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Fri Mar 21 17:05:01 2014 UTClccn-n790328800.06Your own, Sylvia : a verse portrait of Sylvia Plath /0.260.73Ariel; 5 poems of Sylvia Plath, for soprano, clarinet and piano14775269Sylvia_Plathn 79032880266513Hughes, SylviaHughes, Sylvia, 1932-1963Hughes, Sylvia 1932-1963 Spaeterer NameHughes Sylvia Plath 1932-1963Lucas, Victoria.Lucas, Victoria, 1932-1963Lucas, Victoria 1932-1963 PseudonymPlat, Silvii︠a︡Plat, Silʹvija 1932-1963Plaṭ, SilviyahPlāta, Silvija, 1932-1963Plath Hughes Sylvia 1932-1963Plath, Sylvia, 1932-1963Silʹviâ Plat Silʹviâ 1932-1963Плат, Силвия, 1932-1963Плат Сильвия 1932-1963היוז, סילביהפלאת, סילביהプラス, シルヴィア西爾維婭.普拉斯lccn-n79133824Hughes, Ted1930-1998auiprfedtlccn-n79047629Bishop, Elizabeth1911-1979dtelccn-n85275077Wagner-Martin, Lindaedtlccn-n79023350Lowell, Robert1917-1977auiprfdtelccn-n78089795Butscher, Edwardlccn-no2010203172Rich, Adrienne Cecilelccn-n79109040Ginsberg, Allen1926-1997prfdtelccn-n79095151Vendler, Helen1933-lccn-n79086767Stevens, Wallace1879-1955prflccn-n81072668McCullough, Frances Monson1939-auiedtPlath, SylviaFictionPsychological fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPoetryDiariesHistoryRecords and correspondenceJuvenile worksBibliographyPlath, SylviaPoets, AmericanUnited StatesAmerican poetryDepression, MentalWomen and literatureSuicidal behaviorHughes, Ted,Women college studentsMarriageMarried peopleGreat BritainPoetryMailer, NormanLiterature and mental illnessMoore, Marianne,Bishop, Elizabeth,Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Stevens, Wallace,Lowell, Robert,PoetsPlath, Aurelia SchoberWomen college students--Suicidal behaviorAmerican poetry--Women authorsBiography as a literary formAmerican fictionMothers and daughtersO'Hara, FrankNemerov, HowardGinsberg, Allen,Merwin, W. S.--(William Stanley),Cummings, E. E.--(Edward Estlin),Rich, Adrienne,Auden, W. H.--(Wystan Hugh),Jarrell, Randall,Berryman, John,Women poets, AmericanPoets, EnglishAuthors' spousesLiterature, ModernCanon (Literature)Executors and administratorsManners and customsUpdike, JohnKesey, KenEllison, RalphRoth, PhilipGass, William H.,Heller, JosephNabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich,1932196319401943194419451946194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201414398517133908811.54PS3566.L27ocn840332641ocn785871289ocn021708197ocn688557151ocn014803527ocn002951950ocn442976958ocn444868443ocn775685128ocn452945314ocn004236008ocn186430875ocn692018804ocn185814729ocn725104647ocn725526941ocn725130374ocn725455023ocn060565583ocn081874634ocn227828156ocn080955443ocn723625772ocn076689190ocn723064007ocn723075667ocn443604418ocn781377783ocn692008037ocn692008035ocn074530845ocn659195980ocn6999896019565255ocn000137269book19480.20Plath, SylviaThe bell jarFictionStudy guidesPsychological fictionAutobiographical fictionFeminist fictionYoung adult worksEsther Greenwood, a talented college student, finds herself estranged from her family and resigned to a conventional lifestyle and descends into depression and mental illness+-+5752835155427073ocn007652870book19810.24Plath, SylviaThe collected poemsContains in sequence all the poetry written by the author from 1956 until her suicide in 1963, together with fifty selections from her pre-1956 work+-+05545451554000114ocn007742563book19650.27Plath, SylviaArielPoetryForty-three poems published previously in "The New Yorker", "Poetry", and "The Observer"+-+3726845155211938ocn002780679book19710.28Plath, SylviaWinter treesPoetryIn de laatste maanden voor haar dood in 1963 geschreven gedichten, van de Amerikaanse auteur (1932-'63)+-+1713566205324192238ocn000321098book19570.31Plath, SylviaThe colossus & other poemsFrom the Publisher: With this startling, exhilarating book of poems, which was first published in 1960, Sylvia Plath burst into literature with spectacular force. In such classics as "The Beekeeper's Daughter," "The Disquieting Muses," "I Want, I Want," and "Full Fathom Five," she writes about sows and skeletons, fathers and suicides, about the noisy imperatives of life and the chilly hunger for death. Graceful in their craftsmanship, wonderfully original in their imagery, and presenting layer after layer of meaning, the forty poems in The Colossus are early artifacts of genius that still possess the power to move, delight, and shock+-+0119529485175822ocn000197197book19710.27Plath, SylviaCrossing the water : transitional