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Fri Mar 21 17:08:55 2014 UTClccn-n790032820.16The politics book0.570.93Opere /2498020Giuseppe_Mazzinin 79003282237481Brown, Giorgio RossiBrown, Giorgio Rossi, 1805-1872Giuseppe MazziniJosepha MêjhinīJosepha Mêjhinī, 1805-1872Maccini, Džuzeppe, 1805-1872Macini, ĐuzepeMacini, Đuzepe, 1805-1872Macini, Džuzepe 1805-1872Madzini, DzhuzeppeMadzini, Dzhuzeppe, 1805-1872Matsini, DzhuzepeMatsini, Dzhuzepe, 1805-1872Matsini, Dzhuzeppe 1805-1872Matsini, Giuzeppe 1805-1872Mazzini, GiuseppeMazzini, Giuseppe, 1807-1872Mazzini, GiuzeppeMazzini, Giuzeppe, 1805-1872Mazzini, J.Mazzini, JoséMazzini, José, 1805-1872Mazzini, Joseph.Mazzini, Joseph, 1805-1872Mazzini, JuozapasMazzini, Juozapas, 1805-1872Meĵhinī, JosephaMeĵhinī, Josepha, 1805-1872Rossi Brown, GiorgioRossi Brown, Giorgio, 1805-1872Маццини, Джузеппе, 1805-1872مازيني، جوسيبي، 1805-1872يوسف مازيني، 1805-1872マッチイニ, ジュゼッペマッツィーニlccn-n79021124Garibaldi, Giuseppe1807-1882dtelccn-n79021614Kant, Immanuel1724-1804lccn-n79072805Cavour, Camillo Bensoconte di1810-1861lccn-n79038516Mastellone, Salvoedtlccn-n79006935Marx, Karl1818-1883lccn-n50019366Salvemini, Gaetano1873-1957lccn-n2009015748Recchia, Stefano1978-edtlccn-n82234276Urbinati, Nadia1955-edtlccn-n79022968Carlyle, Thomas1795-1881lccn-n50041466Mack Smith, Denis1920-Mazzini, Giuseppe1805-1872HistoryRecords and correspondenceSourcesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographySoftwarePolitical sciencePolitical ethicsMazzini, Giuseppe,ItalyState, TheDemocracyMarx, Karl,RevolutionariesStatesmenBentham, Jeremy,Mill, John Stuart,Cavour, Camillo Benso,--conte di,International relationsCommunismGaribaldi, Giuseppe,UtopiasChurch and stateCosmopolitanismNation-buildingDutyEthicsGreat books of the Western worldMachiavelli, Niccolò,Kant, Immanuel,Grotius, Hugo,EssaysCobden, Richard,Green, Thomas Hill,Carlyle, Thomas,LivyWorld politicsLincoln, Abraham,Herzen, Aleksandr,Gentile, Giovanni,Garvey, Marcus,Zapata, Emiliano,Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,Weber, Max,Sharīʻatī, ʻAlīPape, Robert Anthony,Freire, Paulo,Luxemburg, Rosa,Giles,--of Rome, Archbishop of Bourges,Rousseau, Jean-Jacques,Atatürk, Kemal,Mao, Zedong,Arendt, Hannah,Thoreau, Henry David,Maudoodi, Syed Abul ʻAla,Kauṭalya180518721825183118321833183418351836183718401843184418451846184718481849185018511852185318541855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133253921685021320.1JC143ocn008391507ocn573083634ocn001868681ocn613421820ocn844617171ocn472424795ocn613421814ocn081171964ocn495312106ocn000837876ocn460207415ocn460772655ocn466368672ocn460845448ocn470390605ocn457571850ocn466409544ocn466363370ocn466410917ocn465092975ocn181041643ocn781376797ocn460492845ocn801191516ocn472506034StatesmenRevolutionaries105113ocn496796159file20090.53Mazzini, GiuseppeA cosmopolitanism of nations Giuseppe Mazzini's writings on democracy, nation building, and international relationsThis anthology gathers Giuseppe Mazzini's most important essays on democracy, nation building, and international relations, including some that have never before been translated into English. These neglected writings remind us why Mazzini was one of the most influential political thinkers of the nineteenth century--and why there is still great benefit to be derived from a careful analysis of what he had to say. Mazzini (1805-1872) is best known today as the inspirational leader of the Italian Risorgimento+-+966186641593961ocn001450289book18620.59Mazzini, GiuseppeThe duties of man and other essays+-+34670514065856ocn000260331book19100.33Literary and philosophical essays, French, German and Italian35525ocn000576243book18500.73Mazzini, GiuseppeEssays : selected from the writings, literary, political, and religious, of Joseph MazziniCriticism, interpretation, etc16310ocn065279721file18450.90Mazzini, GiuseppeItaly, Austria, and the Pope a letter to Sir James Graham, Bart.History14344ocn003288472book19060.92Mazzini, GiuseppeScritti editi ed ineditiHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondence1366ocn000265255book18720.76Mazzini, GiuseppeJoseph Mazzini; his life, writings, and political principlesHistoryBiography+-+13136137961307ocn001009332book19440.66Mazzini, GiuseppeSelected writingsHistory1203ocn065276459file18440.92WLetter-opening at the post-office the article on this subject from No. LXXXII of the Westminster review, for September, 1844, entitled Mazzini and the ethics of politicians : to which is added Some account of the brothers Bandiera, by J. MazziniHistory1184ocn002367683book19070.28Machiavelli, NiccolòThe princeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSoftwareSourcesIn his introduction to this new translation by Russell Price, Professor Skinner presents a lucid analysis of Machiavelli's text as a response both to the world of Florentine politics, and as an attack on the advice-books for princes published by a number of his contemporaries. This new edition includes notes on the principal events in Machiavelli's life, and on the vocabulary of The Prince, as well as biographical notes on characters in the text+-+62790990061075ocn000651918book19200.84Mazzini, GiuseppeMazzini's letters to an English familyHistory934ocn659506185file18900.86Rodbertus, KarlKleine Schriften893ocn000263925book18940.76Mazzini, GiuseppeEssaysHistory8572ocn797092469book19090.53Mazzini, GiuseppeEpistolario di Giuseppe MazziniHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence7537ocn003811050book18720.92Mazzini, GiuseppeI doveri dell'uomo731ocn002888993book19610.32Eliot, Charles WilliamLiterary and philosophical essays : French, German and ItalianCriticism, interpretation, etc7115ocn010258508book19380.93Mazzini, GiuseppeOpereHistory6913ocn010441316book18900.90Mazzini, GiuseppeLife and writings ofHistoryBiography6826ocn002988229book18600.81Mazzini, GiuseppeDoveri dell'uomo663ocn054479262book20040.93Mazzini, GiuseppeGiuseppe Mazzini's Philosophy of music : (1836) : envisioning a social opera+-+241919822511414ocn057426291com20030.47Mastellone, SalvoMazzini and Marx thoughts upon democracy in Europe+-+9125340275324100722ocn000748925book19100.59Salvemini, GaetanoMazziniHistoryBiography9411ocn029223872book19940.47Mack Smith, DenisMazziniHistoryBiographyGiuseppe Mazzini was one of the outstanding figures in the political history of nineteenth-century Europe. A vigorous proponent of nationalism, pre-eminent figure in the struggle for Italian independence and unity, and fascinating personality, his ideas were influential throughout Europe. Yet successive Italian governments, fearing the consequences of his belief in democracy and revolution, deliberately obscured his achievements: there have been few modern studies of Mazzini, and no biography in English since 1902. Denis Mack Smith's major new account re-examines Mazzini's ideological impact and his place in the political and intellectual world of the mid-nineteenth century. Based on profound scholarship and immense archival research, the book vividly re-creates Mazzini's long years of poverty and exile in London, and the networks of friends, associates and enemies that brought him into contact with the greatest European figures of the age, among them Marx, Carlyle, Mill, and Bakunin. Mazzini is revealed as an acute but largely unrecognised prophet of the idea of a European community: he saw nationalism as a step towards larger and more harmonious confederations. Adept at inspiring animosity, as well as admiration, Mazzini affronted the pope by his demand for religious reform, Karl Marx by his powerful critique of communism, and many of his less enlightened contemporaries by his campaigns on behalf of social security, universal suffrage, and women's rights. Yet he was universally venerated for his brilliance, humanity and wisdom, and even his critics agreed that he left an enduring mark on his time+-+59330555853248848ocn000711426book19650.50Delzell, Charles FThe unification of Italy, 1859-1861; Cavour, Mazzini, or Garibaldi?History+-+030102733532475618ocn001017245book19070.63MacCunn, JohnSix