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Fri Mar 21 17:05:31 2014 UTClccn-n790329590.31Supporting children's learning in the early years0.500.93The Open University of the United Kingdom : an evaluation of an innovative experience in the democratisation of higher education /152430895n 790329592294394266586Anoikto PanepistēmioBritish Open UniversityEikoku Opun DaigakuGreat Britain. Open UniversityGreat Britain's Open University.Open UniversityOpen University (Bletchley Bucks)Open University Course TeamOpen University (Gran Bretanya)Open University Great BritainOpen University, Oceanography Course TeamOpen University of Great Britain.Open University (Walton)Otkrytyĭ universitet, Velikobritanii︠a︡OU.University Milton Keynesエイコク オープン ダイガクlccn-no2003057097Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)nc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting Corporationprolccn-no2005057562Films Media Grouplccn-n80050316Films for the Humanities (Firm)lccn-n79074359British Broadcasting Corporationlccn-n50043154Boyle, Godfreyedtlccn-n85307716Thomas, Alan1948-lccn-n81122723Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)edtlccn-n81059914Johnson, D. A.(David Arthur)edtlccn-n86099133Brown, Joan(Joan E.)Open UniversityHistoryMapsPeriodicalsHandbooks, manuals, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcGreat BritainRenewable energy sourcesSubmarine geologyPaleoceanographyDeveloping countriesEconomic historyDistance educationUniversities and colleges--Graduate workResearchLanguages, Modern--Study and teachingEarly childhood educationThermodynamicsMetallurgyMetalsOpen UniversityDissertations, AcademicEducation--Research--MethodologyDoctor of education degreeEarth sciencesTransition metalsHealth promotionMetal bondingPublic healthLanguage and languages--Study and teachingMathematicsEconomic development projects--EvaluationEconomic development--ResearchCultureSocial historyRepresentation (Philosophy)Art, Modern--Themes, motivesEngineering designGender identityGroup identityArtificial intelligenceMechatronics--Study and teachingNational characteristics, BritishSocial classesIdentity (Psychology)Art, ModernUniversities and collegesAvant-garde (Aesthetics)Non-formal educationUniversity extensionDistance education--Audio-visual aidsActivity coefficientsEducational technologyChemical kineticsChemistry, MetallurgicOpen learning19531964196619691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149377448437748333.79TJ808ocn799752497ocn470034191ocn797164871ocn470475981ocn491843647ocn797509073ocn468642287ocn468309302ocn492808391ocn468577450ocn800088182ocn800086045ocn797408403ocn797121310ocn800088343ocn800086188ocn800082845ocn797564558ocn797443439ocn800912794ocn691520143ocn691503520ocn691519104ocn691519239ocn691520212ocn691519211ocn691519792ocn691519129ocn083078813ocn691520184ocn470303896ocn468545047ocn468545043ocn468545030ocn468545024ocn840311745ocn863109027ocn864863634ocn848228613ocn827691955ocn829887110ocn863081594144117ocn180851233file19890.56Wright, JohnThe ocean basins their structure and evolutionThis is an invaluable textbook, prepared by the Open University team and designed so that it can be read on its own or as part of the OU course. This second edition has been fully revised and updated including new colour illustrations increasing the striking spread of full colour diagrams throughout the book. The clarity of the text has been improved, providing comprehensive coverage of the evolution of ocean basins and their structure in a clear, concise manner aimed specifically at the student market. In this second edition the technological advances in fields as diverse as: deeptowed instruments for sniffing' hydrothermal plumes mapping the seafloor by sophisticated sonar techniques threedimensional imaging of crustal structure by seismic tomography the use of satellites for navigation, and for making precise measurements of the height of the seasurface The first chapters describe the processes that shape the ocean basins, determine the structure and composition of oceanic crust and control the major features of continental margins. How the 'hot springs' of the oceanic ridges cycle chemical elements between seawater and oceanic crust is then explored. Sediment distributions are examined next, to demonstrate how sediments can preserve a record of past climatic and sealevel changes. Finally, the role of the oceans as an integral part of global chemical changes is reviewed. High quality full colour diagrams Substantial chapter summaries ideal for revision Answers, hints and notes for questions at back of the book+-+5834815025116111ocn297520526file20020.47Potter, StephenDoing postgraduate researchHandbooks, manuals, etcRecognising the greater importance formal research training now occupies in research degrees, this practical text will enable the student to do research better, quicker and with as little hassle as possible+-+799294612511175ocn173610124file19940.39Teaching modern languagesThis reader draws together recent and newly commissioned papers to show how the communicative method of language teaching has developed, what its research justification is and how it can be most effectively used in the classroom+-+600756069532410614ocn054698981file20030.31Supporting children's learning in the early yearsThis text is aimed at practitioners working in a wide range of early years settings who wish