poemsContains over thirty poems written by the American author in the middle period of her career+-+9432545155175518ocn054865217book20040.24Plath, SylviaAriel : the restored editionCriticism, interpretation, etcUpon the publication of her posthumous volume of poetry, Ariel, in the mid-1960s, Sylvia Plath became a household name. Readers may be surprised to learn that the draft of Ariel left behind by Sylvia Plath when she died in 1963 is different from the volume of poetry eventually published to worldwide acclaim. This facsimile edition restores, for the first time, the selection and arrangement of the poems as Sylvia Plath left them at the point of her death. In addition to the facsimile pages of Sylvia Plath's manuscript, this edition also includes in facsimile the complete working drafts of the title poem, "Ariel," in order to offer a sense of Plath's creative process, as well as notes the author made for the BBC about some of the manuscript's poems. In her insightful foreword to this volume, Frieda Hughes, Sylvia Plath's daughter, explains the reasons for the differences between the previously published edition of Ariel as edited by her father, Ted Hughes, and her mother's original version published here. With this publication, Sylvia Plath's legacy and vision will be re-evaluated in the light of her original working draft.--Book jacket+-+3407825155164122ocn003607898book19780.25Plath, SylviaJohnny Panic and the Bible of dreams : short stories, prose, and diary excerptsFictionA collection of short stories by the woman writer best known for her poetry+-+0470045155114029ocn002164870book19760.07Plath, SylviaThe bed bookJuvenile worksPoetryDescribes various beds that are much more interesting than beds for sleeping, such as a jet-propelled bed, snack bed, pocket-size bed, and bounceable bed+-+480096620532488925ocn064388429rcrd19920.15Plath, SylviaThe bell jarFictionPsychological fictionAutobiographical fictionBeautiful and gifted, with a bright future, Esther Greenwood descends into depression, suicidal thoughts, and madness while interning at a New York City magazine+-+522323515562267ocn000515272book19600.47Plath, SylviaThe colossusA collection of poems showing a scholarly dedication to the craft+-+991345620532460714ocn017349729visu19880.33Voices & visionsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCollege course in American poetry presents the lives and poetry of 13 major poets+-+968370720632457246ocn003440651book19630.39Plath, SylviaJohnny Panic and the bible of dreams : and other prose writingsFiction+-+443495620532449331ocn000202538book19710.37Plath, SylviaCrossing the waterIn this volume Ted Hughes has collected a number of poems written by Sylvia Plath in the transitional period between the publication of The Colussus (1960) and before the composition of Ariel+-+46135662053244852ocn039235796book19980.21Plath, SylviaThe bell jarFictionChronicles the crackup of Esther Greenwood: brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, successful -- but slowly going under, and maybe for the last time. Step by careful step, Sylvia Plath takes us with Esther through a painful month in New York as a contest-winning junior editor on a magazine, her increasingly strained relationships with her mother, and with the boy she dated in college, and eventually, devastatingly, into the madness itself+-+08195902854093ocn039210087book19980.23Plath, SylviaPlath : poemsAn anthology by a poet who committed suicide. In Lady Lazarus, she wrote: "Dying / Is an art, like everything else. / I do it exceptionally well. / I do it so it feels like hell. / I do it so it feels real. / I guess you could say I've a call." A representative selection of verse by the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who left in the wake of her personal tragedy a legacy of poems that combine terrifying intensity and dazzling artistry. With their brutally frank self-exposure and emotional immediacy, Plath's poems, from "Lady Lazarus" to "Daddy", have had an enduring influence on contemporary poetry+-+89195902853629ocn016758838book19850.35Plath, SylviaSylvia Plath's Selected poemsIn this series, a contemporary poet advocates a poet of the past or present whom they have particularly admired. By their selection of verses and by the personal and critical reactions they express, the selectors offer intriguing insight into their own work+-+313086620532432515ocn003050309rcrd19770.31Plath, SylviaSylvia