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Fri Mar 21 17:14:00 2014 UTClccn-n790032970.07When I grow up /0.240.76Writing women : contemporary women novelists /73859559Bernice_Rubensn 79003297237496Nassauer, BerniceNassauer, Bernice, 1927-2004Nassauer, Bernice 1928-2004ルーベンス, バーニスlccn-n81124462Irgun tsevaʼi leʼumilccn-n80020612Haganah (Organization)lccn-n87838485Collins, Merlelccn-n79088989Carter, Angela1940-1992lccn-n50003383Feinstein, Elainelccn-n50024879Angelou, Mayanp-rhys, jeanRhys, Jeanlccn-n87945480Kenyon, Olgalccn-n84048161Senior, Olivelccn-n78091244Emecheta, BuchiRubens, BerniceFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionJuvenile worksHistoryBiographySuspense fictionHumorous storiesJewsJewish familiesEnglish fictionNovelists, EnglishWalesRussiaEngland--LondonOccupationsEnglandBritishMiddle East--PalestineTerrorismMiddle-aged menRubens, BerniceTerminally illOld age homesGod--FatherhoodWomen explorersWomenTransvestitesWidowsWomen--Crimes againstMediterranean RegionMurderFathers and sonsDown syndrome--PatientsFathers and daughtersInfantsPhysiciansPsychotherapistsOlder peopleAmerican fictionBoysWomen and literatureAmerican fiction--Women authorsFeminism and literatureEnglish fiction--Women authorsPiano teachersEnglish-speaking countriesWomen murderersFeinstein, ElaineCarter, Angela,Emecheta, BuchiCollins, MerleNichols, Grace,Angelou, MayaMorrison, ToniRhys, JeanWandor, MicheleneSenior, Olive19282004194719601962196319651966196719691970197119721973197419751977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201411294110527823.914PR6068.U2ocn723924527ocn723894022ocn723808897ocn797455404ocn691294222ocn69121205899425ocn009896554book19830.20Rubens, BerniceBrothersFictionDomestic fiction+-+786586498571041ocn016081565book19690.28Rubens, BerniceThe elected memberFictionDomestic fictionNorman is the clever one of a closely-knit Jewish family in London's East End. Infant prodigy, brilliant barrister, the apple of his parents' eyes - until at 41 he becomes a drug addict, confined to his bedroom, at the mercy of his hallucinations and paranoia+-+677586498569015ocn011917160book19850.21Rubens, BerniceMr. Wakefield's crusadeFictionPsychological fictionLuke is a failure - until one day a different kind of catastrophe occurs. The man in front of him at the post office queue drops down dead. Instinctively, Luke's hand snakes out and slips the corpse's unposted letter into his pocket. With this impulsive act, he begins a search for justice+-+976586498555220ocn003559004book19750.21Rubens, BerniceI sent a letter to my loveFiction+-+170712054653212ocn015653251book19870.23Rubens, BerniceOur FatherFictionPsychological fictionOne day in the desert, Veronica Smiles, a professional explorer, meets God. Apparently she'd called out to Him (at least, that's His story, she hadn't considered Him in years). A relationship reluctantly emerges, however, and as it develops Veronica finds herself enjoying some extremely uncharacteristic situations. Humour and grief are boldly combined in this extraordinary novel+-+095476498550113ocn059357467book20030.19Rubens, BerniceThe sergeants' taleHistoryFictionSuspense fictionTo engelske sergenter med meget forskellige udgangspunkter må kæmpe med hver sine vanskeligheder i Palæstina i 1947+-+448172168532449837ocn008772449book19620.23Rubens, BerniceMadame SousatzkaFictionDomestic fictionLe roman qui a inspiré le film de John Schlesinger avec Shirley McLaine39120ocn005892880book19710.25Rubens, BerniceSunday best : a novelFictionPsychological fictionGeorge Verrey Smith, suburban schoolmaster, is bored: with his wife, his life, his job. Plagued by poison pen letters, suffused with lust for Mrs Johnson next door, the only bright spot in George's life is Sunday. On Sunday George looks his best. On Sunday George dresses up. On Sunday George becomes Emily+-+236586498532438715ocn008114414book19810.25Rubens, BerniceBirds of passageFictionPsychological fiction35910ocn050018621book20020.18Rubens, BerniceNine livesFictionThe killer's modus operandi is the same in each instance: strangulation, always with a guitar string, pulled tight from behind until life is taken. And though the murders are happening up and down the country, there is one other similarity that Inspector Wilkins can't help noticing. Each and every victim is a psychotherapist+-+566403168532435623ocn005288377book19780.24Rubens, BerniceA five year sentenceFictionPsychological fictionMiss Hawkins looked at her watch. It was two-thirty. If everything went according to schedule, she could safely reckon to be dead by six o'clock. 