radical thinkers; Bentham, J.S. Mill, Cobden, Carlyle, Mazzini, T.H. Green+-+112136390570410ocn000755246book19500.59Hales, E. E. YMazzini and the secret societies; the making of a myth64610ocn000059083book19320.59Griffith, Gwilym OMazzini: prophet of modern EuropeHistory6401ocn044954966com0.22Mazzini, GiuseppeByron And GoëtheHistory6029ocn001439729book19390.63Mazzini, GiuseppeThe living thoughts of Mazzini5581ocn795010944book20130.16The politics bookHistory"Exploring more than 100 big ideas on topics as diverse as the rule of law, the extent of liberty, and the justification of warfare, [this book] takes you on a journey through the history of politics, from the influential theories of ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia to modern concepts voiced by today's brightest political thinkers."--Front jacket flap47716ocn003613388book19020.63King, BoltonThe life of Mazzini4467ocn000748954book19350.59Barr, StringfellowMazzini; portrait of an exile39811ocn000329262book19400.66Rudman, Harry WItalian nationalism and English letters; figures of the Risorgimento and Victorian men of lettersCriticism, interpretation, etc3826ocn000102166book19240.66Hinkley, EdythMazzini; the story of a great Italian3652ocn035832082book19970.76Sarti, RolandMazzini : a life for the religion of politicsBiographyThis full-length biography of 19th-century Italian patriot and revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini, arguably the key figure in Italian unification, explores the relationship between the person and the ideas. Sarti presents a Mazzini who anticipated many issues of our times, including the usefulness and limitations of national states in the international community, the need to integrate the masses in society, and to balance individual freedom with social duties and obligations. But, as Sarti makes clear, Mazzini defies easy classification because of his determined efforts to reconcile opposites and strike a balance between extremes. In pursuing his goals, Mazzini developed an extremism of his own characterized by moral intransigence and faith in the superiority of spirit over matter. Religion was at the core of his creed, but it was a highly individual religion that conformed to no established theology or norms. Mazzini lived his politics like no other figure of his generation; his power was based largely on the power of example. Although a tireless organizer, his talents were essentialy those of the publicist. The appeal to conscience, the cult of martyrs, and the cultivation of an image of victim were part of his highly personal recipe for power. Sarti presents a Mazzini with virtues and defects, strengths and weaknesses, prophetic insights and hallucinations. --From publisher's description+-+95350402753243251ocn056539513book20050.79Wight, MartinFour seminal thinkers in international theory : Machiavelli, Grotius, Kant, and Mazzini"Martin Wright was one of the most profound and influential thinkers on international relations of his time, and his work is increasingly discussed, appraised, and drawn upon today." "His earlier volume of posthumously-published lectures - International Theory: The Three Traditions - is now regarded as a seminal text. That volume is here complemented and completed. In these four lectures, Wight takes the archetypal thinkers of his three traditions - Machiavelli, Grotius, and Kant - to whom he adds Mazzini, the father of all revolutionary nationalism (and so the prototype of Nehru, Nasser, and Mandela), and subjects their writings and careers to analysis and commentary."--BOOK JACKET+-+22182744652562ocn000784888book19450.66Mazzini, GiuseppeSelected writingsHistory25114ocn000271763book19020.66King, BoltonMazzini2305ocn002232763book19300.73Mazzini, GiuseppeMazzini's lettersHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence2163ocn001960438book19540.81Rossi, JosephThe image of America in Mazzini's writings+-+9661866415+-+9661866415Fri Mar 21 15:24:32 EDT 2014batch95768