.63Carver, TerrellMarx & Engels : the intellectual relationshipBiography56219ocn000703013book19270.70Ri︠a︡zanov, D. BKarl Marx and Friedrich Engels; an introduction to their lives and work+-+93780980353245564ocn004492863book19790.63Gandy, RossMarx and history : from primitive society to the communist futureHistory5495ocn003103808book19770.76Eubanks, Cecil LKarl Marx and Friedrich Engels : an analytical bibliographyBibliography5484ocn009622399book19630.63Bekerman, GérardMarx and Engels, a conceptual concordanceConcordancesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries5376ocn004451156book19770.35McLellan, DavidFriedrich EngelsBiography5241ocn022490972book19910.53Hunley, J. DThe life and thought of Friedrich Engels : a reinterpretation5114ocn007155017book19800.73Phillips, PaulMarx and Engels on law and laws5087ocn061169688book20050.28Kołakowski, LeszekMain currents of Marxism : the founders, the golden age, the breakdownHistory"Drawing on powerful historical and philosophical insight, Main Currents of Marxism traces the intellectual foundations of Marxist thought from Plotinus through Hegel to Lukacs, Sartre, and Mao. Leszek Kolakowski reveals Marxism to be "the greatest fantasy of our century ... an idea that began in Promethean humanism and culminated in the monstrous tyranny of Stalinism." Long before the overwhelming majority of historians, journalists, and intellectuals around the world came to see the devastation wrought by autocratic, state-sponsored socialism, Kolakowski pointed to the shortcomings of a system doomed to failure." "Recognized when it was first published for its profound historical insights and for its exposition of how the Communist hierarchy was quickly corroding from the inside, this forceful work has influenced several generations of scholars and historians. Despite decades of major political change, Main Currents of Marxism remains as accurate and incisive as ever. In a new preface and epilogue, Kolakowski reexamines the collapse of international Communism in light of the last tumultuous years."--BOOK JACKET+-+89051584854873ocn005554674book19790.73Marx, KarlMarx and Engels on law+-+9897690226324+-+9897690226324Fri Mar 21 15:56:06 EDT 2014batch435959