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Fri Mar 21 17:09:51 2014 UTClccn-n790300570.01The candy corn contest /0.061.00[Patricia Reilly Giff] /27102281Patricia_Reilly_Giffn 79030057263716Reilly Giff, Patricia 1933-Reilly Giff, Patricia, 1935-Reilly, Patricia, 1935-ギフ, パトリシア・ライリーギフ, パトリシア・ライリイlccn-n79112480Sims, Blancheilllccn-n78000653Natti, Susannaillcrelccn-n79059304Morrill, Leslie H.illlccn-nr2002041334Bright, Alasdairilllccn-n80045462Durrell, Julieilllccn-n80143490DiSalvo, DyAnneilllccn-n94064426Avril, Lynne1951-illlccn-n83154985McKeating, Eileenilllccn-n79095251Wilder, Laura Ingalls1867-1957lccn-n82028504Rutherford, JennyillGiff, Patricia ReillyFictionJuvenile worksHistoryYoung adult worksBiographyChristmas storiesHanukkah storiesInterviewsSchoolsNew York (State)FamiliesFriendshipWorld War (1939-1945)United StatesNew York (State)--New York--BrooklynIrelandFamine (Ireland : 1845-1852)Emigration and immigrationOrphansFoster home careMichigan--Willow RunMichiganBrazilian AmericansHorsesImmigrantsHomesicknessArtistsSewingGerman AmericansUnclesChildren's stories--AuthorshipAuthors, AmericanReadingFaminesBrothers and sistersSurvivalMemoryGrandfathersPoliomyelitisSelf-acceptanceApplesContestsThanksgiving DayGiff, Patricia ReillyDyslexiaFrontier and pioneer lifeWilder, Laura Ingalls,Authors, American--Family relationshipsChristmas storiesDiabetesDeathChildren's stories, AmericanWomen pioneersChildren and adultsIntergenerational relationsTeachersInterpersonal relations in childrenIrish Americans19351979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141384954021611[FIC]PZ7.G3626ocn819744237486728ocn049011746book20020.06Giff, Patricia ReillyPictures of Hollis WoodsJuvenile worksFictionA troublesome twelve-year-old orphan, staying with an elderly artist who needs her, remembers the only other time she was happy in a foster home, with a family that truly seemed to care about her+-+1001780385458725ocn034788017book19970.06Giff, Patricia ReillyLily's crossingJuvenile worksFictionDuring a summer spent at Rockaway Beach in 1944, Lily's friendship with a young Hungarian refugee causes her to see the war and her own world differently+-+7796780385423912ocn056880041book20050.06Giff, Patricia ReillyWillow RunHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDuring World War II, after moving with her parents to Willow Run, Michigan, when her father gets a job in the B-24 bomber-building factory, eleven-year-old Meggie learns about different kinds of bravery from all of the people around her+-+021582038539649ocn276712890book20090.06Giff, Patricia ReillyWild girlJuvenile worksFictionWhen twelve-year-old Lidie leaves Brazil to join her father and brother on a horse ranch in New York, she has a hard time adjusting to her changed circumstances, as does a new horse that has come to the ranch+-+7226795995357523ocn044089520book20000.06Giff, Patricia ReillyNory Ryan's songHistoryJuvenile worksFictionWhen a terrible blight attacks Ireland's potato crop in 1845, twelve-year-old Nory Ryan's courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbors survive+-+9696780385355510ocn054425187book20040.06Giff, Patricia ReillyA house of tailorsHistoryJuvenile worksFictionWhen thirteen-year-old Dina emigrates from Germany to America in 1871, her only wish is to return home as soon as she can, but as the months pass and she survives a multitude of hardships living with her uncle and his young wife and baby, she finds herself thinking of Brooklyn as her home+-+2115820385227713ocn123766729book20080.06Giff, Patricia ReillyElevenJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksWhen Sam, who can barely read, discovers an old newspaper clipping just before his eleventh birthday, it brings forth memories from his past, and, with the help of a new friend at school and the castle they are building for a school project, his questions are eventually answered+-+6415820385207415ocn048089540book20010.06Giff, Patricia ReillyAll the way homeHistoryJuvenile worksFictionIn 1941, circumstances bring together Brick, a boy from New York's apple country, and Mariel, a young girl made shy by her bout with polio, and the two make a journey from Brooklyn back to help Brick's elderly neighbors save their apple crop and to help Mariel learn about her past+-+2457780385199230ocn018439897book19840.06Giff, Patricia ReillyDecember secretsJuvenile worksFictionChristmas storiesHanukkah storiesEach student in Ms. Rooney's room celebrates the December holidays by being a secret pal to a classmate+-+8042695995192321ocn011125162book19840.06Giff, Patricia ReillyThe beast in Ms. Rooney's roomJuvenile worksFictionIt's September again. What does it mean for Richard "Beast" Best to be left back? It means being teased by his old friends while he's stuck facing the same old teacher in the same old classroom. He even