'But by the day's end, events have taken a dramatic turn and Miss Hawkins is sentenced to live. Forcibly retired, she is presented by her colleagues with a five-year diary. Programmed since childhood to total obedience, Miss Hawkins slavishly follows her dairy's commands until the impossible happens, she meets a man. As a last reprieve from the horrors of loneliness she embarks on a determined full-scale mission to taste life's secret pleasures and pains, until the cup runs dry3499ocn024038231book19910.23Rubens, BerniceA solitary griefFictionDomestic fiction+-+657756498534711ocn037707042book19970.23Rubens, BerniceThe waiting gameFictionHumorous storiesThe quiet but not uneventful life of the old people's home is disturbed by the arrival of two newcomers+-+823481168532434511ocn045328637book20010.24Rubens, BerniceMilwaukeeFictionDomestic fictionResting in a hospice for the terminally ill, Annie is dying. Supported by her oldest friend Clemmie, who listens and sympathises, she looks back over her life, revealing her daughter's search for her father - an American GI - and her return from the US with a man of whom Annie is highly suspicious+-+16200316853243396ocn004593405book19780.22Rubens, BerniceFavours : a novel3388ocn004004923book19770.25Rubens, BerniceThe Ponsonby post31511ocn034583795book19950.25Rubens, BerniceYesterday in the back laneFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionDen 17-årige Bronwen er dagen før krigsjulen 1943 på vej hjem med forskærerkniven til julekalkunen. Hun udsættes for voldtægtsforsøg, dræber gerningsmanden, men fortæller intet om det skete, selv ikke, da en uskyldig arresteres og hænges for mordet. Hendes senere liv præges af skyld og ensomhed+-+42902316853242912ocn000007985book19690.25Rubens, BerniceChosen peopleFiction25910ocn026350742book19920.25Rubens, BerniceMother RussiaHistoryFictionDomestic fiction+-+229624203632424914ocn005829257book19470.32Rubens, BerniceSpring sonata : a fableDomestic fiction+-+39758649853242394ocn063135145book20050.07Brown, MarcyWhen I grow upJuvenile worksBiographyText and photographs describe a great variety of occupations which children might have after they grow up+-+22768216852281ocn022451583book19910.76Kenyon, OlgaWriting women : contemporary women novelistsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcA guide to feminist literary criticism -- Angela Carter : fantasist and feminist -- Wandor, Rubens, Feinstein : Jewish women writing in Britain -- Black women novelists : an introduction (Maya Angelou : writing for her life) -- Alice Walker : the colour is purple -- Toni Morrison : the great American novelist is a black woman -- Caribbean women writers (Olive Senior ; Jean Rhys ; Merle Collins ; Grace Nichols) -- Buchi Emecheta and black immigrant experience in Britain31ocn225369711rcrd20060.10Rubens, BerniceWhen I grow upBiographyRevealing the origins of her darkly brilliant novels, this is a funny memoir of Booker-prize winning writer Bernice Rubens. It also talks about her wartime childhood, her work as a film-maker and her deep friendships - and some equally deep enmities - in the literary world which she enlivened so magnificently11ocn316265692book0.32British novelists since 1960Bio-bibliographyBiography DictionariesDictionariesContains biographical sketches of representative British novelists whose work began to appear roughly around 196011ocn829852613book20060.10Bainbridge, BerylLondon, to Victor [Ross]Referring to his falling out with Bernice [Rubens]; asking him not to take it personally and recalling that "she was a wonderful person, but so eaten up inside by her childhood that she often lashed out."12ocn834837210book19920.47Bānisu rūbensu : aizō no meiro11ocn829815549book20070.10Bainbridge, BerylLondon, to Victor [Ross]Describing Bernice Rubens' final weeks+-+6775864985+-+6775864985Fri Mar 21 15:43:15 EDT 2014batch25516