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Fri Mar 21 17:10:51 2014 UTClccn-n790323160.27The nineteenth century /0.461.00Alumni University lectures,34525180L._Pearce_Williamsn 79032316265956Pearce Williams, L.Pearce Williams, LeslieWilliams. L. PearceWilliams, Leslie P.Williams, Leslie PearceWilliams, Leslie Pearce, 1927-ウィリアムズ, L. ピアーズlccn-n50042593Kagan, Donaldedtlccn-n50011834Tierney, Briancomedtlccn-n50009174Faraday, Michael1791-1867lccn-n79007741Steffens, Henry Johnlccn-n89645513Roger, Jacques1920-1990lccn-n50041361Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerccomte de1707-1788np-fitzgerald, rosemaryFitzGerald, Rosemaryedtlccn-n80144963Royal Institution of Great Britainlccn-n50023899Stallybrass, Oliveredtlccn-n79089628Luther, Martin1483-1546Williams, L. Pearce(Leslie Pearce)1927-HistoryPictorial worksBiographyRecords and correspondenceCivilization, WesternFaraday, Michael,ScienceRelativity (Physics)PhysicistsGreat BritainNatural historyFranceNaturalistsBuffon, Georges Louis Leclerc,--comte de,Field theory (Physics)RenaissanceSocial historyEconomic historyCivilization, MedievalHistory--PhilosophyLuther, Martin,Reformation--HistoriographyGermanyHitler, Adolf,Civilization, ModernPolitical scienceGreece--AthensLiberalismNationalismHistoriographyCivilizationItalyEnglandScientistsCornell UniversityWilliams, L. Pearce--(Leslie Pearce),Faraday, MichaelUniversities and colleges--FacultySagan, Carl,PhilosophyMuseumsEmployeesNatural disastersOlin, John MDraftCarnegie Corporation of New YorkLavoisier, Antoine Laurent,Silbey, Joel HCometsFord FoundationHahn, Roger,StudentsCornell University.--Board of TrusteesGuerlac, Henry192719521960196219641965196619671968196919711972197319761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199219931995199719998054107275509.034QC16.F2ocn000422698ocn004775874ocn005626575ocn630319354ocn638471039ocn638712956ocn689544488ocn000211871ocn807555562ocn316880674ocn756995472ocn266068229ocn612230833ocn807248802ocn594353263ocn834428049ocn757681094ocn441857434151439ocn000699879book19640.37Williams, L. PearceMichael Faraday : a biographyBiographyInsight into the life of a controversial 19th-century scientist131412ocn000264031book19670.47Tierney, BrianGreat issues in Western civilizationFor the college student+-+412091525532412577ocn002875754book19770.27Williams, L. PearceThe nineteenth centuryHistoryPictorial works77913ocn000422698book19680.53Williams, L. PearceRelativity theory : its origins and impact on modern thought49114ocn000385050book19000.63Williams, L. PearceThe origins of field theory+-+21266646354859ocn003707225book19770.63Williams, L. PearceThe history of science in Western civilizationHistory+-+06465646354784ocn036045918book19970.53Roger, JacquesBuffon : a life in natural historyBiographyGeorges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon (1707-1788), was perhaps the most important of Charles Darwin's predecessors, Director of the Royal Botanical Garden, and certainly the premier French scientist of the Enlightenment. Buffon conducted experiments investigating a broad range of questions, from the burning effects of the sun's rays to the tensile strength of timber. His studies of plant life led to his creation of a renowned nursery, his zoological interests to his+-+33647965353799ocn000211871book19710.73Faraday, MichaelThe selected correspondence of Michael FaradayRecords and correspondence1792ocn000839258book19670.47The industrial revolution in England-- blessing or curse to the working man?1443ocn007370597book19670.53Tierney, BrianWhat is history : fact or fancy?1352ocn004148822book19670.37Tierney, BrianMartin Luther : reformer or revolutionary?1313ocn001123284book19670.33Renaissance man--medieval or modern?