has to take a special reading class with "babies" like Emily Arrow and Matthew Jackson. And just like last year, he can't help getting into trouble. But with the help of Mrs. Paris, the reading teacher, Beast starts to enjoy reading and just might find a way to help the second grade win the school banner for best class. Held back for a year in second grade, Richard can't seem to help getting into trouble, until he gets really interested in reading and helps his class in a special way+-+6039595995191432ocn018440752book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillyIn the dinosaur's pawJuvenile worksFictionWhen the kids in Ms. Rooney's class return to school after Christmas, one of them suspects he has found a magic ruler that makes wishes come true+-+6506995995190333ocn011357117book19840.01Giff, Patricia ReillyThe candy corn contestJuvenile worksFictionRichard determines to win the Thanksgiving Candy Corn contest by guessing the correct number of candies in the jar but before he realizes what he's done he eats three big pieces. What will the teacher do when she finds out?+-+K725695995182312ocn051886203book20030.06Giff, Patricia ReillyMaggie's doorHistoryJuvenile worksFictionIn the mid-1800s, Nory and her neighbor and friend, Sean, set out separately on a dangerous journey from famine-plagued Ireland, hoping to reach a better life in America+-+5301780385181328ocn011229667book19840.06Giff, Patricia ReillyFish faceJuvenile worksFictionMaking friends with the new girl in her class is hard for Emily after she replaces Emily as the fastest runner and steals her lucky unicorn+-+8200795995170212ocn014903960book19870.06Giff, Patricia ReillyLaura Ingalls Wilder : growing up in the little houseJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the author of the "Little House" books, including the years of her marriage to Almanzo Wilder+-+6925785965155312ocn008306758book19820.06Giff, Patricia ReillyThe gift of the pirate queenJuvenile worksFictionSixth-grader Grace, her mother dead and her only sister ill with diabetes, learns to be brave like the Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley, whom her Irish cousin says she resembles+-+6195895995154125ocn005029020book19230.07Giff, Patricia ReillyFourth-grade celebrityJuvenile worksFictionCassandra Eleanor Valentine searches for a way to become a celebrity in her school+-+1121795995152132ocn011776791book19800.06Giff, Patricia ReillyLazy lions, lucky lambsJuvenile worksFictionMarch is the worst month for Richard Best, it's report card time and if he doesn't get good grades he might be left back again+-+1591995995151913ocn004908096book19800.06Giff, Patricia ReillyToday was a terrible dayJuvenile worksFictionFollows the humorous mishaps of a second grader who is learning to read+-+7809505965151327ocn011887600book19850.06Giff, Patricia ReillySnaggle doodlesJuvenile worksFictionApril is invention month. "We're going to make our own inventions," says Ms. Rooney, "and work together in groups." Though Emily Arrow knows it's important for each group to think, listen, and share, she still wishes she were the leader of her invention group. Linda Lorca, the bossy leader, can't get anyone to cooperate. "Snaggle doodles," Emily says. If the group doesn't come up with an idea soon, they'll be the worst group in the class. Meanwhile, Emily is also busy thinking of a wedding present for Ms. Vincent, the student teacher. The wedding is only a few days away. Emily has a lot to do. Can she and her group learn to work together in time' From the Trade Paperback edition+-+K31539599516802ocn054953114book20050.06Giff, Patricia ReillyDon't tell the girls : a family memoirJuvenile worksBiographyNewbery Honor-winning author, Patricia Reilly Giff, recounts her discoveries as she unravels some of the mysteries of her Irish ancestors+-+3863698735381ocn507357676com20050.31Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young peopleBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+7630599696101ocn060677526visu19960.08Good conversation! a talk with Patricia Reilly GiffInterviewsPatricia Reilly Giff talks about her inspirations and shares some of her favorite writing spots. She reads from her work and takes the viewer into her own bookstore21ocn022777898rcrd19870.10Patricia Reilly GiffInterview with Patricia Reilly Giff made for the Trumpet Club11ocn844853106book20100.06Giff, Patricia ReillyAuthor study kitAuthor Giff provides biographical information, an educator's guide, activities and discussion questions for the study of her books11ocn435843343book20071.00Scales, Pat[Patricia Reilly Giff]11ocn025097268rcrd19870.10Authors on tape Patricia Reilly Giff11ocn811646797book19990.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fieldsBio-bibliography+-+1435812325+-+0215820385+-+0215820385Fri Mar 21 15:55:44 EDT 2014batch41839