Plath reading her poetryReadings taken from The Colessus and other poems, Ariel, Crossing the water, Letters home, and Collected poems28210ocn018407542visu19860.29Sylvia PlathCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExplores the life and work of American poet Sylvia Plath. Examines the controversial poet and the creative intensity with which she used her poems to confront her experiences as a woman and as an artist. Includes appearances by Plath combined with discussions and commentary by Judith Kroll and other writers, scholars, and friends. Designed for use in a television course on modern American poetry+-+067370720632427415ocn000916193score19650.73Rorem, NedAriel; 5 poems of Sylvia Plath, for soprano, clarinet and pianoMusical settings401433ocn016090170book19870.32Wagner-Martin, LindaSylvia Plath : a biographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyGiven in memory of Ethel A. Tsutsui, Ph.D. and Minoru Tsutsui, Ph.D+-+5966818885324285714ocn038308401book19980.23Hughes, TedBirthday lettersPoetryLove poems from a husband to a wife who committed suicide. The writer is poet laureate to Queen Elizabeth II. His wife, Sylvie Plath, who was also a poet, gassed herself in 1963 after writing, "Dying is an art, like everything else." The couple are still the subject of controversy in England, some claiming he drove her to it, others that she was an impossible wife+-+6630709285265413ocn001339806book19750.29Butscher, EdwardSylvia Plath, method and madnessHistoryBiographyThis is the first full-length biography of Sylvia Plath, whose suicide in made her a misinterpreted cause celebre and catapulted her into the ranks of the major confessional voices of her generation+-+8987361846324245611ocn019589457book19890.25Stevenson, AnneBitter fame : a life of Sylvia PlathBiographyA biography of the poet from New England, describing her life, accomplishments, and her suicide at thirty+-+6828565965324245122ocn001323640book19750.28Plath, SylviaLetters home : correspondence, 1950-1963BiographyRecords and correspondenceThese are the letters of Sylvia Plath from her college days until her tragic death in 1963+-+0649245155233414ocn007997830book19820.25Plath, SylviaThe journals of Sylvia PlathBiographyDiariesSylvia Plath began keeping a diary as a young child. By the time she was at Smith College, when this book begins, she had settled into a nearly daily routine with her journal, which was also a sourcebook for her writing. Plath once called her journal her "Sargasso," her repository of imagination, "a litany of dreams, directives, and imperatives," and in fact these pages contain the germs of most of her work. Plath's ambitions as a writer were urgent and ultimately all-consuming, requiring of her a heat, a fantastic chaos, even a violence that burned straight through her. The intensity of this struggle is rendered in her journal with an unsparing clarity, revealing both the frequent desperation of her situation and the bravery with which she faced down her demons. Written in electrifying prose, The Journals of Sylvia Plath provide unique insight, and are essential reading for all those who have been moved and fascinated by Plath's life and work+-+1648490385206111ocn016867555book19880.24Sylvia PlathHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcStudy guidesA collection of critical essays on Plath's poetry, arranged chronologically in the order of their original publication+-+953719000619185ocn044957294file19930.35Van Dyne, Susan RRevising life Sylvia Plath's Ariel poemsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcAnnotation+-+6151132535324182022ocn029221006book19930.25Malcolm, JanetThe silent woman : Sylvia Plath & Ted HughesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Janet Malcolm has produced a brilliant, elegantly reasoned meditation on the art of biography, in which she takes as her example the various biographies of the poet Sylvia Plath." "The Silent Woman is an astonishing feat of criticism and literary detection. It is not a book about the life of Sylvia Plath, but about her afterlife: how her reputation was forged from the poems she wrote just before her suicide; how her estranged husband, the poet Ted Hughes, as executor of her estate, tried to serve two masters - Plath's art and his own need for privacy; and how it fell to his sister, Olwyn Hughes, as literary agent for the estate, to protect him by limiting access to Plath's work. The Silent Woman, in the end, embodies a paradox: even as Malcolm brings her skepticism to bear on the claims of biography to present the truth about a life, a portrait of Sylvia Plath emerges that gives us a sense of "knowing" this tragic poet in a way we have never known her before." "The result is a provocative work that will dispel forever the innocence with which most of us have approached the reading of any biography. It will be talked about for years to come."