to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills for working with young children. It explores different ways of working, in the light of recent initiatives inearly childhood education and care+-+412419803610067ocn232637537file20020.50Johnson, D. AMetals and chemical changeThis book looks at how molecules react, and how the feasibility and outcome of chemical reactions can be predicted. Beginning with an introduction to the concept of an activity series of metals, Metals and Chemical Change then introduces chemical thermodynamics (enthalpy, entropy and free energy) and applies the concept to both inorganic and organic elements. A Case Study on batteries and fuel cells is also included. The accompanying CD-ROM includes video sequences of the reactions of metals with water, acid and aqueous ions, and gives the reader an opportunity to make experimental observations and predictions about chemical behaviour. A comprehensive Data Book of chemical and physical constants is included, along with a set of interactive self-assessment questions. The Molecular World series provides an integrated introduction to all branches of chemistry for both students wishing to specialise and those wishing to gain a broad understanding of chemistry and its relevance to the everyday world and to other areas of science+-+4642002936324100612ocn233575882file20050.47Burgess, HilaryAchieving your doctorate in educationDSU Title III 2007-2012+-+47266476969958ocn000153843book19710.53Gass, I. GUnderstanding the earth; a reader in the earth sciencesArticles written at the first-year university level+-+197520717593910ocn468781599file20040.56Janes, RobMetal-ligand bonding"A basic knowledge of atomic and molecular orbitals for main group elements is assumed."--BOOK JACKET+-+109400293632490813ocn045007309file0.59Open learningPeriodicals8947ocn059097713book19870.39Fauvel, JohnThe History of mathematics : a readerHistory+-+76427988858705ocn056471644book19960.35Boyle, GodfreyRenewable energy : power for a sustainable futureOverview: The provision of sustainable energy supplies for an expanding and increasingly productive world is one of the major issues facing civilization today. Renewable Energy examines both the practical and economic potential of the renewable energy sources to meet this challenge. The underlying physical and technological principles behind deriving power from direct solar (solar thermal and photovoltaics), indirect solar (biomass, hydro, wind and wave) and non-solar (tidal and geothermal) energy sources are explained, within the context of their environmental impacts, their economics and their future prospects. Together with its companion volume, Energy Systems and Sustainability, this book provides both perspective and detail on the relative merits and state of progress of technologies for utilizing the various 'renewables'. The analysis considers emissions, sustainability, cost implications and energy security, as political and economic pressures move society towards a low-carbon future. From an overview of basic energy conversion processes, through a discussion of the individual renewable sources, to a concluding examination of the prospects for their integration into national and international networks, this book provides a valuable insight into prospects for the renewables+-+060910346532485410ocn297540190file20070.39Thomas, AlanResearch skills for policy and development how to find out fastUnlike a simple h̀ow to' guide, Research Skills for Policy and Development provides a critique of various methods and situates these approaches within r̀eal life' organisational settings, enabling those working in or studying development to locate, evaluate and use relevant information quickly but rigorously. The successor to Finding Out Fast (SAGE, 1998) it reflects the changes in development management theories and practice over the last seven years, and includes new material and advice on critical use of the web as a resource and research tool+-+68109476967877ocn036566982book19970.56Hall, StuartRepresentation : cultural representations and signifying practices"This broad-ranging text offers a comprehensive treatment of how visual images, language and discourse work as 'systems of representation'." "Individual chapters explain a variety of approaches to representation, bringing to bear concepts from semiotic, discursive, psychoanalytic, anthropological, sociological, feminist, art-historical and Foucauldian models of representation. They explore representation as a signifying practice in a rich diversity of social contexts and institutional sites: the use of photography in the construction of national identity and culture; the poetics and politics of exhibiting other cultures in ethnographic museums; fantasies of 'the racialized Other' in popular media, film and image; the construction of masculine identities in discourses of consumer culture and advertising; the gendering of narratives in television soap operas." "The book discusses contested and critical questions of meaning, truth, knowledge and power in representation, and the relations between representation, pleasure and fantasy. Combining illustrative examples with activities and selected readings, accessible but not simplified, it offers a unique resource for teachers and students in cultural studies and related fields as an introduction to this complex and central theme."