+-+49057894851283ocn000850207book19670.50Tierney, BrianThe origins of Nazi Germany: German history or charismatic leadership?History1142ocn000850172book19670.50Tierney, BrianPericlean Athens: democracy, aristocracy, or monarchy?1143ocn000852165book19670.50Tierney, BrianNationalism--friend or foe of liberalism?812ocn012780477book19670.50Tierney, BrianGreat issues in Western civilization since 15005421ocn015688421book19680.50Einstein, AlbertLa teoría de la relatividad : sus orígenes e impacto sobre el pensamiento moderno245ocn056283294book19620.56Tierney, BrianGreat issues in Western civilization since 1500; from Martin Luther through the cold war2210ocn632028376book19770.28Williams, L. PearceThe history of science in western civilizationHistory+-+5888564635181ocn009657876book19670.59Tierney, BrianRandom House historical issues seriesPamphlets for students in Western civilization courses11ocn064075118mix1.00Cornell UniversityCornell University Dept. of History recordsHistory department correspondence, memoranda, catalogs, inventories, reports, and minutes; financial records including payrolls, accounts, budgets, invoices, and vouchers; materials pertaining to the department's move from Boardman to West Sibley Hall, and later to McGraw Hall; student records including correspondence, gradebooks, course evaluations, draft deferment requests, applications, and other materials pertaining to study abroad, curriculum, fellowships, scholarships, assistantships, the Admissions Advisory Committee, advanced placement, honors program, prizes, quotas, and graduate study; Summer Session; teaching applications and faculty appointments; department chairman's records of L. Pearce Williams, Paul W. Gates, and others; personnel files; items regarding the Messenger Lecture Series; and related materials11ocn064072670mix1.00Cornell UniversityAlumni University lecturesTapes of lectures; participants included L. Pearce Williams, James R. McConkey, Allan G. Feldt, John Freccero, Thomas Eisner, Peter Kahn, Walter LaFeber, Mary Beth Norton, William B. Provine, Joel Silbey, Frederick Marcham, Carl Sagan, Michael G. Kammen, Jason Seley, Dale Corson, Urie Bronfenbrenner, and others11ocn063948875mix1.00Corson, Dale RDale R. Corson papersOther subjects include the development of the Affirmative Action Program, the Africana Studies and Research Center, Ujamaa Residential College, and the associated difficulties arising from HEW guidelines pertaining to the college, and the needs of non-black minorities and international students. Other topics include the emergence of women's issues and programs, including the Women's Caucus, the Women's Studies Program, and the Committee on the Status of Women; student dissent, protest, and demonstration, and the administration's several means of dealing with them. There is ample documentation of the takeover of Carpenter Hall in 1972, and the vandalism on campus and in Collegetown; the administration's response to the use of drugs and the changing deportment of students, to the new attitudes concerning commencement, and to the demands and interests of several student groups, including Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Another issue is the involvement of students in matters of educational relevance, and the appearance of controversial speakers on campus. Major correspondents include Morton Adams, J. Robert Barlow, Mark Barlow, Max Black, Derek C. Bok, Ernest L. Boyer, Stuart M. Brown, Patricia J. Carry, Lisle C. Carter, Van Alan Clark, W. Donald Cooke, Edmund T. Cranch, H. Justin Davidson, Arthur H. Dean, Mary H. Donlon (Alger), Thomas Gold, Henry Guerlac, William D. Gurowitz, Jackson O. Hall, David B. Hayter, Delridge Hunter, Herbert F. Johnson, Alfred E. Kahn, and Robert J. Kane11ocn063934055mix1.00Guerlac, HenryHenry Guerlac papersHistoryResearch files, drafts, and correspondence relating to an edition of Newton's Opticks, never published. Reprints of Guerlac's articles. Subject files of notes and research materials relating to eighteenth century history, particularly the French Revolution; and to eighteenth century science, particularly chemistry and biology+-+3364796535+-+3364796535Fri Mar 21 15:24:32 EDT 2014batch18835