--Jacket+-+359602421517481ocn005353570book19800.31Vendler, HelenPart of nature, part of us : modern American poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of book reviews and essays on more than forty modern American poets+-+012901921516834ocn064486926book20070.06Hemphill, StephanieYour own, Sylvia : a verse portrait of Sylvia PlathJuvenile worksPoetryThe author interprets the people, events, influences and art that made up the brief life of Sylvia Plath+-+K44283028516707ocn003669585book19780.28Hall, Caroline King BarnardSylvia PlathHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCritical examination of Plath's writing163411ocn023287798book19910.27Alexander, PaulRough magic : a biography of Sylvia PlathBiographyThis volume is a biography of American poet, novelist and short story writer, Sylvia Plath (1932-1963). The author's account of Plath's life and death reveals her roles as a girl, woman, wife, mother, and author. A writer from a very young age, Plath endures the death of her father at a young age. Throughout high school and college, Sylvia continues to write and excel in school. After a summer internship in New York City, Sylvia attempted suicide for the first time. This would be one of many hardships she would endure: depression, shock treatments, rejection from publishes, and, perhaps worse, the infidelity of her husband, Ted Hughes, who she believed she would have a happy life with+-+243353158516266ocn052377628book20030.23Middlebrook, Diane WoodHer husband : Hughes and Plath--a marriageBiographyTed Hughes married Sylvia Plath in 1956, at the outset of their brilliant careers. Plath's suicide six and a half years later, for which many held Hughes accountable, changed his life, his closest relationships, his standing in the literary world, and brought new significance to his poetry. In this new biography of their marriage, Diane Middle brook presents a portrait of Hughes as a man, as a poet, and as a husband haunted - and nourished - his entire life by the aftermath of his first marriage. How marriages fail and how men fail in marriages is one of the book's central themes. Drawing on a trove of newly available papers, Middlebrook presents Hughes as a complicated, conflicted figure: sexually magnetic, fiercely ambitious, immensely caring, and shrewd in business. She argues that Plath's suicide, though it devastated Hughes and made him vulnerable to the savage attacks of Plath's growing readership, ultimately gave him his true subject - re-creating himself for posterity through his marriage to Sylvia Plath and his struggles within his own historical circumstances+-+423685521515637ocn003186396book19770.29Sylvia Plath : the woman and the workHistoryBiography15459ocn044133088book20000.25Plath, SylviaThe unabridged journals of Sylvia Plath, 1950-1962DiariesPresents the complete journals of twentieth-century American author Sylvia Plath, from 1950 to 1962, transcribed from her original manuscripts+-+907572038514631ocn000161740book19710.33Tanner, TonyCity of words: American fiction, 1950-1970Criticism, interpretation, etcOffers a penetrating critical commentary on the works of twenty-five contemporary novelists including Barth, Mailer, Bellow, Heller, Updike and Malamud14521ocn001133079book19740.33Oates, Joyce CarolNew heaven, new earth : the visionary experience in literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcExplores the ways in which such writers as Virginia Woolf, Flannery O'Connor, and Franz Kafka apply an innate awareness of the unifying life force permeating existence to their art for socially formative ends143210ocn000057861book19700.39Newman, CharlesThe art of Sylvia Plath, a symposiumHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography14155ocn004495417book19790.35Lane, GarySylvia Plath : new views on the poetryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5752835155+-+5752835155Fri Mar 21 15:11:15 EDT 2014batch84620