--BOOK JACKET+-+07890461257672ocn320982040file20070.47Earle, SarahTheory and research in promoting public healthWhat, exactly, is promoting public health activity? How should we promote public health? Whose values are most important? Which theories can help inform health promoting practice? Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health is an important text that addresses these questions, exploring the key concepts, debates and issues involved in multi-disciplinary public health. The book considers the complex and diverse nature of public health and helps readers critically appraise the theories, research and policies that inform multidisciplinary public health practice. This timely and comprehensive bo+-+25258476967224ocn033971812book19960.53Investigating modern artHistory+-+12421555856904ocn180882391file19950.35Johnson, JMechatronics designing intelligent machinesMechatronics is the fusion of mechanics and electronics in the design of intelligent machines. This textbook is concerned with the concepts and techniques of artificial intelligence needed for the design of machines with advanced intelligent behaviour. It explores the topics of pattern recognition, neural networks, scheduling, reasoning, fuzzy logic, rule-based systems, machine learning, control and computer vision. This student guide shows how fifty years of research into artificial intelligence (AI) have borne fruit in the design of better and more intelligent machines. The twin objectives of the text are: to explain the theory of the mainstream ideas of AI and to show how these ideas can be applied in practical engineering situations+-+085971502568511ocn056602094file20040.37Questioning identity gender, class, ethnicityWhat is really happening when people either individually or in groups identify with particular definitions of themselves or strike out to take up new identities? Do gender, class and ethnicity offer some stability, or are they limiting?+-+786748857566712ocn011218315map19830.56Thomas, AlanThird world atlasHistoryMapsHistorisk atlas der beskriver den økonomiske og samfundsmæssige udvikling i den 3. verden, illustreret med kort og statistiske diagrammer+-+31254608853246213ocn052327514book20040.47Boyle, GodfreyRenewable energyPresents a comprehensive overview of issues surrounding renewable energy+-+93261744656053ocn052946857book20030.47Open University AA318/Book 2Art of the avant-gardesCriticism, interpretation, etcDiscussing the development of modern art in the first third of the 20th century, this volume opens with an essay that introduces the main themes of art in the period and summarizes the political context in which it developed+-+96965655856316ocn001209415book19740.59Tunstall, JeremyThe Open University opens5813ocn002933603book19770.56Perry, WalterThe Open University4603ocn002058744book19750.66Ferguson, JohnThe Open University from within2282ocn009831895book19840.76Bates, A. WThe Role of technology in distance educationMedia in course design; Media in course management and presentation; Selection of technology and course design2134ocn003002948book19760.53Perry, WalterOpen University : a personal account+-+23730608853241823ocn015428442book19870.70Harris, DavidOpenness and closure in distance educationCase studies1702ocn003089839book19770.79McIntosh, Naomi EA degree of difference : the Open University of the United Kingdom1571ocn009621862book19840.76Henderson, E. SIndependent learning in higher educationCase studiesTheoretical perspectives on adult education; Self-assessment and self-remediation strategies; Activity based learning; Learning through cases studies; Project-based learning; Developing study skill1152ocn031374420book19940.70Lunneborg, Patricia WOU women : undoing educational obstaclesCase studies1075ocn001694647book19640.88Hartnett, Rodney TThe British Open University in the United States : adaptation and use at three universities822ocn013064828book19800.79Woodley, AlanThe door stood open712ocn001656074book19740.79Perry, WalterHigher education for adults : where more means better611ocn038028112book19970.33Lunneborg, Patricia WOU men : work through lifelong learningInterviews+-+2724733625442ocn009217273book19820.93Rumble, GrevilleThe Open University of the United Kingdom : an evaluation of an innovative experience in the democratisation of higher education413ocn001785922serial0.90Open UniversityReport of the Vice-Chancellor341ocn011241599book19830.50Gemmeke, JürgenDie englische Open University : eine Studie über Entstehungsbedingungen, Verlauf und Folgen einer bildungspolitischen ReformAnalyse des conditions dans lesquelles les premières universités ouvertes anglaises ont été créées : processus de leur mise en place, leurs percussions sur la politique générale de l'enseignement321ocn002797307book19750.66Group for Research and Innovation in Higher EducationCourse teams : four case studies and a commentary : a reportCase studies261ocn004189275book19780.53Dohmen, GüntherExternenstudium : internat. Entwicklungen zur Einbeziehung d. Externenstudiums in d. Hochschul- u. Weiterbildungsbereich222ocn002122195book19720.73Scupham, JohnThe Open University211ocn002654926book19740.63Open tertiary education : report of the conference and study workshop on the draft report of the Committee on Open University to the Australian Universities Commission held at the University of Sydney on 5 July 1974Conference proceedings+-+9326174465+-+9326174465Fri Mar 21 15:31:26 EDT 2014batch128877